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Don't you think lucius and narcissa were in an arranged marriage? like i get you ship the 'we are rich, sexy and invincible' couple, but do you actually think they're in love with each other? I see them as really good partners rather than lovers, you know? but i do ship their partnership lol so idk i just wondered where you stand! love love LOVE your tumblr :)

So I definitely think they were in love with each other! Lucius follows her lead and respects her opinion so fucking much, and they’re both so committed to their family that they’ll run screaming through a deadly battle looking for their son together. I think they show love differently and are very much a “this is our business, we keep this behind closed doors” couple, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. I think Lucius adores his fierce, brilliant, powerful, gorgeous warrior of a wife who gets shit done, and Narcissa will fight to the death to defend her husband. And even if their marriage were arranged (which we don’t know), they could still truly fall in love with each other! The way that they got together doesn’t invalidate the feelings that developed between them over their years together.

And honestly, I don’t know how someone could be married to Narcissa “I’ll lie to fucking Voldemort without batting an eyelash to save my son” Malfoy and not fall in love with her. She’s a goddess and Lucius is well aware of how lucky he is to have her

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chessy i feel dumb for not asking before but your last posts made me wonder if you're attracted to girls? if so please let's be girlfriend and elope somewhere sheltered from the nasty real world, if not i'd still love to hide with you and cherish you as a friend 'cause !!! idk i love your text posts so much and i relate to all of them. reading them has grown on me so much i actually get sad when you write you're not ok but tbh still relatable. let's suffer together and support each other at once

like ive been questioning for a while but ive pretty much come to the conclusion that im bi!! like i dont really want to label bc im always worried im confusing admiration for attraction but like for now at least this is where i am❗️

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My headcanon - Astoria is bi and gets together with Pansy in Scorp's childhood. Draco and her part on friendly terms & they all take care of Scorp, Pansy like the honorary mother who also regularly gets drunk with Draco & gives him blunt love advice.

I love this! It would be interesting if initially, Astoria and Draco would invite Pansy to join them every so often while they fucked, and they all found that they looked forward to those times the most- Astoria loved getting to see Pansy’s mask of haughty indifference slip away as she fell apart around her tongue, and Draco loved seeing how wild and flushed and free Astoria looked like that, how Pansy made something come alive in her that he’d never seen before. And eventually, Draco would suggest that Pansy and Astoria should try being together just the two of them, and Astoria would remind him that Potter’s single now so maybe he should quit whining about him all the time and try to do something about it. And they’d all still love and support each other and would drown Scorpius in love, Harry leaning against Draco’s shoulder and Astoria running her fingers through Pansy’s hair as Scor put on performances for them and made them all laugh, Al watching Scor shyly and wondering how someone so sparkly and magnetic could be real

And Ginny would bring her girlfriend Luna over, and Luna would take Scor and Al out hunting for Nargles while everyone else drank wine and competed to see who could do the best “my father will hear about this!” impression (Ginny always won)

Why I love Servamp

Yes, Lawless is awesome and I love him but this meta post isn’t about him. (I just had to use him as an example because I’m hype for his backstory in the next episode).

The reason is reflected in the OP and the ED for Servamp. I know people are making jokes that they’re so different but that’s the reason I love them. Alone they’re okay. But together they perfectly reflect why I love Servamp. The characters are a great balance between complex and quirky.

The focus is on these wonderfully colourful characters. You see them laugh and cry. You see them fight and laze around in bed. They have been through hell, are still trying to sort things out, but there’s always a ray of hope for them. And at their core, despite how they would argue otherwise, the Servamps are very human.

Each Servamp and Eve pair show the best and worst of the sin they represent. Misono is dearly loved but he was also trapped in his home because his father and Lily wanted to protect him. You can’t help but get connected to these characters (which is an achievement considering that there’s a lot of characters).

Every chapter we learn something new about these characters (whether it’s something about their past or how they interact with another character). When Lawless is first introduced, he appears to be loud and reckless. But as the manga progress, you find out about his past and what led to him being so aggressive.

Lawless basically had everything taken from him and is searching for something to replace what he lost: family and love. His Eve, the woman he loved, sacrificed herself in the name of peace. His brothers and sister decided to kill his father. And both of their deaths ended up being pointless, leading him to believe that life is meaningless.

While these tragedies are a big part of his character, he isn’t a complete angst fest. He’s energetic, unpredictable and likes to mess with others but it’s clear that he’s lonely. Licht gives Lawless an escape from his loneliness. He’s able to move on and fight beside Licht.

People might make fun of “nakama power” but I love when characters help each other develop. And moments like those elevate Servamp over other manga/anime that are constantly sad.

These characters have a dark past but will just as quickly do a silly dance. This series has people fighting in whale costumes at the same time Mahiru is discovering Kuro’s intense guilt, bless the writer. Absolutely perfect!!

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Hi I'm the anon that gushed about the YouTube AU. Well if you insist I'll ask away ❤️ Do they just play games on their channels or do they ever stream anything else? Do they make cute videos together? Does Hux lament on how much he loves pink? (I love that btw), Do either of them sometimes get caught in the background of videos going cute domestic things like cleaning up around the house? Aka are they just the most ridiculously sweet YouTube channel couple of all time? Here have more love 💕💛💚

Do they just play games on their channels or do they ever stream anything else?

They play games on Kylo’s channel and will stream once or twice a month. On Hux’s channel it’s vlogs, make up tutorials, asmr.

Do they make cute videos together?

Yes! Mostly Hux’s vlogs of just their every day life.

Does Hux lament on how much he loves pink? (I love that btw)

Yup! He has a 15 minute rant video about why he likes pink and why it’s ok to. That he’s a grown ass man and he’s allowed to like cute and pink stuff.

Do either of them sometimes get caught in the background of videos going cute domestic things like cleaning up around the house?

Yes. Kylo is caught doing random things in the back of Hux’s videos. Same with Hux. Surprise kisses are commonplace.

Aka are they just the most ridiculously sweet YouTube channel couple of all time?

They are the kind of couple that bickers non stop, are super handsy, power flirt, joke around, and think they’re better than everyone. So yeah, they have their cute moments.

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lincoln/benny/usnavi 9?

9. Do they discuss big issues? Religion? Marriage? Children? Death?

Sometimes, yeah. In quiet moments, all of them just chilling together, someone, usually Lincoln, will bring up a big question like that. Usnavi, like Lincoln, is Catholic more in name than in practice. Benny doesn’t particularly affiliate with any church, but feels spiritual anyway. 

Marriage is something Benny and Lincoln have considered, but it’s not as big a deal to Usnavi. He’d be perfectly content just staying committed without it.

Usnavi would love a kid, loves the role of caretaker. Lincoln, too, loves kids. Benny is a little less certain; I’ve always had the headcanon that his parents were awful and I feel like he’d be hesitant to raise a child himself, not sure that he’d know how to, since he never had a decent example.

I’m not sure if they’d discuss death. They’re young men in their 20s. For now, at least, it’s not in the picture for them.

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You know being a fan of got7 for a while made me realize there is no normal one in this group. There all weird af and I love it! They aren't even worried about their image lol

I love that about them too,they are themselves,with their contrasts and personalities.They are indeed beautiful in the inside and what is even more nice and that the 7 get so well together,like it’s destiny to them have met in the first place  ♡- ♡

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For the trademark ask. c: The way you draw eyes is one. I love how you draw eyes. ♥ Your art style also reminds me of golden age Disney too, now that I look at it! Also when you draw kissy pictures (mainly Matt and Lux), I love how you'll put lip prints on the characters! <3 Oh and like everyone else said, your coloring is absolutely wonderful!

;.; i dont deserve all this niceness what are you guys doing to meee

and lip prints! oh mannnnn the lip prints. hot damn do i love adding lil lip prints (and especially with matt n lux because absolutely the couple that prints together stays together and those two would really love leaving them all over the other xD)


I wonder how many people would have fallen in love if they had only spoken to each other. Strangers sitting next to each other on an airplane at night, watching the world grow smaller beneath them. Or in a tiny bookstore filled with old stories, their pages yellowed and dusty with age. Or sitting next to each other at a concert, both wanting to linger in the same note of a song that they think contains a universe. How many strangers have shared lovely, beautiful moments together? How many people would have found the love of their life if they had decided to say something?
—  polarioid 

‘Melanie and I hit it off from the second we met each other. In Calgary, neither of us have family there and of course I was very far away from home. And so we ended up spending a lot of time together and I completely fell in love with her. She’s a beautiful beautiful person inside and out and we had a genuine connection and I think that is what you guys see on screen. I feel very very fortunate for that.’ - Dominique PC

There was so much great stuff in this episode that I totally forgot to acknowledge how adorable the opening scene is, where Garnet and Pearl were baking in the kitchen while, only a few feet away, Steven and Amethyst were sat on the living room floor excitedly whispering and trying to plan how to do their big reveal

Its just such a sweet adorable domestic scene and I love it