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Drunken Confessions

A/N: A request, finally!!!! I’m so excited to write this, also don’t forget to send in request! Thank you to @linmanuclmiranda for helping me edit this! She’s a lifesaver! PS: Did anyone get my How I Met Your Mother reference?

Prompt: Can I request something??? How about a Drunk!Lin confessing his love for the reader but the reader is all flustered and thinks it’s just the alcohol talking but it’s not. Idk you can elaborate more on that but I love your writing so much!! And If u have any fic recs with Drunk!Lin could u link them? Bc I really need more Drunk!Lin in my life. Thanks~

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: alcohol, cursing (per usual)

Masterlist | Request!

As the costume manager for the musical “Hamilton” at the Richard Rodgers Theater, you were living the dream. You had been blessed with a love for musical theater, but cursed with an inability to sing. Costume manager was the next best thing; however, costumes weren’t  your only job. You made sure Leslie took off his wedding ring, all the mics worked, and you also made sure Anthony put his hair down to play Philip in act two which he often forgot. They had many different names for you such as: “angel in the wings,” “lifesaver,” and “the backbone of Hamilton.”

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Can’t say how the days will unfold // Can’t change what the future may hold // But I want you in it // Every hour, every minute

Loved this so much yesterday! I love that we got to see Grant Gustin sing again, and the lyrics of this song were absolutely perfect for the scene. This was so beautiful!

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 102 was a suggestion from Melissa Errico ❤ Loved these two in Sunday in the Park with George. Can’t wait to witness their reunion on Monday!! I am already so excited. My first time seeing Raúl live. Hope my poor heart can take it 😍❤💞
I hope so much to be able to provide you guys with lots of wonderful pics of my trip to NYC 😘

And when I come back I finish SVU 400 Barba! ❤

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I normally wouldn’t post something so serious like this, or even something that was so unabashedly from my musical theater love, on this blog, but this needs to be seen by every living, breathing person on the planet, and it needs to be seen now.

Jennifer Hudson’s performance here is, without a doubt, the most powerful, beautiful, moving performance I’ve ever seen. I’m almost certain that almost every other actor in this scene is getting emotional. (You can clearly see tears running down Maddie Baillio’s face and Garrett Clayton struggling to keep it together.) Please, if you see only one thing from Hairspray Live!, let it be this.

Moana Live Blog Aftermath


Plot: 10/10

Character Development: 10/10

Animation: 10/10

Music: 15/2

I loved it SO much. I enjoyed being occasionally Hamilton’d or Washington’d or Laurens’d and was Pippa in there? i honestly was paying so much attention to CJack’s voice I forgot to listen for her. I love the overall message. The Animation was MIND BLOWINGLY beautiful. Highly Recommend. 

Yes, I know I’m jumping on this bandwagon a bit late. Oh well. When Moana came out, I was in the middle of finals and then I learned I’d be meeting Lin with @hamilzies and I never found the time to watch it while it was in theaters. totally regret it.

Moana Live Blog: It’s a Wrap!

I’m waiting in keen anticipating for next month’s 2.5D DVD arrivals (including Kuromyu), but as I was thinking about the Revival DVD, and wondering just what kind of footage made the final DVD cut, I realized something about that Golden Week sleepover scene that I loved. (x

I think one of the main reasons I loved it so much, besides the fact that it’s FUNNY AS HELL, is that it’s a uniquely theater/stage method of humor.  You don’t switch scenes like that in a TV show or in a live action movie or in animation, you just actually change the scene and have everyone be in different sets.  But on stage and in live theater there are SO MANY limitations with set design, props, placement, effects, that you have to come up with these hilarious ways to make up for it.  And it’s not just funny, it’s GENIUS.  

It’s like the Cinderella dress transformation.  In animation and in live action, you throw in special effects between 2 different costumes and voila!  In theater, costume designers make FUCKING TRANSFORMING DRESSES where the actress like, I dunno, unties or unlaces a couple things on her dress, spins in place, and LITERALLY GOES FROM RAGS TO A BALLGOWN IN PURELY PRACTICAL EFFECTS LIKE WHAT

And with the explosive growth of 2.5D, I’ve noticed that a lot of them don’t take full advantage of the ‘theater’ aspect of their performances and everything tries too hard to incorporate TV/movie-like effects.  Haikyuu regularly uses actual theater humor and expert use of the stage itself, and I think that’s why that scene is so memorable to me.


I went to see Game Grumps live yesterday in Boston for my birthday! It was such a memorable experience. The best part? The Pant-less Q&A.

Thank you so much for making my night unforgettable! Sorry for the bad quality. I was way up on the balcony.

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Have you heard the song Evermore from the new live action Beauty and the Beast? I realize it's because of the source material, but it's SUCH a Rumbelle song. When I heard it in the movie theater all I could think was, "That's Rumple in his tower waiting to see if Belle comes back in Skin Deep."


I LOVE everything about this song. Having not yet seen the movie I’m liking pretty much EVERYTHING about it. The original songs, the costumes, the character changes (inventor!Belle, cultured!Beast, etc). I know some people haven’t been impressed by it but so far it looks awesome to me.

It’s released next week here so I’ll get to make up my mind about it soon.

Also yeah, that’s Rumbelle to the max, down to the whole “she’ll forever haunt me/she has forever changed me” shtick.

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I'm so jealous that you almost got to grab sengo's ass. Lol. When do you think western fans can watch this? Also did sengo really strip. I love him


it wasn’t an almost. His ass was pretty much right in my face, it’s really just that I didn’t because that’d be absolutely not done. ^^;; 

It appears the senshuraku show of 23 April will be live-streamed on the net. So, any Western fan who knows how to fake a Japanese IP address would be able to watch it at that time (I think, I haven’t looked into the details yet. So I may be be completely wrong about this though. Maybe they were just announcing the live-viewings in the movie theaters…).
In the next week or two after that I think DMM will have the live-stream uploaded again for everyone to purchase. (Well, as long as you fake a Japanese IP address, all about that over here )
I don’t expect the DVD/BD to be out until July or August. (So far the release date is specified as Summer 2017)

Sengo never really stripped, but during the live part they have like 3 layers of clothes, right, so… He did got to strip sort of… ^o^

So I just saw Grouper live (one of my favorite ambient artists) and it was probably the most fucked up thing I’ve done all year

They had it in a theater and she played while sitting down and there was a huge screen behind her, and it kept showing such weird emotional imagery, and her music kept making me feel nonexistent, and no one was talking, and I kinda wanted to cry the entire time, and I thought about the purpose of art too much

And now I’m eating a taco and wondering if any of that actually happened or if I just sorta projected myself into the astral plane for an hour by accident

Concept:  Me, sitting in the theater, watching the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  It’s a good movie, beautiful, and Emma Watson acted her heart out as she just confessed her love for the Beast.  The curse breaks.  The Beast transforms, into a woman.  I start crying.  Three pissed off moms storm out with their kids and, unsuccessfully, try to get their money back.

Over the last 3 days I met the loves of my life, went to two of their shows, drove to Portland at 3am to sleep on the ground, held Tyler’s drum & cried the entire time. I had the best time if my entire life & I can’t thank @twentyonepilots Tyler Joseph & @stillstreet enough for the opportunity to come along for the ride with them & giving me the chance to meet so many great people in the clique 💕
This meant the world to me. I was able to meet the two people that literally saved my life & continue to help me get through each day & I can’t thank 107.7 The End enough for giving me that opportunity. I didn’t get to talk to the boys or thank them for everything but I hope they know that they’ve changed my life completely & I’m forever grateful for them.
I’m so happy to be alive at the same time as twenty one pilots.
I can’t wait for you to come back to Seattle & Portland! I love you so much
Stay strong, live on & power to the local dreamer |-/ (at WaMu Theater)

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“I actually really love the live action Disney movies. The costumes are amazing and the actors are amazing. I’m a young theater student and it would be a dream to be apart of any of these movies. There is so much more plot and character depth in the live actions compared to animated ones in my opinion. Beauty And the Beast and Mulan were my favorite movies as a kid I’d adore seeing them on the big screen”


hi everyone I’m Natalie! not many of you know me because well i don’t have a lot of followers or online friends yet but taylor means everything to me. I can seriously say that she has saved my life. like literally. words can’t express…. this is the first tour that my parents are willing to let me go to a tour/I’m old enough to go (I’ve loved Tay since I was 8 and I live in alaska so it’s kinda hard to get to places…) but the thing is I can’t afford tickets right now. I got accepted into Idyllwild Arts Academy, an amazing performing arts boarding school to major in musical theater, my art is the one thing I love as much as taylor and she was the one who inspires me and my art every single day. this is a dream come true for me… seriously I’m so happy to go! but it’s crazy expensive tuition so my family is spending all our money on that and we don’t have anything extra for things like concert tickets :( so I finally accepted that it was okay and I live off crappy cell phone videos of the tour and they make me SO HAPPY! but today at dinner when I was talking about how much I wish I was going my mom told me if I could get taylor or taylor nation or xfinity to give me tickets she would find a way to get me there!!! I haven’t had my hopes this high since I was waiting to see if I was accepted Idyllwild. I’m going to tweet and blog taylor and taylor nation as much as I can, and I also wrote taylor a letter but I do still need as much help as I need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me and use your magic blogging fingers and help me get those tickets I will seriously love you forever and it will help me make more friends on here. I love you all so much :) -Natalie❤️❤️❤️

The Tony Awards is one of the most happy and amazing things ever I mean there’s no pretentiousness, none of the drama and obnoxiousness of the Oscars or the Emmy’s or whatever. It’s just a bunch of people who love music and theater just having the time of their lives showing people what they do best. The theater community is so supportive of each other it’s so great and even with whatever flaws they have, they’re so much more open-minded and progressive, and SO DAMN HUMBLE. I love this so much because we’re all here singing along to One Day More and Take It or Leave It or whatever and everybody in the room is doing the same without any judgment! No matter how popular they are. It’s literally a true appreciation of art. What a happy atmosphere, Broadway must be amazing.

SR Movie Nozomi Give Away

So, I got an SR Nozomi Code for School Idol Festival from the theater that I went to see the Love Live! movie.

As much as I love Nozomi and Love Live!, I don’t love them enough to want to play SIF again so rather than letting this code go to waste, I’m gonna give it to one lucky person! It’s a give away, thing, kinda!

It’s simple, all you have to do is reblog this post and send me an ask of why you love Nozomi Tojo. It doesn’t have to be too wordy or complicated, I just wanna know why you think Nozomi is a great idol! Of course, you can’t be on anon or else I won’t know who to give it to!

I’m shooting to end the give away by the end of the week or the end of next week, depending on how many people submit! Also,I’m pretty sure the code is exclusive to NA SIF, so keep that in mind!

Good luck, Nozomi fans!