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Hello there dear admin! ♥ Would it be possible to request some friendship headcanons for Baby 5 and Hancock? ((I just want to feel cool and dream about being bffsies with these ladies,,)) Anything at all will do it! (Also love your blog so much aaaa thank you for all the awesome content you have already dished out! ♥)

Thank you a thousand times! *blows kisses*

Yes, yes sure!

Baby 5 + Hancock friendship h/c

Baby 5

  • she just… can’t say no. This is basically the most important thing to know about this friendship
  • she feels responsible to be the best friend ever and to make sure that you always feel good and have fun
  • she’s gonna try to like the same things as you, or at least try them out
  • she’s there for you aaaaaall the time. Whenever you have a problem she’ll just rush to you as possible
  • and whenever you’re sad she’ll try her absolute best to help. And I bet she’s amazing at comforting you!
  • and if someone dares to hurt you she will definitely make sure that they pay dearly… After all, no one hurts her bestie and gets away with it!
  • being around her can be super fun but also a bit… exhausting at times
  • and as her best friend it’s your duty to detect possible dangers (like potential “suitors”)
  • she can be the jealous kind of friend and is a bit clingy at times
  • but all in all she’s just that one person that will never let you down or abandon you


  • okay prepare for beauty advises everytime you meet
  • she thinks that it’s her duty to bring “the very best” out of you, so she’ll turn into your personal style guru
  • so yeah there will be a lot of shopping sprees and make-overs (as long as you’re willing though). But with Hancock at your side they will never be dull or boring!
  • she may seem like the vain and selfish friend sometimes, but she’s actually quite the opposite
  • she just sometimes hides her caring side, especially in front of some other people
  • whenever you get a crush on someone she’ll definitely berate you and say that they’re not worth of being with you
  • secretly she’s just afraid of losing you or you abandoning her (of course she won’t admit it)
  • she’s simply the best person to talk to aaaall night long. Gossiping with her is always hilarious and fun.
  • and there’s no end to it! Whenever you two want to stop there’ll be another story/thing popping up in your heads and it while start all over again!
  • and when you have a problem you can always come to her. Hancock isn’t very good at giving advise (and she also worries a little bit that she might say something wrong) but she’s a GREAT listener!

lel first time trying friendship h/c, I hope it was good :D! And this was also the last inbox h/c request before my announcement, which means the first love h/c will be posted by tomorrow :D! I hope you’re as excited as I am :3! ((ACTUALLY there was one more h/c request which I finished in the morning and put in my queue but it wasn’t published and got deleted somehow :| I’m currently trying to find it and re-post it if it’s somehow possible! I’m sorry!))

Happy Birthday

In a day like today Monday February 8th a wonderful, courageous and lovely person was born.
My evil twin @krissielee came to this world.

She, ladies and gents, is funny, highly intelligent, gorgeous, creative, supportive, adorable and above all of that, she has an amazing ability to see the best in people.

My dear Krissie, you mean a lot to me. You have helped me in so many ways. You are a sunshine and a really amazing friend. Thank you for your friendship and love.

Thank you for being there when I needed it the most, thank you so much for all the love you have given me and this little fandom. 

You deserve all the best and more, your beautiful heart deserves all the blessings the universe can allow.

I love you.
Happy Birthday Dear!

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