i love lili xd

Theirs is a story that never gets old. One of friendship, of bravery, of self-sacrifice, and most of all, of the love that started it all and ultimately saved the world.

I will never not be moved by the story of James and Lily Potter.


They said I could become anything I wanted… so I decided to become Lily Evans. XD I would love to RP if anyone is looking for a Lily!

And because I’m complete Jily trash and can’t do anything without involving music- here are two headcanon songs I have for those two:

James: Firebird by Milky Chance

Lily: Happy Lessons by The Vespers

Waaaaaaaa!!!! I can’t believe next week gonna be the last episode of Recovery of an mmo junkie!!! DX why do good anime only have 10 ep..who decided this? This is the same situation with Konosuba….well I wanted to do a  better drawing for this beautiful anime, but class and finals and work and just a whole lots of project are piling up the only thing I can do is sketch Lily! I love her character design!! XD Pink hair girl is one of my weakness!!! 

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I love your blog so much XD can you do one where lily overhears a conversation between James and snape where James doesn't even try to defend himself bc "you're right, I don't deserve her" when snape's being a jerk

  • Lily didn’t even mean to hear it
  • She wasn’t even suppose to be there
  • She was suppose to be heading to the library to study with Mary and Marlene but the second she’d heard James’ raised voice from right around the corner, she’d stopped dead in her tracks
  • “Don’t you dare talk about her like that-”
  • “Oh, what, can’t take a little competition?”
  • Lily clenched her teeth at the second voice: Severus.
  • “Don’t flatter yourself, Snivellus. I don’t considered you comp-”
  • “Well you should-”
  • She heard James scoff - she could picture his face, him stepping forward, towering over Snape, “In what world?” It was silent for a moment before he spoke again, his voice dangerously low, “You lost all your chance the minute the word ‘mudblood’ left your lips… You’re nothing to her. Not anymore.”
  • She heard one of them start to leave, their footsteps coming her way, when Severus yelled,
  • “You don’t deserve her either you know!”
  • She heard James’ footsteps stop, just around the corner and held her breath, trying not to make a sound.
  • She listened as James took a shaky breath - she could picture him running a hand through his hair
  • He turned
  • And her heart broke a little at the next words out of his mouth,
  • “You’re right. I don’t.” His voice was soft.
  • And she wanted nothing more than to reveal herself, throw her arms around him and tell him - yell at him - that yes yes he did of course he did. 
  • That if anything she doesn’t deserve him
  • “You’re not good enough.” Snape spit.
  • “Right again, Snivels.” But she didn’t hear defeat in his voice - she heard pity. For Snape.
  • “But I want to be.” James continued, “That’s all I want. I want to make her happy and - and I will… And that’s more than you can say.” 
  • Lily smiled softly, leaning against the cool stone wall.
  • “I just want her happy.” She could picture James’ shrug.
  • It was silent for a few minutes before she heard the farther footsteps retreating the way they had come - Snape was gone.
  • She didn’t wait more than a heart beat before she was rounding the corner and running right into James, throwing her arms around his neck and pressing him to the wall.
  • She kissed him with everything she had until he got over his shock and kissed her back.
  • When they pulled away she stood on her tiptoes as much as she could so she could press her forehead to his,
  • “You do make me happy. James, you- you do and- and you deserve the world.” She whispered against his lips, her hands tangled in his hair.
  • She felt him smile, one of his hands coming up to brush against her cheek. His voice was soft,
  • “I don’t need the world, Evans. I just need you.”
Little Dunbar *Chapter 1*

request? Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

word count? 1,066

A/N: okay so this was requested by a lovely anon that i have named Anon LiLi XD . i’m going to make it into a series, so if you have any ideas for it, lemme know!!! also i loved writing this so much omgomgomgomg just liam with children yes . but also this is gonna be a series as i said so don’t freak out with the ending, chapter 2 is gonna be here soon enough XD . xxx

masterlist where you can find the other chapters!

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James, love, maybe you should just marry Reg. Trust me. Bad things will happen if you marry Lily, mate! XD

((OOC: Omg I just love the subtle “if you marry Lily you will have a son and then you’ll both die and he will be the Chosen One blah blah blah” behind your ask lol))

James: I can’t marry Regulus… he’s a guy.  That’s illegal, right?  Even if I wanted to…

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I would give you distractions but I'm currently feeling somewhat aaaaaaaa about the fact that I will surely have to be decisive and attentive and social tomorrow :/ But I could ask, have you played Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? If you have, do you have a favourite character? Mine is Lily the frog (or toad, who knows) :D

Good luck to you! ❤ That’s always hard, I totally feel you.
And yes, I have! Pocket Camp is my lastest addiction xD Lily is indeed super cute… I love many characters, but from the moment I saw them, Tex has been my fave. That penguin is just way too adorable (I mean, cool!!) and I would do anything for them, not even kidding. Tex also looks and acts exactly like my first ever character I made (when I was like 7), who is a male penguin, except my character is wholly blue and has a yellow beak (kinda like the other penguin that you unlock later in the game). Anyway, I just feel super connected to Tex and I think they are the most adorable ever, plus the jacket! So cool™!
My other faves are Punchy the cat, Apollo, and Ketchup. :–D Seriously, I was playing Pocket Camp literally just now. I’m totally hooked.


I just love this to death. XD