i love kaidan so


some shenko headcanons that I think about alot

-Kaidan catching Shepard singing in their cabin-Kaidan catching Shepard dancing in their cabin
-Kaidan sparing with each other but it just devolves into silly play wrestling 
-Kaidan helping a sad drunk Shepard into bed, and softly kissing their forehead and holding them until they fall asleep. 
-Shepard Quietly reading a book and watching over Kaidan as he lays in bed in the dark cause he has a migraine 
-Shepard taking care of Kaidan 
-Kaidan taking care of Shepard
-Kaidan and Shepard having massively different music tastes and fighting over the radio stations
-Drunk Shepard and Drunk Kaidan playing board games or card games
-Shepard and Kaidan Dancing in the Kitchen
-”Kaidan PLEEEAASSEEE pick me up with your biotics I wanna see how it feels!”
-Kaidan and Shepard making silly faces at each other
-Kaidan trying to stop Shepard from doing stupid things
-Shepard trying to get Kaidan to join in on those stupid things

I just love those two so much and they make me so happy. 
ME1 be like
  • Ashley: Ugg Turians
  • Garrus: Ugg Humans
  • Wrex: Ugg Turians
  • Tali: Ugg Geth
  • Liara: Wow protheans!
  • Kaidan: Wow I'm just so happy to be here I made everyone a cake :3

because of the recent shortage of gays in space, I was motivated to draw one of my favourite Space Gays, Steve Cortez, whom I love very much

Mass Effect: Romancing Kaidan
  • Kaidan: *flirts by accident*
  • Shep: You're adorable i approve
  • *LATER*
  • Kaidan: *flirts??? ?? ?*
  • Shep: Yes absolutely I demand more of this
  • Kaidan: I like you I think? And I thought I detected some interest from you too?
  • Shep: When do you want to have the wedding?
  • Kaidan: I'm going to flirt with you in an obscure way in case you don't feel the same even though you already showed your interest multiple times. I like to leave all options open just in case :)
  • Shep: Have you not been paying attention lets fuck
  • Kaidan: Ok