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“How was it like to work with [Y/N]? I remember in a different interview you had mentioned that she was your celebrity crush.” The interview chuckled as Tom’s face turned a little red. 

Shifting, Tom winced but laughed. “Yeah, uh, embarrassing. But, no, it was absolutely amazing. [Y/N] is so incredibly talented, it was amazing to work with her. She brings this contagious energy on set and made it so much fun to film. I mean it’s insane how down to earth she is. My first time meeting [Y/N] was not my smoothest, either. I got completely tongue-tied and distracted because she’s so stunning in person. She’s got these big [eye color] eyes and they just stand out. I, it was very embarrassing.” 

“Did she know about your crush?” 

“No, actually, she didn’t until I mentioned it.” Tom winced again, running a hand over his face. “She forced me to pull up the interview on Youtube.” 

“Well, I’m sure now that you know her, the crush went away. The usually do.”

Tom breathed out, “It got worse.” 

I’ve been trying to get back into writing, it’s been busy start to the new year. Request some things to get my juices flowing. I can’t promise that I can do all of them but I will try. 

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aw imagine being like 4 months pregnant during all of this with Harry and it's not gotten out to the public yet minus family and some close friends and it would just be such a happy time for them with everything going on!!

All that would be on his mind during the long days, consisting of promo interviews and meetings and such, would be cuddles with his pregnant wife whilst running his hand over her bump and massaging her feet, giving the baby book a little read before he settled down for the night to watch the telly. Pushing away his laptop and turning off his phone, making them both cups of tea with some biscuits as they met on the sofa and cuddled under a blanket.

When he’d walk into the house, he’d instantly call out for her, a hint of need in his voice as he’d kick off his shoes and drop his keys into the dish.

“I’m home and in need of a hug,” he’d frown when he’d see her walk in from the kitchen, arms flung over wide as he engulfed her into a tight hug, “missed you today. Just wanted to come home and cuddle and kiss you.”

“We missed you too,” she’d giggle against his shoulder and nudge her face into his neck, “I’ve had your mum on the blower all afternoon. She wants to be here when we find out the gender. I told her she’d be more than wanted and that we could always make it into a dinner or something.”

“Loves the fact she’s having her first grandbaby,” Harry would whisper softly, humming in content as he gently swayed their bodies, “wants to be here for everything. She would be here for everything if she didn’t live so far away.”

“Maybe we could consider moving to Cheshire?” She’d wonder, “I hate how she’s so far away from us.”

“Your mum and dad are close though. Surrey’s only half hour-ish away,” he’d remind her, “I like London too much, though. We met here and I fell in love with you here and we got engaged here. Want our little lady to grow up in a good place with good schools and some good memories,” he’d pull away from her and kiss her forehead, “the house we have here in Hampstead is lovely. Perfect enough for us to raise a little family.”

“Hampstead is lovely,” she’d smile up at him, “but, little lady? Who says we’re having a girl? We could have a boy.”

“Daddy’s intuition,” he’d chuckle, brushing his fingers under her t-shirt and stroking her belly softly, “I can sense it.”

“Daddy’s girl if that happens,” she’d giggle and press up on her toes, leaning into his ear and pressing her lips to his earlobe, “our bathtub is calling for me. Do you want to join me tonight or have you got stuff going on that needs tending to?”

“Jeff wants to Skype from New York to see how everything over here is going with the album and the televised interviews coming up, but, I can blow him off,” he’d chuckle, “you two are much important. Better company, too.” xx

Harry/Hermione, Love Declarations

for @brokengem

“OW!  Bugger it…” Harry swore and looked at his thumb, immediately sucking it into his mouth.  “Bloody hammer…”  

“Oh, we’re blaming the hammer, are we?” Hermione teased, reaching for his hand.  “You don’t have to do it the muggle way, you know…”  

“I’m not letting it beat me, ‘Mione…”  He pointed in an almost accusatory manner at the hammer.  “We were both raised by muggles, we should be able to do this.  Plus.  We’re living in muggle London.  If someone were to see us hanging our pictures with magic, we’d have to obliviate all of our neighbors.”  

“So, we hang the curtains the muggle way and then close them?”

“Hermione.  You’re a genius.  I love you.”  

She grinned smugly.  “I know.”  

He turned to face her.  “What do you mean you know?  I haven’t said that before.”  

She shrugged. “I know everything, remember?  And I love you too.”  

Attractive revelation(Jack Request)

“Hey girly!!!” You grin as Anna opens the door to you.
The pair of you had been friends ever since you were little and grew up living next to each other. However, since you now lived in London you always made sure to come and see each other as often as possible. You were 20 now so a few years older than Anna but you treated her like a sister and she replicated the feeling to you.
“Hiyaaaaa!” She replies, giving you a big hug.
“Its so lovely to see you!” You smile and bring your suitcase inside with you.
“Oh I forgot to mention that Conor and Jack are staying too. My parents have gone away so these two decided to come down” She explains, “But don’t worry I don’t think they’ll-”
“Hey (y/n)!” Conor calls, jogging down the stairs.
“Hello” You smile to both him and his younger brother.
Both of them smile back and you can’t help but think that Jack looks cute. You always thought he was. But you just wouldn’t say anything because he was your best friends brother.
“Let’s go take your bag upstairs” Anna cuts in, “I have too much to tell you”
You chuckle and follow her up to her room to sort all of your stuff out.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You and Anna had been sat on her bed chatting for ages now about everything the pair of you missed in each others lives whilst you had been away. What was it like living in London? Any fit guys? How was she getting on back here?
There’s a knock at the closed door to her bedroom and Jack soon opens it to stick his head in.
“We’re gonna film in a bit so would you mind filming with us? Both of you?” He asks.
“I don’t kn-” Anna starts to hesitate.
“Yeah sure, we’d love to” You pipe up before she can say anything more.
“Great, but pizza first?”
“Perfect” Anna smiles, closing the door behind him, “Well there’s something I never knew”
“What?” You frown innocently.
“Oh I don’t know, maybe your crush on my brother?” She raises her eyebrows.
“Shut up” You roll your eyes, “I’m just being polite”
“Yeah yeah sure, polite? I practically felt like the third wheel!” She exclaims.
“Come on, its not like that. Sure, he’s kinda cute but its not a big deal” You shrug.
“Jesus Christ (y/n)!” She laughs
You don’t realise how red you are now and it only fuels her laughter.
“What do you two want-” Conor starts, barging into the room until he realises he’s walked into something strange, “Did I just interrupt something?”
“No no everything’s fine” You shake your head, brushing your hair behind your ear.
“(Y/n) was just telling me something a little surprising” Anna raises her brows, “What did you want Conor?”
“I want to know what’s happening now. Food can wait” He crosses his arms.
“You really don’t need to know!” You exclaim, standing up, “Can we please just go get some food now?”
You barge through the pair of them and go towards the stairs until you hear Conor burst out laughing.
“I hate both of you” You grumble and jog down the stairs.
They follow closely behind you until Jack bumps in to all three of you.
“Right, pizzas ordered but they’re not delivering today so I need to pick it up” Jack explains.
“You two can go” Conor says abruptly.
“Why can’t you just go?” Jack questions, evidently confused.
“Me and Anna are in need of a good old chat” Conor nods, “Brother to sister and all that”
You can feel your cheeks burning as Jack goes to get his wallet and you can hear the two other siblings whispering together.
“Ready?” Jack pipes up, standing at the door now.
“Sure” You nod, swallowing the lump in your throat.
“Have fun you twoooo” Anna chimes from the door that quickly shuts behind the pair of you.
“Weird” Jack mutters under his breath and you can already see his siblings at the window from the corner of your eye.

Missing You

Prompt: Based off of “Missing You” by All Time Low, off of their new album, Future Hearts.

Genre: Angst, song fic.

Trigger Warning: Drug abuse, vague mentions of suicidal thoughts, major character death, curse words.

Word Count: 1,814

A/N: Please stay safe, stop reading/do not read if you think it’ll trigger you. I’m always here if you need to talk. I really tried not to romanticize this and I don’t think that I did, but please let me know if you have a problem with it and I’ll fix it. I have personally dealt with someone who was struggling with drug abuse and it’s scary and hard to understand and it really, really sucks. So, please let me know if I wrote something in a way that offends you.

Summary: In which Dan is struggling with drug abuse and Phil tries to help him.

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Welcome Home by amaranth’s castaways
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Ennis St. George is finally home! She got sent back to England from customs, and then back to America again. >.< I’m glad she made it here safely. So here’s 10 things about Ennis: 1. She is an athlete, and loves pretty much any sport. 2. She drinks far too many energy drinks. 3. She LOVES to travel. 4. She has dual English and American citizenship. 5. She studied abroad in London and lived with her dad, who spoiled her rotten. 6. She is not very close with her older sister, Elliot, but secretly wishes they were. 7. She loves Pokemon and Star Wars, but doesn’t really consider herself a nerd. (She is, but eh, no one will convince her otherwise.) 8. She’s overcome an eating disorder in her teens. 9. She can deadlift 156lbs. (She likes to feel strong.) 10. She is unafraid to try things like skydiving, rock climbing, and free driving.

Sleepover Surprise - Dan

Anon: Y/N and Dan are having a sleepover(with other people too. Phil, Louise etc.) and Dan falls asleep and has a wet dream about Y/N and it he wakes up embarrassed and it leads to smut? Thx~

A/N:(This was originally titled, between someone’s sheet’s. this was more suiting though) I’m sorry if this isn’t the best, I wrote this while I was sick and then i left it for a while and came back to it, so my thought process may not be as good as normal. I hope you guys like it though x

Warning: Smut. 


(Y/F/n) = Your Full name. 

Building by building, street by street, I watched as they all go by with a bag in tow of several items and a pillow clutched to my chest. The cab I am in is taking me to one of my friend’s home, all the way into Brighton. My long time friend from primary school and now You tuber, Zoe Sugg had invited me to stay the night with a few of her friends, see i wasn’t in that world, but time and time again Zoe would try and rope me into it, and I guess I gave in, I never got to see her much these days so i figured why not meet her new friends.  As I stared out the window, the time of Daylight seemed to fade away before my eyes and the sunset was starting to kick into effect, I would have made it to her’s a little earlier, but in all honesty I was terrified and nervous. 

Zoe and I bonded over a common thread, Anxiety. We were both shy individual who didn’t really know how to interact with others and for a class project we were paired together, and ever since then we just gradually became best friends. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I clutched the pillow a little closer for comfort, this should be fine, I’ve heard that they were all lovely people, so why was I acting like this? The window was open slightly, and as we got closer and closer I could smell the breeze of the ocean, it seemed to pure and clean, intoxicating even. I loved the ocean, I would have chosen to live here but my work carried me out into London. 

The taxi eventually pulled up at the address that was given to me. I pulled myself and my things out of the cab and stared at the house sitting in front of me, it was so beautiful, I was so grateful that she turned her life into something special, she deserved it after all. I paid the man who drove me all this way and then slowly made my way up to the front door, feeling more nervous by the step. I knocked on the door a few times and then stood there silently, I could hear laughing and giggling going on from the inside, so I knew that some people were already here. A man opened the door, someone I had never seen before, but he didn’t look half bad. He had such a bright smile on his face as he looked at me. 

“Hi, You must be (Y/n), I’m Alfie” 

Alfie! Okay so this was Zoe’s boyfriend. She had mentioned him a few times over the phone, but I had never actually met him until now. She definitely had good taste, he certainly seemed like the gentleman and he was pretty cute. I flashed him a wide smile as he welcomed me into the house. He directed me into the living room where I instantly spotted Zoe, our eyes met and both of us instantly screamed, running towards each other so we can pull each other into a hug. We welcomed the embrace for a while and then pulled back, both of us with the biggest smiles just planted. 

“Honey you’re actually here!” 

“I am! I haven’t seen you in so long Zo, I couldn’t pass this up, I even took time off work” 

“Oh yay! now come, I have some people you need to meet!” 

Zoe took me by the hand and pulled me along behind her, as we walked through her house, I couldn’t help but remember her doing this in High school, she was constantly pulling me about just so we would get to classes on time, it became something we just did for fun after a while, so this memory I was reliving was well and truly warming my heart. We turned the corner into her living room but when I noticed who was standing in the back of the room, my heart pretty much forgot how to beat. 

His eyes turned in my direction and then practically screamed at me, don’t worry though, because I was giving him the exact same look. I looked at Zoe and gave her a confident smile, acting like I knew no one in the room, but inside i was living a lie right now. She pulled on my hand along, getting me to follow her, but when we started walking in their direction, I was pretty much internally screaming for her to turn back. 

“(Y/n), This is Dan and Phil” 

“Hi (Y/n), like she said, I’m Phil. It’s very nice to meet you, we have heard so many stories about the legend that is (Y/n)” 

I looked at Zoe and she laughed nervously, she folded her arms and directed her attention to Dan who was just staring at me. 

“Dan, are you okay?” 

“You said your name was (Y/n), as in (Y/F/n)?” 

I nervously rubbed my arm and looked down at my feet, giving a slight nod I didn’t really know how to act around him anymore, My past with Dan was not really a positive one. See Dan and I met at a drama camp in our senior year. We both got paired together in some sort of buddy system, even though we were 18, the venue still insisted on it. Things were okay between us, in fact we both spent a lot of time together since we didn’t really know anyone else, but after a while he got weird and started avoiding me, to this day I don’t know why but I just, I was abandoned by him after a while and for the rest of camp i was left alone. How was this the same guy? I always told Zoe about this guy back then but maybe she just hasn’t put the pieces together. 

“Wow, How have you been, I haven’t seen you sinc-” 

“Since Camp. Yeah. Zo, is there anything I can drink?” 

“Oh yeah absolutely, the kitchen is just through the door and at the end of the room” 

I turned on my heel and decided to leave, I must have still been bitter about it. I don’t know why though, that was a few years ago now. As I walked away I could hear Zoe talking to the both of them, the voices sounding faint, but clear. 

“what was that about Dan?” 

“I don’t know. Her and I went to drama camp together, I thought we had a pretty good time back then” 

“Oh dear, I’ll be right back” 

I walked into the kitchen, only to be followed in by Zoe soon after. I took a glass from one of the cupboards and turned on the tap for some water, pretty much guzzling it all in one go. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, i guess it was just that I needed some closure to the situation. Zoe gave me a look as if to ask if I was okay, but I didn’t know if I was honestly. 

“You went to camp with Dan Howell?” 

“Howell? No? In fact he said his last name was. Oh I can’t remember now, It started with an L though..”  

Zoe screwed her face up a little and then told me to wait here, clearly there was something missing in my story, something she knew more than i did, but it was whatever, I didn’t want to dive in to it. I opened up her back door and quietly let myself out, the air was starting to chill as the night took over and as I looked around, she had little fairy lights mingled between the trees, She was always one to dazzle up even the simple things. I noticed Alfie talking to a few other people towards the back and so I just allowed myself to sit quietly on the balcony, I crossed my legs and took in the atmosphere. 

I started to think about camp and how much fun I had at the beginning. Dan was quite sweet and funny back then but when he started to leave me behind, I don’t know what happened, but I just felt like something was missing afterwards. My thoughts were snatched from me when I heard the door behind me open and close, with someone coming to sit next to me soon after. I looked over to my right and noticed Dan’s friend, Phil? i think that was his name, He was wearing a blue button up shirt with black framed glasses to match his skinny jeans, He extended out a hand and I smiled, shaking it in return. 

“So you’re (Y/n)! I’ve heard so much about you, it really is so nice to finally meet.” 

“everybody seems to know so much about me already, I bet Zoe’s revealed all my embarrassing stories by the sound of it” 

“Not everything I’ve heard from Zoe” 

I looked at him a little curiously, I knew no one else at this gathering, apart from Dan anyway, but why would he talk about me? I turned my face away from Phil and looked at the people talking in the backyard, everything felt so warm and lively, like everyone got along here, it made me feel quite welcomed to be in such a place. 

“You know, Dan remembers you quite well” 

I shook my head in confusion and looked back at Phil as if he were crazy, He must be thinking of someone else. 

“I think you’ll find that’s not accurate” 

“No really, If you lived with him you would hear about the stories about this girl he could never get out of his mind. You are quite the legend in his Camp stories.” 

“Can you explain?” 

“Okay, so you two both went to the same camp years ago, correct?” 

“Well, yeah?” 

“He used to talk to me about this girl called (Y/n). For him it was a moment of crush at first sight. He remembers seeing you get off the bus with your bags in tow, he said that the way your eyes lit up against the sun was something he hadn’t seen in others, it was like you were something else” 

“He used to say that?” 

Phil just smiles and nods at me before carrying on. 

“Anyway. I’ve heard the story that many times that I’ll tell it to you. you were all together for the first meeting where you were split up into buddy partners, Dan sat there thinking about how great it would be to have you as a buddy, and by some strike of luck you two were placed together. You walked up to him and shook his hand, he said you had the most beautiful smile, it was so warm and welcoming, and he wasn’t actually wrong about that” 

I blushed at that response, I was learning so much that I had never known from a different perspective, and it really just made me want to know more so I nodded for Phil to go on. 

“Because of the buddy system, you both had to spend a lot of time together, which wasn’t a problem for Dan, because he thought you were such a wonderful person, but he realised something one night. You were sitting on the lakes dock by yourself one evening, you looked troubled, like something was wrong, so Dan approached you. He tried to walk quietly, but when one of the board creaked, you turned around and smiled at him, which made him feel warm inside. Something happened, I don’t remember what, but then he decided to join you and as such, he took a seat. you both sat there for hours and talked into the night. Dan realised that night that he didn’t just have a crush on you, but that he genuinely liked you, but being the idiot he was, he didn’t know what to do about it, so after that day he slowly started to separate himself from you because he didn’t know how to deal with his feelings, and once camp ended and he saw you leaving without even saying a goodbye, he knew he had screwed up. You both had so much in common together and to this day he says he never felt anything for anyone like he had with you” 

Just as Phil stopped talking, the glass door behind up opened, and Dan appeared, now standing before us. He looked a little confused at the concept of me and Phil talking, but all I could focus on was the information that Phil had just given me. He, liked me? so he didn’t leave me because he was an asshole? Had I misjudged him all these years? but why didn’t he say something? 

I got up from the balcony floor and thanked Phil for the talk before walking past Dan to get inside, my head was full and I needed Zoe to talk to about this, she would know what to do.  I walked in and noticed her talking to this woman with blonde hair, she looked like a rather nice person. I subtly, yet quickly walked over to Zoe, looking a little distressed, she looked over and saw how I looked before motioning me over. I walked up to her and this woman and Zoe smiled. 

“(Y/n) This is Louise. She is one of my closest friends here in the YouTube community” 

I smiled and waved to her, but instead she had other ideas and pulled me over into a hug, it was quite overwhelming, but I felt loved at the same time.

“Well hello Love, I have heard so much about you!” 

“You would not believe how much I’ve heard that today” 

I looked over at Zoe, she had such a wide smile planted on her face, I didn’t want to wipe it off, but I really needed to let go of this information. 

“Zo, Can I talk to you?” 

“Oh, yeah sure. Let’s go to my bedroom” 

I looked over at Louise and Smiled, She was a friend of Zoe’s, so I felt like I could trust her too. I took her hand and nodded that she come with us, and she did so quite happily. we walked up the stairs, towards Zoe’s bedroom and then the three of us took a place on her bed. both girls looked at me, waiting eagerly for me to go on, so I felt like I shouldn’t go back. 

“I found out why Dan was the way he was at camp?” 

“Wait, you went to camp with Dan Howell?” 

I nodded towards Louise, and as I thought about the story that Phil had told me, I began to blush, turning my cheeks into a tinted red colour. 

“Phil told me what happened. He said that Dan wasn’t an asshole. He just really liked me and didn’t know how to deal with it”

“Wait! you’re (Y/F/n)!” 

I turned my head over towards Louise again, this time looking a little confused, I thought we had been over this information. 

“I know about you! Dan talks about you more often than not” 

Jesus, how much did this guy actually like me, because holy Damn. everyone seems to know me one way or another. Zoe looked over at me and smiled, I had a feeling that she knew about this the whole time, maybe that’s why she was constantly defending him? Who knew, but that didn’t matter right now, the problem was how do I deal with this information. 

“So how do you feel about Dan (Y/n)?” 

I sat on the bed, with my legs crossed as I thought about this. Back at camp I liked Dan, there was no denying that. i just didn’t really know how I felt now. all this time I thought he was a jerk, but I was clearly so very wrong. I looked up at the both of them and shrugged, because I didn’t really know.

“I guess I need to figure that out for myself now don’t i” 

The three of us stayed up there for a little while longer and just chatted, it was more so just me getting to know Louise, she was such a beautiful soul, Zoe was lucky to have someone like her in her life and now I was just as lucky, at least if anything, today I had made a knew friend that I had the potential to be close with. Once we finished talking, we all walked downstairs and saw everyone had moved outside, There was music playing rather loudly, and everyone was having a great time. I looked at Zoe and smiled before heading out there. 

I opened the glass door and walked out to see everyone dancing and having a great time. I waited for the other two girls to make their way out before closing the door behind them, but the cool air was beginning to feel crisp, it was quite refreshing. I stepped onto the balcony and Grabbed a beer from the cooler, if everyone else was drinking tonight, then why shouldn’t I, it wasn’t like I was driving or anything. I opened the bottle and the leaned over the edge of the balcony as I watched everyone having a good time. The song “Dance with me tonight” By Olly Murs started to play, lifting up the spirits and giving the whole atmosphere such a pleasant vibe, I started to sing along quietly to the song without even realizing it, but after a while i began to get carried away with it. I took Zoe by the hand and spun her around, where we began dancing on the balcony. My singing started to get so loud that people started to stop and watch me and Zoe just dancing and carrying on, I would have cared, but I was here to have a good time, so what the hell, With the beer bottle mic in my hand, I was virtually unstoppable. 

When the Song finished, everyone started to cheer and clap for us, I looked at Zoe a little embarrassed, but we hugged it out and just began to laugh uncontrollably. I extended my arm out to her and waited for her to loop hers through so we could walk down the stairs to everyone else. when we reached the crowd of people, the next song began to play and all I really wanted to do was dance, but I was starting to feel rather warm, so before I walked into the mass amount of people, I took off my jacket and threw it to the side. As i start to Dance my way in, a hand grabs mine and spins me around, at this point in time i don’t really care who it is, but when my face reaches his, my heart began to do double time with such force. He almost looks embarrassed that he did it, but I decide to help him out and Dance with him. Our eyes are pretty much glued together as his hands wrap around my waist. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to let myself be consumed by him, maybe it was those gorgeous, brown eyes, or his beautiful smile, or maybe it was just that I knew the whole story now, I don’t know, but when we danced together it was like I was having the time of my life. 

I looked over at Zoe who was now Dancing with Alfie, they really were so cute together, but when she caught a glimpse of who I was dancing with, she raised her eyebrow towards me, but I decided to shrug it off and just have fun. I take my attention back to him and smile, but something about him seemed like he wanted to be serious with me, and then all of a sudden he took my hand and started to drag me away from everyone else. 

We quickly dashed up the stairs and into the house, away from everyone else so that we could talk freely. He leads me up to one of the spare rooms upstairs and closes the door behind me before pacing back and forth, over and over again, before finally he decides to say something. 

“I’m sorry” 


“I know what you must think of me” 

“Well that depends” 

He looks at me, I think he think’s I’m being smug, but after I heard everything earlier, my perspective has changed.

“I’m sorry that we stopped talking. I just. I never thought I was going to see you again, so I made my peace with being such an asshole. But seeing you tonight, I just, I need to make things right, you need to know the truth” 

I walked over to the bed and sat down on it, slowly folding my arms in the process. 

“I stopped talking to you at camp those years ago, I left you alone. but not for the reasons you think, the reason was because.. Well, I liked you. A lot actually, and Not having those feelings before kind of spooked me and had me running for the hills. I didn’t know how to tell you and so instead I just left you in the dark, but seeing the way you looked at me when you were leaving. I’d never realised something so much, and that was that I liked you more than I thought, but I never got your number so i felt like I missed out.” 

So the story checks out, Phil or Louise weren’t lying, but why is he telling me this now. Does he still feel this way about me? he can’t possibly, that was years ago now, he probably has someone else in his life. 

“So why are you telling me all this now?” 

“I, I don’t know really, I’ve seen you and all I feel is guilt for letting you possibly have a negative perspective of me, because the way you looked at me when you first got here didn’t exactly scream enthusiasm.” 

“So this is to make you feel better?” 

“What, no! I just, I would like your forgiveness. because I would really like to know you again, because what I remember of you was amazing” 

i sat there and watched as he stared at me, his eyes looked said, begging for something more. he was really serious about asking for my forgiveness, but was it really that simple to give it to him? I got up from the bed and extended my arms out before pulling him into a hug, what could I say, I was the type of person who couldn’t remain mad at someone. 

“You have my forgiveness, Dan” 

He pulled back and smiled, thanking me in return. I opened the door, and soon after , the both of us walked out and made our way back down stairs into the living room, as much as I had fun outside with everyone, Dan wanted to talk and catch up, and that seemed like something I should do in order to understand and move on. We talked for hours on our own with people coming and going from the conversation, we laughed, we talked about some pretty serious stuff, but then he asked that one question most people didn’t really know how to answer. 

“So how’s life been for you? What are you doing now?” 

I sighed. I wasn’t big and successful like he was, so the concept of telling him about my boring life seemed a bit boring compared to stories he told me about what he does and with those thoughts, my chest began to restrict,and my breathing became sharp. My anxiety was starting to kick in. 

“Well, I don’t do anything to intense, I teach children, I work at a cafe on weekends and then in my spare time I pretty much curl up to my dog, It’s not an ultimately satisfying life, but it’s mine” 

“So no boyfriend or anything? you’re just alone?” 

“I wouldn’t say I’m alone. I have people in my life, no one of a romantic nature, I haven’t been too lucky in that department over the years, but I have shib to keep me company, so whilst it sounds quite lonely. I don’t think I am for it could be far worse” 

Dan looked at me quite confused. I don’t know why, I thought I’d made everything clear as I could. 


“Oh. Shib is my little Shiba inu, He’s the cutest. Do you want to see?” 

“I would absolutely love to” 

I reached over to my phone that was on the arm rest of the sofa and brought up my pictures, scrolling down until I could find a perfect picture of my little white and ginger love. His tongue was hanging out which made him look like he was smiling, and his wide were opened wide as he sat for me. Every time I thought of him my heart melted over his pure innocence. Dan smirked and laughed over the photo, he even said how much he adored Shiba’s himself, but in all honesty, how could anyone not?as the conversation drew to a close, a yawn out of no where escaped from between my lips, I didn’t know I was so tired. I checked the screen on my phone to notice that it was now 2:30 in the morning, and everyone was still carrying on outside. 

I took some of the pillows on the sofa and rested gently against them. I continued to talk to Dan a little while more, at least as long as I could keep my eyes open, but alas the dreamland wanted steal me away into the night. 

“(Y/n). Oh (Y/n). You feel so good” 

The sounds of words started to form as I arrived back to conscious mind. Slowly I began to open my eyes, at first everything was dark, blurry. but when I looked around the room, I noticed the floor had about 4 or 5 people sleeping there. 

“Oh, you want it harder do you? How’s th-” 

My eyes opened wide and in an instant I turned to the left where I saw Dan, lying on the other side of the sofa, asleep. But even though he was asleep, he was talking? What was he even dreaming about?? And then with a soft, grunty groan I heard something I was least expecting. 

“Oh (Y/n)” 

I was so taken aback by what I just heard, Dan was dreaming. Dan was dreaming about me. Dan was dreaming about me and him having sex. Dan wanted to have sex with me? I mean. Sex with Dan, Just thinking about it left a shiver down my spine, but is this really what he thought about in private? He softly groaned again and so I quickly poked him so that he wouldn’t wake anybody else up. At first Dan stirred a little, but remained quite asleep. I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder before trying to gently shake him awake. I knew he would be a little embarrassed by this, but he needed to know.. As I shook him, he snapped out of his sleeping state and looked at me quite groggily.

“Oh my god, (Y/n) What the hell are you doing?” 

“I’m sorry, but you were talking in your sleep” 

“What was I talking about?” 

I looked at him, suddenly feeling a heat rise over my cheeks, I don’t know what was coming over me but I was suddenly a little embarrassed myself. Dan rubbed his eyes so that he could see clearer but I was grateful that it was dark so he couldn’t see. 


“Me. You were talking about me” 

I said this is a hushed manner, trying to keep quiet so we didn’t wake the others, but my eyes had adjusted to the dark so when I watched Dan, it looked like his eyes were about to pop out of his head as if he was remembering was he was dreaming about. 

“I. Uh..” 

with that Dan removed the blanket that was over himself and got up, tip-toeing through the crowd of sleeping bodies until he reached the back door, where he opened it and stepped out. I didn’t know what to do. Should I get up and approach him? Should I just let him figure things out for himself? Well I couldn’t do that. I was too curious about why he was dreaming about me, I needed to know why he saw me that way. Quietly I remove my blanket and tip toe through the people just like Dan did, I almost tripped over and landed on Phil, but I was quick to avoid him completely, thank god. I would have felt so bad. 

Carefully I reach the back door and see Dan running his hands through his hair as he leans against the balcony fence. He’s frustrated, that much I can tell. I quietly open the door and step out, closing it back up behind me, and as I turn around I can hear Dan sighing in front of me, his body never moving.

“Why did you follow me?”

“I needed to know if you were okay” 

“I’m not okay. Not in the least” 

I stood there awkwardly, holding one of my arms with my hand, I didn’t really know what to say or do in a position like this, but I figured i would wing it and see what happens. 


“(Y/n). I’m sorry” 

“you’re sorry?” 

“I was having an inappropriate dream about you, that much you probably know. I just. I don’t know” 

I took a step forward and placed my hand on his back, but with the warm sensation of his shirt, Dan turned around to look at me. His brown eyes were so dark, partially to the night, but there was something in them. His cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, and his hair was slightly disheveled from running his hands through it. He looked imperfect, but perfect all at the same time. I took time to study his features, his cheeks, his skin, his chapped lips and his chin, everything was just so. Nice, enhanced since I had last saw him years ago, where he was a child back then, but clearly he was a man now. 

Dan’s thumb traced over my chin as he looked into my eyes, it’s like we were having a moment unlike any other we had shared before, and I didn’t want to do anything to screw it up, but I needed him to be honest, not only with me, but himself as well. 

“Tell me how you feel” 

Dan just stared at me peacefully before sighing. His thumb retracted from my chin and he turned back around to his original post. 

“I don’t know what I feel (Y/n)” 

“Sure you do. You shut me out once before, don’t do it again, please” 

“I. I feel confused. Those feelings I had for you back then I thought was a silly crush, I figured if i stayed away from you, my feelings would go away, but after Camp they only grew into something stronger, but because I was an idiot. I couldn’t get in touch with you, so I buried everything on the assumption I would never see you again. I told my stories to people about how I met this amazing girl, but I had no idea that you were the same (Y/n) that Zoe had been talking about these past few years. And now that you’re here in front of me, I just..” 

“You just?” 

He didn’t say anything after that, but instead he turned around and swooped me up in his arms, quickly taking his lips to mine. It was warm, soft, slow but had this desire and hunger behind it. as he pulled away he grazed his teeth against my bottom lip, causing me to sigh as he let go. I never knew I needed him until that moment, it was like I had been missing out on this one thing my whole life, and that now it was in front of me, i just couldn’t put it down. Dan took his arms away from me and blushed once more.

“I. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have” 

“Shut up for a second” 

I pressed my index finger against his lips, getting him to stop his words. I thought it over as to what i was doing, if it was stupid or not, but a feeling as good as this can’t feel bad right? My heart was racing, something I had felt so much in recent years, but not from anxiety. This time adrenaline was rushing through my body and with an impulsive decision I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I placed my hands on Dan’s waist and pulled him in before taking my lips back to his. Dan instantly wrapped his arms around my body once more and pulled me in, deepening the kiss and we were brought closer to each other. Dan’s lips opened up briefly, but in that time I met my tongue along with his, gliding and Dancing against each other as if it were a natural occurrence, like we had done it time and time again. He softly groaned into the kiss as I felt the bulge in his pants pressing up against me, I smiled into it, feeling nothing but satisfaction, but just as I was getting used to the feeling of his lips, they started to travel down my neck. 

With every press against the delicate skin, the cool air left a tingle as he pulled away, one after the other. Was this really happening? Normally I was someone who thought with a clear mind but I felt for once in my life I should do something without thought purely because it felt right. My hands dragged themselves upwards until they caught and tangled in the curls of his bed hair, so soft with a scent like coconut, so sweet. With every kiss he traced lower and lower, sucking slightly along the skin, I moaned lightly as his hands gripped my hips, clearly he was getting as much enjoyment out of this as I was. He pulls back as he reaches the collar of my shirt and then looks at me with confusion. 

“Uhm. what are we doing?” 

“What do you mean Dan?” 

“Well, this isn’t the best place to do, this? now is it?” 

I thought about it for a little bit. Maybe there was a way that we could work around it. Downstairs was a bathroom for everyone to use, and everyone was asleep, not waking up for hours. And Zoe said to treat this like home, although I can guarantee this isn’t what she was thinking as she said that. But oh well. I smirked and Looked at Dan before taking his hand. I brought my index finger to my lips as to tell him to keep quiet and then I opened up the back door, walking quietly through the house with Dan in tow until we reached the bathroom on the other side of the house.I opened the bathroom door and raised my eyebrow towards Dan and like  a light bulb lit up over his head, a mischievous grin washed over his face. 


“why not”

I winked at him as he said this. Dan shrugged and then walked into the bathroom, pulling me in along with him, pushing me against the wall as he closed the door behind us. The smiles on his face disappeared for a minute as he looked at me, his hands resting comfortably back against my waist.

“Are we really going to do this?” 

“Do you want to?” 

“Is that a trick question?” 

He smirked once more as he began giggling to himself, I looked at Dan confused, not really knowing what was going on with him. He brushed my hair past my ear and then brought his lips towards it where he whispered the set of words in the sexiest tone that just made me want to scream “Take me now”. 

“But the real question here is, how good are you at keeping quiet” 

I practically melted in a puddle of sexy hormones at that point. I bit my lip and looked up at him, My hands wrapped around him, pulling that bulge towards me where I whispered back, 

“Well I guess you and I will have to find that out together, won’t we?” 

In no time at all did Dan hesitate after that. His hands wrapped behind my legs and scooped me up as he told me to jump. with my legs now wrapped around him, he walks us over to the sink bench where he rests me gently. We glance at each other for a brief moment in complete silence, just soaking each other in before going right back to what we started outside. Our lips are smashed together in a heat of passion, his hands are scrambling to take off my clothing, just as mine are aching to take off his. I unbuckle his belt as his lips trace down my neck again, causing me to groan louder than I would have hoped.

“You’re not going to be very good at this it seems” 

“How can you possibly expect me to stay quiet when every sensation you give me feels so good” 

He smirked as he lifted up my shirt, pulling it over my head until it’s between his hands. Dan wraps the shirt around my body, pulling me in closer to him before tossing it over onto the floor. I start to feel a little strange in this moment, I’m sitting in front of Dan in shorts and a bra, and not one of my sexier ones either, but I don’t think he even really seemed to care. He takes time to study my chest, my arms, my stomach, the skin on my body that glows against the bland bathroom lighting, he looks calm, but happy at the same time which is leaving me with a sign of relief. I smirk and look down, taking my left hand to my right bra strap where I begin to pull it down, doing the same with the left straight after. Dan stand there and watches me carefully as I do this, that is until i go to take off the clasps from behind me. Dan places his hands on my shoulders and gently kisses my cheek as he whispers along my ear again. 

“Let me” 

I bite my lip and begin to feel flushed like before, except this time Dan can actually see it. He smirks and goes to move in, but I stop him with my hands. I run them down to towards the hem of his shirt and gently begin to pull up on it, getting him to help me to take it off. He raises his arms and in one swift motion his shirt was on the floor right next to mine. The first thing I notice in that moment is Dan’s skin, it was so pale, so fragile that that it looked delicate to the touch, but it only made me feel warm with desire. 

He wraps his arms around and grabs each side of the bra with his fingers, Dan finds himself to be in  a bit of an awkward position, so he leans in, leaving his exposed neck right next to my lips, so I decide to take advantage of the moment. I wrap one of my hands around the opposite side of his neck, and the other around his waist. His skin feels so warm in this moment, it felt so right. I move my lips over to the exposed part of his skin and begin to lightly kiss and graze the skin with my teeth, making sure not to hurt him. As he fiddled around with the clasps that he was clearly having trouble with, he groaned softly into my ear.

“You’re making it so hard to concentrate” 

I smiled and lowered the hand that was on his waist until I was rubbing the member along in his pants, causing him to hitch in his breath. 

“oh I must be making it very hard” 

I smirked as I continued to lay kisses on his neck in between the hot breath that was making the hairs stand on edge. Dan fiddled about for a little longer and then finally managed to unhinge the clasps, throwing my bra down to the ground with force. His hands took no time at all to cup my breasts, pushing them up into my chest, i pushed him back so our eyes to meet, and then once again I took his lips into mine. Dan’s fingers started to play around until both of my nipples were held between his thumbs and index fingers, ready to be pinched and played with. With delicacy he squeezed and rolled them around, causing my breath to hitch with my back aching slightly, causing me to push myself against him. The sensitivity in that area seems to be at an all new high tonight, but it was leaving me with a burning feeling on my skin, something I hadn’t felt in a while. 

We remain like this for a while, making out topless, his pants unbuckled and unbuttoned with a hard on just bursting at the seems, pushing up against my crotch as my legs tighten the grip around him. I started to feel so hot that I could feel myself start to sweat, Between the hot and heavy session, he pushes my head over slightly so he can go back to my neck, leaving me with the very open view of the shower just calling our name in the corner. I smirked and sighed as he licked along the sweet spot in my neck, as much as I wanted this to go on forever, I wanted more, and I wanted it now. I uncross my legs and push Dan back enough that I can hop down from the sink, he looks at me confused as I stand there, topless, being untouched, but I slowly and subtly make my way over to that corner, glancing between the shower and Dan. 

“Oh Daniel” 

I called this out to him in a hushed, but pleading tone, as if I were begging him to indulge in the idea, not that it took much convincing. He nodded readily and moved over towards me, but before I let him touch me again, I opened up the shower door and turn on the tap. To give it some time to warm up, I place a hand on Dan’s chest and push him back against the sink before returning to my place, he almost looks disappointed, but not before I turn around and slowly bend over, whilst slowly, and I mean so painfully slow that it was teasing him, pulling down my shorts to expose my throbbing core. as my shorts reach my ankles, I kick them over to the side and bend over again, taking my fingers to my heat and rubbing it over and over. I looked over to Dan who has become so enchanted by what I was doing that he didn’t even realise that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and began stroking himself. I bit my lip and start to stand back up, but I was quickly halted. 

“Stop. Keep going. Oh Please keep going” 

I smiled and slowly bent back down, sexily wiggling a little as I lowered myself, I placed my fingers back where they were and rubbed, feeling the wetness slide between my legs as I pleasured myself. I began to groan, trying to keep it as quiet as possible, but it was getting so hard to keep myself that way, but all of a sudden, there was a hand over my mouth and the feeling of something hard and flesh-like sliding deep inside me. I gasped into his mouth as he started to fuck me from behind, but it honestly felt so good. As he pushed himself in and out, each thrust was deeper than the last, giving me such sweet pleasure unlike any other I had experienced before. I moaned into his mouth as he was trying to keep me quiet, but it really wasn’t working. I guess it was a good thing we were at the other side of the house. 

I could feel something developing in my stomach, The tension was starting to build and I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to stand it, this was the best sex I had ever had, but I didn’t want it to end just yet. Dan then pulls out of me and opens the door for me to get into the shower, I hadn’t noticed because of the distraction, but the room was now filled with steam and it just made everything so much hotter. Dan kicks off his jeans and then steps in behind me, holding his cock in his hand, stroking it over slowly to keep it hard, I couldn’t help but just watch him do it either. The water was hot and rushing over our bodies, both of us with a smirk on our faces, But I knew what could really get him going. I dropped to my knees and without hesitation, I took him into my mouth. Dan gasped as I began to suck on him, twirling my tongue around the sensitive tip, over and over. I could feel him throbbing which only caused me to smile as I did such unspeakable things to him. He moved back so that he was leaning against a wall and looked down. I looked up at him as I slowly pulled his long, hard, member out of my member and smiled, but he had other things in mind. 

“I love when you do that” 

“Oh really now?” 

“can I try something?” 

I raised my eyebrow as I looked up at him, I was a little bit skeptical about this, but something inside me told me to trust him, so I would. I nodded slowly and soon after Dan began to bunch up my hair together so that it was in a pony tail. 

“On your knees” 

I did as he said this, causing me to be face to face with his cock. He looked down and smiled as I lick the the tip before opening my mouth, i knew what was coming, and yet I relished the thought of it. He forces himself in my mouth and begins to just thrust as his own desire which causes me to deep throat him. Over time it begins to take its toll on me and I begin to choke, not in a bad way, but he enjoyed the sound of it, but he pulled out soon after, panting as he tried to breathe. 

“I was close. But I’m not ready to finish just yet” 

“Well that’s good, because I’m not ready to finish just yet either” 

He smirks and extends his hand to help me up, and I take it without a thought, His arms slip around my naked body and he just takes him time to inspect everything that’s in front of him. I bring my lips towards his and begin just softly kissing him, nothing in a sexual matter, but something sweet, soft, nice. and he returned each one with as much innocence as i delivered, but like the animals we were, it didn’t last too long. He begins to squeeze and pull me in closer to him, getting hungrier with each kiss until neither of us can’t take it much longer.

He then grabs me and turns me around so that I’m facing away from him, my back against his stomach. the back of his hand slowly begins to drag up the skin up my waist which leaves a tingle down my spine as he heavily breathe’s along my neck at the same time. His right arm wraps around just underneath my breasts, it was an odd feeling, but one I could get used to, he then lightly bites my earlobe and whispers to me,

“Lift you’re left leg for me” 

I did as he said, resting my foot up on the wall, I wasn’t that great at keeping my balance but it turned out that’s not even what I needed. Dan take’s his spare hand and guides his member into my my wet and throbbing core. Once again I gasped as he did this, It was larger than the average man, that much I could tell you. He takes his spare hand and cups underneath my left thigh and then begins to slowly thrust himself in an out, grunting into my ear with every thrust, if it was possible, i was definitely feeling hornier than before. When he get’s a good rhythm going, Dan begins to pick up the pace, thrusting deeper and deeper each time. I moaned his Name, causing it to echo through the room, I just couldn’t help how great this feeling inside of me was. Dan scrambled to place a hand over my mouth as each shot of penetration made me wanna groan louder than before, but with him constantly grunting, and breathing in my ear, it was so hard not to get wrapped up in it. 

The feeling in the bottom of my stomach begins to well up, stirring like a tornado, reaching its peak. Dan grunted into my ear “I’m getting close” but i couldn’t say anything back because he had my lips sealed. Harder and herder, faster and faster he pushed himself in, I could feel myself getting so close to climax that I just wanted to scream. But I didn’t. I pulled his hand away from my mouth and turned my face towards him, sinking my lips into his as the moment just takes us away. The water is still flowing over our bare bodies, and the steam makes it hard to see, but we didn’t need that anyway because our sense of touch was electrified in sweet ecstasy. 

“I don’t think I can hold it in much longer Dan” 

“Then don’t. Give yourself to me, let me make you feel good” 

I was at my peak, trying so desperately to hold it in, but I just couldn’t hold it any longer. As I started to let go, I moaned into Dan’s mouth as I climaxed, I started to even feel weak at the knees, but Dan kept going, not for very much longer until He came right inside of me. As he pulled himself out, he gently lowered my leg and then made sure i was stable on my own two feet. the two of us were a hot, wet, panting mess but when we looked at each other, you could see the contentment in our eyes. Dan turns me back around so i’m facing him and pulls me in close. I rest my head against his chest and close my eyes as the water just continues to flow. We remain like that for a while where I’m just listening to his accelerated heart beat. His hands start to drag slowly up and down my back with a sigh following afterwards. I pulled back and looked at him a little confused, was something not right?

“Are you okay Dan?” 

He looks down at me with a small smile on his face and moves part of my hair away from my face. 

“I’m more than okay. I just feel like we shouldn’t have done this. Not yet anyway, I would have liked to have taken you on a date, or something at least. I really like you (Y/n). I always have, and I think I always will, but someone likes you deserves something more than this, as nice as it is.” 

I smiled and placed my index finger over his lips again, it was my turn to talk again. 

“Dan, I’ve always been a person that thought about every decision I’ve made, so the fact that you and I did this without any thought. It was probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I don’t need romance and dates. I just need someone who is going to make me a better version of myself, and I found that tonight in you.” 

He brought himself towards my face and kissed my cheek lightly. His hand moved over to the tap and turned off the water, with the both of us climbing out sooner. I looked over to the rack and saw that there was only one towel sitting there so I picked it up and looked at Dan, raising my eyebrow. 


“No, not really, here” 

I threw the towel over towards him as I smiled, beads of water were dripping off my body and all he could do was stand there and watch me with the towel in his hand. He looks at it and smiles before walking over to me. He opens the towel up and invites me to walk over to him, and I do so with a grin on my face. he starts to pat me down gently with the towel, getting the water off me as he watches and stares closely at my frame, I blushed a little as he did this, but I had honestly never felt so close to someone like this, and it made me feel alive. 

When I was dry and clean, I quickly throw my clothes back on, whilst throwing my hair up in a damp bun. I look over at Dan afterwards who now has the towel wrapped around his waist, and I just can’t help but smile. 

“Like what you see?” 

He winks at me as he says this, but it was honestly the truth that I was enjoying myself. I nodded whilst biting my lip as Dan saunter’s towards me. Delicately, Dan placed a kiss on my forehead and then brings his eyes to mine. 

“(Y/n) Can I make it up to you by taking you out to dinner sometime?. I would really love to pick this up as something more”

“Hmm. I’ll have to think about it” 


“Dan, I’m kidding, I would love to. But I should probably sneak back out there before anyone realizes where we are” 

“Oh. Yeah that would probably be a good Idea. Oh and (Y/n)” 


“Thank you” 

I smiled towards him as I closed the door. I don’t know why he was really thanking me, because all in all he made me feel so much better than I had felt in recent time, so if anything it was I who should be thanking him. i walked through the house quietly until I reached the living room where everyone still appeared to be sleeping. I began to tip toe through the crowd once more until I plopped myself back onto the sofa. Quietly I arranged some of the pillows and threw my blanket back over me, laying down so that i at least looked like I was asleep. A few minutes later, I could hear the shuffling of feet which I just assumed to be Dan. He walked through the sleeping people and then found himself on the other side of the L-shaped sofa. I rested my head against the pillow and smiled at him, receiving one in return. Dan takes my hand, holding it in his and the hides it behind the pillows we have. His thumb begins the rub over mine as he rests his head against his own pillow. I could feel a yawn escape my mouth once more, the tired feeling started creeping back in, I looked over to Dan who now had his eyes closed, but he never let go of my hand, it was actually really sweet. Soon after I fell asleep, it didn’t take long, but One thing i knew was that sometimes you find the best things in the most surprising of packages, and in this case that thing was Dan.

anonymous asked:

I want to be close friends with you so much. I've always wanted to live in London, and I'm trying to improve my English and you're the cutest and you are a Harrie and we could talk about our days at the end of the days, you'd tell me about London and you're friends and your crushes. Even we're 2 hours aways, we could still be close friends.

Okay, so, this is one of the cutest messages I’ve ever received. You’re so sweet. Thank you! Christ, I’m smiling like a big idiot right now… You never know what could happen in the future, my lovely. We could turn out to be roommates for all we know. Hell, we could even be neighbours and live on the same street. ;)) xx

bubbly-moonwarrior  asked:

Hey! I know i keep sending endless prompts (sorry) but suddenly i NEED an OQ + Classic Music AU with lots of angst, impossible love and a bit of hope, like a sad beautiful sonata with a soft ending. Could u do it, please?? Waiting is not a problem.

Coming Home

He stood stock still, looking up at the modest brownstone, ignoring the hustle and bustle of London as his fist clenched around the handle of the object that had brought him here. How odd that she lived so very close to him, he observed, a fact which somehow made him want to know her all the more, to hear her story, to make certain she was not only surviving but living in the aftermath of the war.

He’d seen far too many whose eyes were still hollow, whose souls still hid in the deepest recesses of what humanity had been left to them after years of systematic dehumanization. Their faces kept him up at night, played out across his subconscious when sleep finally claimed him, spurred him on in his quest to right at least some of the wrongs dealt them simply because they were born a Jew.

He could only hope she had fared better.

His feet pressed him forward, his fist turning the doorknob to reveal a rather dimly lit foyer with a staircase to the right. He knew she lived in Flat #3, and as he spied but two doors on the ground floor, he assumed that she must live upstairs. So up he went, spotting #3 on his left as soon as he reached the landing, raising his fist to knock, adjusting his Stetson with one hand, holding his precious cargo with the other.

He paused as the plaintively majestic melody of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor floated through the walls, smiling at the knowledge that the Jewish composer’s music could be freely performed not only in England but also in his homeland yet again. His stomach clenched, memories of Nazi atrocities at Bergen-Belsen too vividly tattooed into his memory to ever forget. Of course, things such as that should never be forgotten, not by the victims, the perpetrators, the survivors or the liberators. He’d been the latter, a fate he both blessed and cursed God for granting him as the place and it’s victims had forever branded his soul.

But the woman inside Flat #3–she was a survivor.

Regina Muller, Austrian Citizen, daughter of a Jewish banker, gifted cellist reduced to a number on a list who’d somehow managed to live.

He knocked, swallowing hard as the radio was silenced, clutching the handle in his fist as footfalls approached where he stood. He inhaled sharply as she opened the door, her petite form tugging on his heart, her dark eyes stealing his breath just as surely as they captured his soul She was beautiful, this Fraulein Muller, graced with features that could have been sculpted by Michelangelo himself.

She wore long sleeves, as did every survivor he’d met, even though it was warm enough to open the windows and enjoy the air of late spring.

“May I help you?”  

Her English was perfect, her inflection far more proper than his own.

“Regina Muller?” he questioned, watching her nod in response. “My name is Robin Locksley, and I believe I have recovered something that rightfully belongs to you.”

He extended the cello towards her, hearing her gasp as trembling hands reached towards the battered case. It was a genuine Stradivarius he’d carried with him from Berlin, one whose journey he’d spent time researching until he traced it’s last rightful owner to the flat in front of which he now stood.

She stroked it with reverence, tears filling her eyes before spilling over her cheeks as she knelt down on one knee, tracing the curves as if they were holy, whispering something in German under her breath.

“It was my opa’s,” she breathed, looking up at him. “My grandfather’s. He was…” A sob choked her words as she stood and wiped her cheek.

“A renown cellist,” he stated, smiling as she stared back at him in surprise. “I know. I’ve done extensive research to ensure that this work of art was returned to it’s rightful family.”  

She breathed in and out, her chin trembling as she wordlessly invited him inside. He smiled, his heart expanding as he toted the cello into her flat.

“Can I…can I get you something to drink?” she asked, but he shook his head, reaching out to steady her hands before he could second guess his decision.

“No,” he replied. “I’m not thirsty. But there is something you could do for me, if you would be so kind.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, suspicion mingling with gratitude.

“What do you want, Mr. Locksley?”

Her fear was warranted after what she’d survived, and he smiled to reassure her, gesturing to the instrument he still held as he extended it in her direction.

“Would you play it for me?”

She inhaled sharply, her eyes widening, her jaw falling open.

“I know that you’re also a cellist of renown,” he continued. “One whose career was halted in its beginnings. This cello has been in my keeping for months, but I’m not a musician, Miss Muller. I’m just a former soldier trying to right what little I can in this world.”

He paused to clear his throat, unexpected emotion hitting him out of nowhere.

“If you would play it for me, give it a voice, allow it to sing once more now that it’s been freed from imprisonment, it…it would mean everything to me.”

A hot tear trickled down the side of his face, and she reached out to touch it, wiping it away with her thumb and pressing it to her heart. He inhaled, feeling something pass between them as she accepted the cello from his keeping. She nodded then, opening the case, whispering words of reverence as she touched the instrument and breathed in the mingled scents of wood and disuse.

She carried it to a chair where she sat and placed it between her legs, stroking the neck, touching the strings, tuning it before tightening and resining the bow.

Her fingers began to dance as her bow cast a spell, and the notes of Bach’s Cello Suite #2 in D Minor began to swell from the instrument, taking on a life of their own that enchanted and haunted him in a manner he’d never before experienced. She looked ethereal, not of this world as she and the instrument became one, and he knew somehow that the music was healing parts of her sealed off until this moment, parts she’d locked away no human had been allowed to touch.

The beauty of it was that it was healing him, as well.

He sat on her small sofa, closing his eyes, opening his heart, feeling what it means to come home again, even if that home bore no resemblance to what it had before the world had turned upside down. The music of generations before them crossed over the bridges of time, and he knew her opa was here with her, that she felt his guidance as each note was voiced, as every rhythm was played. And as Bach morphed into Mozart and Rachmaninoff, a bond was formed between them, one that would grow over time into a life built from the ashes, a family born out of grieving, a love that would sustain them both until old age claimed them and the cello was passed down to yet another generation who would ensure that it continued to sing their song.


Title: Professor Maximoff.

Summary: Zelda Ruiz is an 18 year old mexican/american mutant, she can stop and travel through time, when she arrives to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, on her first day she meets Peter Maximoff, the silver haired guy with awesome musical taste who turns out to be her teacher.

Parts: 1/?

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Kitty Pryde |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing |

Notes: At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

PD. I am really sorry if my English kinda sucks, but it’s not my first language.

I would also love to get some feedback, write me if you liked it or if you hated it, please reblog.

I had discovered my mutation after a The Cure concert, it was late, the subway was closed and I had spent all my money in band merch so Nate (my best friend) and I decided to walk home, stupid decision.

A guy with a gun came out of an alley and took our wallets, he got really mad when he realized we had no money so he shoot Nate; long story short, I panicked and somehow managed to stop time, the bullet stopping mid-air, and moved Nate out of the way, two days later I recived a letter from the Xavier’s School.

It took me three weeks to convince my parents that going to the Xavier’s was a good idea, of course they didn’t know about my mutation, and they were really dissappointed, specially my abuela, because I was supposed to start Law School on August, but they ended up being realy supportive.

It was my first day at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, after meeting Professor Xavier, I had Counseling with Professor Kitty, she gave me my class schedule and promised to assign me a room after lunch time.

At the cafeteria I stood in the line and waited patiently, a slice of pizza and a large Pepsi, I managed to find a seat next to the window, I took my Walk Man out of my pocket, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers began to fill my ears while I ate.

Suddenly, my Walk Man disappeared and a guy was siting in front of me, he was wearing my headphones.

He had big brown eyes, silver hair and was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, he looked a couple of years older than me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I shouted as soon as I realized he had took my music away. “Do you usally do this?”.

“Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I like them.” He smiled and I felt my heart beating faster.

“Duh! Who doesn’t?” I rolled my eyes and tried to reach my Walk Man.

“They’re fine, but, have you listened to The Clash? I mean, they’re amazing”

“London Calling is one of my favorite albums” I admitted, he seemed pleased.

“First day at Xavier’s, what’s your name?”

“Zelda Ruiz, and I assume they call you Kleptomaniac”.

“Not even close, Quicksilver.”

I laughed and took a sip of my Pepsi.

“So, Mr. Quicksilver, The Cure.”

“Saw them live last month, my favorite album is Disintegration.”

“You kidding? Mine too! I absolutely love Lullaby, it’s one of my favorite songs.”

“Miss Ruiz, you have a really good musical taste, what about Alice in Chains?”

I was about to answer when the bell rang, lunch time was over and I had to meet up with Counselor Kitty to get my room assignment.

“Can I have my Walk Man back?” I asked him while  picked up my things and packed them in my bag, he handed it to me, there was this bried moment in which his fingers touched mine and it felt like an electric shock.

“See you in class Miss Ruiz.” He smiled and I couldn’t help to smile on my way to the Counselor’s office. I also liked the way he pronounced my last name.

When I arrived to the Counselor’s office, a tall girl, with white bangs was standing next to C. Kitty.

“Zelda, meet your roomie” The Counselor said.

“Hey, my name is Anne” She smiled and gave me a handshake, I noticed she was wearing black leather gloves, she seemed nice.

“Hey, I’m Zelda, but you already know that” I laughed a little.

Anne helped me to carry my things to the room.

“We have 10 minutes before our next class, so, tell me about you.” She said sitting on her bed as I

began to tape a The Cure poster to my side of the wall.

“Well, I’m from Queens, my parents are mexican, they wanted me to be a lawyer but I really want to play music, they were really dissapointed when I enrolled here, specially my abuela, she kind of hates me now.”

“They don’t know about your mutation then?” I shooked my head.

“They believe I won a scolarship here because I’m sort of a Chemistry genious.” We laughed, she helped me to tape a few posters to the wall before the bell rang again.

We rushed to the classroom, it was a blessing sharing classes with her, otherwise, I would have found myself lost in the labrynth of hallways.

“What class do we have next?” I asked her, History with Professor Logan was finishing.

“Music with Maximoff.” She said, I laughed.

“Wait, do we really have Music? I thought this was more like a superhero academy.”

“We have normal school subjects, like History, Math or Music, but we also have special classes depending on our mutations so we can learn how to control them.”

“And how is this Maximoff guy? Please tell me we don’t have to play Ode to Joy in flute because that brings back too many Middle School memories.”

“Absolutely not!” Anne laughed “He’s really funny, he likes rock, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones… that kind of thing.”

“He won me at Pink Floyd.”

We walked to the classroom and sat next to each other, a blonde guy with blue eyes sat in front of her, she introduced him to me, Bobby.

The classroom began to fill with students and I was doodling in my notebook when a familiar voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Class, today we have a new student.” They Quicksilver guy from the cafeteria was standing in front of me. I felt my heart beating faster. “She’s Zelda Ruiz from New York.”

“Um, hi everyone.” I said shyly.

“Well Zelda,  I’m Professor Maximoff.” He smiled and I felt my heart beating so fast I was sure every single person in the room could hear it.

Request: When the time is right

I got a really good idea from a really sweet anon, I hope this is what you had in mind :) Enjoy! xx


Any moment now. I was standing in line for the LA meet and greet section to see Dan Howell and Phil Lester, Two of the most amazing people in the world if you asked me. I know it’s totally cliche and just like every other fan-girl in the room, but they helped me become the person I am today and I was just so excited to meet them. Girls and boys were screaming in all directions and growing impatient, but unlike them, I kept my cool. I was actually pretty silent compared to everyone else, but I came alone and was generally a shy person. But boy oh boy, When those two boys appeared in front of everyone, I swear the screams almost tore the building down, I was amazed that they weren’t deaf from situations like these.

Patiently I awaited my turn to see them, my Tabinof copy firmly gripped to my chest, person by person, came and gone, The line growing shorter and shorter. I didn’t have a problem with being the last in line because it wasn’t like I really had anything else planned today. I looked down at my feet as i took each step, not realizing how short the line actually was. Not thinking I kept walking in front of me until I bumped into someone, knocking myself over. I looked up and there stood Dan Howell, he was quite amused and chuckled to himself, afterwards extending out a hand to help me up. 

“Oh my god, I am so ,so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going and kinda tuned out the world. I’m sorry”

Dan just laughed and gave me a hug. 

“It’s okay, you’re talking to two of the clumsiest people in the earth, so i understand, haha.”

I chuckled and blushed slightly, Embarrassing myself in front of Dan and Phil was not how I planned for this to go, but all I can do at this point is roll with it. I extended out my arm for each of them to shake 

“Let’s start again, Hi, I’m (Y/n), musician, Artist, Complete klutz”

Both of the boys laughed and shook my hand, but Phil pulled me into a hug that was quite warm and loving. I pulled back, had the boys sign my book and then being the last one they saw, I got to talking with them. 

“So (Y/n), how old are you?”Dan asked curiously.

“Oh, I’m only 18, I actually graduate in 3 months”I said with a smile

Dan sorta sat there for a bit thinking so Phil cut in, 

“Well, I know that I’m starving, Would you like to come and grab some food with us (Y/n)? We would love for you to join us, get to know you better. 

At that moment I could hardly contain the smile or the blush that spread across my face. Wow, the two people who I looked up to wanted to get to know ME of all people. I was squealing on the inside but I kept my composure. I nodded and we proceeded to talk to the nearest diner where all three of us learnt things about each other, and by that i pretty much mean them learning things about me. But i was grateful, because you never really develop the opportunity for something like this, and I would love to be friends with these people. 

When we got to the diner, there were already people waiting for us, and when they saw Dan and Phil, they jumped up to greet them, When I saw them though my Jaw practically dropped. Oh my god. Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta, wow. What world have I stepped into. Each of them came up and Hugged the boys and then looked at me, I kept the smile on my face, but I kind of crept back into my shell. Tyler looked at me and asked “And who are you?” in a warm, friendly tone. Dan cut in for me, he could see that I didn’t know how to react

“This is (Y/n), she was at our tour and we decided to invite her to come and eat with us, She’s quite nice, just shy so you’ll have to bare with her”he finished with a chuckled. I got out a “Hi”to both of them and they proceeded to hug me. When we all got acquainted, we sat down in the booth and talked, The boys caught up with each other whilst getting to know me, telling me some of their stories, and anything else we could talk about at the time, It really was quite a blast. 

We were there for hours before realising that it was almost 10pm. Oh dear. I had to get home before my mum kills me. 

“Jeez, I should probably get home, My parents will kill me”

They all understood, especially since I was 18 and still in high school. Before I got up Phil, Tyler and Connor all traded their numbers with mine. I thought that was amazing actually, I never thought I’d make friends with people I watched everyday. Dan offered to walk me outside and wait for a cab with me, and honestly I didn’t refuse, Any time I could get with them I’d take. 

When we got outside Dan stood in front of me and asked for my phone, I gave it to him and he placed his numbers in. He gave me his phone in the process to do the same and then handed the phones back to each other. Dan looked at me for a second and smiled. 

“You know, If you were a little older I would have considered on asking you out, but I know that we’ll be great friends. I mean, If you want to be that is, because even though Phil and I live in London, We could Skype and play online and stuff, but I wouldn’t wanna put any pressure on you”

As he finished my cab arrived so I gave Dan a hug and smiled. 

“Dan I would love to be friends with you and Phil, You’re both wonderful people, and who ever wouldn’t want to be a friend of yours is surely missing out.”

And with that I got into the cab and closed the door, waving goodbye as the taxi drove away. 

I lied there that night, thinking about the day that just happened. I humiliated my self in front of the two people I aspired to be. But then that lead to me making friends with both of them and meeting a couple of the greatest you tubers. I just can’t believe it happened. I practically squealed into my pillow. But I was graduating in 3 months, I need to figure out where I’m going with my life, What I want to do. 


3 Years later and I had finally found my footing in life. I had enough money in the bank to move and well, I decided that I wanted to move to London. Over the years I kept in touch with Dan and Phil, we would Skype, whenever they were over in sunny LA, we would catch up, and I even flew over there for a week almost a year ago now, and while I was there, I decided that this is where I want to be. 

Now the thing is, that I hadn’t actually told them I was moving. Everything was packed, I had all my belongings shipped to my new apartment, and now I was at the airport waiting for my flight. I pulled out my laptop and plugged in my phone for WiFi, then proceeded to load up Skype. I punched in all my details and waited for it to log me in. Christ this was taking forever. When I appeared online I noticed that Phil was online, so I decided to video call him


“Hi Philly!, Where’s Dan because I have some big news!”

“Oh he’s in his room, Let me go grab him”

I sat there waiting when i heard “DAAAAAN” I chuckled to myself. When the boys arrived they both had smiles plastered on their faces, so I smiled back and waved at them.

“Hi boys”

“Come on (Y/n), out with it, What’s this news you have?!”Phil cut in with, Dan however, looked a little confused. 

“(Y/n), aree you at an airport?”

I sat there an paused a bit. Damn it Dan. 

“Uh. Yes. Yes I am. because I’m moving to London! I’m waiting for my flight now. Surprise!”

The boys looked at each other and then look back at me cheering when the speakers at the airport cut in 

“Calling for the 4:15 to London”

“Well That’s my flight, I’ll see you guys soon!”

We said our goodbye’s and then i closed my laptop, bagging it up and walking up to the counter where I handed in my ticket, beginning the new chapter to my life. When I boarded onto the plane, I merely waited for it to take off and then turned my phone on, plugging my headphones in and laying back, just letting the next 14 hours go by. 

When I arrived at London, the first thing I did was grab my bags and then walk outside to hail myself a cab. Until i bought myself a car, the cab system would have to do. When I place all my bags in I politely give the driver the address to Dan and Phil’s apartment, I wanted to see them before I went to my apartment. The drive from the airport took about 20 minutes, traffic and all, but before i knew it I was there. I paid for my fare and exited the taxi with my bags. Stair by stair I climbed, and with luggage it was no easy thing to do. When I reached their door i knocked on it a few times, but there was no movement. I was mentally face-palming myself at that point “You did drop this on them all of a sudden, so they may not be home” I thought, but just to be sure I knocked again, this time though I could hear someone inside. 

“I’m coming” It was Dan. He opened the door and I looked at him with this stupid smile on my face, I pulled him into a hug and then pulled back.

“So, you gonna let me in at all, or do i have to sit here and be cold” I said with a snicker. Dan rolled his eyes and smiled, pushing and holding the door open for me, but not without taking my bags from me first. 

“Dan I can take the bags, It’s no problem”

“nono, you’re the guest, I’ve got it” 

And with that he swooped up my bags and ran upstairs with them. I shook my head and laughed, taking off my coat as i walked inside. I followed Dan into the living room where he and Phil were both watching an Anime, food wars by the look of it, but I wasn’t too sure. Phil leaped from the sofa, almost knocking me over as he pulled me in for one of his soft, loving hugs. He was definitely happy to see me, I’m glad they welcomed me with open arms.

“Sit, you have to tell us why you’re here “

“Damn, jumping straight into it. alright. Well, As you both know I took up art, and Photography as a profession, and I was at a point in my life where I needed something new. When i was here with you guys a year ago, you showed me what my life could be like, and I wanted it, I was so inspired by the London and European lifestyle that i decided to save up and move here, and knowing that two of my best friends in the world were here, that just made it an even tougher situation to pass up, So I made enough money to live a stable life here. I bought an apartment, and I even bought a little studio and gallery.”

They both hugged me and smiled

“Well I’m pretty sure I speak for Dan as well as myself when I say It will be great to have you around”

Everything was falling into place like I wanted, That night we watched some TV, ordered pizza and just enjoyed each others company, really catching up . Later that night I decided to turn in and finally make my way to my new home. I was pretty beat when I got there, so I pretty much just got changed and fell asleep. 

Over the weeks I ordered new pieces of furniture, an actual bed, couches, dining area etc. I painted the walls to fit my colour schemes, well, correction. I had the two 6ft tall boys come over and paint the walls and assemble my furniture, I just helped. But they didn’t mind, after all It was time we got to spend together. One night I was watching Dan do a you now show, And of the thousands of people watching he seemed to pick me out like a needle in a haystack, like damn Daniel. 

“Oh look (Y/n) is joining us tonight, how are you love?”

Love? He had never called me that before. I mean with all the time I had been spending with him lately, I’ve developed a little crush. Oh alright, maybe a little more than that. But I’m probably reading too much in to it you know? reading every little aspect of attention that he throws my way, He’s most likely just being friendly. I shake my head out of my thoughts and type something down. 

“Pizza, cold. House. Dark. Send, Help.”

He read over the comment I made and smiled, chuckling to himself. I stared at him through the screen, Oh his smile was infectious. I never really noticed it before, I mean i looked at him, but I never realized and studied his features. He was simply handsome. As his show continued, I didn’t realize that I had started drawing him in my art pad. I sketched out his features, right down to the two moles that make his dimple look like a little sad face, my it was cute. I started to colour in his Dark eyes, Giving them a warm tone to fit his personality. After a few hours I had finished my little sketch of him, by which time I noticed that Dan finished hours ago. Whoops. I walked over to my little art desk and turned the lamp on, continuing my work. It was embarrassing, but I drew a sketch of Dan and my self holding hands. I coloured it in studied it, The last time i looked at the clock though it was 5am. 

I woke up with my head on the desk. My back felt so uncomfortable, the desk is definitely not a good place to sleep. I stood up and stretched, wiped the drool from my face and tried to wake myself up. I slowly made my way over to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee when the doorbell rang. I rubbed my eyes and opened the door, Seeing Dan standing there in front of me. 

“Uh, Hey? Why are you here so early?”

“(Y/n) it’s 12:30pm”

“Shit, really? Damn, Alright well come in.”

Dan made his way and and looked around the place, He hadn’t seen it since I finished furnishing and sat down on the couch, where my Drawings from last night Sat directly next to it. He looks over and seems to notice that I was working on something, but you know, me not being the sharpest tool in the shed first thing after waking up, it hadn’t really hit the urgency in my mind. 

“Are these new drawings?”

Alarms bells queue. Oh no. No no no no no. I race over and scoop them up before he can see what they are, Putting them away in my room. 

“Oh these? just some drafts i’m working on, nothing I’m really willing to show at this point”

Dan simply nods and waits for me to return. Holy shit that was close.I return and sit down facing him.

“So what brings you by this morning, Well, afternoon now i guess”

“Well I was hoping we could hang out today, play some games, order some pizza or take out of some sort, Phil was busy today and said he would pop by later on and I wanted to come see the place anyway, it looks really nice.”

“Aw, Well thank you, you and Phil did help after all though. So, Mario kart? I’m feeling the most to kick your ass” I say with a wink. 

“Hey, that’s rude and extremely untrue. Let’s do it”

Hours have gone by, and let’s face it. I lost (only because i let him win) but hey it was all in good fun. Dan and i were now sitting on the floor eating pizza and just chatting. As fun as he was, this was not helping for my feelings towards him. I want to say something, But I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him either. I guess it’s a leap of faith moment, but I can’t not take the chance ,who knows, he may feel the same. So here goes nothing. I took a breath and exhaled. 

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah sure, what’s going on”

“I just, I’m. Hmm. I’m not sure, I just-”


“Sorry, I’m just nervous”

Dan at this point just looked confused and I honestly wasn’t doing anything to make it better. Christ. 

“Ok, So the thing is, that I haven’t really had people like you and Phil in my life before, and the thing is that I really like spending all this time with you, your a wonderful and amazing soul, as black as you make it out to be. There’s definitely colour inside. And the thing is, I li- li-li… Hi Phil”

“Hi guys, Sorry about not turning up earlier, I got caught up with some filming”

Dan smiled and cut the silence 

“Well that’s alright, (Y/n) was just about to say something anyway”

I laughed nervously, I mean, I was just about to pour my heart out to the guy i’m falling for, no biggie.

“Oh I w-was just going to say that I really like that I have you b-both in my life”

When the words left my mouth I just got up and hugged them. Inside I was so embarrassed, I mean, I didn’t say anything, but if Phil knew where I was going with it, god. How humiliating, especially since i’m not one to really dump my feelings like that. I felt pretty awkward for the rest of the day after that. I didn’t know how to act around them. but Dan especially. What if he didn’t feel the same and rejected me right in front of Phil. I would have died right then and there. When they left I pretty much just dumped my body into bed and slept the evening away. 

The next few weeks killed me inside. Every time Dan messaged or called me, inviting me over, or going out somewhere with him and Phil or him and whoever, I kept blowing him off a majority of the time, saying I had paintings to finish, photography sessions booked in or always something. “It was just the busy time of year for it” was the excuse I had come to use pretty often, but something was telling me that he wasn’t really buying it. But I just didn’t know how to handle the way i felt around him. I always wanted to tell him, but I was always afraid of the consequence of losing him as a friend. 

I was making breakfast this morning, Pancakes to be exact, I’d been craving them for ages but never really got off my ass to make them. i was cooking and listening to music, having a great time when my phone started to ring. When i gazed over I noticed that it was Phil and so I decided to answer it. 

“Goood morning Philly”

“Well someone’s in a good mood this morning”he said with a chuckle. 

I laughed and continued on “So what’s up?”

“Well We’re going out for dinner with some other You tubers at  Atelier Robuchon tonight, and we were wondering if you would like to join us?”

“Oh wow, yeah i’s absolutely love to”

Phil chuckled into the phone “Well alright, Dan and I will come and get you at 6, okay? OH, and where something nice, It’s a pretty extravagant place, okay byeee”

And with that, Phil hung up. I sat down and ate my breakfast, then quickly jumped into a shower and got changed, grabbing my keys and running out the door. I didn’t have anything nice to where, so I was going to have to go shopping for something to wear. I walked out onto the street and hailed a cab where i was then taken to the closest dress store. 

When I got there I saw all the dresses on racks. I was going to be here for hours. I didn’t even have that much time. So I walked up to the woman at the counter and asked if she could help me. She smiled and lead me towards the dressing rooms where she pretty much took my measurements, threw me in and handed me an abundance of dress of all shapes and colours.

 It reached 2pm and I hadn’t found a single one i’d considered and I was starting to lose hope. That was until she threw over this red dress. I looked at it, and then proceeded to try it on. I looked and studied myself in the mirror. It had a flexible material that caressed my curves, this dress with a crossover sweetheart neckline and gentle pleats at the bust was made to impress. Hell, It even made my boobs stand out. It just looked so nice, even though it was simple. I looked at the price tag and noticed that it was 90 dollars. I weighed it out and I didn’t really have a nice dress, so I went ahead and purchased it, then raced home to get ready. 

6 pm came about quite quickly, I had on the dress with some nice black heels. My hair was curled and sitting perfectly, and my make up. Jesus it took hours, I swear I looked through every make up tutorial on You Tube, but damn I looked good. The door started to knock so I grabbed my purse and opened the door, where both Dan and Phil stood and boy did they look surprised. 

Phil hugged me and said that I looked amazing and Dan commented saying i was beautiful, I looked away to blush and said thank you. I still didn’t know how to act around him. I was starting to get really awkward about it now too. We hopped into the cab and sat and chatted until we reached the restaurant where both boys helped me out of the cab. Phil took my arm and lead me inside, with Dan trailing close behind until we reached our table. Everyone else was already here and there were only 3 seats left available. One spot between Zoe and Louise, and 2 seats available next to each other.I walked over toward Louise and Zoe, but Phil scooted in before I could, leaving me to sit next to Dan. 


We took our seats and sat quietly for a while, just chatting with the people around us. Dan leaned over to me and said “You know (Y/n), you really are beautiful tonight.”

I smiled and blushed a little, looking at him. I gave Dan a hug and we continued to talk for the duration, like everything was normal, like before. Clearly i was being overly dramatic before when I was avoiding him. I over think things a lot, and because of that, it was me that strained the friendship. We ordered our meals, and talked among ourselves and our friends for the rest of the evening. I missed this. 

When we all finished, we paid for the bill and everyone started to go their separate ways, It really was a nice evening. I was about to leave when Dan came over to me. 

“Hey, uh, I was wondering if I could walk you home? I just don’t want you to get hurt or anything”

I smiled and nodded, taking his arm. When we walked outside I noticed it was quite chilly, I never thought to bring a coat. Damn. I shivered a little and Dan took off his coat, wrapping it around my shoulders. Internally I was screaming. I had fallen for him, hard. And I just didn’t know how to handle it anymore. We walked along the street until we reached a beautiful park, graced by trees, illuminated by street lights that exposed the colours of the flowers that would otherwise have been clouded by the night sky. Dan stopped and stood right in front me, looking into my eyes. My cheeks were turning pink, because it was making me nervous because I had no idea what he was doing. 

“Do you remember how we met?”

“Uh, yeah. I pretty much made a fool out of myself by bumping into you and falling over, almost taking you with me. I have never lived that moment down.”

Dan had a grin plastered to his face at this point, slightly chuckling, but kept talking

“Right, Honestly I thought you were a little strange back then, but you were honest and yourself, a true personality I just had to get to know. 

When you moved to London, I can honestly say that next to meeting Phil, I had never experienced such excitement, because I could be closer to you. This amazing, Funny, beautiful woman that I shared so many interests with”

He took his fingers and tucked the stray hairs from my face behind my ear, then once again gazed into my eyes, and I just couldn’t help but stare back. He was beautiful. Dan took a step closer and removed the scarf from around his neck. He placed the scarf around my neck as he kept talking, never letting it go. 

“Lately I’ve found myself thinking about you more and more, the times we share, the moment I met you, I just. I don’t think I can’t let someone so special to my life slip by my fingers if there’s a possibility that I might have a chance with her”

Dan pulled on the scarf gently, bringing us closer together. My heart rate began to increase as the moment I thought would never happen was nearing itself. Dan Howell actually had feelings for me. My stomach was practically doing flips at this point. Closer and closer the scarf brought us together until our lips were almost touching where Dan whispered

“(Y/n) I really, really like you.”

I leaned in slowly, glancing from his eyes to his lips until our lips grazed one another. We were kissing. Dan wrapped his arms around my waist, and I slid my arms around his neck. The moment was soft, surreal, tender. It was full of such feeling that this boy had me on cloud 9. I smiled into the kiss and pulled back where i whispered back. 

“I really, really like you too Dan”

He kissed me again and took his hand in mine, where we walked to the front of my apartment. This was honestly the greatest day in my life. I finally had the man of my dreams, he was all I aspired to be. I wouldn’t be here today if i hadn’t of stumbled into him. Our timing was finally right, and I was the happiest woman alive.


Hey Guys, I know this is long, but I really hope that you enjoyed it. It took me all day to write this up. Love you all xx 

- Kayla xo

Shadowhunter series(es)

Hi Cassandra! So my friend and I have been a bit obsessed with TLH, especially the relationship of Cordelia Carstairs and James Herondale. We both are HUGE Jordelia shippers, and know little to nothing about the two. It is known that they are married with a child (Owen) but know one has done anything with their relationship. We both are overly excited to see what happens and if there is a depth relationship there at all. So my question was, is there going to be an in depth relationship between the two? Wouldn’t it be a bit awkward because of Lucie being Cordelia’s best friend and James being Lucie’s brother? Also one last question, does Cordelia live in Idris or close/in the London institute? Thank you for you time! :) — partyingwithmagnus

Jordelia! I am tickled pink there is a ship name for this.

I’m still learning about Cordelia and James myself. We know from The Midnight Heir that James is in love with someone else. The book is based on Great Expectations, with James as Pip and not!Cordelia as his Estella. (Tatiana Blackthorn is Miss Havisham, so you can figure it out if you’ve read TMH.)

I don’t think Lucie would mind Cordelia being in love with James. She’s a very practical girl, and it’s not like she thinks her brother is never going to have a love life. Might as well be someone she likes. If only James was more malleable!

The Last Hours also deals quite a bit with Clave politics, and moves back and forth between London, Cornwall, and Idris. Cordelia splits her time between Idris, Paris and London and does live in London for the action of the series, along with her family.


HI CASSIE! So the thing is that I am doing(more like trying) a Family tree with ALL the characters of the Shadowhunter world and I want to know if Charles or Matthew Fairchild, Jessie Blackthorn or Alistar Carstairs had children? It would mean a lot if you can answer me, I am stuck at this part of the tree. Anyway, I love you Cassie so much and your books and your characters they are all so perfect. — icityofdauntlesstributes

I can’t answer you, unfortunately! I left quite a bit out of the family tree on purpose so as not to spoil too many developments in Last Hours. Quite a few others are misleading — at least one of the marriages listed is arranged, another is a political sham, some of the death dates aren’t really death dates but people being turned/becoming Mundanes, etc.

Is city of heavenly fire going to be the final book of the MI series? If so, are you planing to continue the infernal instrument series? — sadowoolcock

City of Heavenly Fire is the last book of TMI. I am not going to continue TID per se, though The Last Hours continues with the story of the next generation — the children of Will, Tessa, Sophie, Gideon, Gabriel, Cecily, Charlotte, Henry, etc. TDA likewise continues five years after City of Heavenly Fire with new characters, who you will meet in Heavenly Fire. Then the Shadowhunter world wraps up with The Wicked Powers. (That’s the plan, anyway.)




‘Inspired’ is one of the words that more pronunciation during the conversation. Has extremely nice and poses no da divo, Eddie Redmayne. Indeed, seems amazed that they all care for him. The reason is easy to explain. Until a month ago we thought that his talent had spread in the interpretation of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the theory of everything. The Oscar for best actor has confirmed the ability he had divined by looking in the transposition of Ken Follett’s novel the Pillars of the Earth. The criticism, he had applauded as the revolutionary Marius Pontmercy de Les Misérables. But with The Danish Girl, directed by another Oscar winner, Tom Hooper and premiered in competition at the last Venice Film Festival, many have thought of Oscar should immediately give him another. For that special gift that has to become more yourself, better if someone actually existed. In this case the painter Einar Wegener, Gerda’s husband, also an artist, whose marriage is overwhelmed by the choice of Einar to become the first transsexual in the world, Lili Elbe, at the beginning of the last century. Former student of Eton College finished in Cambridge for love of art history (but he also hung out at the fashion world, with two campaigns for Burberry), talk about art and style with Redmayne is easy. We do while we wait for the release of the film in the United States, on 27 November; then it’s the turn of the rest of the world. In Italy the date to sign it on 4 February.  

By Cristiana Allevi:


E.r.: The people  physicality has always interested me, because it’s a huge part of who we are. The use of the hands, in particular, has always fascinated me, and the way each of us takes some posture.


E.R.  Play Stephen Hawking would have intimidated any actor. His story was one of the most encouraging and inspiring I’ve ever met. Had a rockstar character, but to play it I had to learn to move only certain muscle groups, immobilizing the rest of the body: a long and difficult process 


E.R. I studied biographies of trans, as Jan Morris’s Conundrum, and David Ebershoff’s book from which the film is based on, The danish Girl. I also personally met many trans, I was ignorant about when I started shooting the film. I didn’t know that gender and sexuality are not related, I didn’t know the difference, the concept of fluidity. The people I’ve met have changed me, and I’m glad.


E.R. it was very interesting to look around, as Lili. I of course am not a transgender, but a cisgender (gender where there is a correlation between the gender of the individual and the behavior or role considered appropriate for one’s sex iol). But the first time I showed up on the set I heard Lili dress looks. I was more than secure environment, but I read subtle nuances of what it must mean being watched and judged as people do not conform to their sex. 


E.R. Alex worked with me also to the theory of everything, he helped liberate parts of me. The movement is not only a fact outside: it was necessary that I could achieve a space as possible, inside me to contact the story of Lili. The difficulty of the film was to discover the true myself of my character, not build him a new identity.


ER i’M color blind, sometimes I dress too flashy colors, only later I understand they are very showy. But for most of the time I rely to blue, because I see it well (laughs) 


ER.  In my case there’s usually a lot of work! Screenplays, books, watercolors to make terrible paintings (laughs), what else? My car fotografica.


E.R. DRESS ? Not so much … when I’m on the road for work, interview, Red Carpet, give them to me. When I got it, I put in my suitcase only t-shirts and jakets.


E.R. The fact that we feel caught without that person to make any effort to get my attention. When things are built does not attract me. I would say that for me the elegance is a State of effortless.


Er  When I have to play  historical characters I spent several afternoons a Nationall Portrait Gallery in London, covers several periods. Although those walls there hung a painting without my character, find someone with the same historical moment that I need and I understand how it was played by an artist of the era. I find it interesting phenomenon.


ER  When I worked on two Elizabethan movies, one was Elizabeth-The golden age, the other tv series with Helen Mirren who played Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth i. I I played the Earl of Southampton. There is a painting which he had commissioned himself, explaining how that man loved the rich better than a thousand words. He had long hair, wore rings of various styles, was surrounded by carpets and precious objects. 


ER  Eton College  is a fabulous place ( I confirm). The oddity is that every day you have to wear a uniform, tailcoat with a collar (a particular type of frac, ED), this is a very uncomfortable. But when you’re there and everyone wears the same thing doesn’t it seem more unbearable. The real reason I went in  that  school are the great teacher who offers, just mention Simon Dormandy, a really sensational theater teacher . I was treated like a professional act. from day one; After meeting him I haven’t attended an acting school: he taught me all that I know.


Er   I always liked  recite since I was a child, 12 years. But I never believed it would be possible to do it professionally, they  had always said me that there are few actors who found a job, and it’s true: Statistics say that it is one of the professions that everyone wants to do. I mean, I never allowed myself to believe it can. But if I remember correctly before to go  in College, things have changed: I started to feel some excitement at the idea of trying seriously. 


Er . Of my generation? I like Ben Whishaw, Andrew Garfield, and I find that Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome. Then there’s my friend, Tom Sturridge. Want to know who I like among women?.


.E.R  I worked with Kristen Stewart and Sandra G Moretz, I was heavily inspired by their passion and freedom.


ER I have nothing more to say except that I have had the privilege to work with and meet  so close and from  point of view of people I was lucky since the beginning, and it’s important. When working on a film make a kind of circus life,  your colleagues besomes your family.


  Er.  RIGHT.


Er . In London I walk a lot, I like the South Shore (South Bank) down at the Design Museum. There’s a market, Borough Market, which sells delicious food. I also like the city center, this urban area full of offices: I love walking down those streets so old over the weekend, when they are empty by persons.


Er. New York and the Neue Galerie, the Upper East Side. I have a weakness for abstract art in Germany, the Gallery is really my Kingdom. Spend a lot of time in Venice at the Guggenheim, and where else? When I travel I visit many exhibitions.


E.R. Egon Schiele, in New York. It was a rather complicated man, these incredible sketches faceceva, created many dimensions with an economy of lines. Then at the Museum of modern art in San Francisco saw an exhibition on modernism really special, I can’t remember the title. 


E.R.In London you have just  to get to a subway for discovering new places, to miss while you’re looking for something. And in New york it’s the same thing. In Los Angeles instead before you have driving, then you have to know where to go! I felt overwhelmed when I went there the first time. 10 years ago: I didn’t understand the city. Now I have a certain feeling, I enjoy the place as really special. there is all , you can be at the beach and two hours after skiing, or in the desert. There are practically all.


E.r. For me and others is the city of work, but often the British actors who go there for the first time,  create a  group why they feel lost. Again, it’s a family matter, alive with colleagues for a month or two, it’s only natural to  help together . And in some cases it happens that  become friends. 

Music in Call the Midwife:A Rant of Sorts

Okay, so one of the coolest things about ctm that I noticed was the use of music as a device to give us a deeper understanding of the characters. Music is used throughout the series to add another layer to the characters, to expand upon the story as a whole, and to give a voice to internal thoughts and emotions. 

This is so brilliant, and as someone that loves music and good character development, I LOVE when they do this. It’s a really really clever and subtle way to not only set the mood, but give voice to a character’s internal dialogue. We get to see what they are thinking and feeling, just by listening to the song! It’s genius!

Now they use this all the time, so I’m not going to pick through an analyze everything, but there was one scene I thought was particularly excellent:

This one. First of all, let me say that this scene was not only Perfect in pretty much every way, I believe this had one of the most informative and skillful uses of music of any episode. 

At the beginning of the scene, Patsy picks a song from the jukebox. It’s Angel Face by Billy Fury (link to song). This song could not be more perfect if it tried tbh. The really neat thing here is that Patsy picked this song. This is a direct message to the audience that the song is about her, from her perspective. The lyrics allow us to see what Patsy has been feeling since Delia was away, and what she is feeling in that moment back together. It’s incredibly touching when you really pay attention to the lyrics in this scene. 

Now we get to the really fun part. 

I like to argue that this song is literally Patsy’s (and to a point, Delia’s) internal dialogue as this scene is happening. The song fills in the gaps in their conversation. It says “I love you,” when they can’t, it says “I want to kiss you,” when they can’t, it says everything they aren’t allowed to say out in the open.

It actually even flows with their conversation: first about letters, then about Delia not coming back to London to live/wishing they could be close again, etc. The best part is the end of the song, and the end of the scene, when Patsy says “Can’t I just say come back?” and Delia is silent for a moment. In that space, we hear Billy Fury’s last chorus of “darling I love you” and it’s just. so good. so perfect. I’m yodeling as I write this it’s just SO GOOD.


The song in the background of this scene is not Angel Face by Billy Fury. In fact I have no idea what that song is. I was so excited to watch the Christmas special on Netflix but I was pretty upset that they changed the song, and to something that is pretty irrelevant from what I could tell (I can barely even hear it). 

Now why they changed it I don’t know, copyrights or something maybe, but they could have at least picked something better??? I mean it was such a beautiful scene with great character insight I was disappointed to see it didn’t make it to America.

I’ll finish up this post by saying if you have any comments on this or want me to talk more about this kind of stuff just let me know, I love discussion about this kind of thing. 

also imagine Sherlock getting a tiny bit drunk at Angelos and John holding his hand as they walk home in part to keep Sherlock on the path and in part because his hand is warm and confident and unapologetic and they walk and maybe take the long way home because Sherlock is telling John about London and the histories and saying things like every quiver of her beating heart, and he tells John a little about other cities that he’d loved but not in the way he loves London, and he talks about the way the sky looks cresting over the horizon built of steel and glass and stone and plaster, the smells of busses and bins and tobacco and incense and people, living and breathing and loving so closely together, and even so, John, even with how big and packed and alive and busy the city is, we still found each other, you and I. No such thing as coincidences, John, and we found each other out of all these other people. You found me.

And John has to pause and kiss Sherlock by the light of the street lamp for a minute before they can carry on toward home.


Here’s a scenario to ponder. You are a cool, young, super-famous musician with a reputation for edginess, a place in history as the man who broke up One Direction, and an equally famous girlfriend. You have been recruited by Donatella Versace to design for Versus: What is the most rock n’ roll way you could announce that?

At last month’s Versus show in London Zayn Malik–for that new designer, of course, is indeed he–came up with a near-perfect answer. This was not to show up to the interview (held jointly with Vogue.com and the New York Times) planned by Versace’s team as the big reveal.

Immediately after the show, the brand’s first since the departure of Anthony Vaccarello to Saint Laurent, Malik was due backstage with Donatella Versace to hold forth on the new capsule, ZAYN X VERSUS, that he will co-design and which will go on sale in May. He will also star in two Versus campaigns next year. Some of the profits from the collection, which will be both womenswear and men’s, will go to charity.

In this age of carefully-crafted image-making, all in the name of commercial gain, it was rather refreshing that Malik, 23, opted to no-show post-show. Instead he disappeared with Gigi Hadid. Respect!

Plus we had the incomparable Donatella Versace to talk to. As a rebellious soul herself, she seemed entirely unfazed by Malik’s exit into the London night.

“I love London!” she said: “If I could move, I would move. But I can’t, right? I can’t get a visa!”

Donatella, of course, stays domiciled in Milan to oversee the family business. And here, only infinitesimally edited, is what she said about recruiting Malik to its ranks.

Versace: “My brother gave Versus to me 20 years ago. Versus was always close to music, linked always. The first Vesus show, the Foo Fighters performed live. And they were young, just beginning. Prince performed another show. Lenny Kravitz performed another show. So it was always where rock and roll and fashion start to meet. And we always called Versus the “Rock Soul of Versace,” of the Versace family. The rebel, the tribe, for the boy or girl who wants to dare…”

“Why I want Zayn now: He can make me talk to his followers. I want to listen to the language, I want to learn. I want to know what they think, what they like. This is a new generation, [which] if I do not go through someone like Zayn I will never reach.”

How did you meet Zayn?

Versace: “I met him when he was in One Direction.”

Were you a One Direction fan?

Versace: “NO!.. [laughs]..no!… But I love Kate Moss, she forced me! She liked One Direction, I don’t know why!… And Zayn really stood out for me because he was the one who talked the least and did not put so much emphasis on himself. And that is what I liked about him.”

So then at what point did you decide though that he was the perfect person for this?

Versace: “When I saw him with Gigi. The way he treats Gigi, like a gentleman: you don’t see this any more.”

Gigi has been front and center [at Versace recently]. Was this a solidifying factor?

“She [Gigi] didn’t say anything. I just saw them together. I went for dinner and I was impressed how mature he was, in a way, how much of a gentleman he was… They are such a nice couple. Both good hearts, open hearts… Tomorrow we start work together… I asked tonight, ‘what do you like?’ And he said: ‘bold! I like the brand bold!’

“Can I say something? I think he is smart to do this together with me now. Not because it is me, but because many rock stars they do their own line in fashion which is not relevant… you know, just a license. For him, this will be real fashion.”

Anthony Vacarello’s time at Versus has finished, so this is a breathing season.

Versace: “It’s the beginning of a new era for Versus. I think of a lot of collaborations with music people, rock stars, more than designers.”

So this will become a regular rhythm for you [and Versus]?

Versace: “Yeah! I have a great team working with me, designer team, my daughter too, Allegra, and two more guys…. It’s teamwork… you need a good team. And you need to give freedom to the team to tell you what you think.”

You’re exploring other musicians [to possibly collaborate with]?

Versace: “For now it’s Zayn, and then we see.”

So it will be like taking the Versus part of Versace on tour every year?

Versace: Laughs: “I’d love that! Can I go on tour?”

Thus the future of Versus might not be to continue the model of designer collaborations most recently seen with Vaccarello, Jonathan Anderson, and Christopher Kane–which proved excellent career moves for all three–but to go on tour every year with a different musician instead. During the interview, at my mention of Versus going “on tour,” Versace began wistfully recalling Guns & Roses gigs when she and Stephanie Seymour hung out backstage.

The musical stars of today might not quite match the blood and thunder don’t-give-a-damnedness of Axl, Slash, and the rest–for these are far milder times. Yet for a mainstream 21st century pop musician, Malik has lived up to his “bold!” agenda. From bailing on the world’s biggest boy band, to wearing that fabulous robot-armed Versace suit to the Met Ball this May, to not turning up to this interview, he displays genuine–not manufactured–independence. Eventually, we did hear from Zayn, via email. Here’s what the email said.

Malik: “It is hard to pinpoint a specific time I first encountered Versace or Donatella. I was four when her brother passed, so Donatella has always visually represented Versace to me. Versace just seeped into my consciousness growing up, possibly through many of my biggest music influences; Prince in the red Versace suit, for example, it’s a part of fashion culture and is iconic. Whether you’re interested in fashion or not you know of Donatella, she is iconic.”

Malik: “I first collaborated with her when she approached me to dress me for the Met Ball and the relationship developed from there. When they made that suit for me I knew it was a brand that wouldn’t be intimidated by big ideas.”

Malik: “The thing I most want to do with this opportunity is learn. Learn about how the process works, learn to be confident in sharing my ideas and of course be part of a process that I feel I genuinely contribute to. I hope that I can develop a collection with Donatella that I can truly say reflects who I am and what I like.”


Cinderblock Garden

Title: Cinderblock Garden

Description: Inspired by the song Cinderblock Garden by All Time Low. Dan Howell and Phil Lester have been best friends since they were kids, and had a ‘thing’ between them since they were fourteen. With disagreeable parents and no where to hide, they kept their love hidden in the place where it started- an abandoned garden in the middle of the city. No matter what, they never gave up on each other. Even if they knew they were destined for tragedy.

Word Count: 3765

Genre: don’t let its fluffy exterior fool you, this is full on ANGST.

Warnings: someone dies, homophobia, depression, mentions of suicide, anxiety.


Keep reading