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Imagine #23: Being clingy and cuddly with Mary Eunice

You tightened your grasp around her lithe body.

“Please ? Just ten more minutes ?” You whined. 

She giggled and scooted closer to you. The old, worn bed squeaked beneath you and Mary. She always let you sleep in her room with her when she knew you two wouldn’t get caught. However mornings were always difficult. Mostly because you never want wanted to stop cuddling even when you knew you needed to be back in your cell by morning.

“Fine, ten more minutes.” Mary sighed happily.

“I love you, angel.” You said before you kissed her on the nose gently. 

“I love you more.” Mary beamed as she pressed her body closer to you and ran her fingertips up and down your arms softly. Creating tiny goosebumps that traveled down your arms.

anonymous asked:

Hey can you do kissing with Lily's characters too?

Nora Montgomery:

~Hesitant when kissing you at first

~She gets a bit tense when kissing you

~But she quickly relaxes into the kiss after she realizes how gentle you are

~Doesn’t want it to be heated unless it’s the right time

~Wants you to be in control

Mary Eunice McKee (non-possessed):

~Very shy kisser

~But quickly gets slightly addicted to kissing you

~Doesn’t put her hands on you

~Until you finally convince her to do so

~Sweetest of kisses

Mary Eunice McKee (possessed):

~Very rough

~Always in control no matter what

~Always a heated kiss

~Kisses you out of nowhere

~And most likely shoves you against a wall

Misty Day:

~Passionate kisses

~Grinning into the kisses


~Tugging you down (usually on a bed) when the kiss lasts long

~Kisses while dancing together

Aileen Wuornos:

~Forceful kisses

~Lots of tongue

~Very wild

~Digs her nails into your skin when kissing you

~Sometimes cackles when you moan into the kiss

Shelby Miller:

~Loving as hell

~Lingers her lips on yours even when the kiss is done

~Always gentle

~She blushes when kissing you sometimes

~Makes sure you enjoy the kiss fully

(Thank you for this lovely request, darling anon!!! I hope I did okay with Lily’s characters!! Much love, xoxo)