i love kajol


Tere maathe jhumar damke, tere kaanon baali chamke hai re. Tere haathon kangna khanke, tere pairon paayal channke hai re. Nainon se bole rabba rabba, mann mein dole rabba rabba.


Look, how happy those two are. Yeah, they are. In a few days, Veer and Ishita are getting married too. You’ll miss Ishita a lot. Very. Actually, you can come to our house to see Ishita. If you want, I can pick you up everyday, and you can have dinner with us. I’m a pretty good cook nowadays. Really? Really. So, taxi, catering…escort service, all in one. Wow…but all that daily drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop… No? [shakes head] I’ll just have to find other ways to see Ishita. Actually, I think I have another way. What? Can you give me five minutes tomorrow? 


• my most favourite scene in Dilwale:

Look into my eyes, Meera. This is the truth. We were the ones who were bretayed. US!. And if you still don’t believe me, then take this and end this matter right now. Shoot, Meera, shoot! I won’t survive from this close, Meera. Shoot.


‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society