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Yet another Shipping names illustrated (here’s part one & two) for those of you who just can’t get enough! (The rest of you will just have to manage, snorry). 

(Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions, and I apologize to all the ships I haven’t been able to think up anything for. I also apologize to Thor, since he’s been in absolutely none of these OPS)

Enough - Drabble

Bucky X Reader

Prompt: “I don’t tell you I love you enough.” Bucky needed some reassuring words.

Request:  Hey!! Can you maybe write one where Bucky needs some love from reader? Thanks :))

A/N: Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it!


“I love you.”

Bucky was laying on the bed, you were using his chest and shoulder as a pillow, your legs intertwined. His metal fingers gingerly traced lines on your naked back as your own fingers draw random patterns on his stomach.

“I don’t tell you I love you enough,” he whispered.

“You just told me you love me,” you chuckled and kissed his neck. Then you turned your head up to see his face, your nose touching his sharp jaw. “Was it because of what we just did?”

He smiled, but his blue eyes still showed conflict.

“I don’t tell you how much you’re important to me,” Bucky confessed, his voice just above a whisper.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I don’t tell you I love you enough,” he sighed and you adjusted your position to see his face better. “You put up with all my bullshit, with my nightmares, with my trust issues, with the therapy sessions, with the Avengers, with this,” Bucky glared at his prosthetic arm, “I just wish you could at least feel loved, that’s all. I know I don’t do that and I am sorry, [Y/n].”

You shifted so you were sitting, your body was completely facing his. Your hands turning his face to yours when he dropped his chin to his chest

“First off,” you placed your hands on his cheeks, “You tell me you love every time you get the chance. You say right after waking up – even if you don’t remember because of your crankiness in the morning -, during shower, before you go out with Steve to run, during meals, when I do something for you or you do something for me,” you said softly. You bit your lower lip for a moment before continuing. “My favorite are the random times. In the middle of a conversation, when you search around for me, during missions, I love it when you suddenly blurt out you love me,” you smiled and Bucky could see sparks in your eyes. A tiny smile began to stretch itself on his lips.

“The Avengers are my team too, and even if I only met them because of you, they are great friends. And I’d put up with any friends if you wanted me to,” your thumbs caress his stubble. His shoulders visibly relaxed. “All your ‘bullshit’, Buck, I am here to help you. I love all of you, including the parts you don’t like yourself. Until this day, I couldn’t find one ounce of bad within you. Ever. But I’m sure that if I did, it’d only add to the list of things I love about you, because it makes you you.

His eyes swam in unshed tears, his hands snaked around your waist, squeezing gently.

“And about that,” you ran your hand from his face, down his shoulder and to the metal arm, grazing the scars – the sensitive skin – and settling when your laced your fingers with his metal ones. Your eyes looked deep into his to say, “I find it really hot, Bucky.”

He blushed, but chuckled regardless, pulling you toward him by your waist. His lips touched yours in a sweet manner, caring, thankful.

His hot tears fell from his eyes, dropping on his and yours cheeks. You didn’t care though; you knew he was crying from emotion, a good emotion. He felt your love toward him, your acceptance to all of him and that was the reason he was crying.

He was overwhelmed in care, and he knew it. That was the most important thing.

You pulled away, your breathing deep and fast, your eyes still closed, your fingers tracing his lower lip.

“How about you show me how important I am to you, then?“


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Don’t Say Anything (End)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fucking fluff my dude. We need fluff after this emotional rollercoaster DSA put us through. Also warning if you don’t support having a kid before getting married I guess? Fun fact: My parents aren’t married at all but they’ve been together for 18 years (crazy, I’m 17) and my momma had me when she was 19. Idk why I’m telling you this alright goodbye

A/N: Why do I always put an authors note even when it isn’t necessary? It’s a mystery to me. Anywaysssss It’s over! Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this series, I hope you absolutely loved it! Heartbreaking fics is what I do best I guess. Alrighty well finish reading this shit and tell me what ya this overall :)

9 years later

Bucky wakes up to the sound of giggling and the smell of bacon being cooked. He let out a grunt and stretched, looking over and checking the time on his clock. 9:15 AM. With a huff (because quite honestly, he didn’t want to get out of bed) he stood up and immediately saw the papers sticking to his metal arm by the help of some magnets. He smiled, taking them off and looking them over. There were 2.

One of the papers had ‘I love you daddy’ written on it with hearts while the other had a stick figure drawing of 5 people all smiling. This made Bucky smile even more, knowing exactly who pinned the papers to his arm. He pulled the magnets off and walked downstairs, heading straight to the kitchen where he saw you and his three kids.

Your first child was named Rosalyn. Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. She wasn’t necessarily a mistake - god no - but she was unplanned. You and Bucky had only been dating for 3 years when you got pregnant with Rosalyn. It was a surprise for both of you. Her middle name, obviously named after Bucky’s mother. You remember his reaction when you suggested it.

After many long hours in labor, you had finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl. You were sat up on the bed, pen in hand as you filled out the form the nurse had passed on to you. You and Bucky had agreed on the name Rosalyn but when you came across ‘middle name’ you turned to the super soldier who was in the middle of doing skin-to-skin with your little bundle of joy.

“Buck.” you say softly. His blue eyes find yours and he smiles. “We never discussed a middle name.”

He pouted, looking down at his daughter who was sleeping soundly in his arms. “Hmm.. Delilah? What do you like?”

Your eyes go down to your daughter and you smile before locking eyes with Bucky. “How about Winnifred?”

The ex assassin’s eyes soften and gloss over with tears at the mention of his mothers name. “Really?”

“Yes, really. It’s a beautiful name.” you nod.

Bucky sniffled, quickly wiping away a stray tear. “It is.” his eyes travel down to the baby. “Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. I love it.”

Your second child was named Olive Natalia Barnes. You had her a year into yours and Bucky’s marriage. She was a stubborn little thing; didn’t want to come out so the doctor had to induce your labor. Olive was a little sassy thing (I mean for Pete’s sake she rolled her eyes at Bucky!). She reminded you of Natasha, hence her middle name. Upon hearing the news about Olive’s middle name, the red head cried. A lot.

The doctor finally let you have visitors but only two at a time and the first two people through that door were Steve and Natasha. They made their way to the foot of the hospital bed and smiled at you.

“Hey Y/N,” Steve was the first to speak. “How’re you feeling?”

You give him a smile. “Sore, but I’ll manage.”

The blonde chuckles before moving over to his best friend leaving Natasha who had migrated beside you.

“You look like shit.” the red head comments and you laugh.

“Thanks Nat, just what I needed.”

“Hey, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t tell the truth?” you laugh again. “When can you go home?”

“They want me to stay one more day.” you respond and Natasha nods.

“Seems reasonable.” her eyes drift over to Olive who was wide awake. “And who’s this little one?” she cooed.

You smile. “This is Olive.” you carefully hand her over to Natasha.

“What, no middle or last name mom and dad?” she joked, keeping her eyes on the baby.

You look over at Bucky who smirked and that’s just what you needed before you turned back to Natasha. “Natalia. Olive Natalia Barnes.”

Her eyes snap up to meet yours, flickering between you and Bucky. “Oh my god.”

Her eyes fill with tears as she starred down at your baby girl.

“Do you like it?” Bucky questioned when all you could hear was her crying.

“Buck and I think it suits her. She rolled her eyes at him earlier. Reminded me of you.” you add with a smile, watching the two bond.

Natasha lets out a laugh and wipes away her tears. “I love it.” she says. Olive wraps her tiny hand around Nat’s finger. “I love it so much.”

Your last and final child was named Steven Christopher Barnes. You had him four years into your marriage. Bucky chose his name; naming him after his best friend. In all the years you’ve known Steve, you’ve never seen him cry. That was until the day Bucky told him what his nephews name was.

The doctor allowed visitors two at a time, just like last time with Olive. Again, Natasha and Steve were the first two to come in. Bucky was holding your son, rocking him back and forth in his arms.

“Alright, kid number three, let’s get this show on the road.” Nat joked as she sat in the extra chair beside you.

You lean your head back and smile.

“How was it? The birth, I mean.” Steve asked as he stood next to Bucky.

“God, by far the easiest.” you respond causing both Natasha and Steve to laugh. “He just slipped right out like a waterslide.” you imitated a waterslide with your hands and mouth and Bucky chuckled.

“Wow really?” the red head questioned.

“Mhm. They told me to push, I did and he was out like that.” you snap.

“Wow..” she murmured. “Oh hey are you fine… down there?”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Well with Rose you… ripped… down there and then Olive did the same thing. Did it happen this time?” she questioned.

“Nat, do you see how big my son is?” you gesture over to Bucky. Steven has been your smallest child - in a healthy way of course, he was perfectly healthy.

“Ah, okay, I’m taking that as a no.” she nods.

The two men chuckle and you advert your eyes over to them.

“What’s the little guy’s name?” Steve questioned, peering down at your son.

“Do you want to hold him?” Bucky asked as he stood up.

“Yeah, of course.” the blonde nods. Bucky passes Steven to his friend who cradles the little bundle safely.

Bucky smiles at the sight. “His name’s Steven. Steven Christopher Barnes.”

When the super soldier looked up, his eyes were threatened with tears. “You named him after me?”

“Yeah. You’re the most caring, inspiring, brave, kind-hearted person I know and I only hope my son will turn out like you. You’re a good man, Steve. I’m proud to call you my best friend.” Bucky tells him.

Steve lets out a small sob as he gently hands Steven over to you before engulfing his best friend in a tight hug. “Thank you, Buck.” he cried into the brunettes shoulder. “I love it.”

“What are you lovely ladies doing?” he asked playfully. Steven makes a noise from his highchair. “Oh, and gentleman.”

“We’re helping mommy with breakfast!” your six year old, Rosalyn replied with a smile.

“Daddy, daddy! Did you see my drawing?” your four year old, Olive asked, jumping off the chair she was sitting in and running over to Bucky.

He squats down to her level. “I did and I loved it, doodles.”

Olive smiled and wrapped her arms around her father. Bucky calls her doodles because she loves to draw. He picks her up in his arms before striding over to the fridge. Using the two magnets, he pins the papers to the fridge before making his way over to you.

“Morning baby.” he spoke.

“Morning.” you look at him and smile only for Bucky to capture your lips in a kiss. Rosalyn and Olive let out strings of ‘ew’ and Bucky pulls away, chuckling.

“What are you saying ‘ew’ to?” he questioned, holding Olive tightly as he rounded the counter to Rosalyn.

“You and mommy kissed.” Rosalyn scrunched up her nose.

“What’s wrong with kissing?” he was now standing in front of her.

“It’s nasty!” Olive cuts in and Rosalyn nods in agreement.

Bucky smirked. “Oh really? So how would you feel if I.. kissed you!” he grabs Rosalyn and began peppering kisses on both her and Olive. They laughed, trying to get away from him but of course failed. He didn’t let them go until one year old Steven shouted ‘daddy’.

Moving away from the girls, he walked over to Steven who sat in his highchair, eating. “What? Why’re you yelling at me?”

The toddler giggles and raises his arms in the air, making grabbing motions.

“You want up?” Bucky asked and Steven nods. “Well too bad. Eat your food.”

Bucky turns away but looks over his shoulder only to see Steven’s lip quivering, getting ready to cry. He immediately turns back to his son and kneels down. “Oh no baby I was just kidding, come here.”

He lifts Steven out of his highchair and cradles him to his chest as he swayed back and forth.

You put the last piece of bacon on a plate before taking it over to the table, passing Bucky and Steven. After setting the plate down, you turn to your husband and son. “Oh my baby, what happened amorcito?” you coo and Steven lifts his head off of Bucky’s shoulder to look at you. He’s pouting, lip quivering even though he was perfectly fine when Bucky picked him up. “Is daddy being mean?”

The one year old nods and you softly run your fingers through his hair with a pout. Bucky rubs Steven’s back and kisses his cheek. “I’m sorry, bug.”

After a minute or two, Bucky puts Steven back in his highchair before sitting down as well, ready to eat.

You and your family make it to Tony’s new and improved Stark Tower (Tony’s request). Upon entering the living room, you see that everyone was already there.

“Hey.” you greet first, Steven in your arms while Bucky held Rosalyn and Olive’s hands.

They all turn their heads towards you and smile. “Hey guys.”

“Auntie Nat!” Olive shouted, pulling her hand from Bucky’s and running over to Natasha.

“Hey doodles, what’s crackin’?” the red head placed Olive on her lap.

“The bones of my enemies.” the four year old responds and you shake your head.

“Ah, I’ve taught you well.” Natasha high fives her.

Rosalyn slips away from Bucky’s grasp and makes her way over to Wanda and Vision.

“Hi aunt Wanda.” Rosalyn smiled.

“Hey Rose.” Wanda grinned, making room for the six year old to sit.

“Hi Vis.” Rosalyn waved.

Vision nods his head. “Hello, Rosalyn.”

Rose gets comfy. “Can you tell me about outer space?”

“Why yes,” he smiled. “What would you like to know?”

You tear your gaze away from the two when Steve comes towards you, arms outstretched. “Gimme.”

You smile, handing him Steven who hugs Steve tightly. “Hey buddy.” he chuckled. You watch him walk back to Sam and Clint and you scoff.

“The asshole didn’t even say hi to me. No ‘how’re you doing’ or ‘hi Y/N - Nothing!” you say.

Bucky chuckled. “He’s attached at the hip with Steven. Those two are hard to separate.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Tell me about it.”

At that moment, Bruce walks up to the two of you, a water bottle in hand. “Hey guys.”

“Bruce! You’re back!” Bucky exclaimed, hugging the doctor.

“Yeah, I’m back.” he laughed as they pulled away.

“For good?” you question.

Bruce smiles, knowing why you’re asking. “Yeah, for good.” he then turns to look at Natasha who was busy with Olive. “It’s about time I stop running away from the good things in my life.”

You grin and Bruce turns back to you. “Anyways I should get going, I’m surprised Tony hasn’t called me-”

“Bruce!” Tony’s voice cut off the doctor.

Bruce chuckled. “I spoke too soon. See you guys later.” and with that, he disappeared into the backyard.

Bucky set the diaper bag down near the wall just as Thor walked up to you. “James, Y/N!”

“Thor!” you shout, wrapping your arms around him. He gives you a bone crushing hug. Literally. He cracked your back.

“How is everything? The kids?” he asked.

“Everything’s good, the kids are good.” you nod over to where they are.

“And the baby..” he trails off.

“Steven.” you nod.

“Ah, you named him Steven.”

You let out a laugh. “Thor, I was not going to name him what you suggested.”

Bucky wraps his arm around your waist, a thing he usually does for no reason.

Thor touches his chest dramatically. “What’s wrong with Asgardian Warrior Barnes?”

“Everything!” you chuckle.

“It would have been perfect for him. He could have been a warrior for Asgard.” he responds.

“Uncle Thor!” the voice of Olive rips through the air.

“Yes, my green Olive-” Thor turns around with a smile but it is immediately wiped away when he sees Olive holding his hammer with no struggle at all. Suddenly everyone’s eyes are on her.

“Uncle Tony tripped over your hammer so I brought it to you.” she smiled, lifting it up. Thor takes it.

“Right.. Uh…” he clears his throat, looking around the room at everyone who was watching. “Thank you Olive.”

She nods and walks back to Natasha while everyone pondered what just happened. Four year old Olive just picked up Thor’s hammer. Holy fuck.

“Right…” Thor says again. “I’m just gonna… go see if Tony needs help.”

And he was gone. Sam was the first to break the silence, laughing his ass off. “Hey Bucky, your kid is worthy.”

“Can it, Sam.” Bucky chuckled and just like that, everything was back to normal. You look around the room, frowning when you don’t see Pietro even though you knew he was away on a solo mission. You missed your best friend.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about, baby doll?” Bucky questioned.

“Pietro.” you sighed. “I miss him.”

“I know baby,” he sighed, kissing your forehead. “He’ll be back next week.”

“I know.” you lean into him, wrapping your arms around his waist. You let out a deep sigh, watching your kids smile and laugh with your friends. It was a wonderful sight.

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky murmured softly and you pull away slightly, enough to look at him.


The brunette smiled. “Thank you,” he says. “For giving me a chance all those years ago. For marrying me. For giving me three beautiful children. Thank you.”

It’s your turn to smile. “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” he responds and your lips meet in a kiss. “And maybe we can get Nat or Steve to watch the kids tonight so we can…” he trails off while his thumbs rubs circles on your side.

“How long has it been since we’ve had sex?” you question.

“Six months.”

You groan before looking around. Olive was with Natasha, Rosalyn was listening to Vision talk about outer space and Steve was sitting on the floor with Steven and Sam, Legos sprawled out before them. You look back at Bucky.

“Who says we have to wait till tonight?” you smirk.

“Are you suggesting we-”

“Yup.” you nod. “My old room is upstairs and I know for a fact that it’s empty.”

“Naughty, naughty.” the soldier smirked before glancing around to make sure no one was watching. “Let’s go.” and with a squeeze to your hip, the two of you enter the elevator.

Some things never change.

A/N: I don’t know if you guys read my end-of-the-chapter authors notes but if you do holy fUck this was 2617 words and it’s 5:39 AM and I’ve watched Wreck-It Ralph a total of 5 times while writing this. Anyways it’s the end! Tell me what ya think!


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lotolle  asked:

Tasha's having a really bad brain day. She keeps going distant, and her stance is all tense. Bucky finds her in the tub, repeating her old serial number over and over. So he sits there with her until she calms down, and they sleep under the bed together so she'll feel safe.

IM GONNA CRY I LOVE THIS SO MUCH like I LOVE when people remember that Nat needs to be taken care of too sometimes! She and Buck have a lot of similar traumas and the idea of Buck having her back makes my shriveled little heart grow three sizes!!

Also I love that this headcanon isn’t heavy on physical contact?? Because often that’s not what people need in these situations? Just Bucky supporting her by sticking close and being an understanding and unconditionally loving presence is EVERYTHING TO ME

(And then cuddles later when she’s feeling a little better)

A Fool’s Hope

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, mention of Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1487

A/N: What do you get when you mix a traditional day of pranks with a wise-ass Winchester, a bumbling well-meaning angel, and a love-struck doubting reader? This fluffy April Fools’ Day drabble, that’s what!

(not my GIF)

“Y/N?” Castiel tarried at the threshold of your open door scanning the apparently occupant-less room.

Hair disheveled, sporting sleep rumpled pajamas, nestled on the floor amidst a comfy pile of pillows and blankets on the far side of the bed, lost in the pages of a book, you stifled a groan – the angel had developed a particular knack as of late for catching you at the worst times. Just last week he ran into you in the hall, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you had been stark naked, having forgotten a towel for the shower and not wanting to get your clothes wet, and engaged in a somewhat leisurely stroll to your room under the mistaken belief you had the bunker to yourself. For several days afterward, Cas maintained a curiously strong interest in the ceiling whenever he was in your presence. It might have been amusing if it weren’t so embarrassing – and also if you didn’t happen to be so head over heels in love with the angel. Combing fingers haphazardly through tangled locks to smooth them, you peeked over the mattress. “Hey Cas, what’s up?”

“Is this a bad time?” He took a tentative step further into the room.

Keep reading

My Decision (6)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader, Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: aaannggst, sad Bucky, sad reader, bitchy Dot

Words count: 1,358

Sumarry: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?

Part1 Part2 part3 part4 part5


           Pushing his apartment door, Bucky dropped himself onto the bed. Running his hands through his hair, he groans loudly and cursed a lot. The kiss felt so right but it’s wrong, why he kissed you? Does he loves you? Does he loves Dot? And then he remember about Dot, he keeps distancing himself from his fiancé because he hangs out with you a lot, he knew he needs to make it up to her.

           The knock on his door brings Bucky back from his thoughts, opening the door Bucky was greeted by Dot, “I was about going to call you!” Bucky hugs her in a tight embrace, pushing Bucky away dot asked, “I saw you coming out of her house” dot stated, “Whose house?” Bucky asked, “Don’t play dumb Bucky, of course that slut you’ve been hanging around with for the past months! How was it? You two fucked already? Did she pleasure you amazingly?” she asked angrily, “For fuck sake! First of all, she is not a slut and there’s nothing going on between us!” Bucky screams. There’s some unsure feeling he had when he said you and him were nothing, yes he did felt something but he just can’t figure it out, “Do you even love me?” Dot asked, “Of course I love you!” he said, “You barely touch me, Buck” Dot said, and Bucky grabs her neck and kissed her, let’s say that night they’re fucking like an animal.

           Waking up in the morning Bucky looked beside him was Dot naked form, and last night it was overwhelming. Bucky knows he didn’t make love with Dot last night, it was them just fucking around, there’s no love but just lust. He didn’t even feel anything and this is wrong, he knew it. He can’t just end things with Dot but he also hurts your feelings and he definitely hated the way he reacted and pushed you away after he just kissed you and he regrets saying Goodbye, and he didn’t know what to do now. Getting out from the bed, Bucky went to the bedroom and cook the breakfast. After placing the plate on the table, Bucky felt Dot hands wrapped around his waist, “What are we having?” she asked, “Bacon, scramble eggs, and sandwich” Bucky smiles and kissed her lips and now he compared Dot’s to your lips, Bucky quickly turn around and shake his head from the thoughts, he just can’t get you out of his mind.

           At first they’re eating peacefully until Dot shows her phone and showed Bucky a necklace, a super duper expensive necklace, “what do you think?” she asked, “it was a nice necklace” Bucky said, “I want one” she said simply, “Dot, we have weddings to go. Your dream wedding has a lot budget and I’ve been saving my money to get you your dream house” Bucky said, “But I want this Bucky” she said, and this is the side of Dot that people hate but Bucky never realize he was actually being used by her, “I’ll buy you one someday” Bucky smiles, “But I have a gala to attend tomorrow! I need this!” , “Baby, please understand” Bucky pleaded, “No! you’re the one who needs to understand me! You can keep buying things to your mom and now you’re refusing to buy me just a necklace? Are you even love me? Or do you have spent your money buying things for that (y/n) girl? I think we’ve made an agreement that you will not seeing her again!” she screams at Bucky hoping her tricks will win by bringing her up, Dot knows Bucky will felt guilty and gave her anything she wants, and that’s always goes as planned, “Okay, I’ll buy you one” Bucky surrender, “Thankyou, Bucky. I love you, I have photoshoot to go so, see you around” she pecked his lips and went out from his apartment, “Unbelievable” Bucky muttered under his breath.

           Since those days (y/n) only focus on her drawings for Ronald McNeil exhibit, the theme was about the journey of love, which every artist who participated must present the drawings about their love life. It was sickening for (y/n) but she pushes the feeling cause working with Ronald McNeil is one of her dream. Little did you know, everytime you open the store Bucky always right on the opposite of the building enjoying his morning coffee while seeing your painting, or smiling politely to people who bought your drawing. Even he didn’t had time to watch you every morning, he will make sure to drive passing your store just for seeing your face. As creepy as it seems and considering himself as a stalker, he couldn’t get enough of you, and today he sits at the same position on the café in front of your store, “Bucky, what’s wrong with you two?” Steve asks, “nothing, just some misunderstanding” Bucky sipped his coffee and still keeping his eyes on you. He notices your body moves a bit slowly than usual, your face paler, and those bags under your eyes were noticeable. He felt the urge to run towards you, lays you to your bed and feed you with bunch of tacos and pizza because you love it so much.

           “Talk to her Buck, you’re such a mess” Steve stated which brings back Bucky from his thoughts, “I can’t, I promised Dot I won’t see her again” Bucky answers, “But why? You two are just friends, right?” Steve asks curiously, ‘Yes friends who kissed’ that’s what Bucky thoughts, “or more?” Steve asks again, “dammit Steve would you shut up?!” Bucky hit the table, which cause everyone looking at him. You notice a movement from the café in front of you and you saw Bucky glaring at Steve, you miss him so much and it’s been hard weeks for you, but seeing him right there not really far from you making you wanted to run away, so you did. You put the ‘close’ sign and run upstairs to your bedroom. Bucky turn around and found you’re gone and you close your store, “I shouldn’t have brought you here” Bucky sighs to Steve and push the café door and leave.

           By the night he came back to his apartment and was greeted by Dot, wearing a long silk dress with the necklace that she insist Bucky to bought, “what are you doing here Dot?” Bucky sighs, “Why? I can’t visit my fiancé? I’m actually confused, why you never ask me to move in?” Dot asked, “We’re getting married Dot, will living in the same roof soon” Bucky dropped himself on his bed, “what’s wrong, did I upset you?” she asked straddling Bucky’s lap, Dot dressed hike up exposing her black lace panties, Dot starts unbuttoning Bucky’s shirt but he remains silent, he just lays there not even paying attention to Dot. She kissed his neck, his jaw and asks again, “You seems tired, lemme take care of you. I don’t want you be taken care of by her” Bucky’s eyes snapped open and pushed Dot from his lap, “What the fuck?” Dot asked, “Would you stop bringing her into everything?!” Bucky clenched his fist and giving Dot the death stare, “I’m tired listening to your drama, okay! I wanted to be alone right now, and than you here, seducing me, and bringing her in every conversation we had! What the hell is wrong with you? She never even hurt you!” , “I told you Bucky, I don’t like seeing you hanging out with girls!” she screams, “You know why I hanging out with her a lot? Because she understand me! She listens to me, I listen to her, but with you? I’ve always been forced to listen to you, but you never even once listen to me! Everything is always about you Dot, everything is about you and I am sick of it!” Bucky screams in the way he never thought he could, “So what now? You wanna end this? Listen you James Barnes, if you end this than the business our dad has must ended too, so goodluck with that” and she left his apartment.

Sooo college start again tomorrow and I have finished writing this story, can’t wait to share with you guys! four chapters to go! Hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as i am enjoy writing it! send me feedbacks!xx

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Hi guys! So I spend a lot of time wondering which one fell in love first and imagining scenarios etc so I was wondering who you think fell in love with the other first?

honestly i think it depends on the universe, but canon, totally steve, bc he was just so in awe at this boy that seemed to like him and enjoy spending time with him and making him laugh so he could almost feel himself being less and less jealous overtime and just admiring him so much, and then he realized his feelings were mutual (mix in some Teen Angst™) and then life happened and they moved in together and steve was lke ‘shit hes gonna know how i feel within 10 days also i have an entire sketchbook filled with drawings of him’

I think Steve fell in love with Bucky first in canonverse for sure. Steve is just such a ball of anger I think that meeting Bucky who is so bright and happy is right there with Steve in his crazy sit. I can see Steve just getting so enamoured with Bucky, who doesn’t belittle him or treat him like a mistake or a a hinderance or breakable, Bucky treats him like an equal. I feel like Steve clued in that he loves Bucky in his mid teens, loved him for longer but is really reluctant to accept it cause I mean Steve has some pretty intense masculinity complexes. But he gets there eventually, I like to think of late teens Steve joining radical and queer groups. Bucky probably clued in around like 19/20, I feel like he was a lot quicker to accept his feelings than Steve but I feel like Steve made the first move. After sorting himself out I think Steve would really follow the fierceness of his love and is much more likely to make an all or nothing hail mary move than Bucky (at least pre war bucky).

based on a scene from this perfectly perfect modern Steve and Bucky au where Steve sees Bucky for the first time (sort of) after they’ve just been texting ever since Steve messaged a wrong number

Some sketchy Stucky on a Sunday… He has the cutest nose, ISTG. I love drawing it and Steve must love kissing it, hur hurrr…This is supposed to be mid-fight in TWS, yep. Another thing I love drawing: a blushing Bucky! <3

(My Art /// My Marvel Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use my art elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks!