i love louis so much i

it’s so comforting to me that louis /knows/ us. with other ppl, even ppl I’m a fan of, they seem to mostly see the obnoxious side of a fandom or rlly just the “twitter fandom” bc that’s what they use, which is usually not a good representation of respectful devoted fans. but louis has shown time and time again that he knows /us/. sending little messages to us that other ppl wouldn’t understand, talking about how incredible we are and the things he sees, how we know what things mean, responding to things on twitter that are very obviously from specific types of fans bc of their word choices. and, idk it’s just… I’m rlly glad that he knows how much we support and love him. the real him. and that we’re focused on his music and his charity work and his personality and his /happiness/ before anything else. it comforts me knowing that he probably stalks tumblr and sees posts with thousands of notes that say nothing but we support him, no matter what. that we trust him. I don’t rlly know how to articulate it??? there’s such an emotional connection between louis and us, it doesn’t even feel like we’re just fans of a celebrity. it feels like we’re a team. and the best part is, I know he feels that way too.

anyway, i didn’t think it was possible, but after that article i love steve even more. i’m so glad louis worked w someone who constantly praised him and spoke so highly of him. it means so much to me, i can’t even imagine how much it meant to louis. 

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that interview was so sad and yeah, heartbreaking. i hope louis realizes how much talent he has, how much people absolutely love him. a very interesting, but sad, interview. :(

i just…..really need him to know how important he is :(

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i know people always brought pride flags to 1D shows and people plan on bringing them to harry's shows BUT can we talk about how when louis tours, he gets to experience them for himself? i mean he already has but this time it'll be for just him, and then he'll know. how much we're constantly rooting for him. and his love is so fucking valid. none of the bullshit matters because we HEAR who he really is, we SEE who he really is, and we FEEL who he really is. i can't wait for him to feel that.

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I know everything has already been said and there's a lot of tension with this article, but it's strange to me because this article could have gone so much worse, and while I don't love the way it undermined Louis' talent and strength, a lot of what was said about Louis' place as an underdog and constantly being looked over is stuff we've been saying for a long time, but now that it's all official and out there, people want to nitpick his words and complain. Anyways, I'm incredibly proud of him.

Me too, nony. My heart is all Louis now haha

I love louis so much and i am so proud of the person he is. he’s kind and caring he’s compassionate and understanding. he’s loving and generous. he’s such a remarkable human being and i’m so glad to witness him becoming his own person. becoming someone outside of the band and he’s being given room to grow and expand and trust himself as a talented artist.

I can’t thank Louis enough for being honest about he’s own insecurities.

I’ve always struggled with my own self esteem. I see myself as less then, because people always told me I was growing up. I take short showers and dress with my back to my mirror because I can’t stomach seeing my naked body. I knit-pick every single about me. I wish I was smarter, prettier, skinnier, funnier, more outgoing, and the list goes on and on. I don’t bother trying to meet guys and go on dates because in the back of my mind, I say to myself, “I’m not worthy of love. I have nothing to give. There are better girls.”

It mean so much to me, that my favorite celebrity in the entire world struggles with this too and is brave enough to talk about it. Louis’ perfect to me, he is so fucking strong and loyal and kind and has the biggest heart in the world. He has a lovely voice and is literally worth millions of dollars. And yet even Louis struggles with low self-esteem at times. Even he hesitates and doubts himself.

I’ll never understand why he feels this way, but so many people can look up at him and relate to him. Thank you so much for being open Louis.You have brought so much joy and laughter to so many people. You’ve made me smile in my darkest times. I hope you’ll become more confident in yourself, and I’ll try to be more comfortable in my own skin as well! ♥

…anyway i love louis so much and i hope he knows that I would steal all the stars in the night sky if he asked me to just so i could watch his beautiful face light up with that angelic smile that makes my heart fall to my ass. 

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mybaby-peach(.)tumblr(.)com/post/162219076786/i-think-if-i-ever-had-to-describe-what-true-love i already shared this with kelli but i wanted to share with you as well! i was scrolling through the louis tag and seen this post and it kinda just reminded me of why we're all here :) as a louie, i figured it might bring out some old feelings in you about the first time you knew louis was kinda everything <3

THIS is the reason why we are all still here. Pushing his romantic relationship aside, I will unconditionally love Louis. There are only two people I admire more than him and that’s my dad and brother. Louis is just…He is incomparable because there isn’t a single soul like him on this earth. For nearly six years now, Louis has been one of my most favorite people in the world. I absolutely loved this, thank you anon for sharing x 

ps. Kelli is off at a joust in the woods so I don’t know if she read it or not hahah

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i love the pic of louis and bebe so much. not only do they both look so good, but it looks like theyre standing up to a bully almost, like theyre protecting their lgbt+ fans from the evil straights and i for one am loving it

they are small but they are mighty 💪🌈

A Little Too Much

been on a long hiatus but i thought of this little thing a while back but i’ve got no more inspiration for it, so here you go. just a tiny smidge of words and stuff, lemme know what you think here!

you’re friends with benefits, but you’ve been numb for so long that you fear emotion and the hurt that comes with the realization that maybe you do love him; inspired by no strings attached.

[H; Y/N]

How was your night? x

No time for small talk, H. 

Your place or mine?

I can be at yours in ten. 

I’ll be there, I’m coming down from campus right now. See you x

It was their thing, their routine that they began to pick up about six months ago on a Friday night when they realized that they both desired the same no-strings-attached relationship that was quick, fast and hassle-free. To them, it was what was best. It worked well with their hectic schedules, one jet-setting all over the globe and singing to the masses and the other juggling school and a part-time job. They were each other’s escape for just a few minutes or so every week, and that’s how they liked it. And they both remembered the golden rule - to stop when either of them felt anything more.


“It was alright,” You responded blankly as you did up the buttons on your baby blue top and pulled your underwear back up your legs. You were never one for small talk. “I think I’ll do fine.”

“That’s good,” He says, rubbing his eyes as he continued to watch you fumble as you searched for the rest of your outfit that had been discarded of and scattered on his floor just minutes ago in the heat of the moment from his spot on his pristine white sheets. “Actually, ‘was wondering if you’d like t’ come with me for m’mum’s luncheon thing. S’just a gathering for our family and she wants me to bring a guest.”

“Look, Harry–” You began to speak, but he cut you off. “You don’t have t’ come if you don’t want to. Just an invitation. Thought ‘t would be fun for us.”

“H, what would I even say when I meet your family? Hey, I’m Y/N, pleasure to meet you and I fuck your son sometimes?” You scoffed, shaking your head as you turned to look at him, his hair a mess and his eyes wandering everywhere but you. “We don’t work like that, remember?”

“Yeah, I know. Jus’ forget I said that, ‘right? Have a good night.” 

With that, you pushed against the oak bedroom and disappeared into the dark of the night, just like you always did. It was a routine, but it worked, you told yourself. It was the only way anything could work.