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Queenie, you fabu bean!!!!! Your edits have changed so much and I absolutely love everything you dooo!!!!! You are the queen of queens!!! LIGHT LEAK OUR WAY TO HEAVEN!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU~~~~~🐰

You have no idea how big of a smile you just gave me! I did not expect to get this and I would like to say thank you soooooo much!!! U MADE ME CRY!! Whoever you are, thank you so much! And I love that you said I’m the queen of queens bc that made me giggle. I’m definitely not, but that made my day! Whoever you are, thank you. People like you deserve the world! Please stay safe and have a good day/night to whomever you are, anon!! Ilyt, lil'bean!!! BUT, WHOEVER YOU ARE, SHOW YOURSELF SO I CAN HUG THE CRAP OUTTA YOU!!

I Like This- (young) Remus Lupin imagine

Request: Please can I have a fluffy lazy day with Remus (young) x thanks 😊


Remus wasn’t in the common room when you went down there in the morning. Even on a Saturday, he was lounging on the couch with the other Marauder boys, chatting about nothing in particular.

“Remus is asking for you, Y/N.” Sirius Black’s voice called behind you, giving you a small wave towards the direction he came.

“Is something wrong?” There had been a full moon a few days ago; you couldn’t imagine that being the case he was in bed. Sirius smiled knowingly at you, winking once before walking past you. More confused than you were before, you dashed up the twisting tower stairs until you reached Remus’ dorm room.

“Remus?” You knocked on the door, pushing through it when you found it already opened.

“Y/N…” Remus’ voice drifted airily through the room, sounding tiredly sexy.

“You weren’t downstairs-”

“I wanted to stay in today.” He shrugged, patting the bed next to him as he scooted over. “Join me.” He begged, giving you a look you couldn’t refuse. Kicking off your shoes at the door, you crawled on your knees to curl into Remus’ open arms. His kissed your forehead and sighed, not saying a word.

“Remus?” You asked, tilting your head up to look up at him. Remus’ head bent down and looked back at you.

“Do you want to go get some tea? Or coffee maybe?”

“I thought you wanted to stay in bed.” You teased. Remus blinked and his arms tightened around you.

“Good thing I sent Sirius.” He winked. You laughed aloud, resting your head back on Remus’ chest.

“Making your friends wait on you.” You tsk’d your tongue jokingly. “I expected better from you, Remus John Lupin.” Remus groaned.

“Why must you use my full name?”

“I love your name.” You placed your hand over his heart, feeling the beat in his chest speed up at the slightest touch.

“Hello hello!” Sirius’ voice came again on the outside of the door, and the tall figure came in with a tray. “Stole it specially from the kitchens just for you.” He put it on the nightstand next to Remus, then ruffled his hair. “So cute.” He smirked.

“Sod off, Black.” Remus grinned. Sirius flipped his hair and left the room as quickly as his came. You raised your eyebrows at Remus, watching him nervously flick his eyes away from yours. “What?” He asked, his voice higher than usual. You giggled, straining your arm over his torso to grab a cup from the tray Sirius had brought. You brought the mug to your lips and relished in the warm liquid nearly burning your throat as it went down. Remus’ arms hugged you to him and kissed your forehead again. Your rested your hand over his.

“I like this.” You stated, taking a deep breath of Remus’ scent; soap and laundry detergent.

“I do too.” Remus nodded, taking his own mug in hand, smelling the steaming tea.

“What brought this about?” You asked him. Remus was quiet for a while before answering.

“I thought we could spend a little more time together.” He answered. Satisfied, you placed your mug down on the nightstand again, you flipped yourself so you were almost on top of Remus. Looking at his face, you studied his small scars and his bright hazel eyes. He blinked, his cheeks coloring under the light leaking in through the windows.

“I love you, Y/N.” He pursed his lips, staring at you hopefully. Your mouth opened in surprise, then you brushed your lips on his.

“I love you too, Remus.” You meant it. He seemed happy right then, happier than you’d ever seen him. You laid your head in the crook of his neck, listening to his calming breaths.


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I want to be a radiating light that leaks with love. I want to be of warmth. I want to be of calm. I want to say what I mean and be mean only when I mean to be. I want to stare into goodness and give back to it. I want to make sure I never eat at a Long John Silvers until the day I die. I want to fuck winter–the season, not the person, if there’s anyone alive named Winter.