i love little ogre

A re-design of my old D&D character, Laverien!

Made her more halfling-like, she also gained some pounds and became badass when she started causally getting possessed as a Binder. This girl. Soon as she wakes up she summons Focalor (who she nicknamed Cry-Guy) so she can start continuously sobbing and have access to lighting magic. 

She has access to lots of other vestiges, but Cry-Guy is her favorite. She also has access to like five weapons but she never pulls them out because who needs weapons when you have electricity. Which she uses to protect her most prized possession, a living glass bee named Beetrice. 

The Bone Crusher torn t-shirt was from a baseball game in the Realm of Insanity, where Laverien played the part of the ball for trolls and ogre. She won the Bonecrushers the game, so she got the t-shirt as a prize. She cut it shorter since it was ogre-sized. 

Gosh I love my little possessed doll. 

devastating news: we had dress rehearsal for shrek today