i love little kids ok

The cutest little girl came in with her dad to get a log splitter today!!!!

She told me and my co-worker about how she was gonna be a witch for halloween and she had ‘long scary fingernails but they’re fake’ We talked a bit about witches (I asked if she was gonna be a spooky witch or a good witch and she said spooky witch because it’s her favorite) and she talked about one of our animatronic halloween decorations. It’s two witches who cackle and make a potion or whatever. She thought it was cool that they were making soup. 

I asked her about if she thought they were making chicken noodle soup or chili and she said she didn’t know because she didn’t ask them, which is totally fair. It was the nicest part of my day, honestly. She was so excited about halloween and her big scary fake fingernails and being a badass spooky witch and it just made me so happy that she was willing to talk to us about what things she thought were cool. it was amazing

Inspirational Parenting From a Captain

Yondu: Some children threaten to runaway from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.

Teenage Peter: *runs in* UGH! I can’t wait till I get my own ship! Then I can get far away from this stupid place and do what I want! *stomps away*

Yondu: *closes eyes, a single tear falling* I pray for that every night…

Theres a lot of time up in space to think, yknow?

Like, theyre fighting in a war but theyre also kids traveling through space without internet as we know it


Hunk and Lance and Pidge don’t know the endings to a lot of their favorite shows so they start making up elaborate and highly detailed endings in their own heads

At some point Lance references his ending headcanon to some show they all used to watch in passing and Pidge and Hunk stop in their tracks like WHAT YOU DO THAT TOO??

So of course they all take turns sharing and building off their ideal endings and end up with one Mega Ending that fits perfectly into the show’s canon while being fulfilling and fit all their personal headcanons

Eventually the others start to ask what they do every couple of days when they make a giant pillow fort in Hunk’s room and yell excitedly at each other their ideas, so OF COURSE the trio sit everyone down and excitedly explain the entire story from the start to their awesome finish

Allura and Coran and Shiro and Keith are admittedly blown away and they sort of develop a new series of minifandoms around shows or movies and their made up endings or sequels

Eventually, when they all get back around to Earth, the hype has built for several years in space by now and even those who never watched the show in the first place are excited for the ending

Unfortunately, it sorely disappoints

What is this, a prophet for ants?


summary: chat can’t help but get jealous of adrien

pairing: marichat?? ladynoir? what’s the pairing name for like… all of them

a/n: okay this ain’t a fluffy cute jealous chat, this is like just pure chat noir angst because i am lovin’ the notion of an angsty chat noir (’cause he’s lonely ok like look at that poor soul) i just can’t stop thinking about what he feels underneath all his flirtin’ and banterin’ and i think when it comes down to his inner emotions, he’s a sap

he’s a sad soul i tell u

i guess this is complicated part 2, part 1 here (though you don’t need to read 1 to understand 2, it’s just same universe)

Marinette talks about the boy she loves as if he’s a god. 

As if he has created the world in which they live, and she must worship the ground he walks, and honestly, he’s quite sick and tired of hearing how perfect the boy is. He watches the expression in her eyes grow with enthusiasm and literal stars and hearts, and he’d honestly rather just… not. 

“He’s just such a good and perfect person, and I can’t even compare–”

Chat rolls his eyes and presses the tips of his toes to her forehead, gently knocking her back. “Hey,” he says quietly. “Can you stop?”

Her eyes grow wide. 

Then she shoves his foot away with her hand and wrinkles her nose. “Gross. Don’t press your feet to my face.” 

He merely shrugs as he retracts his leg, his eyes shifting to the ground. “Just… stop talking for a bit.”

She furrows her brow, carefully eyeing the way he holds himself. “What’s gotten into you today? You’re the one who started coming to me about your love problems. Plus, you’re edgier than usual.”

Chat flashes back to his five seconds of stardom with his Lady, her swooning heart for the wrong side of him. He couldn’t shake off the look of adoration in her eyes though not a single word had been exchanged. Not once in his time as Chat had Ladybug ever looked at him like that, but the moment she meets Adrien, she…

He frowns and clenches his fists at the thought. A split second with his other half had his Lady swooning. Why? Because Adrien was… famous? Pretty? Rich? She couldn’t fall in love with his personality, but his looks were okay? 

And Marinette talking about falling in love with a boy for everything but his personality simply reminds him of that stupid situation.

Chat closes his eyes and breathes out the jealousy rising in his chest. It’s absurd to be jealous of himself–he knows it’s absurd, but he can’t help himself. He just wants his Lady to love him for who he is, and she… won’t. 

Then again, who does?

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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-06: a child you love so much

( Luna Hale )

Luna Hale might not have any friends outside of relatives, but she has more confidence at eight-years-old than I did when I was twenty.

Never ashamed.

My daughter is never ashamed.

@new-core-idea, I drew Spacey and Curiosity together!!
Spacey is about 7 and Curiosity is 5. Spacey is so happy that his little brother is finally able to see what hes been talking about for so long!
Curiosity loves exploring and reading, and almost always has a scrape or two on him from his explorations. He is constantly asking questions. Chell gave him a little ponytail on the top of his head because his hair grows so fast. (Also I just love little kids with the tiny ponytail on top ok?)
Curiosity’s hair is a little more brown then his brothers, and he doesnt have nearly as many freckles. Just a bunch around the nose!
Time: like three hours because Tumblr was being distracting
Medium: copic markers/paper
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Commissions are open!!


introductions by matsuoka rin

  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously went to sano elementary school. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.
  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously belonged to the sano swimming club. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.
  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously went to samezuka academy. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.

Tiny Soriel.

Because you can’t stop me. No one can.

Gott ist tot!
Gott ist tot!

    God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?

    —Nietzsche, The Gay Science, Section 125, tr. Walter Kaufmann