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Kat Edison and Her Feelings

Y’all I am having a lot of feelings about how Kat Edison handles her feelings about Adena. Especially after the sneak peeks we’ve gotten. There’s not enough meta in this fandom for me to consume so you just have to deal with my ramblings.

I just cannot praise The Bold Type enough. The way this show handles Kat is the shit we usually have to make up in fandom because television shows refuse to give screen time and dialogue to LGBT couples. But ohhhh no, not The Bold Type.

Things we know: Kat does not like to be emotionally vulnerable. Even in episode 3 when she was being doxxed, she put up a front and refused to even let her friends know how much it affected her. In episode 5, Sutton and Jane were completely thrown off by how much Adena was affecting Kat–they had never seen her that much in her feelings before. We as an audience have seen Kat cry this season, but I don’t think we have seen Jane and Sutton see Kat cry yet?

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mutantgurls  asked:

Last, role reversal voltron au. You can switch any characters u want.

ooooh, don’t hand me so much power, ill go crazy with it.

i’ve seen alot of fics and art of where Lance and Shiro switch places, and they are a dream come true for langst writers ( and shance shippers) everywhere. i personally love them!

but what about Lance and Matt switching spots?

like Matt is great friends with Shiro, but has always struggled with getting out of the cargo pilots classes to be able to show that he’s capable of so much more; and Lance being a great engineer and scientist who is pretty nerdy, but still the same lovable goof ball who loves anything to do with space exploration.

Lance would go up with Matt’s dad and Shiro and we would follow the usual plot, just with Matt being the Blue paladin instead of Lance.

but also, REBEL LANCE!!!!!!aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! the idea in itself is great and beautiful and SO unexplored!

think of a roughed up Lance being saved by rebels, an joining them in their fight against the galra. learning how to fight with all sort of different weapons. helping them with maintenance on their ships but also bringing a light hearted air into the rebel cause, helping older fighters relearn how to relax, and reminding the younger ones to not let the war diffuse their sense of humor and enjoyment in life. (plus him in that rebel armor would look hella good on him ;)) and just Lance and Shiro bonding! they were on a spaceship for 6 months, they’re going to get close with one another. 

and Matt helping Pidge to find their father, helping her sneak into the garrison, searching for clues of anything about him while they fight to save the universe. i do imagine Matt to be kinda like Lance, always the first to tell a joke and has insecurities about his piloting skills, always comparing himself to Shiro and striving to do better. but not the kind to really flirt with anyone. he qould be the one that alot of aliens would be super into and they try flirting with him, but he’s as blind as a bat when it comes to that kind of stuff, so he takes it all in good and pure strives, never realizing he’s leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

thats all i really got on this right now, thank you so much for the prompt! i loved it so much!

Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 20 - Brief Impressions

Well these Framework episodes turned out to be epic emotional roller-coasters and episode 20 was no different. Brief impressions:

Well, the minute this conversation was over, it was obvious that Jemma was going to go after Fitz. But bless Daisy’s naive heart that it never struck her. Also, I love the dynamic between these two badass ladies. More on that later.

This evil Fitz gets on my nerves. Sorry, I know the performance is great but I think the evil Fitz story-line may have overstayed its welcome. I was so done with this.

Daisy’s happiness at seeing Trip and then hugging them so enthusiastically was one of the best parts of the episode. I loved their friendship in season 2 and was glad to see them interact here.

Also this:

So many amazing Trip-Daisy moments. Trip’s increasing dismay that he didn’t hook-up with any of these lovely ladies and Daisy’s just like, ‘Nope, didn’t happen.” And honestly, I think Chloe Bennet has amazing chemistry with pretty much every cast member.

Another gem:

Coulson behaving like a little boy who’s in trouble, Daisy’s exasperation and May’s long suffering expression. I loved seeing this version of Coulson, reminded me of season 1 before AoS started to get darker.

This episode had so many painful good-byes and this was the first among them. Seeing Daisy leave Trip behind while also not wanting to tell him that he’s no longer alive in the Real World, so painful and so wonderfully acted by B.J. Britt and Chloe Bennet.

The Philinda was strong in this one. This relationship has had one hell of a build-up and it will be so disappointing if nothing comes of it. Also, Coulson is so gentle with her…

Radcliff’s redemption arc is complete. He brings Fitz to the backdoor and pushes him into it. I didn’t buy that whole ‘intrigued by immortality’ bait. He has nothing left to live for, I saw him still trying to save Fitz, someone he genuinely came to see as a son.

The most painful scene in the entire damn episode and maybe the Framework Pod. From the very beginning, it was obvious that the one person who would have the toughest time getting out was Mack because of Hope. I appreciate that Daisy was honest with him and didn’t try to force or coerce him into going with her. These two were partners in season 3 and became really close and you can see the heartbreak on her face. Bennet and Simmons were so good in this scene.

In other news, AIDA is a real girl now and can also teleport, Yaay! Just what the team needs. Mallory Jensen deserves a shout-out, she has been outstanding this entire season. Every character that she’s had to play, she’s played so well. Every character was so distinct, so kudos to her.

Well, @culturepopper and I got married yesterday and it was the greatest day of our lives, truly. I didn’t ever believe that our wedding day could live up to the hype, because we’ve had so many best days together, but this one really fucking ruled. It was just perfect, and I am more in love with her than ever. She slid across the floor on her knees in her gown like a champion and I just swooned and melted, and that was just one moment. And we absolutely could not have made this weekend perfect without the tremendous help of our best friend @catgranting. Let me tell you about the kind of friend she is. From the moment she got to town, she surrounded my wife and I with a forcefield of radical gay love that kept us grounded throughout the weekend, even during the most stressful moments. She drove my anxious, hungover ass around town to buy flowers and groceries for our welcome party because I was a mess. She queered everything up and gave us all the hugs and kisses and cuddles we needed to stay sane. She partied with us and danced till our feet were bleeding. She made our bouquets with us. She bonded with our other flower girls and greatest of friends and family from near and far. She got a dog to fall in love with her. She helped button up the back of my wedding dress with her “lesbian fingernails” when no one else could. And at the end of the night on the day of our wedding, this lovely lady, our first born child from the future, kept us laughing and smiling and feeling so taken care of and happy. Thank you for everything my friend. I’m probably forgetting something because you did so much, many things I’m sure, but bottom line is that we love you with all our hearts. We can’t wait to spend our whole lives having friendship adventures with you and sweet potato. See you soon.

hogwarts mixed girl gangs

think about the stigma burying the slytherins, think about them getting tripped in the halls for what kind of people theyre assumed to be. think about the hufflepuffs that bandage them up with muggle bandages that have cute designs on them. superheros and flowers and words. think about the hufflepuffs holding their hands all the way to the hospital wing. “its okay to cry if it hurts.” and “its okay to cry even if it doesnt”

think about the slytherins jumping to their defense. think about somebody laughing at the hufflepuffs, the ‘leftover’ kids. think about the slytherins sending a leg locking curse. think about them proudly serving detention. think about the big goofy grin on the hufflepuffs face.

think about ravenclaws showing up to support their gryffindor girls during quidditch matches, putting on bright red lipstick or smudging their cheeks with gold glittery hearts. think about them cheering the loudest, wearing their friends’ house colors as proudly as if it were their own.

think about gryfindors sneaking the ravenclaws out past curfew. think about “you need a break” in whiny tones. think about them making up constellations from the astronomy tower. think about the ravenclaws feeling free because of their friends bravery. “we wont get caught”. think about how they serve the next three detentions with matching smirks.

think about the gryffindor girls and slytherin girls being oh-so wary of one another. think about some girls digging deep to their gryffindor bravery and sitting at the slytherin table for breakfast. think about it becoming a ritual. slytherin table for breakfast, gryffindor for lunch, and wherever else for dinner. think about them making friendship bracelets, mixing the house colors. think about them cheering on both teams from the crowd.

think about girls from all the houses banding together to make each other feel important. always by their sides is another girl from any house. theyre all just best friends and everything is good.


more like, holy shit, how did this happen? i am here for a little over a week, and the fact that i reached such a milestone in so little time is unbelievable for me. i can not possibly express how thankful i am for all of you - for sticking around, for liking my interpretation, for following me in general. for being part of my squadfam i’m sorry. jokes aside, under the cut it is most likely going to get really sappy and long - and i just want you to know that you all are amazing in my eyes and i might admire you from far, but i love you as much as i love everyone here. thank you so much for this milestone. ♥ 

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imitchingonaphotograph  asked:

I have so much feelings for Misha and Darius. I like the glimpses of the real Misha - not his persona - we see via Darius and how they interact. And I loved your answer to the shipping them question!

They are so obviously close and 100% comfortable with each other, which also demonstrates just how different and unique Misha’s and Jensen’s friendship is. It’s not like Misha’s and Darius’s– there is an intimacy involved with Cockles that stands out so much more when I watch those livestreams. Whereas Misha and Darius are best friends– bickering like two old ladies who never seem to agree … Misha and Jensen are more like an old married couple. They still bicker, but there’s a closeness, a comfort … and there’s something else too. Both relationships are amazing and special, but one is just a little different.

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the kate daniels series seems interesting, but im not totally sold. pls convince me to read these books

honestly i don’t know what i got for you other than riding a giant donkey into battle.

NO uh, it’s super lady positive? also spoilers below. like there’s a big emphasis on Kate having agency and being able to make decisions about her own life, even if they’re potentially the wrong ones. And even when she does fuck up, the narrative is never like ‘oh Kate should have listened to a man/someone older/someone smarter’. It tends to be ‘Kate is Kate, and Kate can only do what Kate can do. If she did something else that was smarter but maybe crueller, or put the greater good over the immediate good, she wouldn’t be Kate anymore.’

Her LI is of the overbearing were-dude stock, but his overprotectiveness of her is constantly challenged both by her and the narrative, and they both grow together in order to accommodate each other? it’s a very mature relationship operating within some of the more familiar tropes of urban fantasy, but with the grossness stripped from it, i love it a lot.

And seriously, the ladies. There’s a focus on female friendship and found families and the different ways you can be a mother. It’s just as important to Kate that she now has a best friend when she’s been alone all her life, as it is for her to have found a lover. She picks up a street kid early in the series, and basically adopts her even though she has zero obligation to do so and her life would be much simpler if she just let it go. Like it would have been so easy for her to have just had a street kid pet for a book and then for the authors to let it go, but the girl actually becomes more and more an important part of Kate’s life, and the relationship helps both Kate and the girl grow positively.

and it’s just so much fun. like there is heavy and dark shit happening a lot, but the series doesn’t mire itself in it. like i have totally cried over some moments, but i also spent like ten minutes laughing last night about this fucking donkey i cannot even explain to you. it doesn’t mire itself in angst, the heavy moments are heavier because there is levity and good things to compare it to. And also more terrifying because like…if Kate was getting shat on all the time and constantly having her life ruined, you would know to expect that? But because to heartbreaking shit is carefully doled out, you can never be entirely sure who’s safe and who might not be.

also the tech vs magic thing is a lot of fun, and so is the history, i love the world building a lot

i really loved this series LMAO lies down

i’m sorry, i know this is a little late but let me just say something. 

no. this isn’t just sweet. this is one of the most heartwarming, touching, selfless things i have ever seen. 

they are not just friends. the type of friends who get along so well, who enjoy talking about the same things, who share the same traits, who enjoy doing the same things, who laugh at the same jokes. no.

their relationship runs much much deeper than that.

they are the type of friends where the other is always willing to back the other up, always ready to fight and defend, to protect from ppl who hurt them, to comfort, to give advice to, to support each other’s decisions, to applaud every achievement, to give the warmest hugs, to listen to every story and every problem. it goes on.

the type of friends who are willing to forget themselves to protect the other no matter what.

they love each other so much and we know it. this is true friendship ladies and gentlemen. i can bet my sweet ass that even after all of this, the fame, big bang, everything, they will still have each other, the best of friends till the very end. screw whoever you are who says otherwise. 

we ourselves find it hard to find real friends. people who are sure to stick with you through it all. but seeing it happen to two of the people you admire most in the world is just pure bliss. these are the type of people i hope to emulate. 


p.s., you can go to hell @kirubftw


smtabone  asked:

Hi Marc, Another question, could we possibly get some more female friendships on the show? I loved seeing Laurel/Felicity, Nyssa/Laurel and Thea/Felicity start to interact in season 3. If anything, it made me adore these ladies even more and connect them all to team arrow further. Thank you so much and very excited for Season 4. Best of luck to you and your amazing team :)

Yup.  They’re on their way.

Happy Birthday

In a day like today Monday February 8th a wonderful, courageous and lovely person was born.
My evil twin @krissielee came to this world.

She, ladies and gents, is funny, highly intelligent, gorgeous, creative, supportive, adorable and above all of that, she has an amazing ability to see the best in people.

My dear Krissie, you mean a lot to me. You have helped me in so many ways. You are a sunshine and a really amazing friend. Thank you for your friendship and love.

Thank you for being there when I needed it the most, thank you so much for all the love you have given me and this little fandom. 

You deserve all the best and more, your beautiful heart deserves all the blessings the universe can allow.

I love you.
Happy Birthday Dear!

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