i love kristanna so much so this just made me so happy :)))))

Siege of Arendelle- Chapter One

Okay so I caved. This is chapter one. There is no title yet. I’ve been calling it “Siege of Arendelle”, but I don’t like it as a permanent title, so for now that’s the tag and we’ll call it a working title. This first chapter is more of a set up/ hook for what’s to come, but hopefully it’s enough to give a sense of what this is going to be.

Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- For now
Words: ~1100

Chapter Two

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"A Little Humidity Never Hurt Anyone", a Frozen Kristanna smut fic

yessssssssssssss here is my contribution to Kristoff Week, though I think technically it’s more for tomorrow’s prompt but ~*~so what it’s smut~*~

A Little Humidity Never Hurt Anyone

Frozen; Kristanna; modern AU

Rated NC-17 for the sexytiemz

~2000 words of shameless PWP in a cabin

Hope you enjoy! :D

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“Empty Memories” (Frozen, K)

Rating: T
Words: 2,244
Pairing(s): past Kristanna
Summary: She’s never admitted that she misses him. It’s hard not to tonight. (Healing Through verse

After the absolute fiasco yesterday, I wasn’t sure I was going to write again for awhile, but I managed to repurpose some of the ideas into something completely different that could combine two days’ worth of prompts,  Kristanna Harvest Week, Day 3: Rain & Day 4: Haunted. 

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Flatmates drabble

(so I found this in my inbox, @karis-the-fangirl wrote me a Flatmates drabble!! As I have been hoping she would for aaaages. Thank you so much Charis and I love it :D )


Anna spun the wineglass restlessly between her fingers and told herself that she was fine. She was having a nice evening in, she was wearing her shabbiest comfy clothes, and she was really enjoying the programme she was watching about…about…Anna squinted at the glowing screen. Sharks. She was really enjoying this fascinating programme about sharks.

And she was absolutely definitely not thinking about Kristoff, or about what he might be doing during Sven’s stag do—their plans had sounded pretty tame, just a pub crawl and making Sven wear a silly hat, but pubs had women in them and any woman with eyes in her head was going to want to flirt with Kristoff, and Anna wasn’t thinking about that, she was learning about sharks. She was also running out of wine.  

A thump at the door made her jump, but it was followed by a string of curses.


Anna padded down the hallway. She could hear a fumbling, scratching noise, and more swearing. When she pulled the door open, her flatmate was crouching on the landing, picking up his key. He glanced up at her and dropped it again. Kristoff’s hair was ruffled, his eyes bright and his cheeks a little pink. He beamed up at her, smiling.


“Having some trouble with the lock?”

“No, no, I’m fine, it’s the key that’s having trouble.” He stood up, swayed a little, and leaned on the doorframe to grin at her. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

She pushed a wayward strand of hair behind her ear, feeling her cheeks heat up. “Did you have fun?”

“Oh, yeah. But—” He tried to step inside, caught his foot on the edge of the door, and staggered into her. Anna steadied him, although he crowded her against the wall as he found his feet. “Sorry.” Kristoff supported himself by resting both of his palms on the wall, leaning over her. “I missed you,” he said. “There was all this noise…and people…and I kept thinking about you. There were these girls, very nice girls, you would have liked ‘em, so nice. Chatted for ages.”

“Oh really.” Anne ducked under his arm so that she could bend down to get his key, and then pull the door shut. “Well, I’m glad you had fun—” His arms wrapped around her from behind, and Kristoff nuzzled the side of her neck, his nose rubbing beneath her ear and his lips humming against her skin.

“Would’ve been more fun with you. Everything’s more fun with you. You’re so…” He stopped to think. “You’re so alive. And so hot. God, you’re so hot. I’m so lucky.” He went back to kissing her neck but Anna wiggled until he let her turn around. Then he started kissing her mouth. It was a sloppy, enthusiastic kiss, and he was still trying to talk and kiss her at the same time. “So…lucky. Because you’re so gorgeous and…sexy…and god I love this.”

“Love what?”

“Kissing you. I love…” He pressed hard, sucking little kisses down her throat. “I love kissing you. And touching you. I can’t believe I get to touch you.” Warm hands ran down her back and firmly cupped her bottom. Anna squeaked, then began to giggle. Kristoff lifted his head so that he could beam at her again, his face full of delight. “I love that, too,” he said. “I love the way you laugh. I love living with you and the way you laugh.” He was pressing her into his body. She could feel him through his jeans, half hard, and his hands kept rubbing firmly over her buttocks, squeezing, until he got tired of her pyjama shorts and slid his hands inside the waistband with a happy little groan. Anna squeaked again, then pushed on his chest.



“Kristoff, you’re drunk.”

His eyes had drifted shut as he focused on caressing her bottom, but he opened them again. Brown eyes, the same warm, intoxicating brown of whiskey, and they smiled lazily down at her.

“I am. I am drunk.” His smile clouded. “Fuck. I’m drunk. I shouldn’t be doing this.” He pulled his hands out of her shorts and wrapped them chastely around her waist. “Sorry. Shouldn’t be doing that when I’m drunk.” Kristoff leaned his forehead against hers. “Sorry.”

He sounded so crestfallen that Anna almost started giggling again. “It’s okay, but probably you should get to bed, don’t you think?”

Kristoff nodded in agreement, and gave her a small, ridiculous kiss on the nose. “Okay.” He pushed himself away from the wall, and took a wobbly step.

“Here, I’ll help.” Anna guided him down the hall to his door. They kept bumping into the walls. “Really,” Anna said, “really I’m mostly drunk too. Party for one.”

“Drinking alone is no good,” Kristoff said severely, and stumbled into his room. His arm tightened around her in a hug. “Did you get lonely? Sorry. ”

“I was not lonely, I was learning about sharks.” Anna pushed him toward his bed, but he didn’t let go of her quickly enough and she tumbled down with him.

“Sorry.” Kristoff helped her sit up, and he stroked loose hair back from her face again, his fingers warm. “Sorry. God, I wish I wasn’t drunk.”


“So I could kiss you some more. Anna—” He leaned forward, lowering his voice like a little boy telling a secret. “I like kissing you. A lot. And I like—no I love—I love having sex with you.”

Anna bit her lip, trying to suppress a grin. “Good.”

“When I’m sober,” Kristoff said seriously. “I would like to have sex with you.”

Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 11

Rated: M (Y’all know my style by now)
Yeah, I have no medical back ground to back up this shit I’m spewing so please forgive inaccuracies. 

Previous Chapters Here

Anna ran to her phone in the kitchen as it rang.  “Hello, hello?”  She said, panicked, worried that she missed it.  

“Anna.”  It was Kristoff.

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Kristanna Past Lives AU: Chapter 9

Set in the Regency Era

Written by @karis-the-fangirl, Art by @upthenorthmountain 

Author’s Note: I’m afraid this story is a bit silly, because while I adore Jane Austen, it’s so much easier to imitate the work of Georgette Heyer (other Heyer fans can probably guess from this story, my favorite Heyer is The Grand Sophy).

Rated K+

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Retribution - a Kristanna/Frohana fan fic

The idea came from this by the wonderfully talented sarulak

Rating: K+

Words: 1784

Summary: Hans returns to Arendelle. Kristoff punches him. (basically)


Kristoff knocked softly on the door, shifting his weight from one foot to another as he waited anxiously for an answer. A few agonizing seconds later, the door opened slowly, just wide enough for Anna’s puffy, tear-stained face to appear.

“Oh Anna,” Kristoff cupped her face with his large hand, brushing away a falling tear with his thumb. “Please talk to me.”

Anna nodded her head, biting her lip to keep the sobs from escaping. She stepped aside to let the substantial figure of her newly minted fiancé into the room. She closed the door behind him with a soft click, and turning around to meet him she was greeted with strong arms wrapping around her. One arm looped around her waist, and the other hand rubbed her back, the warmth of it soothing and calming her. She sank into him, nestling into his solid frame. She felt safe there, loved.

They didn’t speak for a while, just holding each other, but Anna could feel the tension threaded throughout Kristoff’s body. She also felt he needed an explanation as to why she left their engagement ball like she did. She sighed heavily, clearing her throat as she prepared to begin.

“Kristoff, I- I owe you an explanation.” She began, but he cut her off.

“Anna, please don’t feel you have to explain. I think I know what’s going on.” He sighed now, pulling away from her slightly to look her in the eye.

“Y- you do?”

“Yes, I do.” He took her by the hand and led her to the nearby chaise, motioning for her to sit. Sitting beside her, he took her hand in his and held her gaze, his brown eyes intense.

“This… is about Hans, isn’t it?” He hesitated slightly, but pushed through, his eyes never leaving her face.

Anna opened her mouth in shock, words escaping her. She finally dropped her gaze, shaking her head.

“H- how did you know?” she whispered.

Kristoff rubbed the back of his neck, and Anna suddenly noticed the creases in his brow, the dark bags under his eyes, and she felt a pang of guilt stab her in the heart.

“Ever since I proposed, you’ve been acting… different.” He started, and fixed Anna with such a pained expression that her breath hitched.

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed, and would have broken down more had Kristoff not taken both her hands in his, squeezing them and looking deeply into her eyes.

“No! Please don’t apologize! I understand now.” He stroked her face, tucking wayward strands of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. “Actually, I didn’t understand at the time, but Elsa helped me.”

“She did?” Anna was surprised. She had seen her sister and Kristoff interact casually, but she had no idea they had talked about such emotionally charged things.

“Yes, well, I didn’t know what was happening. After I proposed, I thought you would be happy, but then you had gone to your room saying you weren’t feeling well, and I got scared. Elsa found me pacing in the parlour, and uh, after much cajoling,” Kristoff bowed his head sheepishly, “I finally told her what happened.”

“What did she say?” Anna tilted her head in his direction, clearly anxious to find out what her sister had said.

“She told me you would probably be dealing with the fallout from what happened with Hans.” Kristoff paused, shooting a tentative glance in Anna’s direction. Anna only nodded her head, so Kristoff continued, “She said that it would probably bring up some painful memories, but that it had nothing to do with me, or the way you felt about me.”

Anna nodded her head, absent-mindedly playing with the end of one of her braids. Kristoff watched her intently, unsure of how his words would affect her. She stood up and walked towards the window, Kristoff’s eyes following her.

“She’s right.” Anna said softly, gazing out at the fjord, “My sister knows me so well, even after so many years apart.” She bowed her head, fisting the front of her skirt in her hands.

“Hans was a scheming bastard, and he doesn’t deserve another moment of my time, but he really got to me. He really made me doubt myself, doubt my abilities, my judgment.” She stopped roughing up her skirt and started smoothing it now, running a flat palm against the rumpled fabric.

“But then you were there, and you loved me, and dispelled every doubt I ever had about myself that he had brought on, and I was happy.” She turned to face him, bringing her hands up to her heart, a radiant smile finally breaking through.

“And then I proposed, and it threw you back to that time.” Kristoff said, not unkindly, but just to help connect the thoughts, as much in his mind as in hers.

“Yes.” Anna replied, smile fading, “Even though it was completely different, even though we’ve been together much longer, I just couldn’t help it. I thought back to his proposal, and how earnest he had been, how I had wanted it so much. And then how it had ended, so very badly, because I was a stupid fool.” She dropped her face into her hands, the sobs finally bursting from her, and Kristoff crossed to her in two long strides, gathering her into his arms.

“Next time, please let me hit him.” He said through gritted teeth.

The following morning, they had been enjoying a lovely breakfast when Kai unexpectedly rushed into the dining room, stopping at the queen’s chair and whispering urgently into her ear. Kristoff and Anna exchanged confused looks, their spoons hovering in mid-air.

Elsa had suddenly straightened up, her face pulled hastily into her unreadable queenly mask, and excused herself from the table. The only outward sign that anything was amiss was the faint trail of frost that followed her out the door.

“What do you think that was about?” Kristoff stood rooted at his spot, turning towards Anna. She had moved to the window, looking out towards the harbor.

“Oh no.” The words had slipped shakily from her mouth before she covered it with her hand. Outside at the docks, a ship was moored, flying the familiar flag of the Southern Isles.

Elsa hurried along the pier, the frost trailing behind her crusting over to ice the closer she got to the ship. She no longer cared about the hushed voices and concerned stares as she made her way, she only wanted to get to the ship, and send it swiftly back to where it came from.

Prince Hans is here, Kai had told her, his face ashen.

He gave no prior notice that he was arriving. He says he’s here to congratulate Princess Anna on her engagement.

Elsa’s hands balled into fists, small shards of ice falling to the ground. Her anger threatened to overwhelm her, and she managed to calm herself to the point where the shards no longer emanated from her hands, as she took notice of the children gathering at the pier, their faces upturned. Ice remained on the ground behind her, however, and as soon as she passed the children screamed gleefully as they slid around on the temporarily slippery surface.

Elsa’s heart softened slightly as she heard the children’s laughter. Above all, she was a queen, and no matter how she felt about Prince Hans, she would have to conduct herself appropriately. She must be a role model to these youngsters, a queen her subjects could respect and admire-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a large mass of a person shoving past her, evidently more eager to get to the ship in question than she was. She opened her mouth to reprimand this ill-mannered citizen, when she looked up and recognized who it was. She stopped in her tracks, a smile curling on her lips.

When he heard Anna say where the ship was from, he was out the door without a thought. He could hear Anna shouting behind him, Kai’s concerned voice following, but he only had one singular purpose clouding his brain. His long strides left them all behind, their attempts to catch up to him hopeless.

When Kristoff reached the pier, he saw Elsa up ahead, but while she seemed distracted by some children playing about, he looked forward and locked eyes with the object of his rancor. Prince Hans was standing on the pier beside his ship, surrounded by a few Arendellian guards no doubt dispatched by Kai as he had rushed up to the castle.

Prince Hans’ eyes betrayed no emotion as he stood on the pier, his hands folded behind his back, boots polished, dressed impeccably. Kristoff could feel the heat prickle his skin, never taking his eyes away from the prince, as he barreled on. It barely registered that he had brushed the queen of Arendelle aside, bent as he was on his mission.

Anna ran as fast as she had ever run in her life, but she still couldn’t catch up to the swift-moving mountain that was her fiancé. Beads of sweat formed on her brow, both from exertion and from the thought of what Kristoff might do once he reached Hans. Anna hoped that Elsa had gotten to him first, but this wish was crushed when she reached the pier and saw Elsa standing to one side.

“Elsa!” Anna called, and she wondered why Elsa wasn’t responding to her. She followed Elsa’s gaze and her heart sank at what she saw. Kristoff was only mere steps away from Hans. In a few seconds, a confrontation would be inevitable.

“Kristoff!” Anna tried to run past Elsa in order to stop him, but Elsa suddenly reached out an arm to hold Anna back. Anna looked at her incredulously, her mouth falling open in shock.

“It’s alright.” Elsa said calmly, and motioned towards the oncoming confrontation, “Let him.”

The sisters watched as Kristoff finally reached Hans. At his approach the guards stepped back, leaving a wide opening for him to step through. Hans observed the whole thing with a bemused air, certainly never expecting the ice harvester to swoop through, right fist raised. Up until Kristoff’s fist connected with his jaw, Hans was convinced that no one would have the gall to even attempt to do what Kristoff was doing. And indeed, as the pain started to reverberate through his jaw bone he was aghast as to how a queen could let her subjects behave in such a manner. His last thought, as he was falling into the fjord for a second time, was regret at having come to Arendelle at all.

"The Course of True Love" (Frozen, DAS-verse)

Rating: M for sexual content
Words: 3,100
Pairing(s): Kristanna
Summary: After the events of “Dark As Snow,” Anna and Kristoff attempt to spend their first Valentine’s Day together, but some shadows are long, and some nightmares hard to shake.

Notes: Technically-ish my prompt for Kristanna Smut Week Day #3, “Be My Valentine,” but also an excuse to do some more writing in the DAS-verse. And also to hurt people with Kristoff and Anna fighting in that ‘verse because I am a terrible person. Enjoy.

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The Reluctant Queen

I don’t write anything for a little while, and then I do this when I have plenty of other projects to work on. Oops?

This basically stemmed from the idea of “Oh hey I haven’t tried a sad!fic yet”.

Notes: Major character death

Rating: K+

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters, side Kristanna

Summary: Anna never expected to be queen. 


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Kristanna Secret Santa  <3

art by sargar3000

Kristoff rolled his eyes upward when Anna dropped the slightly prickly, fragrant circlet onto his head, but he didn’t object. He just leaned forward to make room for her to sit behind him, perched on the log that he’d been using as a backrest.

“What’s this for?”

“Mm.” Anna shrugged, and reached out to comb her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. It was still long, brushing the collar of his tunic, and still shaggy and uneven, even though instead of cutting it himself (with a knife) he’d let Anna cut it with scissors. She had tried to make it even, but Kristoff hadn’t seemed able to hold still, especially when she’d snipped (very carefully) near his ear. His neck and shoulders had been so tense that she’d finally put the scissors down, before he could pull his head down into his shirt like a turtle.

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A Little Bug

I wanted to do a one shot tonight and looking through my folder of unfinished fics I found one I started the last time I asked for an opinion on line prompts, about six months back now, it was “I have an appointment tomorrow” and it was requested by jessica988, so sorry it took me so long, hope you don’t a Kristanna baby, a little Daddy Kristoff and Mommy Anna, with hints of police officer Bjorgman for good measure. PS see if you can spot the frozen fever so long, hope you don’t mind a little daddy Kristoff and Mommy Anna, with hints of police officer Bjorgman for good measure. PS see if you can spot the frozen fever reference.

“Anna, sweetheart, are you ok?”

Anna looked up from her position on the bathroom floor and saw Kristoff in the doorway with a look of tremendous concern on his face. She opened her mouth to tell her she was just fine, but in that moment was overcome by a wave of nausea and proceeded to throw up for the third time that morning. Kristoff was at her side in seconds, gathering her hair to hold it out of her face in one hand and rubbing small circles on her back with the other. When she was finished she took several deep breaths to calm herself and then turn to face him with an almost inaudible “Sorry”

“No, no, you don’t need to apologize, it’s alright”

“I’ll get breakfast made for you before you go,” she made to get up but was stopped immediately by a firm hand on her shoulder.

“The only thing I want you to do is get back into bed and rest. There’s no way I’m letting you overexert yourself today”

“But I have work today”

“No you don’t, I called the office this morning to tell Elsa you were sick, you are officially cleared for a sick day”

Anna gave a tired little smile and said, “Thank you, but are you sure that all this is really necessary? I mean it’s only the flu”

“Anna, this has been going on for two weeks now and you haven’t gotten any better. You didn’t even take off work once. Do you know how many times Elsa called me to ask if you were ok?”

“Ok, ok, I see your point. But I promise you it’s nothing, you had the same thing last week remember?”

“I also got over it in forty eight hours, you haven’t changed at all”

“Look, if it makes you feel better, I have an appointment tomorrow for the doctor’s. I give you my word of honor that if anything is wrong I will tell you right away, alright?”

Kristoff thought for a long moment, turning the situation over in his head, before letting out a reluctant sigh. “Fine, but please rest today alright, if only to make me feel better”

Anna gave him a reassuring smile, “Deal”

Once left alone, Anna sank back against the sink cupboards and let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“That was too close”

Raising herself up she proceeded to sit on the edge of the bathtub and waited. This was for the benefit of letting the nausea pass, but also to think of what to do. She had told Kristoff she had an appointment tomorrow and, while this was true, it was not for any diagnosis but for confirmation of she own suspicions. If you wanted to argue that she was already doing so with her own test you wouldn’t be wrong, but it is better to add substance to a suspicion than just having one on its own. Kristoff, in his worry for Anna, had not seen it on the counter, though Anna was petrified he would discover it.

I want it to be a surprise for him if we are in fact going to have a…

Anna’s thoughts froze at the word, for how strange it sounded to have a baby. That’s not to say they wouldn’t want the baby, they had both talked about it since they had been married. Of course it had only been a year since then and besides it was not clear if she was going to have a baby. But that will all be cleared up in…wait, how long had it been?

She check the timer on her phone to see how much time was left. Ten seconds left to be exact.

Taking a deep breathe to calm herself, Anna got up, walked over to the counter and simply looked straight down at the test in question, no point in stalling anymore. There, in big black letters was the word: Pregnant

“Ahh” Anna quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

“Please don’t let Kris hear that” She listened hard for any sign of him and all she could hear was the sound of his truck pulling out of the driveway, he was off to work, good.

With shaking hands Anna picked up the test and stared at it in silence until finding her voice and choked out,

“I’m going to be a mom”, and a massive smile bloomed on her face.

“Mom, I’m gonna be a mommy. I’m having a baby!”

It was at this point she realized she was crying profusely, though they were by far the best tears she ever cried, together with those of her wedding day. Oh how perfect this would be, they would have their own little family, and to be sure everyone would be so excited. Bulda of coarse had dropped hints for a while and even Elsa had expressed want for a little niece herself. Kristoff would be so thrilled with the news to be sure, or at least she thought he would, wouldn’t he?

“He wants this, we talked it over it’ll be fine” Anna said to herself, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of doubt from her mind, not yet anyway. He would be the first to know, of that she was sure, but the question was how to do it. She didn’t want to just blurt it out as she did so many other things, oh no, this just had to be special, but how?

“I got it, it’s perfect, but let me see..”

Practically running to the kitchen, Anna went to retrieve her purse from the table, checking to be sure she had the means to execute her plan.

“Perfect” Seizing her purse she headed out the door and into her car, she had some shopping to do after all.

An hour later found Anna still looking for the perfect clothes to get. Then again it was hard enough to decide on what she wore, much less clothes for her baby.

“This is tougher than I thought, ok break from the daddy ones, what about Aunts?”

Looking though a rack of newborn onesies, she pulled out one toward the back and read out loud: “I get my Awesomeness from my Aunt. Oh that is too cute, Elsa will love it. Then again she won’t know till the family dinner Sunday, I hope Kris will be ok telling everyone then. Now let’s see one for Aunt Elsa one for the “World’s Greatest Grandparents”, all that leaves is daddy. Shall we keep looking?”

She wasn’t sure why she was already talking to the baby, she was sure she was quite the sight to the other people in the store, but it felt natural to do so, and besides it was actually really fun to talk to someone, even if they can’t answer her. “I’m sure we can find a something special, let’s see”

Turning her attention to the last rack by the wall, Anna spotted the special something she needed: A little girl’s outfit that read across the front: “I wear Bows & my Daddy wears a Badge” and not too far behind she found the second part of her surprise, for both bases must be covered until they found out for sure what the baby was, a little boy’s outfit with the phrase: “I’m Daddy’s partner in crime” With a radiant smile and a barely contained happy laugh, Anna made her way to the checkout with her finds. They were perfect way to tell her surprise, of that she was sure, she just hoped Kristoff would think so.

“Anna. I’m back.”

“In the bedroom Kris”

Kristoff walked to their room and found Anna, back to him, in front of the full length mirror in the corner. She was holding up two dresses and alternating holding them close to her to see how they would look. There was a look of pure confusion on her face that was actually quite amusing and Kristoff found himself laughing at the sight.

“What’s so funny?”

“You. What are you doing anyway?”

“Trying to choose what to wear for Dinner on Sunday”

“Anna you know you don’t have to dress up for family dinner”

“But I wanna look special for it, though it may not matter if I can’t even decide. What do you think, Purple or Green?”

Kristoff looked at each in turn, for although he thought either would be beautiful on her he wanted to take it seriously for her. Finally he decided: “Purple, it really makes your eyes pop”

“Aww, thank you, you’re too sweet. Well that settles that, just one more thing”

“What’s that?”

“Well there’s a certain….accessary that I’m gonna have, but…well, I just can’t figure out a color, would you mind?”

“No, no, it’s ok, you can show me”

Anna smiled and took a breath to calm herself. Walking to the closet she pulled out the bag where the clothes were, she had switched them into a brown grocery bag from the kitchen to hide them from Kristoff. Setting them on the bed, she took both in her hand and, before she lost her nerve, turned to face him.

“I like both, but I think the pink is quite promising. What do you think?”

Kristoff didn’t know what to think. He stared at Anna in sheer astonishment and when the impact of what she had said hit him he felt his knees go weak. Slowly he walked up to her and, without saying anything, pulled her into a tight hug. When at last he found his voice he was able to say,

“You’re really telling me we’re gonna have a baby?”

“Yeah, I mean I still have an appointment tomorrow to make sure we are but I took a test this morning and it was positive, so I’m pretty sure already”

With an absurdly goofy grin on his face, Kristoff took a closer look at the two outfits and had to fight not to laugh, which was really hard to do.

“Any reason for these two in particular?”

“Well you are part of the police force, I thought it would be fitting”

“Yeah, they are and by the way, I think bows and a badge is it, I’d love a girl like you”

“What about having a partner in crime?”

“I’d love a boy too but let’s face it, with the amount of mischief you get into, we’ll both have a partner in crime no matter what”

“A fair point. Oh I can’t wait for Elsa and your Parents to see theirs, I was hoping we could tell them at Sunday dinner?”

“That sounds perfect,” Kristoff agreed, his smile never fading.

“I’m so glad you’re happy, I mean, I knew you would be but I was so nervous that with you position at the station and the way things are going that you just would want…”

Kristoff had silenced her ramble with a firm kiss and, when he pulled away, held her while reassuring her over and over,

“Of course I want this now, and I wouldn’t want this with anyone else, I love you…..mommy”

“I love you too….daddy”

They stood there, quite content in each other’s arms, for a few moment before Kristoff lowered himself to the floor and, before Anna could asked what he was doing, placed a hand on her stomach and said in a soft voice,

“Hey in there, it’s daddy, I just wanted to tell you I love you baby and I can’t wait to meet you”

“Neither can mommy,” Anna added, tears of happiness in her eyes at this point. This was gonna be the most amazing nine months of her whole life. Of course it would only be the start, but she was so excited to see what was next for her, Kristoff and their baby. One thing’s for sure: with the family they had, and were going to have, things were going to be amazing.

The Other Dressing Room Scene, a Frozen FanFic

Category: Frozen 
Genre: Smut, Romance
Characters: Kristoff, Anna
Rating: M
Words: 3,999
Summary: “And while Kristoff would do anything for Anna, there was one thing that he just couldn’t bring himself to do – not willingly anyway.”

A/N: Someone a long time ago requested Kristanna dress shopping, as it was referenced in one of my previous fics (x). Then it magically turned into smut. Hate it when that happens, you know?

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The Scent of New Beginnings, a Kristanna fic for Bri

This is for bri-ecrit! based on this prompt. I hope that your week gets better, Bri <3 I meant to write a drabble for you and post it much sooner, but it’s…not a drabble, and it’s late. 

I’m sorry in advance about all the errors and typos that I’m sure abound, I’m kind of anxious to post this and go to bed so I only skimmed over it :P I’m also sorry that it’s not very good

Note: Okay, so there’s no staircase in the ballroom in the film, I’m pretty sure, BUT let’s all pretend that maybe when Elsa used her powers in the ballroom she accidentally did some structural damage, and it had to be remodeled, and they put in an upper gallery with a staircase while they were at it because what good is a ballroom without a sweeping staircase

The Scent of New Beginnings

The engagement had only been announced a week ago, and already Kristoff was wishing that he could disappear into the mountains until the wedding. Better yet, he wished he could sweep Anna off to the mountains with him, elope with a troll wedding, and then spend their honeymoon all alone, far, far away from people. Far away from people who wanted to shake his hand, people who wanted to give him marital advice, people who wanted him to exert some kind of influence on his fiancée and future sister-in-law, people who just wouldn’t stop talking. Far away from all people who weren’t Anna, that was where Kristoff wanted to be. But he hadn’t even suggested it—it was winter, which was not the best time to camp out (although the challenge of keeping each other warm sounded so very appealing), and he wasn’t sure how legal a troll ceremony would be considered by the kingdom. Besides, she was so happy

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A Prom to Remember

Who: Kristoff, Anna, Hans (Kristanna/Hanna)
Rating: K+ (for mild violence and language)
Summary: Senior Prom. It’s the night to make memories, to have a fun time with friends. For Kristoff and Anna, this is surely one prom they will never forget. I suck at summariessssss

Note(s): Ok, this little booger fought me till the end. I finally just had to say screw it, put my hands in the air and said it’s good because I would have just kept tweaking it till next week lol. It’s not my best I do not believe but, I think some happiness is in order tonight. This was suggested by anna-bjorgmans-booty based off of the prom episode from Glee (loosely based). I hope you like it love! :)

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Cold, Firsts, and I Love You's

Rating: M for sexual imagery
Words: 4191
Pairing: Kristanna
Summary: Kristoff accidently let’s slip the ‘L’ word, PWP ensues.

Notes: I wrote this a while ago to try my hand at smut (and ended up avoiding it for about 2000 words hahaha) but then deleted it for some reason. But people asked for me to post it again so here I am, doing just that! Enjoy I guess lmao.

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Together They Keep Warm - a Kristanna fic

This is for the amazing ominouscloudsofarendelle, because 1) I realized that I’ve never dedicated a fic to her and that is a crime because she was my very first follower and first mutual and she is my awesome fandom sister and she deserves all the dedications and 2) she was both a super helpful beta reader and she put up with a solid 24 hours of me fussing and hemming about what to call this fic and she never told me to shut up once <3 True patience! So LM this is for you (it was going to be anyway but now it REALLY is <3)

Together They Keep Warm

pairing: Kristanna

rated: T

words: 4967

“…if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone?” Ecclesiastes 4:11 [ESV]

The broken rhythm of a knock at the door startled Kristoff so much that he nearly sliced open his own thumb. Instead he gouged a deep scratch into what had been a promising carving of a leaping hare. Kristoff scowled, then shook his head and tossed the half-shaped block of wood into the fireplace. The knock came again and he took the knife with him as he went to answer it. It might be another harvester or a hunter, looking for shelter from the rain that was pummeling the mountain—that sort of invasion was annoying enough, but it was more welcome than most of the alternatives. Kristoff lifted the heavy crossbar and let the door open a crack, looking out warily for bandits or other unsavory figures.


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