i love lots of cats


Hi! My name is Emilia, I’m bi, and I’m a bored 15 year old girl looking for some friends. I’m in CA, and I’m on here a lot so feel free to message me. I love Fat Cats™, studio Ghibli, art museums, space, animation, and bad jokes. Just drop by with cat pictures or lik the bred memes and I’ll love you forever 😄
Tumblr: @badly-salted-pretzel

why are dog lovers so hateful??? like you meet a cat lover and they’re like “oh i love dogs a lot too! i just prefer cats!” but dog lovers are always like “my ENTIRE FAMILY was MURDERED by a CAT, a cat STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND, BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN, TOOK MY JOB AND KEYED UP MY CAR"


I don’t know why you’d want it but here you go, my very boring self for you 

(ノ´ ᵕ `)ノ*:・゚✧


Inuvember Day 3: Sango!

I recently noticed I’ve been watching lots of stuff with Sango’s english VA, Kelly Sheridan, so I drew Sango in their outfits!