i love like every picture of him in existence

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I can't believe part 2 got lost. I think it was about my love for Needy Louis. The kiss scene on New Year's day was so emotional on all levels. Louis was so lost and confused, and jealous and hurt. In that tub, he was vulnerable, but i think also thoughtful and learning. Every fucking minute he counted was a learning moment for him. I imagined this being in a movie, you know. It was captivating, this scene. Every minute, every breath was a revelation and a learning to Louis. (2-2)

anon, you’re back! you get me on another level.

I also feel like Unbelievers is very cinematic and that is why I love it so much. You can just picture them so clearly. Consequently, is there unbelievers existing  fan art somewhere? because I need it like I need air. Does the author have a their Gina? they need one stat. I have several fanartists in my followers, get to work people (please and thank you). 

Also, did you notice that the mirroring in both bathtub scenes? and how different they were, like two sides of the same coin? (a lot of under the radar symbolism in this fic I’m telling you!)

me, when louis posts a selfie: my precious child. he’s so pretty. i love him so much. but god what the fuck now? he’s the most beautiful human being to ever exist. but i really don’t feel like dealing with babygate. i should just accept this beautiful picture as a gift. but something is definitely going to happen. louis is so pret-

Just something I think Harry-stan would understand, and appreciate:

My friends always ask me why I love Harry so much; why am I so completely in love with someone who has no idea I even exist?
Normally I just shrug and smile, because it’s like I have this secret that I don’t want anybody to be in on. They just don’t get it; they have no idea how, when you hooked on him you just can’t shake him. He crawls under you skin, and suddenly you’re awake on a school day at 4 am scrolling through tumblr in hopes of getting updates about him. Because seeing his face, even when it’s a blurry picture once every three months, it’s like happiness is flowing through you veins, and you heart is pumping so fast, making you feel as if you’re on fire. And then I sit there like the dork I am with the biggest smile on my lips, because he’s out there. Somewhere out here he’s going about his daily activities, and meeting up with friends; laughing, crying, writing, rambling. He gets flustered and feels insecure, maybe unhappy, but he always, always, manages to make us feel special It’s like we have our own little club, that you just cant understand if you’re not in it. 

They laugh and tell you to move on, that “your silly fantasies are never gonna happen”, but that’s not the point. The point isn’t that every single Harry blogger/writer is doing it in hopes of getting together with him. The whole point is to not feel alone. When we’re on tumblr and writing silly blurbs, we smile and laugh and it makes our entire day. He is the reason I get up, and put on my silver boots (thanks for the inspiration, btw;)) and walk out the door, because I know he does the same.

When my friends ask me if I don’t fancy anybody else; in my life, celebrities, fictional whoever, I just smile and say “no”, because the toll Harry has on my heart is so strong, that it makes it impossible to even think about anybody else.

I sit in class and all I can think about is him. His smile, his generosity, his body, his skin, how he’d feel against me; lips pressing against mine, his body setting mine on fire. And the they get mad “Stop daydreaming” they say, because they don’t know it either. So I say sorry, but continue going through the same scenarios I’ve done a million times before.

I guess the bottom line is this; it’s okay to feel as if he’s your entire world. It’s okay to go mad, to cry, to scream over him, because it’s better than going though a life without him. What would we all do without our English, charing-glitter shoes-skipping across the stage-tight ass jeans wearing- asshole that has stolen all our hearts, heads, and souls. He gives me this special feeling; like I’m alive. Suddenly I can breath a little deeper, smile a bit brighter just after looking at one picture of him.

Just do whatever makes you happy, and know that Harry will somehow always know about us. I think deep in my soul that he actually knows who we are; maybe not personally but he knows our love and takes it seriously. And at the end of the day we can always come to tumblr and vent about that motherfucker that we just would no be able to live without.