i love lola!

So I was looking up Sonic stuff on Wikipedia, and got to some voice actors. Now, Sally Acorn, this girl:

Is voiced by Kath Soucie, who also plays Nicole on the same Sonic show. But Kath Soucie also voices Vivi in World of Final Fantasy, this cute little fella:

But, to my further shock and amazement, she’s even voiced in a Disney film as a character I like. She plays Nick Wilde during the flashback to his younger years:

But APPARENTLY, she also does the voice for LOLA BUNNY IN SPACE JAM:

Basically, Kath Soucie seems to be typecast as either “cute” or “furry”. Voice actor stuff is wild.

Happy bear anniversary waifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :*

It’s my and waifu Lola-chan @miyakuli third anniversary ahjahkahkajhakjhaj. :D This time fly so so so fast, my sweet waifu Lola-chan. :* 

Thank you baby baby for everything, you are my bear, waifu, angel, soulmate, my everything, so lucky to have you. :* Happy bear anniversary for us. :D It feel really like forever being with you. kissssss. :*
All these years being together with you mean: 

- always being bearconnected :D

- tons of forehead touches :D

- always holding hands hands with my cutie waifuuuuuu :D

-always being glued to each other and hugu hugu in every possible occasion :D

-always being flirtu-flirtu :*

-always protecting each other and being protected, kissssssssssssss :*      (be under my umbreaaaalllllla ;)) 

- the most adorable datesssssssss :D 

- always getting blushed because of you :*

-and muhahah making you blush too :D 

-fluffy teasing youuuuuuu and fluffy you all the time :D

-spending tons of nights at talking and cuddle-cuddle each other :D 

-always being in our fluffy world together :D 

- being dorky married couple allllllllll the time :D 

-always being by each other side :D

-and always finding the other one :* no mater where, even in the deepest sea :D 

LOOOOOOOOVE YOU WAIFUUUUUUUU :* YOU ARE MY Haru, Gareki….my waifuuuuuuuuu my the sweetest bear love you soooooo much and wishing for us more and more happy anniversary. D: will be foreaber together. :D ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???