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Jared Leto, 43, may be a fan of Kim Kardashian‘s hair, but he isn’t a fan of her mom, Kris Jenner, 59. The Hollywood hunk was not a happy camper when he got stuck sitting next to the reality star mom during Paris Fashion Week, according to a new report.

Jared was reportedly very spooked by Kris’ advances during a fashion show, according to Star Magazine. The rocker attended the Lanvin show in Paris on March 6 and had to sit next to the very flirty momager.

“She was talking Jared’s ear off and kept pulling him in to take selfies with her,” a source told the outlet. He was so irked by how Kris was acting that he beelined for the door before the show even ended. But this wasn’t the only run in he had with Bruce Jenner‘s ex.

He had to sit next to Kris again at the Balmain dinner that same night. “She almost trapped Jared into talking for hours, half joking that she’d die to have him as a son-in-law or, better yet, her boyfriend,” the source revealed to the outlet. “It freaked him out, and once again, he left the party early because he couldn’t stand talking to her. He thinks she’s nuts!”

Ouch. That’s a hard blow to Kris’ ego.

Jared wasn’t the only newly platinum blonde at the Balmain after party, Kim was there as well. Both posed together in a photo with Kanye West, Lewis Hamilton and Olivier Rousteing, that Kim wound up posting to her Instagram on March 6.

The reality star captioned the photo, “Blonde book ends at the Balmain after party!!!” We wonder if this made momager Kris jealous!


How the fuck is this stupid shit someone’s job and can I have it??

I give it 8 laughing Letos out of 10: