i love kasabian

Serge Pizzorno & Noel Fielding

finding new music is fun so I made a thing for you all as we have similar taste so hopefully you can find something brand new!

Bastille: Bastille from England make all sorts of music which ranges from indie to cinematic to pop. I think everybody can find something they like within Bastille’s debut album. I will recommend Pompeii, Things We Lost in the Fire, Laura Palmer, Of The Night and Bad Blood for new listeners.

Imagine Dragons: Las Vegas indie rock band who’s lyrics have powerful meaning and the music is often uplifting. I will recommend Radioactive, Demons, It’s Time and Bleeding Out for new listeners. 

Two Door Cinema Club: Two Door Cinema Club make alternative music which has a very original ‘theme’ (I guess) carried throughout the two albums. Recommendations will be What You Know, Something Good Can Work, Sun and Undercover Martyn.

Arctic Monkeys: Indie Rock from England, Arctic Monkeys make incredibly popular songs. Try out Do I Wanna Know, Mardy Bum, I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, R U Mine and Fluorescent Adolescent. 

The 1975: From Manchester, indie pop/alternative rock couples well with Bastille. Lyrics about sex, smoking, drugs, love and fear with fun tunes. Recommended: Chocolate, Girls, Heart Out and Robbers.

Vampire Weekend: Indie Rock from NYC. Really fun and bouncy music which you will enjoy if you like Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975 or American Authors I think. I’d recommend Unbelievers, Diane Young, A-Punk and Holiday to start you off.

American Authors: More NYC Indie Rock/Pop. Very similar to Imagine Dragons to me and their songs are very uplifting. Relatively new. Try out Believer, Best Day of my Life, Ghost and Hit It.

Alt-J: Alternative. Their name is alt-j because if you press alt j on a mac you get a funky triangle see ∆. I recommend Breezeblocks, Tesselate and Something Good. It’s kinda strange music I suppose.

The xx: The xx and Alt-J are very similar to me. The xx have very good instrumentals. I kinda think alt j and the xx are kind of love it or hate it kind of bands. Their best songs are Intro which is completely instrumental, Angels which you may be familiar with if you like Bastille and Crystalised which is such a mysterious song I love it.

Kasabian: Kasabian headlined Glastonbury last year yet still nobody I talk to has ever heard of them. booooo. Indie/electronic/rock genre. Try Fire, Underdog, LSF, Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter from the Storm), Days Are Forgotten, Stevie and Eez-eh. Their best album is west ryder pauper lunatic asylum in my opinion.

Ed Sheeran: pop, folk and hip hop according to spotify. This music is mega popular in England and my favourites are Don’t, Sing, You Need Me I Don’t Need You (I can do the rap yeeeeee) , The City and I See Fire.

i may make this longer if i want to yo

enjoy all the music