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Everyone said “never fall for your best friend, they’ll break you.” I was so naive to think I was different than them, now I sit here staring at the ceiling. Alone. I didn’t just lose love, I lost my very best friend, and my other half.
—  21:54//10/26/16

“So…the three of us who once fought together to defeat the Demon King now meet as enemies…fate is truly an ironic thing.”

NnT Week Day 3: Family/Bonds


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Anonymous asked:

My two main characters know each other since before the beginning of the story, yet in 7 chapters I’ve never really developped their relation (which in fact will be the core of everything). I feel like there are more important things going out for the time being. Do you think it’s a bad thing?

There are little ways you can develop the relationship in those first seven chapters, and you can do it without taking the focus off the more important things. Have a look at the following posts to see how friendships and romantic relationships form over time. You can build these little cues and moments (body language, bonding) into your existing chapters without really changing anything. 

Levels of Friendship
How Friendships Form
Friendship to Love
Subtle Signs of Love
Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love
Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships

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Friendship, Love, and the Hunger Games Cast

The fantasy franchise, which made it’s debut in 2012, spurred strong friendships both on-and-off screen. Since starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the films, the two have been dubbed Joshifer. The 23-year-old actor reveals to the magazine that he and Jennifer along with co-star Liam Hemsworth grew so close that they would have slumber parties — but it’s not what you think! “It’s not the three of us cuddled up in a bed!” he says, but rather to avoiding drunk driving. He adds, “We’re being responsible young adults!”

After wrapping the film, Mockingjay, Part 2, Josh reveals to DuJour that he and Liam split a bottle of Scotch and everyone hugged and freaked out. The trio (Josh, Liam and Jennifer) reconvened a week later for dinner where he says they laughed at how "dramatic” they had been.

- Hello! (Josh Hutcherson explains why filming ‘Hunger Games’ was like going to college)

I think Viktor and Yuri’s relationship goes beyond “ Omfg there so gay for each other * fangirl* I think putting them in that category is cheapening then relationship. It’s a very deep connected relationship. Yuri trust Viktor and Viktor gives Yuri the confidence he feels he’s lacking and the support he wants. Viktor, yuuri is someone he looks to, to make his own skating better they both very well bounce off each other. Does that makes sense? I feel like they have a deep, personal relationship and if it turns out as love or friendship it’s whatever they have such a deep relationship I feel like no matter what their bond is deep.

 I do love them and I would love them to become romantic, but it’s only 4 episodes I want more development between the two and their characters individually . Yes, can we get a slow clap for Viktor straight up asking Yuri ” What do you want me to be ?“  instead of running around on it he straight asks the question and that is just amazing. I want this to be like No.6 if they do happen it’s not a big deal unless it somehow effects yuri’s performance badly actually that would be another good depiction of relationships.

 But, I want it to be normalized not put into a category. To me this is a story that isn’t about ” omfg the boys the gay.“  It’s about ice skaters , it’s about gaining confidence in yourself and about those you can count on and working your ass off to get where you want to be. It’s waaay more than just one simple silly fangirl thing. That’s why I love this sports anime it’s doesn’t have undertones it’s not trying to sell fanservice it’s being real, it’s going with the flow and the characters and who they are and that to me is more amazing than anything

  • [The class is in detention under suspicion of cheating]
  • Hermione:I hope it was Draco. Then he'll get his butt thrown out of here.
  • Harry:What did he do to you?
  • Hermione:He told me he loved me. Who does that? Don't you see? He's trying to get me to trust him so he can let me down.
  • Harry:Crazy idea: you could just say "I love you" back.
  • Hermione:Yeah, but then if it doesn't work out, I'll have to kill him, go to Azkaban, break out, and kill you for giving me that advice.
  • Harry:I love how our friendship is based predominately on threats. I can still feel you looking at me... like a hungry cheetah stares at a gazelle.
  • Hermione:All right, whatever. I'll tell the jackass I love him, too.

Thankful for you Aaliyah and also to you for helping to bring so many amazing people into my life that have since become family. Brought together all because of our love for YOU but kept together because of our love for one another…❤️ 

I just want to say thank you to you all for your support, friendship and advice over the time we have come to know one another. Some of you I’ve known for years, others I’ve only known a few weeks. But I am grateful to you all, for the love, the laughs and the genuine kindness you have openly shared with me. You do more than you know and I sincerely appreciate every single one of you 💋 

I don’t thank y'all enough, so this is just for you…🌹 

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed 5x04. Man, I love my show so much.

I love Tobias Church. In that deliciously, evil, slightly masochistic way you can only really love evil villains being evil. MOREPLEASANDTHANKYOU.

Rory and Felicity actually talking and bonding and a friendship starting to form. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS AND HOW MUCH I’M LOVING IT?!

I thought Rene was going to be my favourite Baby Vigilante™, but Rory is slowly sneaking up on me. Rene is still precious, but, Rory man. He’s awesome. 

I’m not really digging Curtis’s throwaway comments of Oliver not having a good side every other episode. He knows Oliver has a good side. I know that’s probably just trying to come across as snarky and quirky, but Curtis knows Oliver better than the rest of Baby Team Arrow. It’s something tiny, but I don’t know, just bothered me a bit. Still love Curtis and everything, just not those comments.

Oliver and Felicity are being so upfront with what they’re thinking, and I adore it. They’re actually expressing their thoughts to each other. YES. GOOD.

And then, at the same time, they can share one frikkin’ look, and they can tell an entire history of the team, about OTA, about how they all bonded so much, about how important they all are to each other, and I turn into mush. They always have and they always will have chemistry and, UGH, I just want them to go kissy-kissy, but I’m patient and I’m here for the story, so I’ll wait. Patience, Sarah, patience. I love every moment with them, no matter where they are.

I stillllll don’t really trust that Detective guy… Something’s fishy. I don’t know what, but there’s something.


Nothing will stand in Oliver’s way to get his brother back. And no, definitely not his Vigilante Pups™ (yes, I’ll use every equivalent of baby vigilantes. Get used to it). HOLD ME I’M DROWNING IN QUIGGLE FEELS. I just… I love Oliver and Diggle so much. I love how this bond is still so strong. I love how much they love each other, I love how important they are to each other. 

The scenes of Quentin and Thea together are small gems. I just want to cuddle Quentin.

BRATVA. OLIVER. QUEEN. Lord, have mercy. I’m adoring him. ADORING HIM. His soul is darkening with every step of the way and I’m in that limbo of evilly cackling because YES DARK OLIVER I’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS, but it also hurts my soul to see because, MY BABY. Also, the wig. THE WIG. ohmygodilovestephenwithlonghairhessohothelpme.

Soooooo, yeah, is it next week yet? 



“Anything you want!! It’ be cute if it involved Alice and maybe Nelson or Sindre or archery or tea or knitting?”

I FORGOT what Nelson looks like because it’s been a million years but is that gonna stop me from drawing a billion of these two?? NEVER 

highfaelucien  asked:

for the character thing: Lucien, Manon, Feyre, Azriel? (or just a couple of them if you don't want to do all!)

god damnit, Lo. here come a whole lotta feelings.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS SMOL FOX

ship with:  happiness. also, Elain. obv.

general opinions: I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT LUCIEN HERE WE GOOOOO. Lucien was my FAAAAAVE in acotar. i love his sass, his personality, his friendship with Feyre… just. love. him. he’s been through so freaking much and i will fight ANYONE who talks shit about him. he’s been abused and manipulated by his shit bag of a high lord who unfortunately was the lesser of two evils (in comparison to his garbage family). he tried, even if it was in little ways, HE TRIED TO HELP FEYRE. AND HE CRIED WHEN SHE DIED OK. like, yeah, i wish he could’ve done more but he couldn’t. he’s trying his best. i just need him out of the trash court and into the protection and love of the night court. he deserves to FINALLY BE HAPPY. HE DESERVES TO BE TREATED RIGHT. HE DESERVES LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP bc let’s be real what him and Tamtwat have… has NEVER been friendship. i really hope him and Feyre rekindle their friendship. i really hope Elain makes him happy. i really HOPE HE GETS THE HAPPINESS HE DESERVES.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS WING LEADER

ship with:  …..ok so i love manorian but i’ve always shipped tf outta malide… but like…. i do love manorian so really i just ship her with whoever the hell she wants to be with… 

general opinions: MANON IS MY WIFE. MY CROCHAN QUEEN. ok i have been so intrigued with her since she was first introduced but i never expected to love her this much. her character development has been a JOURNEY and i have loved every step of it. i live for her loyalty to her thirteen I LIVE FOR IT. WHEN SHE SAID “RUN” I LOST MY SHIT. WITCH KILLER THE HUMAN IS STILL INSIDE I SCREAMED. LITERALLY KILL MEEEEEE MANON I CRY. i love seeing her heart thaw throughout the books as she learns friendship and love. she’s such a badass character i wanna scream i’m so happy that she (and the thirteen) are part of the squadre. HER LIFE DEBTS TO AELIN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. MY QUEENS. brb gonna go cry forever.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS HIGH LADY


general opinions: jfc idek where to begin with Feyre. i really love reading from her perspective bc i feel like i know her. she has been… so miserable… all of her life… (same, Feyre, same) and i just wanna hug her forever. and then Rhys happened. their love story will forever be one of my favorites. SHE PAINTED THE NIGHT SKY FOR HERSELF I CANT OKAY. the fact that she spent her life feeding a family who… let’s be honest… was very ungrateful. the fact that she risked and GAVE HER LIFE for the man she loved even if he was a piece of shit. the fact that she will always give herself for others… i cant. she is such an incredible character. i have seriously loved her ascend into such a badass, powerful, HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT. she deserves every bit of happiness. 

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS SHADOWSLINGER heheheh


general opinions: i think i’m just really drawn to dark characters???? like the whole shadow thing made me INSTANTLY like oh, i like you. but what i like even more about him is that he seems like this dark character (like Rhys) but he’s not? if that makes sense? yeah, he has a hell of a dark past and he does some pretty terrifying things. but he does this for his high lord. for his people. for his court. his love for his friends AND MOR rip my heart to shreds. i cannot WAIT for him to hurt every single person who ever caused Mor any harm. it’s gonna happen. and…. as we’ve discussed many many times… i am so terrified that he will die. and i just….. no. i need him and Mor to have centuries of happiness together. what would the court of dreams be without him???? I NEED HIM TO LIVE *hisses at anyone who dares come near him*


To the last day of filming, the last day in Rosewood, I can’t thank you guys, @sleepinthegardn @lucyhale @itsashbenzo @shaym @janelparrish @keeoone @ianmharding @tylerjblackburn @imarleneking @saracshepard enough for being apart of my life for the last 7 years! It’s been a true pleasure, headache, heartattack, and pain in the ass that I just can’t get enough of! You will never realize how much this show has meant to so many, me especially! My gratitude and love for every last one of the cast and crew runs deeper than you can ever imagine! Thank you for the laughter, mystery, love, friendship, and family that’s displayed on and off screen! This is not the end, but a new beginning! Love you all 😢💙😘💜 #PrettyLittleLiars #PLL #SpencerHastings #TroianBellisario #Spoby #KeeganAllen #TobyCavanaugh #LucyHale #AriaMontgomery #Ezria #IanHarding #EzraFitz #AshleyBenson #HannaMarin #Haleb #TylerBlackburn #CalebRivers #ShayMitchell #EmilyFields #Emaya #Emison #SashaPieterse #AlisonDilaurentis #MarleneKing #SaraShepard

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