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Pierce smoothed things over, if that’s what you’re worried about. The official statement says that you were grabbed in an escape attempt.


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Evenings in Antiva

So, let me explain first. This is an excerpt from my, erhm, highly personal archives that I just normally don’t share because of who I am as a person. But, I’ve had both you and outside forces being so incredibly encouraging I thought why the heck not. There is no real reason I want to keep them to myself, I’m only scared of feedback (funnily enough it’s also the only thing I crave. Anyway) So this is something that is both part of my ongoing zevran romance fantasy, but also a shameless, shameless, self insert/ “x reader” piece of smut. It’s also a practice piece so those of you who read it will find it very descriptive and very… explicit. But maybe not in the right ways, always.

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100 Follower Celebration Announcement

Hello everyone! Now that I’ve finished with Sixteen Rules, I wanted to celebrate (almost!) reaching 100 followers by having a small drabble prompt… thingy (I actually don’t know what people call these). I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me throughout the writing of Sixteen Rules, and to all of you for motivating me with my writing in general! I really appreciate you all so much, so I wanted to do a drabble request event (that’s probably a better word than thingy) as thanks!

I’ll post the guidelines and prompt list a bit later this week, and then you can all feel free to start dropping me requests! (Let’s be real, most of them will probably be longer than drabbles, but I’ll try my best to maintain a reasonable word count).

I love you all! Thanks for being so kind and supportive!

something I forgot to add when writing that post about differences in manga and anime Kars

latter half of the dialogue from this panel is cut in the anime, so the “two birds with one stone” part is still there but the part where he specifically states he was doing this as revenge was left out

it’s a pity since it’s yet another example showing one of Kars’s most interesting character traits – he tends to act like he doesn’t care about anyone and isn’t moved by others dying… up until the moment when he’s convinced he won and then he starts yelling about revenge and even things like “I don’t care about the Hamon warriors anymore but Wamuu and Esidisi need to be avenged, RARGH”

(and seeing as the one time he allowed himself to get emotional about wanting to avenge Esidisi ended with him being constantly distracted by Joseph and arguably cost him the Stone, I’d say he learned from experience that it’s best to repress all the sentimental stuff unless the enemy is no longer in position to use it against him)

favorite gilded lily things

- “what gives? well my heart for one thing. the dame had legs that didn’t stop till they did.”

- “they’re extensions

- the self concious voiceover is hilarious in 

- i’m bixby!

- the cookies?? what do they mean

- Dash’ costumes!! esp count dashula

-  wilhelmina forgiving roger and the lighting turns into that hollywood sunlight and everyone is like “what the fucK wilhelmina”

- ford taping fig’s mouth shut, and when claudette takes it off, she’s still speaking

- wilhelmina telling everyone she’s blackmailed

- the extras that are shipwrecked/tincanbros people just hanging around casually

- *dramatic stare* “the war”

- “cliff calloway? the only thing he is guilty of is being too handsome. lock him up and throw me the key! i’ve got a set of handcuffs with his name on them and I’m gonna….”

- THomas/tomas

- the newspapers!!

- dash never knowing who he’s working for


- “caught red-handed. i know it’s hard to tell because of the black and white, but this ink is a deep red.”

- “i cut my self shaving.. my hand? it’s called handskaving”


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Do you have any headcanons for the egos’ holiday traditions??

Oh, do I!!

They only really have traditions relating to Christmas and New Year’s bc those are the only ones they celebrate together, and even those take a couple years to develop. But here we go!

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“I would give anything for just one more hug.. until I’ve tweaked off everything in the name of love. I would give up my arms and legs for just one more kiss.. and all of my earthly possessions for one more touch. You have me hooked on you and I’m addicted in the worst kind of way. Completely and with all of my soul..”

Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

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Helga, I know I live thousands of miles away from you but I have been reading your works that you send to talmudicstudies and I would like to be your girlfriend. I've always wanted to see the midnight sun anyways.-Debora from Safed

wonderful idea!

i will send words with the next ship that leave the shores of lake mälaren, to send word to the trading ship that is already travelling to visit the rabbi of talmudicsuggestions, to give you a free ride to my land!

can I suggest to bring some art that involves your writing language to us? we do so love art that involve writing languages, of all kinds!

i am very excited to see hebrew writing. and we all here in the village are! we will treat it very respectfully i assure you, for us writing language is a divine gift of much importance. if hebrew is not your writing language and/or you use more than 1 writing language, we would love see those too.

we just are like…. massive fans of writing languages. like, i can’t overstate how much we love writing languages.

also, i will tag the rabbi of talmudicsuggestions, so he might too, send word about how excited i am about seeing this hebrew alphabet, and exemples of it in use. @talmudicsuggestions

our trade routes! I live in the area of Birka! (which is on the east-south coast of Scandinavia.). all my ships starts out from Lake Mälaren, which is indeed placed where the dot for Birka is.

[map of viking trading routes. from swedish school material. published for the public at ungafakta.se direct link to picture. ]

the place names are how we today in modern swedish, spell the location names mentioned in old norse texts. it should be mentioned, that there is no total agreement among researcher of which places the old norse people meant with Miklagård and Gårdarike, but this, were Gårdarike is located in the europe east of Scandinavia and Miklagård is Asia, is a common interprentation.

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Hey Angel. Do you celebrate Christmas? And if you do, have you put up decorations/ made awesome sweets/ listened to music to get in the mood yet this year? I still have finals to take so I haven't really had a chance yet lol Even if you haven't either, I hope the holidays treat you well :)

I used to! Holidays are a sensitive subject to me. I don’t have family really. I used to celebrate with my dad, but haven’t the last 2 years since he passed away. I just go to my best friend’s and mope in a corner, super jealous of her happy family and bitter and sad. D:

SUPER BUMMER ANSWER but honest :/ 

i just need to make a public announcement stating that i am in love with both rosa diaz and stephanie beatriz