i love living in hamster town

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angst theories about ep12 are great and all but what ep11 has REALLY made me think about is phichit sneaking 3 hamsters into his dorm room and yuuri's just PHICHIT NO but gives up and resigns himself to helping hide his 3 hamster roomies from the RA, feeding them carrots, making CERTAIN they don't escape after that one time. idk how american dorms work (do out of town students still stay in dorms after first year? they don't here... >_>) but it's fun to think about xD

Phichit is chaotic good, confirmed! xD

My gosh, I would LOVE to see their antics in college! The amount of things Phichit pulled Yuuri into, the adventures they had! They are very close friends now, so I can’t help but wonder what kind of shit they went through together.

Poor Yuuri though, he had to be the one making sure the hamsters stayed, because Phichit wouldn’t have been able to live without them.