i love korean people!

I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but during the interview at the Apple concert thingy, some guy in the back yelled “Oppa” to them and a few people laughed. Funny right?
Nah, because the boys were visibly uncomfortable. Especially Mark, Johnny, and Doyoung. Jaehyun and Yuta just smiled nervously kinda like ?? I know some of you people love to say random Korean words for whatever reason here on the internet.. Just PLEASE don’t do that in person, directly to idols! It’s annoying and cringy af like, I can only tolerate Koreaboos so much… Just Stop.

At the event this dude was saying “Oppa Mark!” too and Mark kept looking straight ahead. He was obviously freaked out  cause the dude sounded like a grown ass man and Mark is literally 17 (In Western Countries). At least, that time some people in the crowd told him to shut up.. Doyoung turned around to look at the guy, all wide eyed and probably wanted to say something (ya’ll know how protective he is over the younger members).

You weirdos need to really stop, it’s sad because these idols can’t even say anything back. They are kind of forced to be nice and to keep their mouth shut or else they’ll be labeled as rude. So, taking advantage of that is even more low.


04.23.17 // wrote up 30 invitations to an upcoming orchestra concert and reviewed some korean notes to help prep for upcoming finals! :)

[TRANS] 170706 NCT 127 First Anniversary, Winwin’s Rolling Paper


Ni Hao, Dong Saseong*. I heard you’re really bad at playing games, you should practice a little. You’re just so cute. I think you’ve adjusted to living in Korea well, and have gotten closer with the members, too. Dong Saseong, I love you.

*Dong Saseong is Winwin’s Korean name! Just like how Yuta becomes Youtai in Chinese, or Haechan becomes Kaicheng

Winwin is the person in our team who always receives the most love and who the members take care of the most. You’re curious about the reason why, aren’t you? There are many reasons, but I adore you so much because you are kind, and have such a pure and sincere heart. Winwin has a handsome and cool face, but your heart is seriously so beautiful. Hyung really adores you.

The real maknae of NCT~ but also the smartest and most desirable genius! These days I know it’s been hard, but for always trying your best and doing so good, I am so proud of you. Let’s do well together until the very end. I love you.

I love you, I love you so much. Wo Ai Ni. (I love you in Chinese)

Winwin-ah, even though hyung always nags and annoys you, you know I say it because I’m worried about you and I love you, right? As long as you know this, it’s good. Let’s be happy always.

Ni Hao. Sometimes I’ll think to myself, aren’t you just nine years old? It confuses me, but even still I love every side and everything about you. Let’s have strength. I will forever be your Pengyou (friend in Chinese).

Gege*, bro! Gege always brings us lots of smiles and happiness. I like it so much. Hyung might not know but from watching you, I feel like I can learn so much. Let’s always work hard together!

*Gege is older brother but in Chinese

Wo shi didi (I am the younger brother in Chinese)~ Our WingChicken who is always the most loved, you are a hyung who gives me energy and strength. Even if we are apart for only a short while, I miss you. You are just too cute, so seeing you reading a book or speaking in Chinese so fluently feels a bit awkward. But I know you’re actually the smartest~ Also, you seriously suck at playing games.


Eldest brother Taeil, Ni Hao. For always being so reliable and helping all of us, I’m so, so thankful. I love you!

*HEY JOHNY! You are a tall, manly, and reliable hyung. When I don’t understand something, you’ll always explain it to me. Sometimes you even do it in Chinese! You’re always thinking about and caring for the other members, too. For doing all of this, I am always thankful to you. Jiayou! I love you.

*wrote HEY JOHNY in English, spelled Johnny’s name wrong

Our leader, the most handsome leader! For giving me so much support/always cheering me on, I’m always thankful. If hyung is not here, I don’t know what I would do. I love you, hyung, I love you.

Yuta hyung! You are the most fun, the most handsome, and also the cutest. You help me so much with dancing and always make the atmosphere fun for the team. I will also help you and cheer you on a lot, so in the future, too, let’s keep on going together. I love you, Na Yuta.

Our smart Doyoung! You always take care of me and buy me lots of meals. But don’t push yourself too hard, you have to live everyday being happy. I love you. Now and in the future, too, I will try to help you lots!

Eat lots of food, and don’t be sick. Don’t do too many difficult things, always be happy. I love you.

Don’t work too hard, remember to eat. You can’t get sick, okay? Fighting! I love you.

Our cute Haechan! You are becoming even cooler and more handsome~ I love you!

kor fanaccs by @winwiningg & @nct_victory
eng trans by me! 
please take out with credit💕

VLD staff: We’re keeping Keith’s ethnicity to ourselves until later

Some People: Omfg remember when Keith told Shiro “you're like a brother to me” they're gonna be brothers! They’re both Japanese clearly!



i asked him to draw me a cactus BUT HE ALSO DREW ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE AND WROTE HBD since i told him it’s gonna be my birthday soon I LOVE THIS BOI

and can someone tell me what he wrote in korean plz coz i can never read his handwritings ;u; 

ID #34426

Name: Anne
Age: 14
Country: United States

hi there :))

My name is Anne Rose and I am currently looking for a snail mail partner so send cute stuff to now and then.

I looooove learning languages, and am TOTALLY willing to learn yours if you want to write with me. I know a bit of Korean and am challenging myself with Mandarin.

I’m so fascinated by the world so wherever your from, I’d love to hear more about (it’s probably 10x better than the cornfields around here)

I am super people-friendly, can get giddy sometimes, and am really tech-savvy.

However, I am currently only looking for pen-pals.

Preferences: My preferences would be

a) ages near my own

b) people with a dry sense of humor

c) I want to send and receive fun things like candy and stickers

d) welcome to all genders, religions, sexuality, etc and would not like to mail anyone who isn’t.

Yuuri Katsuki for aesthetic posts

I love Viktuuri “aesthetics”. I almost love them more than drawn fan art. Aesthetics are lovely and colorful and life-like that I just can’t get enough of them!

My problem with many aesthetic posts though is that it seems that more often than not, Korean (and sometimes Chinese) actors and models are used for Yuuri Katsuki. Now before anyone goes, “Omg you’re one of those nationality snobs” (idk, is that even a thing, lol) hear me out! I have nothing against Korean people; I love them and I think they are very good-looking. It’s only that (and this is probably an Asian thing) I can recognize a Korean from a Japanese person fairly easily. To me, they do not look alike. I actually don’t know any of the guys used for the aesthetic posts or mood boards I have seen, but I definitely know a Korean guy when I see one. I therefore cannot count the number of times I’ve scrolled through such posts and went, “Dang it, I love the feel of this and I even love the look of the guy who is supposedly Yuuri, but why oh why does he not look Japanese!?”

I know, I have issues. But! If you’re like me, or in case you just feel like you need them (*wink wink*), here are a few Japanese celebrities for all your live-action Yuuri Katsuki needs. ♥

Kento Yamazaki (22)

This kid tops most Yuuri Katsuki fan cast lists that I have seen, and with good reason. I mean look at this guy! He’s perfect for the part. Yamazaki can do both cute Katsudon and sexy Eros. Granted, he seems to do the former more often than the latter – but then isn’t that also perfect? Even his ratio of soft:sexy is on-point Yuuri.

Also granted, his sexy is actually kind of confusing because he’s still cute when he does sexy? But, again, this is probably also on-point Yuuri. ♥

Masaki Okada (27)

Here’s another guy with a precious face. What I find most striking about Okada as Yuuri is the hair – doesn’t he look like he would make a great growing-his-hair-in-St. Petersburg!Yuuri? ♥

I also think he is fairly versatile, since his face could pass for someone younger. He could be current or older Yuuri, whichever of him you might need.

Ryunosuke Kamiki (23)

What I love about the feel of the photos that come up for Kamiki is he seems fit for your typical AU!Yuuri. I have no idea why this fandom is so into AU, but you know the drill – handsome, quiet/timid mysterious guy Viktor meets in the park, library, book shop, pharmacy, etc. and Viktor just falls in love at first sight.

Funny thing about this guy, though: he seems to do well in intelligent psychotic roles? People might recognize him for his role as Soujiro Seta in the live-action Rurouni Kenshin, but he also played Takeru Amaya in Kamisama no Iu Toori. Random bit of info, but I thought the Killing Stalking crowd might like it (a.k.a., the crazier side of the YOI fandom, lmao).

Takeru Satoh (28)

There are a lot of great things about Satoh, who is probably most recognized for his role as Kenshin Himura in Rurouni Kenshin. Satoh is my peg for older Yuuri, or Yuuri down the road, five-or-so years in in the relationship but still has Viktor head-over-heels and wrapped around his little finger. And why wouldn’t Viktor be, if Yuuri grows up to being this? There is a very mature, very homey feel to Satoh’s photos that it is easy to picture him at home, in a winter sun-lit room, playing with your dog.

Another thing I love about Satoh is I sort of think he slightly looks like Daisuke Takahashi? As in Takahashi, inspiration for Yuuri Katsuki’s skating style Takahashi. I have always thought Takahashi has an outgoing, almost flirty kind of face, which is not very Yuuri, but Satoh seems to have that Takahashi vibe, but sort of… more quiet? Like he is more reserved, and so kind of closer to Yuuri. I have no idea if this is making sense, but I just love him more for this little thing.

Last but definitely not the least for Satoh: “Takeru Satoh glasses” is Google’s gift to mankind. The guy looks great in glasses, ’m just saying.

Jin Akanishi

I was unsure whether to include this guy in the list because it is rather hit-or-miss with him, but I decided that the few hits make him list-worthy. I would definitely use him more for Eros!Yuuri or drunk Yuuri. I mean guh, he has that messy tie look down, doesn’t he?

Fair warning though that his pictures can get pretty wild. I think I even saw a naked pic somewhere while sifting through his photos jfc

Anyone else have other good candidates? :)

my kink: idols in oversized sweatshirts 

So, I meant to do this weeks ago when I hit 5,000 followers, but life happened. You know how it goes. Anyway, since I couldn’t decide on what to do to celebrate, I figured a follow-forever would be a solid option (I hope I’m doing it right). So without further ado:

Blogs/people I love to chat with about dramas:

  • @persephunee I love that we don’t always agree but always have such positive, interesting discussions! You’re lovely!
  • @brainless-out I always appreciate your imkd and our lively chats, haha.
  • @audreyskdramablog Your commentary is so on point and I love to hear your opinions, especially since we have similar taste!
  • @midnightrain910 Again, great talks about dramas! :D
  • @daebakdramaland You haven’t been active lately, but you’re so lovely and and so kind! Geeking out over cute drama otps and traveling is always a pleasure. :)

Other honorable mentions:

And shoutout to all my followers who don’t mind me occasionally freaking out over characters (read: Bong Hee) and stick around despite my sad attempts at pic-sets. 

If Les Mis was a K-Drama (for @todaysgonebi)

….wait, hold up…. *checks script*

  • Rags-to-riches heroine
  • who has a dead mother and a tragic backstory
  • Rich male lead
  • who is an orphan
  • with a disapproving grandfather who cuts him off
  • A love triangle
  • with a bitter, manipulative second female lead
  • who’s past is intertwined with the female lead
  • In fact a whole cast of ridiculously complex intertwining sub-plots
  • that rely on impossible coincidence to advance the plot
  • A second male lead with an interest in the female lead (Theodule)
  • who is related to the male lead
  • …..so a love QUARTET
  • They meet and then male lead loses female lead DRAMA
  • They find each other and then the female lead has to move DRAMA
  • The male lead runs off on a suicide mission DRAMA
  • A forced living situation
  • A dark family secret
  • A game of cat and mouse
  • A mysterious, unexplained illnesses
  • An over-the-top plot
  • Historical
  • (So basically a romance, action and sageuk all rolled into one)
  • One heck of an OST

If Les Mis was a Kdrama .

Les Mis is a K-drama.

오 마 미제라블! (Oh My Miserable!)

Seventeen Gif Reaction: You Unknowingly Say ‘I Love You’




Originally posted by satanteen17

“I’ll see you later, Cheollie. Love you, bye.”
You had said it right before hanging up, not giving him a chance to respond. He’d be so giddy and shocked. He’d would brag about it to the others.


Originally posted by kimintgyus

“Remind me why I love you…”
You had said it sarcastically, but he would get so jumpy. He’d say it back, of course, only after jumping around the dorm for a few minutes.


Originally posted by jongdaeshighnote

“Oh my gosh, I love you!”
You’d come home from a stressful day at school to find him sitting on your couch with junk food and water on the table. You would say it because of the food, but you would mean it, causing him to turn and stare at you in complete shock.


Originally posted by howona

“Love you too.”
You’d be concentrating really hard on something, and all of your replies didn’t make any sense whatsoever. So he decided to test something. He’d say ‘I love you’, and you’d say it back without realizing it.


Originally posted by gyuhan-17

“Love you, Hosh, bye!”
You’d be leaving from a dorm date and would say it without realizing. After you left, he would fanboy so hard over how cute you are.


Originally posted by jeonwuu

“Aigoo, I love you~.”
You were actually reading fanfiction about him when you had mumbled it. He would turn around with such a big grin on his face and he would probably smother you for the rest of the day.


Originally posted by hoshijpg

“People? L… l-love? I love you?” people in korean sounds kinda similar to love
You were actually playing the whisper challenge with the boys and they had dared Woozi to say “I love you.” It took you a while to realize why he had started grinning so much.


Originally posted by 12fools

ignore the captions “Who do I love? Dokyeom of course.”
You would be on a live broadcast with a few members of Seventeen, Dokyeom being one of them, when you were asked which member you love the most. He’d be so smiley (more than usual) because you said it without hesitation and would be so extra for the entire broadcast.


Originally posted by 7teans

“Hm? Yeah.”
The boys would be teasing Mingyu about you and Chan would suddenly ask him if you loved Mingyu. Your answer was somewhat absent-minded, but expect hearts for the rest of the day of existence


Originally posted by iislaywhores

You were reading while The8 was trying to talk to you. All of your responses were ‘yup,’ ‘yes,’ or ‘yeah,’ so he would ask you if you loved him teasingly. He was shocked that you actually said yes.


Originally posted by dailyseungkwan

“I… love… you…”
You were attempting to have a conversation with Seungkwan whilst simultaneously writing a story. You happened to be writing that very line when he asked you a question. You had accidentally said what you were writing out loud, causing him to blush. am i the only one who does this tho


Originally posted by sneezes

“Ah, I love you…”
He’d come home from a tiring day to see you sleeping on the couch. He’d crouch next to you, only for you to mumble an almost incoherent ‘I love you.’ He wouldn’t know what to do other than be really happy for the next 24 hours years


Originally posted by jeonwuu

“Love you! Bye!”
You’d wake up only to find that your alarm hadn’t gone off and you were late for work. You had woken Dino up in the process, you had a sleepover, and right before leaving the house/dorm, you’d kiss his cheek and confess, leaving a very embarrassed, yet happy boy behind.

chan is so cute tho
i lost inspiration very quickly sorry anonnie

Yeah. It’s like, you used to like me and eventually gave up and now, I like you. A lot. And I’m mad at myself for wasting all those efforts that you’ve done for me.

Dear beloved, Anon-san, I don’t know how to respond to your words other than saying thank you ////// Please accept this Yoosung in return;;

Actually, if it’s open for International applicant, I’d really really love to try, but I think it’s only for Koreans or people who live in South Korea o v o; Please correct if I’m wrong about this info.

I don’t know though if my art style will fit with theirs but your words really encouraged me :) Again, thank you for your support. It really boosts me up to create better arts in the future^^ 

ID #82988

Name: Juliet
Age: 23
Country: USA

I am a recent graduate from University. I studied Acting/Theatre and some French. I love dance, singing, and pretty much anything having to do with Theatre. I am interested in many genres of music and dance. My favorite style of dance is Tap and my favorite genre of music probably would have to be Indie.

This fall I will be moving to South Korea to teach English for at least one year.

I am fluent in English, pretty conversational in French and know very basic Korean. I would love to have people to converse with in any of these languages, especially French and Korean.

Preferences: 18-30 Please