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Forgotten (M)

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Summary: Loving Kim Taehyung was just so cruel, since he only saw you as his childhood friend. But after years of wanting him to return your affection, you finally saw the look of love shine on his eyes - but it wasn’t meant for you. No, it was meant for her…
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut, Angst, bestfriend!au, university!au
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: Original request here . 

Loving Kim Taehyung was like treasuring a forbidden artifact – you could appreciate it and love it from afar, but you could never touch it, never have it – just stand still and admire from a distance. Just like the artifact, he was untouchable and you could never have him the way you always wished for. Why? Well that was because he was your best friend since you were toddlers, but that was it.

You two were inseparable. Always playing and working together, making your classmates assume that you two liked each other. Of course, every time that accusation was made, you’d both deny it while saying how gross it was – but even then you knew you were lying.

At the mere age of 14, you realized that you didn’t just have a silly little crush on him anymore, no, you had fallen deeply in love with him. But who didn’t? His affectious boxy smile and playful bright attitude attracted many people towards him over the years, much to your dismay. But Taehyung always brushed it aside, and kept his attention solely on you. That is, once you two entered high school, then it all changed for the worse.

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Happy Birthday to my baby kim yerim - #iloveyou ♡ 05.03.1999

i hope you a good day my baby, when you come to red velvet i already like you, you are so nice and a beautiful girl, and a talent girl, i wish you more years and pass a great day with your family and your unnies. You’re the baby of red velvet, the gorgeous girl ever, your fans support you and love you a lot, keep like you are and don’t change my baby (forever with you kim yerim)

EXO as K-dramas

Xiumin: Cinderella and the Four Knights~

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He kinda reminds me of the main character bc she’s so cute and small and loveable, yet can body slam you into the ground if you test her.

Suho: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo~

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Ahhh everything about this show is so light and airy and beautiful, it reminds me of his personality. He’s also very sarcastic and sassy, much like all the main characters in it (cough cough Joo Hyuk)

Lay: Legend of the Blue Sea~

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This show is so beautiful and extravagant, just like him. Also it may just be me but he totally looks like Lee Minho and I’m in love with them both, so win win.

Baekhyun: Scarlet Heart Goryeo~

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Not only bc he was one of the princes in it, it really matches his personality. It’s light and comical at times, but it really captures your heart when you get deeper into the story and get to know the characters more.

Chen: Cheese in the Trap~

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This drama was really witty and beautifully written, it was just really fun to watch. He also reminded me of the main character bc they’re both so cheesy (can yall tell I really love Nam Joo Hyuk?????)

Chanyeol: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon~

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The characters were so funny and cheesy to the point of them almost being annoying, much like yours truly.

D.O: Suspicious Partner~

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Though I haven’t finished watching it, the plot is mysterious and the characters are all smart and have a strong personality, which I love.

Kai: the Heirs~

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A classic, and it’s soooo jongin style. I can totally see him being that mysterious kid in school with them, with millionaire parents and designer uniforms and everything.

Sehun: Goblin: the Great and Lonely God~

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This show had every single genre wrapped up in one beautiful show. The deeper you get into the show, the more you start getting attached and emo…basically me and Sehun.


“The power of the true woman is so great that I believe if a beautiful woman–that is to say, one beautiful in spirit, in manner and in thought, in fact, beautiful in every respect, a sort of goddess–were to appear suddenly on earth, she could command the whole world. Her leadership, I believe, would be universally recognized.”

Signs as Songs from the 2000s


  • Low  (Flo Rida/T-Pain)
  • Sugar, We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy)
  • So What (Pink)


  • We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)
  • She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)
  • Beautiful Liar (Beyoncé/Shakira)


  • Circus (Britney Spears)
  • Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
  • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (Selena Gomez)


  • Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
  • Just Like A Pill (Pink)
  • Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)


  • I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas)
  • Single Ladies (Beyoncé)
  • Lady Marmalade (Christina Aguilera/Lil’ Kim/Mya/Pink)


  • Complicated (Avril Lavigne)
  • Tattoo (Jordin Sparks)
  • Umbrella (Rihanna/Jay-Z)


  • Womanizer (Britney Spears)
  • Sweets Dreams (Beyoncé)
  • Candyman (Christina Aguilera)


  • Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake/Timbaland)
  • Bring Me To Life (Evanescence)
  • Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)


  • Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira/Wyclef Jean)
  • Just Dance (Lady Gaga/Colby O’Donis)
  • Opps!.. I Did it Again (Britney Spears)


  • Family Portrait (Pink)
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson)
  • Pon de Replay (Rihanna)


  • Poker Face (Lady Gaga)
  • Crank That (Soulja Boy)
  • Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz)


  • One and the Same (Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato)
  • Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)
  • One Step at a Time (Jordin Sparks)

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Trimberly prompt? I have a random one where Trini is secretly Angel Grove's Tiger mascot.

Dude I fucking got you.
Fuck, Trini.”

“Yes, baby?”


The girl in question nips at the smooth skin of her girlfriend’s neck, the slight pain causing a sharp gasp from her lover to pierce the air. A dull thud joins the sound as she hears her head slam back into the wall she was currently pinning her to.

“I need-”

Hands tangle themselves in her hair when she finally reaches the spot on her shoulder that Trini knows drives Kim insane, a whimper escaping the girl’s lips helplessly.


She smirks at the high-pitched plea, roughly pulling Kim from the wall and turning her toward her bed. She smashes their lips together, breaths intermingling as she backs them up toward her destination. She’s so preoccupied with the goddess she’s worshipping that she doesn’t remember the huge pile haphazardly covered with a blanket lying on the floor right behind Kim. That is, until it’s too late.

Suddenly, Kim is falling over, taking Trini with her, landing roughly on the floor. Fortunately, Kim is so far gone she doesn’t even care that they didn’t land on the bed, so Trini could just keep going.


Unfortunately, Trini hesitates just long enough for Kim to open her eyes to complain, but Trini sees her stop. She sees her eyebrows pull together in confusion.


“What was that?”

“What was what?” Trini tries to play dumb; she really does. It just doesn’t work.

“What we just tripped over.” Kim leans her head to try to steal a glimpse at it, but Trini blocks her path.

“Pfft. It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Trini goes to kiss Kim’s neck again, but Kim stops her.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Nuh uh, no kisses until you answer my question.”

“It’s nothing.” Kim narrows her eyes.

There’s a moment between them, a moment of challenge, just like that moment when Trini had stabbed stabbed her fork into the last piece of donut at Krispy Kreme, except this time, Trini knows she’s going to lose.

Kim moves first, pushing Trini off of her, lunging for the covered mass. Trini jumps back, catching her hand and pushing the mass farther away from the two. Kim rips her hand away from Trini’s, throwing a kick aimed at Trini’s chest, which Trini catches and uses to flip Kim away from her. She leaps up and runs toward the mass but is stopped by Kim grabbing her arm and pulling it toward her. The fight continues, grabbing and pulling and kicking until, finally, Kim gains the upper hand and sweeps Trini off balance, sending her crashing into her desk. It buys her enough time to rip the blanket off of the mass.

“No, dont-”

Her jaw drops.

It’s a giant tiger head.

It’s the giant tiger head.

“-do that.” Trini finishes, meekly.

“Oh my god.” Kim starts laughing, doubling over from the sheer hilarity of it all. Trini feels her cheeks aflame.

“You’re-” a gasp, “You’re the mascot?!

Trini frowns, suddenly defensive and embarrassed. “Maybe.

“Oh my god, this is gold.

“It keeps my mom off my back about extracurriculars!”

“But, baby, the mascot?” There are tears coming out of Kim’s eyes.

Shut up.

Kim stops laughing when Trini says that, and starts walking toward her.

“Oh, baby, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Trini’s frown deepens.

“I mean it, I think it’s actually kind of cute. You get so pumped for our pep rallies. I would’ve never guessed-”

“-that’s the point.” Trini was pouting now.

Kim leans down and presses a kiss to Trini’s cheek, causing them the burn hotter.

“I love it.” Trini’s eyes snap to meet Kim’s

“Yeah?” She hates how small it sounds.

“Yeah.” Kim’s eyes are so kind, her smile so loving, “Now, how about you show me some of those moves you pull at the games?”

The moment’s ruined, and Trini’s cheeks are back to burning. She shoves Kim playfully.

“Fuck you, Hart.”

“I really want you to.”

Okay, maybe the moment’s not completely ruined, if the hungry look in Kim’s eyes is anything to go by.

Who knew cheerleaders have a thing for mascots?

Kdrama fans PLEASE help me

Hi guys I’m new to watching kdramas and need some help to decide what to watch.

I started by watching Dramaland which isn’t a proper kdrama but from there I decided I wanted to see what they’re really like.

I’ve seen:

All of Coffee Prince and am now watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
- I really liked Coffee Prince
- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is so so FANTASTIC

My to watch list is:

Reply 1996
Reply 1994
Reply 1988
Tomorrow With You
Scarlet Heart (cdrama)
Scarlet Heart 2
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Masters Sun
Jealousy Incarnate
Descendants Of The Sun
You’re Beautiful
My Love Eung Dong
Another Miss Oh
It’s Ok That’s Love She Was Pretty
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
School 2013
School 2015
Marriage, not dating
Sungkyunkwan scandal
To The Beautiful You
Doctor Stranger
Scarlet Garden
Fated To love You
Cheese In The Trap
Oh My Venus
King Of High school
Shopping King Louie
I Hear Your Voice
Oh My Ghostess
The Legend Of The Blue Sea
My Love From The Star
Hi! School: Love On
Madame Antoine
My Amazing Boyfriend
Refresh Man
Gogh, The Starry Night
Boys Over Flowers
Murphy’s Law Of Love
My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
Cunning Single Lady
Splash Splash Love
Just You
A Witches Romance
The Masked Lover (Thai)
The Man Living in Our House
K-POP Extreme Survival
Kill Me, Heal Me
Lucky Romance
Dream High
Moorim School
Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom

- I’m probably going to watch them in a random order but are there any I should watch first?

Am I missing any you’d recommend???
Are there any you think I shouldn’t bother watching??

UPDATED - I have updated it with your suggestions that I liked- I decided what order by how many times a show was suggested
-I now have 63 kdramas to watch

PLEASE keep help me out by advising me on what to watch! My future kdrama experience is in your hands.

EXO Reaction to them waking up finding you tracing their face with your fingers

Ahh Mama Anon! Such a beautiful request, I love it! Xoxo Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’ll just pretend to be asleep so you continue doing it* “This feels nice… I wish she’d never stop”


*Stares at you like that* “Ohh no please don’t stop.. this is nice… I like it.. please continue… I’ll just stare”


“You look so beautiful in the morning jagi… specially when you are so entertained by me…” *Can’t stop staring at you*


“This is.. like the best way of waking up… come here, let me give you a kiss~”


*Literally start squeezing your cheeks* “Who’s the cutest jagi of them all? Who’s the girl I love the most!” *So lovely in the mornings*


*Waiting for you to trace his lips so he can his your delicate fingertips*


“Are you.. having fun there jagi?” *Startles you* “Kekeke, my turn now”


*Wakes up in a very loving mood* “Now you know my secret… this is how you get clingy Luhan in the mornings”


*Squishy Chen in 3… 2… 1…* “Jaaaaaagiiii~ That tickles… your fingers are heavenly… like feathers…..”


*Wakes up in a really good mood* “Jagi… are you doing that thing that makes me go crazy again?”


“Can we stay in bed all day baobei? Just stay here and cuddle and stare into each other’s eyes… pretty please?”


“No jagi… we have to stop.. as much as I want to continue.. we have to leave the bed… or I’ll fall asleep again and we’ll be here all day” *So responsible this boy*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Completed Kdramas.

Kdramas I’ve completed *In order of how I watched them!* and how I rate them..chat me up about ANY drama listed, or recommend more! :) **SOME CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!**

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– 10/10 **This was my introduction to the amazing world of kdrama, and oh boy did it hook me!! The chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik will forever be etched into my brain!

2. The Heirs– 8/10 **The most compelling thing in this show for me was Kim Woo Bin.  This was my first intro to second male lead syndrome.

3. Hwarang– 7/10 **Not gonna lie, started this because of Kim Taehyung, and happily finished it because the drama brought more than I expected.  It was slow in places, but wrapped up well.

4. High Society– 5/10 ** Not my cup of tea to be honest…I much preferred the second leads’ relationship over the first leads’.  Even Park Hyungsik wasn’t enough to keep me enthralled…this was a drama I completed just to get it over with.

5. Oh My Ghostess– 10/10. PARK BO YOUNG IS DAEBAK! I seriously love this woman…she was able to portray two distinct personality types, sometimes nearly simultaneously. Also, Jo Jung-suk as Chef Kang made my heart race!

6. Healer– 9/10 ** This would have gotten a ten had they wrapped up the loose ends a little better, alas, they did not…Also, this was my introduction to Ji Chang Wook.  His character is just amazing and JCW depicts him so well!

7. Emergency Couple– 10/10 **This is still one of my favorites.  I liked the progression between Chang Min and Jin Hee, and how it wasn’t an immediate reconciliation when they met back up.  They both had themselves to find and were mature (most of the time) about giving eachother the space needed to make it work.

8. Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo– 10/10. **I loved everything about this drama. The story line, the actors, the chemistry between the leads, and I really loved Ji Il-joo as Joo-hyuk’s best friend :)

9. She Was Pretty 7/10 ** CHOI SI-WON!!! Kim Shin Hyeok is my favorite character in all of dramaland…unfortunately he was second male lead, and my favorite part about the drama.  All of the actors portrayed their characters well, I just didn’t connect with many of them throughout the whole show.

10. Fated to Love You 8/10 ** There were times when Gun was literally too much to handle..Also, episode 12 made me take a break from kdramas for a while and reflect on my life choice to become addicted to something like kdramas.  Before this episode I realized that I really was spoiled in the shows I watched not having scenes that literally made my heart feel constricted the way this one did.

11. To the Beautiful You– 7/10 ** I liked the show overall, but thought that Sulli would never pass as a male… to me she still screamed female while dressed and living as a male. Kang Ha-Neul was the shinning point for me :)

12. Angel Eyes– 7/10 ** KANG HA-NEUL! :)  The show was predictable at times which made it kind of drag on in places, and the female lead was frustrating af, but I enjoyed it overall.  Although the teenage years were only in a few episodes (and then some flashbacks) I think the pairing was much more endearing than the adults.  I also really liked the chemistry between Kang Ha-nuel and Name Ji-Hyun

13. Doctors– 6/10** Not my cup of tea….Park Shin Hye was great, but it was kind of boring to me..The guest starring of Ji Soo was nice though :)

14. Shopping King Louie– 9/10. I LOVED this drama.  I thought the character of Louie was endearing in how he didn’t understand much of the outside world (being rich and all) and relied on Bok-Shil to basically survive. Again, loved Nam Ji-Hyun in this.

15. Pinocchio– 8/10 **HELLO LEE JONG-SUK! :) My favorite thing, other than watching the evolution of the leads’ relationship was watching the relationship between Dal-po and his brother, Jae-Myung.  I think the character development of Jae-Myung felt the most real to me.  How circumstances turned him into a killer and how he handled the aftermath of that, letting Dal-po settle things legally.

16. W (Two Worlds)– 8/10 **Back to back Lee Jong-Suk.  I liked the complexities of this drama. There were times when I really wasn’t sure what was coming next and the suspense kept me returning to my computer as soon as possible to finish it!

17. Marriage, Not Dating– 8/10 **Not gonna lie, the more I watching this, the more I WANTED To hate it, but I didn’t.  I’m not sure why I wanted to…I think it became semi predictable and some of the characters were hard pills to swallow, but damnit I was rooting so hard for Gi-tae and Jang-mi until the very end.

18. Love From Another Star 10/10 ** Let me count the ways…This was so endearing, and funny, and melancholic, and in places, SO FUCKING SAD. I will happily admit I cried, and when I inevitably watch it again, I’ll cry again.


and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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*watches Pinocchio*
Me: I wanna be a reporter

*watches Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo*
Me: I wanna be a weightlifter

*watches My Love From The Stars*
Me: I wanna be an actress

*watches Doctor Crush*
Me: I wanna be a neurosurgeon

*watches She Was Pretty*
Me: I wanna work for a magazine company

*watches To The Beautiful You*
Me: I wanna be a high jumper

*watches Playful Kiss*
Me: I wanna be dumb

*watches Legend of the Blue Sea*
Me: I wanna be a mermaid

*watches Oh My Ghostess*
Me: I wanna be dead

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so cool to see that requests are open again! ^^ how do you feel about writing a doctor MC who helped RFA before she joins RFA ? Your writing is so beautiful and full of great references, I love you <3

Well, I don’t know much about diagnoses and I have almost zero medical knowledge ( I dropped Grey’s Anatomy, so I can’t even rely on that, lol) so maybe this isn’t very accurate, I did my best from what my grandpa used to tell me about some cases he saw when he was a doctor (especially about the relation between viagra and heart diseases) and I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense.

Hope you like this ^^

RFA has an appointment with doctor MC


  • He strained a muscle in his back during work out.
  • Since he has that monster healing, he didn’t mind the pain too much and just let it there to heal itself.
  • But boy… the director wasn’t happy as Zen wasn’t being able to give 100%in his performances. 
  • So he basically forced Zen to go to the doctor, otherwise…  bye bye role.So Zen was there basically forced, and he wasn’t happy.
  • “So… Mr.Ryu, what’s going on?” “Honestly, nothing. Can you just give me a doctor’s letter proving that I’m okay to work?” you smile in confusion, usually people want doctor’s letters to prove they’re not okay to work.
  • “Well, uhm… I noticed you’re not sitting straight, are you in pain?” “A little, but… I’m fine. I have a healing monster, so my back will be okay in a few days.”
  • “In your back? Oh… Mr. Ryu, you realize that you could have a problem in one of your vertebrae if I don’t take a look at it, right?” “Lady, don’t worry too much, I’m… okay.” He winces trying to adjust his position in the chair.
  • “How long are you in pain?” “Two, three days.” “Hum… not that monster to me. Please, let me take a look at it, if it is something more serious, you could have serious problems in your spine, and you wouldn’t be able to perform anymore.”
  • Oh… he didn’t mention his job, how do you know he’s a performer? Are you a fan? He can’t help feeling a little smug imagining this serious lady fangirling like most of his fans do, it would be… adorable.
  • “Take off your shirt and lay there so I can examine, please?” Oh… he’s feeling a little shy, which is… a first. But he obeys, remembering you’re a professional, after all.
  • “Here?” “Lower, next to my…” don’t say butt, don’t say ass! “Just… lower.” Oh god… is it wrong that he’s almost shivering to your careful touch? What’s wrong with him?
  • “Hum… it seems to me is just a common distension. I will prescript some pain killers, but I strongly recommend some rest and try not to overstrain yourself, okay? And… I would also recommend to go easy on the smoking and drinking, it can really affect your throat, and you wouldn’t be able to sing. So… take care, Zen.”
  • Zen leaves the room smirking. You are a fan, aren’t you? Well, he’ll do his best to follow medical orders, he wouldn’t want to disappoint a fan…


  • He wasn’t being able to curl his fingers
  • And he wouldn’t mind this too much if it wasn’t affecting his performance on playing LOLOL.
  • So he went to the doctor his mother recommended, telling she was a remarkable young lady that treated her problems in her neck
  • So there he was, feeling like a kid for having to ask his mom for this appointment, and his hands were hurting.
  •  “Mr. Kim, what can I do for you?” “I’m not being able to move my hands normally.”
  •  “How long are you like this?” “A few weeks.” “And why did you just come to the doctor now, Mr. Kim?” he’s feeling so adult being called like that…
  •  “I… didn’t know any doctor, so my mom…” Ugh, he didn’t want you to know he’s here because of his mother. “I thought it wasn’t that bad, I… I’m sorry.“
  • “I’m not judging you, don’t worry. I just need to know how long your problem persists so I can make a more accurate diagnosis. I’m sure you’ll do the same when you’ll become a vet.” He smiles, but… how do you know he’s studying to be a vet?
  • Oh… his mother was definitely bragging again about her son going to college to become a vet, she would do that from time to time, how embarrassing!
  • “So, give me your hands, let’s examine it.” He offers his hands, and can’t help blushing when you take them and start squeezing lightly his knuckles.
  • “Does it hurt here?” “Yes, a little.” “What about… here?” you touch next to his thumbs, making him yelp. Ugh… he feels so ridiculous about it.
  • “It looks to me you have tendinitis, caused by some repetitive strain with your fingers. Do you type a lot?” “I… I do.”
  • “I see. Well, I will refer you to an orthopedist, since it’s not my field, but I would recommend a wristlet for now. Try to take breaks on writing your essays, okay? I know college can be hard, but don’t strain yourself.” You smile in reassurance, making him feel even worse. Ugh… he’s like this because of gaming, not because he’s writing essays for college. “And say hello to your mother.”
  • But he will do his best to follow your advice, he knows his mother will tell you all about him again. Well, at least she tried to put him in a good light telling he is a dedicated student. And he’s happy that you believed…


  • She wasn’t feeling very well, it was something in her stomach, probably.
  • But she couldn’t go to the doctor, no! She was so busy!
  • It had come to a point Jumin had to tell her to go, otherwise she wouldn’t be productive in work. Yes, that was basically his reason for it.
  • And she was so nauseous, but maybe because she was just worried about all the work waiting for her when she left the hospital.
  • “Miss Kang, what’s going on?” “I’ve been throwing up and feeling sick for a few days, not being able to sleep well, doctor.”
  • “Have you already done some drugstore pregnancy test?” “OH MY GOD! NO! I… there’s no way I could be pregnant!” She blushes, but tries to recompose herself.
  • “I see, have you eaten anything different these past days?” “No, just my usual take outs.”
  • “You eat take out every day?” “Pretty much, yes.” You curl your lip while you make some notes. “These foods usually have artificial coloring and preservatives, it’s a lot of industrialized food that can do real harm if you eat it every day, Ms. Kang.”
  • “I know, it’s just my working schedule is… a mess, and most of the times I don’t have time to eat a proper meal.” She tries to read what you’re writing down, and feels ridiculous when you catch her and smile.
  • After a few exams, you hand her a paper. “I’m giving you a medical leave for three days so you can eat properly and your body can recharge, but I insist you should try a more balanced meal. You should see this nutritionist, she’s a great friend of mine and she plans diets for people who don’t have much time, she’s been helping me a lot with this, actually.”
  • Oh… so you do understand her, she was so sure you were taking notes of how she was neglecting her own health, but… you were just planning on giving her a medical absence.
  • Which… she wasn’t sure if she should use, since it would affect her productivity, who knows? Three days is time enough for Jumin to hire a new assistant if he wanted.
  • So… back to work it is, but at least she could see the nutritionist you recommended when she had some time to spare? You looked pretty good, maybe she would too if she saw your friend.


  • The hospital called him, his father was not okay.
  • He made Driver Kim run, what if it was a heart attack? A stroke?
  • Though it didn’t really show, he was extremely worried.
  • And the fact that the Hans’ doctor was abroad in a congress, so he was under care of this new doctor who wasn’t familiar with his family health’s history, made things even worse
  • “You must be his son, nice to meet you.” You looked so young! And Jumin was trying not to be prejudiced, but… you were probably very inexperienced…
  • “Do you have his medical records with you?” “I do, he’s hypertensive, had to operate his vesicle two years ago and has some tendency to gout, correct?” Oh…? You knew what you were doing, huh?
  • “But… I don’t think his current condition has anything to do with these. Well, he’s hypertensive and his joints are swelling, which I thought it could be the gout my colleague took some notes about on his last appointment. But I thinks it’s something else.”
  • “What is it?” “Hum… he refused to answer me, and I don’t know if you would know , but… does your father make use of medication for erectile dysfunction? Viagra or cialis?” Oh god… “Not that I’m aware of.”
  • “Well, I’ve seem similar symptoms with patients who took more than one pill in a short amount of time, which causes palpitations and the swelling joints.”
  •  You allowed him to see his father while he was resting. “Are you proud of yourself, father?” “Don’t scold me, you’re my son.” “If you don’t tell the doctor about the Viagra, I will.”
  • You enter the room. “Are you feeling better, Mr. Han?” “So much better now that you’re here.” Oh… that’s why… he’s dazzled by the doctor. Jumin rolls his eyes remembering all the times his father said the exact same line to some nurses, who would giggle embarassedly. But not you, you keep a straight face.
  • “So… ready to tell me if you made use of some medication? Maybe an unnecessary extra dose?” his father kept silent. “He uses Viagra.” Jumin speaks.
  •  “I see, well, every medication has side effects, Viagra and Cialis can be dangerous for some people with heart diseases, especially if you take more than one dose in short time breaks. So, please be careful from now on.”
  • “I’ll make sure to keep an eye on him from now on.” “Well, this is a very intimate thing, but… it’s good to know you’re there for your father, Mr. Han. Make sure to rest a little more, okay?” “Anything for you, dear.” No reaction from you, you’re definitely a professional, huh?
  • “I can’t believe you were flirting with the doctor, father.” More because you weren’t like the women his father usually flirts with. Professional, polite, charming… wait, what?


  • He got shot on his shoulder, and though it just grazed, the wound still looked pretty bad
  • The agency pays a lot of money to the doctors don’t shower them with questions and just prescript pills or whatever
  • But this new doctor apparently didn’t get the memo.
  • Because you asked a lot of questions while treating the wound
  •  “How did this happen?” “I didn’t see it, so I can’t tell.” Well, it was true, he didn’t see the shooter, he just dodged thanks to the GPS indicating their position.
  • “I need more details so I can fill the papers that you’ll take to the forensic examination, and…” “Oh, no need for that, doc, I’m not doing one.”
  • “What do you mean? You’re not reporting this? You were the victim of a crime.” Oh god… you look so worried, and you’re doing so much more than you obligation…
  • “Nah, I’m cool. Don’t worry, doc.” “But… what if the shooter is still looking for you?”
  • “Doc, I don’t know what they told you, but please be careful with the questions you ask. It’s a bullet, it grazed, that’s all you need to know.”
  • “But what if it has entered? I would have to operate you without knowing anything?” “You… would. I’m sorry, that’s how it works.” He tries to keep it cool and ignore the shivers he’s feeling from your touch in his shoulder and for how close you are.
  • “What is wrong with these people?” you mutter when you turn around to make some notes on his medical file. Oh… you don’t know all the details, but you probably know that the agency sent him
  • “So… agent…” “Call me Luciel.” What is he doing? Ugh… “Mr. Luciel, I recommend you take some rest and maybe go check a psychiatrist, being shot can bring a lot of emotional trauma. And… I took a look at your check up exams and your electrolytes are high, so go easy on the food with sodium like chips and beverage like soda. Please, be careful, okay?”
  • Well, he knew you were just trying to do your job, but you looked really concerned. You were so sweet and caring for being so worried with a filthy agent like him. He belongs among these people you mentioned, so there is something wrong with him, but someone so innocent and so willing to do what’s right wouldn’t know anything about this.

me every night during ramadan, 2 min before i have to break my fast: dear god, let nct 127s next comeback shake the entire world, let sistar be successful in all their future endeavours, give jackson the rest he so well deserves, give kim namjoon and kim seokjin all the respect in this world, let kyla know that she is beautiful and loved just the way she is, don’t let lay overwork himself, give fx their comeback, tell seungri bigbang wouldnt be where it is today without him, let girl groups be treated better, dont let their be another instance of an idol making colorist and insensitive comments and appropriating black culture, pls eradicate all the toxic people in this fandom and send all koreaboos and homophobes to the bermuda triangle, also give monstax their first win, thank you, alhamdulillah and ameen.