i love lisa!!

I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.


I love how The Simpsons and South Park are bros.


happy anniversary to the loveliest and rowdiest bunch of boys~ i hope this year and all the years to come are wonderful and full of blessings~ ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ) featuring yoongi and a restless night. 2013.6.13→2016.6.13~FOREVER

방탄생일✧방탄코믹스 #3yearswithbts

Yurio’s Agape Development

We all know that Yuuri’s Eros development went from sexy to hella sexy to fucking illegal and yeah but Yurio’s Agape is still missing that little oompf that Yuuri has already developed for his Eros.

While I ADORE that Yurio’s Agape is his gramps, I don’t think it’ll ever be enough. ‘Love’ is a big deal in Yuri!!! on Ice and I truly believe that with Victor gone in episode 9 (slightly confirmed by his lack of participation during the next ep preview, both in sequence and delivering the spoilers which was done by gramps, yuuri and yurio), it gives Yurio the opportunity to bond more with Yuuri and maybe he gets to see a different side of Yuuri that he could learn from. 

Yurio is young and his idol has always been Victor so what if, the next ep gives leeway for Yurio to idolize Yuuri even more than he will probably admit. ALSO, Victor and Yuuri calmed his nerves during his short program but he was still skating Agape with anger (cuz of the idiot couple of course). 

But I hope episode 9 will change that. I hope Yurio learns to ‘love’ his fellow skaters especially Yuuri. I hope he learns that ‘support’ and ‘love’ comes from everyone who cares for you and in this case, it’s not just gramps. I hope Yurio discovers a new ‘Agape’ via his friends and everyone else just as how Yuuri discovered a new ‘Eros’ from impressing Victor and displaying his new self. 

SO, when he makes it to the GPF, I hope he scowls at Yuuri and Victor when they cheer for him but in his heart, he’s filled with this newly added ‘Agape’ alongside his love for his gramps.