i love listening to fob


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

great things about G.I.N.A.S.F.S.
  • that intro guitar
  • Patrick’s voice is so good and pure omg
  • I LOVED everythingaboutyou that hurts so lemmeseeurmoves lemmeseeurmoooves
  • things aren’t the same aNYMOOoooORE
  • do-do da doo do do-do da do
  • catchy af, you’ll be humming it for days
  • I’ve already given up on myself twice third time is the charm WOW PETE ouch
  • could be about Mikey, could be about Patrick, who knows, but it’s definitely gay af
  • it’s just so much fun to sing
  • Born under a ba-ad syEEEEN yooou saved my life
  • badabada kisses I remember so wee-eee-eellll-llll
  • sounding out the title is fun
  • geenasfss

I’m not saying both nursey and dex had emo phases (as if it’s past tense lmao they’ll always bop to old middle school emo jams) but they both totally did and follow the pop punk powerhouse playlist on spotify

  • me: *shows sketchy pictures of twenty one pilots to my dad*
  • dad: do they do drugs?
  • me: *provides a 40 minute lecture on how big of babies josh and tyler are and that they care and they are in fact extreme christian boys with deep lyrics with thought*
  • dad: oh
yo waddup

Name: Anni (she/her)
Age: 15
Language(s): English, Finnish, Italian, German, basic French :D
Location: Finland
Interests: I love music and tv. I listen to panic!, mcr, troye sivan, hayley kiyoko, fob and all-star on repeat obvi. I watch a ton of shows like game of thrones, skam, doctor who, sherlock, jane the virgin, stranger things, riverdale and so on. I watch a lot of youtube too, mainly dan and phil but other youtubers too. some of my other favs are jacksfilms and mileschronicles.
Likes (in a friend): I like people who are just generally nice and open-minded :) I’m looking for more dude friends since I don’t really have (m)any but you can obviously still dm me if you’re a girl :D
Dislikes (in a friend): bigotry, racism, homophobia (I’m too gay for your bs), religious discrimination etc.
Age Range Preference: 14-16 preferably
How to Contact Me: just message me on my tumblr @phangirling-right-now :)

@nichtwing ok so i just finished listening to tttyg and my faves are tell that mick, grand theft autumn, pros and cons of breathing, & chicago is so two years ago

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why 2005 Patrick specifically?

i assume you were reading my tags, which, thank you, i work very hard on them. I don’t know if i can actually answer this other than saying 2005 is when i first listened to fob, and i fell in love w patrick. like, i’d never felt such strong emotion as a 7 year old and i was just shook. so i associate pictures of patrick from 2005 with that pure, good feeling before things sucked.

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Hello; could I please get a ship? At the moment I've got a purple and blue undercut/half shaved head that I'm currently growing out, pale skin and brown/hazel eyes. I'm about 5'2. I love singing, drawing, listening to hella emo bands (MCR, MSI, FOB and such) and my outfits reflect that. Leather jackets and combat boots are my shitttt. Sometimes I'm extremely loud yet other days I'm as quiet as a mouse. Anywho, I hope you have an amazing day!!

I ship you with: Jughead!

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Send in ships!

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Not sure if you like fall out boy but Save Rock and Roll for the ask thing?

OO I actually love FOB! I don’t listen to them as much as I need to tho,,

the most overrated song:  It’s Phoenix innit 

the most underrated song: Young Volcanoes 

my favourite song: alone together 

my least favourite song: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, and I think it’s just cos I’ve listened to it so much, it’s still a great song,, just my least favourite from that album 

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when did you become a p!atd fan? who is your fav? and do you like the other bands in the emo trinity

i became a panic! fan like ¾ years ago but i wasnt a massive fan lmao i started properly listening to them like two years ago n they became my fav band last year ahaha

ryan is my all time fav i love him ssm

n yeah i do like the other bands but i dont listen to mcr much but i reeeeaaallly love fob