i love love this so much


is anybody else sweating bc i know i am…..Jesus Christ cole😩😩


This is my knight. I gave her this to remember me by.

She said she doesn’t need a reminder. You two will be together again. She knows you’ll find the real cure. 

It was worth it. I could go through that pain a thousand times over. Just to see her again.

  • interviewer: so what do you guys like to do in your free time?
  • namjoon: i like to read philosophy books, there's just so much to learn
  • jin: i like to look at my handsome face you know, to remind myself how much of a blessing i am to the world
  • yoongi: sleep
  • hoseok: i like to dance <3
  • jimin: uh, shopping and seeing army *sends hearts*
  • taehyung: playing games
  • jungkook: umm, you know just watch compilations of jimin laughing, compilations of jimin being cute, sometimes I make my own compilations, did I mention I like to watch jimin fancams-