i love korean traditional clothing

[언더테일/Undertale] Han-bok 한복 Frisk and Sans

I saw @gurugururi‘s Sans and Papyrus(1),(2) wearing 한복(Han-bok: Korean traditional clothes)

And I love them SOOOOO MUCH so i drew this.

I really love Han-bok…..And when i have chance i want to draw undertale characters in Han-bok.

 빙글빙그링님의 한복입은 샌즈하고 파피루스 보고 필받아서 그렸어요ㅜ 

헣헣 진짜 예쁘게 잘 그리셨더라구요ㅜ

그에 비하면 전 뭔가 칙칙하네요ㅜ

좋은 소재와 그림 보여주셔서 감사합니다!❤

cryinglrhs  asked:

Hi, I was anon before, but I was wondering if you could maybe draw me something from your Undertale AU? I'd love if you could draw little Frisk in what Dong Yi wore as a princess in the show 동이? I know it's so much to ask, so it's fine if you can't :) Much love!

And @kchypark want to see their Joseon AU ver(or Han-bok ver)

Batter(OFF)/Frisk(Undertale)/Madotsuki(Yume Nikki)

I really love to drew them in Han-bok(Korean traditional clothes)!!!!!

And i really thank you for love about my Joseon au(Han-bok au). I really really glad to introduce my cultures like this!!!

Thank you and always love you!!!!

About Joseontale(undertale au)

anonymous asked:

Wow I really love your Undertale AUs, especially Joseontale! Sometimes I feel like there isnt enough Korean representation in stuff :/ As a fellow Korean I felt really happy when I saw Joseontale (but I suck at Korean ;A;) 계속 이쁜 그림 그리세요~ 언니 화이팅!!

AWWWWWWWW Thank you so much!!!

That’s really Lovely comment!!

And yes!! Korean culture is really adorable but many people don’t know about our culture!! So I really happy  many people love Joseontale.

Thank you and Always Love you!!!!


I drew Undyne in Han-bok(Korean traditional clothes). I really love Undyne and I really enjoy drawing her!!!

 More about Joseontale?