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Howdy, could I get a match up please? I'm a 5'2 trans man with brown eyes. With friends I'm excitable but can be reserved around new people and situations (I've been told I have resting murder face.) I'm southern with a heavy accent that comes out when I'm happy or angry. I love writing, long night walks, reading and cooking vegetarian food, and baking sweets for my friends. I don't say no to people I care about and I'm pretty laid back but I will lose my temper if my friends are hurt.

It was between two lovely scientist ladies for me, but…

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I think you’d work best with Mercy.

First of all, in her line of work, Angela would not be frightened by your “resting murder face”, as you put it. She would easily work around it and quickly get to know your softer side. I think she would also appreciate hobbies like writing and reading, not to mention cooking. She works far too much, so to have someone cook for her would be a gift!

She seems like the type of person to also never say no, unless she had to, so she could relate to that aspect of you. I’m assuming laid back stretches to flexible in this case, which would be very good for her busy schedule and stressful way of life. And, to have someone lose their temper on her behalf would be good, since all of her energy goes to her work.

Those long walks might come in handy when she needs to relieve stress, by the way. The sweets, too (better make them chocolate ones!)

–Mod Evie