i love looking at him when he smiles

I’ve been staring at some gifsets of the dinner scene.

The way that Carol just openly gazes at Daryl, lovingly, as he’s eating. And then he looks up, and their eyes meet. And she shyly kind of looks down for a moment and rests her face in her hand–but goes right back to watching him, because she just can’t help it. He’s real, and he’s there.

And he continues eating, knowing full well that she’s sitting there and taking him in, and that for the moment, everything is right. She’s smiling, she’s at peace, they’re alone and enjoying this time together and it’s the best thing they can have when the world is falling apart.

I freaking love that little scene.

i fell in love with him. not the way it’d been before, the immature and wild way you love someone when you’re young. but in a subtle way, so i didn’t even realize until it had already happened. he fell back into my life like he was always supposed to be there, like he had never been anywhere else. somewhere along the way, arman’s room became arman and bridgette’s room. somewhere along the way, ali had a toothbrush in my bathroom and his own drawer in my dresser.

sometimes i would catch him looking at me with this weird smile on his face from across the room. sometimes the look in his eyes when i was playing with bridgette said it all. but still, we both kept silent. i still hadn’t told arman that ali was his father, and that spoke louder to how fragile this thing was than anything either of us could say.

Beautiful Scenes

I melted with the beautiful scenes Richonne. My thinking of them is:
1 - When Rick says, “We have a deal”, the happiness of both is unique, but what I loved in the embrace was that, Michonne supports it. “It’s like, I’m with you, you do not have to be strong always.” And he´s rest in her happy.
2-In the Rick’s Phrase to Gabriel, about “I learned the enemy can become friend”. Michonne smiles because she lived. And look where they have arrived!
3- When Rick gives him the cat. The final sentence, is in the same tone of flirtation that gave she´s in the 3x12 at the end. He she´s lets her know, What everyone knew, “at that time I was already interested in her.” My heart explodes with so much emotion!

Greetings from Uruguay a small country south of South America

[Richonne getting love from all over the world.  Thank you!]

Keep The Creeps Away / Jack Maynard

Request:  This is gonna sound weird can you do an imagine where you go to a club with the boys because they dragged you out and a weird man is trying to seduce you and you mime to jack “help” and he does and he acts all cute with you all night! And you ask is he sure because it’ll stop him from pulling etc; Sorry I had a dream about it last night and it was amazing so thought I’d share!! Love your imagines btw

You smiled at the bartender as he handed you your drink, shifting around to look for your friends you took a sip of it, the sensation of the alcohol burning down your throat being welcomed. You laughed lightly when you saw one of your best friends, Conor, smile at you, his hands pressed against some girl’s hips, you shook your head and gave him a thumbs up. Boys.

Your eyes scanned around the dance floor once more, your jaw slightly clenching when you saw Jack whispering something into a blonde’s ear, making her laugh. You rolled your eyes, gulping down the rest of your drink. That boy would be the death of you.

Turning back around, you put your hand up, the bartender walking towards you once again.

“Rough night?” He asked, filling your glass.

“You have no idea.” You smiled. You liked him. “See that guy talking to the blonde with the red dress?” You said, pointing at them. “He’s one of my best friends. And I happen to have feelings for him.”

“Well, see that girl on the corner there?” He pointed at a brunette with a black dress. You nodded. “She’s my best friend, and I happen to be in love with her, too. So the next drink, is on me.” He said, filling another glass and leaving it in front of you.

“Cheers to us, for stupidly falling in love with our best friends.” You smiled, lifting your glass up before taking a sip of the drink.

You played around with your glass, not really paying attention to your surroundings nor to the loud music coming from the speakers, your mind was somewhere else because what better time to think when you’re at a club? You always did this. You agreed to go out with the boys and you’d end up like this, watching Jack talking to girls.

You weren’t sure when the feelings for Jack started, all that you remember was laying down at the end of his bed, you on your phone and he editing on his laptop, and then as you were looking at him, it hit you that you really liked him. Of course you never told him, he was your best friend, for fuck’s sake. Best friends weren’t supposed to have feelings for each other.

“Looks like you need another refill.” A deep voice said, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Let me buy you a drink.”

You looked up to see a really tall guy, brown eyes and brown hair, almost too short for your liking. He had a side smirk on his face, and he had his arm pressed against the bar counter. He wasn’t exactly ugly, actually he was really handsome, but not as handsome as Jack. With Jack on your mind, you knew it would be impossible to enjoy his company but you nodded anyway.

“You know, I have some really good vodka back at my house, you should come and try it.” He commented.

“Thank you, but I promised my friends that I’d be going back with them.” You half lied.

“Where are them, though? ‘Cause I’ve been watching you and you seemed pretty lonely.”

“They are dancing.” You said quickly. “You were watching me?”

“How could I not? You’re beautiful.” He smiled. “I’m Zack.”

“Oh.” You nodded. “Y/N.”

When he looked away to order your drink, you quickly gave a look around, searching for one of the boys so they could save you from the creepy guy, luckily you locked eyes with Jack, and you mouthed ‘help’ at him, in hope that he’d leave the girl he was talking to.

He did.

In no time, he was standing by your side.

“Hey baby.” He said, and then looked at the guy. “Thanks for keeping my girl company, man.”

“Are you the boyfriend?” He asked.

“Yes.” Zack’s eyes went from him to you, squinting slightly.

“You said you were here with friends, you never mentioned a boyfriend.” He said.

“That’s because she didn’t know I was coming. It was a surprise.” Jack quickly answered.

“She didn’t seem very surprised.”

“Look man, I know she’s gorgeous but she has got a boyfriend, aka me, so go and find someone whose boyfriend isn’t present.” He said, his arm wrapping around your waist.

Zack just nodded and walked away with the drink he had bought for you in hand. And even when he sat down at a booth a few feet away from you and Jack, you could still feel his eyes on you, making you feel on edge.

“Thank you.” You smiled at Jack. “You can go back with the blonde girl, if you want.” You sighed.

“Are you kidding? That guy is gonna come back if I leave.” He laughed.

“Are you sure?” You asked. “You’re not gonna take any girl home if you stay with me.”

“It’s fine. You’re my best friend; we do things like this for each other.”


Best friends, Y/N, don’t you ever forget that.

“He’s still looking. What a creep.” Jack whispered, and then looked at you. “Play along.” He said, and before you could ask him what he meant, his lips were pressed against yours.

You were surprised, to say the least, it was a pleasant surprise though. His lips were soft against yours, and you could taste the alcohol he had been drinking on the tip of your tongue. Your arms wrapped around his torso as one of his hands went to the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. You relax your body as you felt his tongue running along your bottom lip asking for permission to enter your mouth, and obviously, you didn’t hesitate to give it.

It was confirmed, Jack was a good kisser. You always thought he was.

“What was that?” You asked, breathless, too scared to look into his eyes.

“I thought I-I did it to-” He trailed off, making you look up at him. “Fuck.” He smiled. “Your eyes. You’re gorgeous.” He whispered, kissing your shoulder.

“W-what do you mean?” You asked.

He didn’t answer, instead, he kissed you again. His hands were cupping your face and yours were on his chest and shoulder, your mind wondering what was happening as your heart beat as fast as a racecar.

“I never realized-how could I never realize this?” He asked, more to himself than to you. “I really like you.” You eyes shined at his words.

Was it him or was it the alcohol who was talking?

Whoever it was, you didn’t care.

“I like you, too.” You smiled. “Do you really, Jack?”

“Yeah. I felt it when I kissed you.” He said and leaned down again.

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You're not writing as much. Are you in love? If you are, hope he's yours.

I am in…college 🙃 

I know, I’m sorry anon. I haven’t found the time to write as much as I used to and want to. 

But I wish you could see
The way his eyes smile
When he looks at me.
His pull is too strong
It’s hard to resist
Keeping my eyes
And thoughts
Away from him.
Drawn in like a wave
Crashing into the shore,
I have nothing to lose
By letting myself fall.
I can only hope that
His I will be-
And to make him mine
Is a dream I hope will turn

Into reality. 

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How would the turtles come out to their family as bi/gay/other? I love your blog and you don't have to answer this, I know your busy ❤



Out of all of them, he’s the most calm.

He gathers everyone around to talk to them. He does dance around the subject for a minute, but a stern look from his father has him go straight to the point.

When he comes out and says it, there are differing reactions. None of them are negative, mostly just curiosity, and confusion.

He’s asked questions, and lots of them. He does his best to answer them, through misty eyes. Though it may seem he’s keeping calm, [and he was for the most part] he was relieved, heavily so and that rush of acceptance came in the form of tears.

He feels happy and loved. Being bi is a difficult thing to discover and accept if you’re new to it, so getting the full support of his family helped him fully accept it himself.


Oh boy. When Raph gets the inkling of an idea that he might be bi? He’s a train-wreck. Keep in mind, he’s a teenager, and to teenagers, everything is a big deal.

So he hides it. For weeks, for months.

As time went on, it gets harder for him to hide it. He goes rigid when Donnie tries to explain sexualities to Mikey, because of someone they rescued mentioning it.

He leaves the room when something biphobic comes on T.V.

He even stopped hanging around Casey and April because Goddamnit both of them are cute as hell and he couldn’t contain it for more than 5 minutes.

When Splinter finally puts an end to Raph’s suffering, it all comes pouring out. Raph didn’t mean for it to, but Splinter had a way of being able to make people talk So he talked. He ranted, he rambled, and at the end, he had tears in his eyes.

“What if they don’t accept me?”

His insecurities overruled his confidence many a time. So Splinter made up a way for him to calmly come out without making a big fuss. One on one, Raph talked to each of his brothers individually. And it worked. And it wasn’t so bad, even when Mikey asked a cacophony of questions, and even when Leo became confused, they still accepted him.

It was such a relief to Raph, he even started flirting a bit with Casey and April. [And also God bless Donnie for talking to him about his sexuality, it helped a lot]


He’s excited! He’s learning about himself, when he discovers this, the first thing he does is tell Raph. That’s his go-to bro for deep shit like midnight talks [which usually end up him being hit with a shoe, but I digress] and personal discoveries.

He stumbles in, he’s jumping on his toes and gesturing animatedly as he explains his newfound pansexuality to his older brother.

The others come around to listen, that saves him the time of telling everyone. Raph is the first to show his support, with a hand on the shoulder and a big ole’ smile. The others, including Splinter, and April, all give him tons of support.

[For like, an hour he just goes around hugging everyone and telling them more about his sexuality. He’s so excited so they let him.]


When he first discovered that he was gay, he had trouble with coming to terms with it. This lead to Donnie burying himself in research and definitions of the sexuality. But it didn’t seem to help him, so with no other option, he turned to April.

April and him had always been there for each other when they needed someone to talk to. So he goes to her, they find a comfortably secluded area and she lets him talk.

She listens, and lets Donnie ramble until he has nothing else to say. Once she understands his situation, she talks to him to calm him down, and walks him through the steps.

He has her stand there when he comes out to his family, and she answers any questions he doesn’t want to. After the big ordeal, he realizes he had nothing to worry about, because his family loved him still. He still has to get Mikey to stop making him Tinder profiles.

[Tl;dr: get you a real one like April. A best friend QUEEN]

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Maeglin has met Luthien. He was only a child at the time, When Elu Thingol summoned Eol to introduce his noldorin wife and child to the court at Doriath. Luthien looked after the you Maeglin while Aredhel spent time with Galadriel and Eol was with the King. They played in the forest, and Luthien showed Maeglin the different flowers and plants. She taught him how to dance in the trees, and showed him the beauties of Doriath. Luthien loved coaxing smiles out of the small, serious boy.

I like Luthien and Maeglin as friends!

She’s the girl who picks up a baby and never actually puts him down until she has to reluctantly surrender him to his parents.

But just imagine her running around Doriath like “That’s a butterfly Maeglin, that’s a tree, that’s a frog, that’s the sky!” She’s so bad at making friends, that finding Maeglin—no matter how young he is—is a blessing to her.

I can see her strapping him to her back, and climbing high, high in the trees. She knows he’s happy because she can hear him giggling, and can feel him chewing on her hair. They’ll spend the entire evening in the trees.

She realizes that Maeglin’s skin practically glows when the starts come out though, and wonders if that’s a hidden trait amongst the moriequindii.

When he gets older, that’s when she starts teaching him how to dance. Neither his mother nor father are dancers, so it comes off as odd to him. Occasionally he trips over his feet, which ganders a chuckle from Luthien, and coaxes a laugh from him. She makes his failures her own special dance moves so he doesn’t feel so bad.

In turn, Maeglin teaches Luthien about the stars and constellations, as well as certain self-defense techniques for her own protection.

Occasionally he’ll take her to the Forge, and teach her how to make a knife or a necklace. Though since she’s no good at it, she usually has Maeglin make her anything she wants.

He names all of the failures the “Luthien Collection”.

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Thanks for making this blog! Perhaps maybe dazai's reaction to a little child coming up to him , claiming that he looks beautiful and vows to marry him in the future?

I should thank you for requesting and making this blog a real one~ x3

  • slightly caught by surprise when a child comes up to him out of nowehere and tells him how good he looks. Dazai will attentively listen to the child’s words with a smile on his lips

  • he is touched by the child’s love for him and plays along, telling the child that he’ll wait for them till they’re old enough to marry. Dazai doesn’t really want to make the child upset or even cry 

  • returns all the compliments, but doesn’t get all flirty. It’s the same when a dad tells his child that they’re beautiful.
    Dazai tells them how much he likes their hair and asks what shampoo they use, how/is they style it, etc

  • Dazai is reminded of when Oda took care of the orphans living above that restaurant. He’ll crack an honest smile and wonders whether Oda would be proud of him

  • if the child’s parents are okay with it or even offer Dazai to spend more time with it, Dazai says that he still has work to do but will come and say hello once in a while. Of course the parents are only fine with it once they get to know Dazai better

  • when he visits the child, Dazai doesn’t mention any suicidal-related things

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scoups as your older brother

older brother!S.Coups

  • oh goodness 
  • he’s NOT the bro of all bros like pls he’s going to protect you at all costs and make sure he’s around all the time for you
  • grew up with much love and care!!! he’s so squishy sweet and sometimes you felt like he was a lil lil overprotective but it’s better than not being caring at all. brother coups is a warm hug in a cold winter that you’ll never want to leave from the BEST 
  • his smile that looks like it can majestically cure all uncurable diseases when you do well on an exam and make him feel like the proudest older brother on the face of the planet and beyond
  • but one day he’s just looking around his friend group and is all
  • “shit. why are all my friends so hot” 
  • “what if they fall in love with each other, IT’S A ONE IN TWELVE CHANCE how will i deal if my bro dates my sibling like i hate to admit they all have great personalities and are smart and suppose they are temperately attractive WHAT WILL I DO” 
  • *brain poot* 
  • but at the end of the day he loves you with all his might and if you ever choose to date *cries* he’d want it to be with someone he knows and understands just as much and so begrudgingly he’ll hand you over when the time comes
  • *plays BTS “Not Today*

Seventeen Headcanons? 

“So my husband is Maori and he is literally Maui. He’s big, a bit of a goof and he also loves to sing. So when we saw Moana, I kept looking over at him and saw this huge smile on his face. I asked him how he felt about the movie afterwards and he said, “I could have used this movie as a kid.” So I bought him one of those Maui Funko Pops for his birthday and he was so happy. I guess representation matters no matter what age.”

Phichit Appreciaton Post

The title says it all, Phichit has got to be one of the most jolliest character i have ever met in any series. 

Just look at this cutie from Bangkok, his adorable smile and that cute fringe

I have to say I love his complexion 



Or his worried faceeeee

And how he loves to take selfie and that phone caseeee




LOOK AT CUTE TINY PHICHIT when he first got discovered 

When he really wanted to skate “Shall we Dance” 


Just look at how precious he is I can’t even 

His world is just fluff and filled with cuteness 


One day we will all make his dream come true 

and he did one again captured our hearts 


bless when he finished his skate 

Can you not see his joy and happiness 

You did it! Really! Well done! 

Thank you lord for blessing us this child 

We must protect him 

“Egg shells,” I told her. “It felt like walking on egg shells.”

She had asked me what it felt like to be with him. She continued, “So why did you stay? Why did you put yourself through that?”

I smiled. “Because, sometimes, it wasn’t all that bad. If I tip toed in just the right pattern—if I watched my steps carefully—it was beautiful. We were beautiful.” Then my smile fell. “But sometimes, the egg shells cracked if even just the wind blew in the wrong way. And that’s when I should’ve left, but I never could make myself.”

She looked at me with sad eyes.

“I loved him,” I told her. “I loved him so much that I became an expert at every game he played. And he loved who I became for him.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #121 // It felt like walking on egg shells

Random person: A is cute

Person B: Excuse me? Ex-fucking-cuse me? Cute? C-u-t-e? God was in a good mood when he made this person. Look at him. Look at his face. Look at his everything. You call this “cute”? I’m sure you want to rephrase that because this “cute” person is actually someone that shouldn’t exist, he’s perfection, my dear.

Person A: *smiles* thanks

When you meet the boy named October.

Don’t let him call you. With his autumn cheeks and orange hair he’ll offer you a campfire smile. Tell you that he loves your summer skin; that you are green and sweet and beautiful. But his mouth is a library for ghost stories; and if you let him call your name; you will become one too.

Don’t let him kiss you. I know his lips look soft as yellow clouds and it will feel like swallowing sunshine. But the warmth comes before the burn.
Didn’t I warn you? His mouth is a library for ghost stories;
and he will leave your throat haunted with the sound of his name;
And I love you;
And please come back.

Don’t let him hold you. He will open his arms like the promise of forever.
And if you let him hold you; you will wonder if this is how they say safety in sign language;
You will never forget the way his palms pressed like flowers against your neck; fingertips traced the lines of your throat; collar bones; shoulders; settling firmly in the small of your back.
And at first, you won’t notice the way your forest green skin fades into yellow; a warning sign;
A reminder;
Everything he touches must fall.

You mustn’t fall in love with him; because you you will find yourself falling alone.
He will not catch you. And falling in love only feels like flying until you hit the ground.
His love is the kind of dream that makes you regret waking up;
And when you do, your body will become orange skin and red lips. You will open your eyes to the bottom of his boot.
And when he walks away; your body will become his bridge; and the weight of his absence will crush you.

Because the boy named October only knows how to leave.
And when he does; you will no longer recognise yourself.

—  The boy named October // mentamorphisis