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Carmilla Thanksgiving Doodle 2016

After centuries of a diet consisting of nothing but blood, Carmilla remembers how awesomely delicious food is and goes into a food coma.


“I felt bad for Ramona so I came to her rescue. Setting off a dangerous explosion without any regard for my own safety or anyone else’s.”

All other forms of media: So wait¿? You just????? Give them all this happiness, quality BTS content, sexy vampires, gay, nonbinary representation, tears, movie, and cookie loving community to feel loved in ???? With no catches??????¿¿


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Maybe in a coffee shop
I’m not a jail sentence
or trouble
or your student
Maybe in a bookstore,
I could be a pretty girl across the room
who can’t stop glancing at you.
Because the first thing I noticed wasn’t the wrinkles on your face, or your tie that is always too loose
or the hidden hairs that are starting to grey
It was your smile,
and your height
Even in the hallways,
you aren’t trouble
or a last name
or my teacher
Even from a rotting desk in the back of the room
you’re still a beautiful man standing in the front of the room
who can’t stop glancing at me.
—  s.l