i love living in hamster town

11 facts

1. My first time in the laboratory of the university I mistook the bottle of distilled water for the bottle of ethyl alcohol and I set the table on fire by mistake.

2. In 2011 I suspended four subject in the secondary school (math, language, chemistry, english) then I stoped I stopped watching anime and reading manga until 2015 that my boyfriend showed me FMA.

3. In my life I have had a lot of pets: a cat and dog, a rooster, a goat, a ferret, a tortoise, a hamster and a rabbit. I live in a normal house in the town.

4. My sister is sleepwalker and sometime we have talked while she was sleeping.

5. I haven’t any special skills but I love drawing and take photos.

6. Most of the time that I have to do a travel or I’m going to go to the swimming pool or to the beach I get sick. I’m very lucky *irony*

7. All people think that my sister is the old sister but I m two year more older than her (why? i don know it! I m a baby-face?)

8. Maybe a lot of people in tumblr would think that i’m unsociable because I speak very short. But actually many times I don’t understand that people write because I know very little english and it is the why I dont say anything.  I need google translater for help me.

9. My city hasn’t beach and in summer it is very hot, 45ºC approximately midday.

10. The thing that more I fear is the fire but I love Roy Mustang (Although my favorite character is Riza) my sister thinks this is weird.

11. You probably do not know it took me almost half an hour to write this.

Thank very much for tag me @gomboc123 i ’ m learning a lot of english in tumblr!! 

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I love this empty town I’m gonna built a HUGE fucking house for my sims 

*ten minutes in*

This is a mistake i know jack shit about architecture they’re all gonna live in a box like a family of hamsters