i love jumping spiders so much

Dad!Tony putting a heater in his spider son’s suit is just aslfajakjdla

Like he seriously brainstormed every possible situation and put something in the spidey suit to counter it.

“Never know when we’ll have a mission in sub-zero temperatures, gotta make sure my son stays warm.”

“Never know when he might have the urge to jump off a plane (like a problematic super solider i know) better make sure he has a parachute.”

*Thinks up every single problematic thing that may occur* “Oop, gotta make sure he has a web for this, and a web for that, and a web that can do this, I’m pretty sure real webs don’t actually do this, but he might need it anyways…”

*Over 500 combinations later*

“Do you think that’s enough Fri? Actually don’t answer that, my spider-son can never have too much.”

What If | Peter Parker


A/N: half of me wants to protect this smol child but the other half wants to kiss him :/


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Mondays were the worst. Especially when you had a decathlon competition coming up. I’ve been studying my ass off so our team could win that trophy. Flash thought that he’d be the one to win but all of us know he’d sit there sweating his ass off not knowing anything. I took off my earphones and walked over to where my boyfriend, Peter, was taking out his books from his locker. I leaned against the locker next to him and smiled. 

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Watch me flinch as I try not to drop the very mobile and clever Hyllus diardi. Aka: heavy jumper.
These are my favorite finds, and I don’t think there has ever been a time where I failed to document a specimen I’ve found because they’re just so cute and photogenic! And they move like an animatronic..! 

This one is a female! The males are not much different in size, but have a dramatically different appearance; being mostly black with lanky forelimbs and a noticeable lack off furriness compared to their lovely lady counterparts.

|I like you| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x reader

Words: 837

Request:  Hi beauty! Can I ask a reader/peter parker where they secretly love each other but won´t confess. So one day they at a party and Peter hears that the reader is confessing she has a crush on spiderman and that she would date her and (have lot of sex with him) and he takes her out of the party and confess her he loves her. (and maybe if u write smut he have a lot of sex like she wanted to) loveeee

Warnings: I’M SORRY BUT no smut :’( it was so bad lol, kissies, mention of sex and wanting to fuck spiderman :D, language

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Ok, maybe I had a few too many drinks. I mean it’s not my fault, I’m just nervous. Peter is gonna be at this party and so is Spider-Man.

“Y/N-” I jolted my head towards Michelle.


“Stop it- you’re tapping your shoe on the ground and it’s annoying.” I looked down at my feet. My right foot was hitting the ground rhythmically and I hadn’t even noticed. I pushed away from the kitchen counter and then hopped onto it.

“Sorry-” I bit my lip and looked around. Still no sign of Peter. I really need to get over him. And what better way to get over him than drink my sorrows away. He doesn’t like me so what’s the point of falling in love if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.


I took a swig from the cup beside me and it went smoothly down my throat. I winced at the warmness of it and coughed.

“And I felt at one point- he liked me too. But that’s obviously not true- Eh that rhymed… I think.” Michelle nodded along, taking a bite of her sandwich. “I just need someone to hook up with so I can forget Peter…” I mumbled looking into my empty cup.

“Well I mean Spider-Man is gonna be here.” She said, jokingly.

“Honestly I would totally bang Spider-Man. Have you seen his ass? Oh, my god, he’s so hot.” Michelle rolled her eyes and looked around the room at all the people. “And I mean- I wouldn’t just have sex with him. I’d like to date him too. Although I bet the sex would be amazing-”

“How do you even know you like sex? You’re a virgin.” Michelle stuffed the rest of her sandwich in her mouth and sighed as I set my empty cup down.

“Doesn’t matter- I probably will. Wouldn’t it actually be great to fuck Spider-Man though? The things I wish he’d do t-” My sentence was cut off by someone grabbing my arm. I turned my head to look at the culprit.

“P-Peter?” I gasped. He dragged me along with him through the crowd. Oh god did he just hear all that? I’m such an idiot! Ok maybe he didn’t hear it and I’m just overreacting. “Uh- Pet- how much of that did you-”

“All of it-” He said without glancing back at me. My cheeks turned red and I stumbled along behind him. He pushed open the glass door to the backyard and pulled me outside with him. His grip was tight on my arm so I tried to pry his hand off.

“Ow-Peter-” I whimpered.

“Oh- S-Sorry- I didn’t mean to grip you that hard.” He said, letting go of me. I lazily closed the door behind me and when I turned back around Peter was running his hands through his hair. There was an awkward silence for a bit.

“Why did you bring me out here?” My eyes glued to the grass, I couldn’t look at him right now for some reason.

“I- I-” I glanced up at him. “I got jealous. And I don’t know why. Maybe cause you weren’t talking about me like that in there- I mean you were- but-” I gave him a confused look. His eyes widened. “-I mean you weren’t talking about me- hehe…” I blushed. “I’m trying to say- I like you Y-Y/N.” He mumbled the last four words. My mouth hung open in shock. Is he joking?

“P-Peter… I- I like you too.” He wasn’t smiling but his eyes looked like they were.

“Really? Y-Y/N- You do?” I nodded and he rushed towards me, pressing his lips against mine. He took me by surprise but then I wrapped my arms around his neck. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

After a few moments of us just kissing each other a loud bang erupted from nearby. Peter broke away and looked towards where it came from. A blue looking cloud could be seen past some trees in the distance.

“What was that?” Peter looked down at me.

“Y/N- Go inside.” He pushed away from me.

“What? Well, I’m not going alone- you’re coming with.” I said. He glanced back as another bang sounded.

“Ah- um- I’ll explain later but I gotta go.” He seemed worried. I backed up towards the door.

“I know what you’re gonna do Peter…” His eyes widened.

“You-You do? How?”

“Because you’re Peter. You’re gonna go check out whatever just happened.”

“Oh- Yeah… yeah!” What was up with him today?

“Just… be careful.” I said as I opened the door. He smirked and blushed while jogging backwards.

“Don’t worry I will be!” He turned and ran, jumping over the fence with ease. I’m in love with a weirdo. Before I could turn around to head back inside I heard strange ‘wip’ sound. I looked to my left and over the fence, on top of a house, was Spider-Man.

“Holy shit-” I gasped. I wonder if Peter saw him too. Maybe Peter really does know Spider-Man and he was going to help him right this moment. Or maybe… Peter was Spider-Man. I laughed aloud. There’s no way.



submitting my fave tom pic of all time for the drabble thing! ily thx u for writing ❤️

i loved writing this!! thank you so much for submitting this picture of tom and i hoped you enjoyed your small drabble!!

beads of sweat were dripping down my head as i finished my last set of box jumps. my thighs were burning but i loved the feeling, especially working out with tom. i loved the competition. 

“yes babe!” he cheered on as i continued jumping up and down, on and off the box. tom cheering just made the feeling even better. knowing that the person you love will support you no matter what.

tom and i always had each others backs, when he’s on the red carpet i support him but when I’m in the gym he supports me. this is my red carpet and even since he was casted as spiderman he and harrison have been doing my daily trips to the gym.

when i finally finished the box jumps a large smile formed on my face as everyone began clapping. i was a very knowing face around my gym and i had just completed my goal. tom and harrison have me high fives as i took a long sip form my cold water bottle.

infant of my i could see harrison walking towards the bench press but tom was no where in sight which was odd since those two are conjoined at waist. it was then that i felt a presence behind me and the familiar touch of tom was pressed against my back.

“that was hot” was all tom whispered in my ear before pressing a soft kiss to my neck and walking around me to join harrison. my breath was caught in my throat, tom rarely did that especially in public. i could already tell that tom had a cocky smirk on his face as he walked infant of me. 

“y/n are you coming?” harrison asked from the other side of the gym while he was seated on the bench press. i could tell that toms walk slowed down and he turned his head around and looked at me with a dark hungry look.

“yeah babe the day has only begun” his smirk widened at my reaction and i quickly started walking. 

two can play at this game. 

it was undeniable that tom look very hot with his messy gym hair and his sleeveless shirt showing off his large sweetly muscles. i decided that it was met turn to have fun. i knew i had an effect on him and i would do what he’s doing to me right now. I’m gonna use it to my advantage.

i walked infront of tom swaying my hips back and forth as we both made our way to harrison. i could hear him let out a slight groan behind me almost as if he knows what he started. 

tom walked past me, “this means war darling.” 

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Oh My, My, My - XI


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language and a little angst, and some FLUFFFFFF! for like .2 seconds lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: reminder: both reader and bucky are now in college. reader is 20 and Bucky 22. thought i would point that out just in case anyone was wondering lol 


Bucky raced to Dot’s house right after he left the coffee shop. He was feeling nervous, his stomach and heart racing. Part of it being the strong coffee and the fact that he was going to break up with Dot. What Peter had told him back at the shop was stuck in his head on a loop. We aren’t even together anymore.

He parked outside the fancy apartment complex Dot currently lived in and jumped out of his truck. He looked up at the sudden dark sky as the clouds began to gather above him. Bucky cursed himself. He had forgotten all about the storm that was going to happen later that afternoon.

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I'd rather it be Peter

(A/N): I love this smol bean so much, oh my 

Request: can i request a fic where the reader is tony stark’s kid and they start dating peter? i love your writing btw

Warnings: swearing 

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  Tony glares at Peter as the poor kid stares at the floor, his knee jumping up and down wildly. Tony loved Peter, like his own son, he’d do anything for him but letting him date his own kid was not on that list. Peter was reckless, unpredictable, he was a teenage boy for fucks sake, how was tony supposed to trust him with his only child? 

   "You better not hurt them,“ Tony whispers, his tone dark and dangerous and spine tingling. "I swear to god if you hurt them I will rip your dic-" 

 "Dad!” (Y/N) interrupted Tony’s magnificent threat, their gaze upon him surprised and disappointed. “Leave Peter alone, he’s never going to want to come back if you glare at him the entire time," 

 "That’s the point (Y/N),” Tony doesn’t take his eyes off Peter, making everything much more uncomfortable. 

 "Come on Peter,“ (Y/N) chuckles as they take Peters hand, guiding the teenager out of Tony’s line of sight, dragging him down countless hallways and stairwells, making sure that they weren’t being followed. "I’m so sorry about that Pete,” (Y/N) sighs as they tuck a strand of hair behind their ear, their gaze locked on the concrete stairs below them.

  “No, its okay, I’m used to your dad constantly giving me the death glare, I work with him after all," 

  "And that led me to believe that he’d be more open and nice about all of this…" 

  "well…we are only 16, nearly seventeen, I’m just guessing he’s  really protective of you," 

  "Yeah…I guess I can see where he’s coming from," 

  "See, now that you can see his position maybe you can try to sympathize with him a little more,” (Y/N) hums, nodding a bit.  

  “Maybe I can," 

  Cue to two years later and plenty of trying to sympathize and nothing was working. (Y/N) couldn’t have a moments peace with Peter. They tried to kiss him, Tony was there to scream at them, they tried to hug him Tony sure as hell was going to be there, glaring at the two while they embrace their boyfriend. The only time (Y/N) ever had any personal space was when Tony would go on impromptu missions. Luckily for them Tony had been gone all day and for once (Y/N) had some breathing space with Peter.

  They could have done something risqué, maybe snuck into Tony’s liquor stash or perhaps even have sex but instead the two decided to curl up together and watch the entire star trek series.  

  Peter’s arms were wrapped around (Y/N)’s waist, a warm face pressed to their neck as the spiderling snored softly, completely missing the entire episode. but (Y/N) couldn’t complain, they were on the verge of falling asleep themself. Their eyes kept fluttering shut, their body drifting backwards against Peter’s but they had to stay up, they had to clean and get Peter on his way so he wouldn’t be here in the morning when Tony got back but with Peter’s warmth mingling with theirs, they couldn’t help themself when they curled around Peter and fell asleep.  

  Tony wanted to punch someone as he stared at the sight before him. Peter and (Y/N), on his couch as they "cuddled”. So this is what they did when he was gone- Betrayed his trust and fairness, made stupid decisions like falling asleep together. But when (Y/N) pushed right up against Peter, their nose squished against his shirt cutely Tony could feel his anger melting away; Tony gave peter a lot of shit, he knew that but even he had to admit the two were pretty adorable. 

  It was then and there Tony realized something; he wouldn’t want (Y/N) to be with any other man, if it wasn’t Peter then it wasn’t anyone all.

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Feyre and either Rhys or Cassian ”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.” And it is not Feyre who is afraid of them ;)

“Big bad illyrians aren’t scared of anything” is most definitely a lie

“Feyre darling, its time to leave, everyone is probably there already.” Rhys called from the hallway. “Yes, give me a minute, I’m putting on my clothes and I’ll be out.”

“Do you need help? I’d be more than happy to be of assistance.”

“No I don’t need help you pig,” I laughed as I walked out, wearing a flowing sleeveless purple top, black shorts, and simple sandals. Summer had finally rolled around, i was dreading the heat, but thankfully Velaris’s breeze kept it somewhat cool.

The war was long gone, and ever since then whole Inner Circle had spent most of our time getting everything back in order. And finally it was time for a well deserved break. We were all gathering at the cabin, including my sisters, to celebrate all of our hard work. Which really mean’t getting drunk and playing games day and night.

Rhys looked me up and down, taking his time looking at my legs.”Well don’t you look lovely,” he purred. I made my way over to him and got on my toes and whispered in his ear, “You should see what I have on under this.” He gave a another purr of approval, grabbing my lower back and pulling me close. I put my hand on his chest and pushed back, giving him a smirk, “Nope. Its time to leave, remember?” He huffed out a laugh and held out his hand, “Then allow me to winnow us to the fun” I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on his cheek, “No, allow me.” 

I had finally mastered winnowing, and winnowed us to the outside of the cabin. We held eye contact the whole time, and probably would have just stood there gazing into each others for hours if it wasn’t for the male shriek that came from the cabin.

Our heads quickly turned to the cabin to watch Cassian bust threw the door with his wings tucked in tight and pure horror on his face. We both almost made a run to him when we noticed the 4 females hysterically laughing at him, minus Elain who had hidden behind Azriel. His face was blank watching Cass trip face first into the bright green grass. 

I felt Rhysands confusion through the bond and I’m sure he felt mine. Mor spotted us and started laughing again and waved us over. “Feyre Feyre come here, hurry look at-” she was cut off by a loud shriek from the cabin, and she collapsed to her knees going into another laughing fit. Amren and Nesta both were looking into the window and chuckled loudly. 

I ran to them with Rhysand on my heels and looked into the window to see 3 dog sized spiders crawling in the sitting room. Rhys jumped back and yelled, “Cauldron above, how did those get in there?” Amren had a snake like smile plastered on her face and responed, “Mor let them in. She wanted to give you males some excitement first thing. We know how much you illyrians love spiders.” 

Where did they get spiders that big? Why won’t they just go in and kill them?

I turned and looked up at Rhys and finding his face paling. My face most have shown my confusion because Amren explained, “No one knows why, but for some reason Illyrians have a horrible fear of spiders. So we gave them one each to go and get, it’s about time the mighty High Lord and his minions got over their fear.” 

I looked to Cassian who was now sitting in the grass with his back turned to us with his arms crossed. A laugh escaped me and i turned to Azriel to now see his shadows completely covering his face in embarrassment, Elain was looking up at his face with concern and whispered, “You’re supposed to keep us safe, please go in and get them out.” I lost it when he quickly shook his head.

I calmed my laughing and cried, “…Spiders. Of course it’s spiders. Out of all the things… spiders!” 

Rhys threw his hands up in the air and exclaimed, “Shit Feyre, I mean look at them, they’re massive! Look at their fangs!” Tears were rolling down my face from the laughter and i cupped his face in my hands and said, “Rhysand. High Lord of the Night Court, can handle wars, 50 years Under the Mountain, and creatures that give me nightmares, but His Darkness can’t handle spiders?” 

He pulled away with growl and crossed his arms. I wiped away my tears and walk back to him, hugging him around his waist. I looked up at him and he turned his head away. “Rhys.” He turned around in my arms, and i was now looking at the back of his head. I rose up on my toes and whispered in his ear, “Well if we can’t get in, how am I supposed to show you what i got at our favorite little shop?” I felt him tense up, and he turned back around in my arms. 

Everyone was watching us silently at this point, Amren had one eyebrow rose, and Mor was sitting on the ground with a hand over her mouth. Nesta had moved to stand in front of Cass and his head was hanging low. 

Rhys studied my face, and I felt him knock on my mental shield. I sighed and let him in.

Wouldn’t you rather show me at the town house?

No. All you have to do is kill one and make Az and Cass get the others.

He was silent for a few seconds…

…What color?

Black & gold. Maybe they would agree faster if they knew Nesta and Mor went shopped with me.

I don’t care that they went.

You’re not supposed to, they are. But since you said that, as soon as the last spider is gone we will go straight to our room.

He shook his head as if clearing his mind. Got him. “Let’s go.” he growled. Both the males head whipped towards him. “No.” They said firmly in unison. Elain was looking back and forth at them. “What changed his mind?” Nesta grumbled, still frowning down at Cassian. “I just let him know about ours and Mor’s shopping trip to the fancy underthings shop.” Even Azriels shadows seemed to stop breathing. Azriel pulled out Truth-Teller and walked in. Mor’s mouth dropped and she ran to the window. She returned to her hysterical laughing after hearing loud crashing. 

Amren was watching and laughing as well, Elain even went to the window to watch. Nesta was about to start fussing at Cassian, but stopped herself as he got up and walked inside. I was holding in my laughter as i turned back to Rhys and said, “It would be a shame if they got all of them before you got yours.” He flicked my nose and walked in.

I ran to the window to watch. Elain was now standing beside Amren and said pitifully, “When did you go shopping together without me?” “We didn’t.” Nesta answered. Mor wasn’t even paying attention to our conversation, she was to busy cheering Azriel on. “I had went by myself, but I needed a reason for the other two to want to go in.” Nesta smirked at the same time as Amren, and we all watched as the Illyrian babies shrieked and attacked the spiders.

Turns out they didn’t even have fangs, and there were many more pranks to play on the males.  

Things I love in American Gods (up to episode 3)


I had to make a list, there’s already so much:

- Shadow’s face every time something weird happens

- honestly his expressions are just killing me

- super colourful opening hell yeah I’m in love

- the whole casting is spot on??

- direct quotes from the book

- Neil Gaiman having threatened to jump in from of a bus if they put a blowjob scene with Shadow in front of Laura’s grave

- super pretty blood (it looks really familiar….)

- half the cast of Hannibal is back for the ride

- holy shit the Anansi speech pulled no punches

- also that spider is super pretty and Anansi totally stole Hannibal’s suit

- Yggdrasil is looking damn fine

- those flashbacks of Coming to America

- Wednesday “why would I want to talk to people”

- The three Zorya sisters

- “I read your fortune. You want me, my sisters are garbage” XD

- THE JINN AND SALIM. That whole pairing had me in tears, it was so beautiful. I can die happy knowing this was adapted so well. AND THEY’RE COMING BACK omg thank you brian fuller

- also, making that scene even gayer than it was 

- the music is amazing??

- “Yes I like marshmallows”

- Fifty shades of Jesus

- the eldest Zora sister drinking vodka straight from the bottle while the other slinks away with her romance novels gives me life

- the smugness you feel when you’ve read the books and catch the references

Summer of Love (Peter Parker x Reader) Chapter 3: Sweet Escape

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Masterlist  Part 1 Part 2

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x reader (father-daughter)

Warnings: Might be some light cursing. Some angry yelling. 

Summary: Peter sneaks you out of the Avengers facility to spend a fun night in NYC. You being the sheltered girl you are, learn a bit more about relationships and couples from Peter, as the two of you take on the town for an unforgettable night.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this part! It’s a long one *cough* A little over 5,000 words *cough* but it’s a good one! It’s going to be very fluffy and funny! Our little camera man is going to be at it again 😉

“Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark!” Peter shouts excitedly as he runs down to Tony’s lab. 

Tony sighs, hearing the kid from down the hall and turning to smile at him before he grunts as gets enveloped into a big hug. 

“Thank you so much sir for letting me be here it’s a huge honor to be able to work with you here at the Avengers-” He rambles and Tony shushes him. 

“Yeah okay kid you’ve got to tone down the energy a bit. I know this is all very exciting for you but remember this is just training.” Tony says. 

“Yeah yeah yeah I’ve got that.” Peter says quickly and sets down his bag and lays out his suit over the work table. 

“Oh by the way, here’s your new phone.” Tony says and tosses Peter a phone. He catches it and his eyes go wide. 

“Is this a phone like yours?” He asks and looks at Tony with a look of pure wonder and amazement on his face. 

“Yep. I figured since you’re a techie like me and you’re going to be working here this summer I thought you might like-” Tony gasps as Peter jumps on him and knocks him over, giving him a huge hug. 

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The Loneliness of Motherhood

Motherhood, for me, has been a more positive experience than negative. A lot of the fears that would make my heart race at night have not come to fruition (resenting the baby, hating my life, etc.), and for that I am grateful. I never would have thought I would enjoy being a mom as much as I do. I never fully understood why moms would be sad when their babies starting growing, because to me, having a baby looked completely awful and I used think if/when I ever had one, I would thankfully skip over all that so I wouldn’t have to take care of a helpless baby. Horrible, I know, but now that I have Sydney, I try my best to soak in her “babyness” because she will never be this small again.

Anyway, as much as I have enjoyed this experience, a lot of my days are filled with a sense of loneliness and boredom. Communication with a baby is mostly one-sided, so I often feel “alone” even though I’m not. It’s weird because without a baby, even though I only worked 3-4 days a week, I never felt alone on my days off and actually relished in my solitude.

But it’s different with baby for some reason. Maybe because instead of vegging out and watching my DVRed shows all day, I am rotating Sydney through various activities all day: Feed, play, floor time, nap, repeat. It’s a never-ending cycle that becomes old quite quickly, even for her. It’s tough keeping a baby content and happy 24/7.

I find this struggle slowly pulling me towards a potential episode of depression, particularly when I am over-tired because I had yet another night battling with Sydney’s sleep habits.

I find myself “living for the weekends” so I have my husband around, just so I can feel less alone. I dread Mondays because I can feel anxiety in the back of my brain, instilling fear and doubt of my ability to get through another day alone with this little person. And yet, every day I get through it will little problem and I wonder “what was I so afraid of?”

And lastly, I used to be a homebody, not even wanting to get up to go to the store because it was “too much effort.” Now I jump at the chance, just to break up the monotony and spend time with Sydney that doesn’t include a laughing, light-up monkey or minnie mouse rattle or baby piano that plays The Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat.

So as much as I love being a mom and wish Sydney could stay this age forever, I can’t wait for when we are passed this transition phase of “too old to be held and sleep all day, too young to crawl and be more independent.”

And to other moms, if you feel similar, know that you are not alone, and that despite the struggles, you are doing your absolute best.


booksandmemories  asked:

Derek Hale really likes to draw comic book character, and he has been drawing since he was a kid. After the fire he stopped because of the memories, but after he and Stiles get together he finally picks up the pencil again and starts doodling silly images to get used to it again. On Stiles' birthday, he draws him as a superhero -full cape, boots and masc- and then jumps into his arms pretending he is a damsel in distress and kisses his superhero as a treat for saving him from all these spiders

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(Oh my gosh, this is so sweet, my heart is fluttering and I love it so much! Yes to all of this! Thank you!)

Jumping Spider Care

Jumping spiders (Salticidae) can make amazing pets if kept right! I’ve been keeping jumpers for three years, and I absolutely love them. They can be found all over the world, so they’re an option wherever you are.

Types of Jumping Spiders

The spiders shown above are in the genus Phidippus. This genus has some of the largest jumpers, and they make fantastic pets. They are smart, easy to handle, and easy to provide food for. Large jumpers can be fed small crickets, moths, house flies, mosquitoes, and things like that. 

There are more common jumpers that are much smaller, such as tan jumpers and zebra spiders. These cuties can be quite fast and a bit more difficult to handle as they’re easy to lose. Smaller jumpers will eat fruit flies, small mosquitoes, leafhoppers, etc. 

Catching Them

Please refer here to learn where to find them and how to capture them!


Jumpers need quite a bit of space, as they need to exercise their jumping abilities. Small critter carriers or taller acrylic tanks are ideal. Enclosures should have a good amount of ventilation to prevent mold, but make sure the holes are small enough so that your new friend doesn’t sneak through. If you’re using a different storage container, make a sufficient amount of holes.

They don’t tend to spend too much time on the ground, so a simple substrate like potting soil without fertilizer would work fine. Jumpers like to spend more time on the walls – it gives them a better vantage point when stalking their prey.

Make sure there are a few sticks and leaves for the jumper to make a shelter on or hide under. I’ve always used silk leaves or flowers, as I’ve had problems with decaying plant life in the past. They make little tube- or hammock-shaped shelters to hide out in when they’re not hunting. Make sure there’s enough surface for the jumper to jump around, but not so much that the enclosure is cluttered. Jumpers use their great vision to hunt down prey.


Depending on the size of the food, jumpers should be fed about every 2-4 days. They can go over a week without food, but I never like to push it. Just drop your prey in the enclosure and watch your jumper hunt.

I tend to avoid ants, as they like to fight back. As do grasshopper nymphs. I’d rather not risk injuring my jumpers. Also, it’s best to avoid hard-shell beetles and pill bugs, as they won’t accept those. Most beetles put out a foul-tasting chemical anyway, so that’s not a good idea in the first place. Another thing to keep in mind that each spider is an individual and has individual tastes. I always write down in a journal which spider likes what food so I don’t give them items they won’t eat.

Don’t feed your spider anything larger than 1.5 times its size, as it may have difficulties hunting large prey items.

Pet stores usually cary small crickets and flightless fruit flies, so you can purchase those during the cold seasons when wild prey will be scarce.


Either lightly mist or wipe down the side of the enclosure with a damp paper towel to leave a few droplets on the side for your jumper to drink from. DO NOT GET THE SPIDER WET. Water can leak into their book lungs and drown them. Since they get most of their liquids from their prey, they don’t need to drink water too often. Once or twice a week should be fine.

Other things…

  • Jumping spiders like sitting in the sunlight, but make sure to monitor the temperature in the tank. If you leave it in direct sunlight too long, the enclosure may become oven-like and cook your spider.
  • Like most spiders, jumpers should be kept solitary. Putting two of either sex together may result in a fight to the death. There are other people who may know more about breeding than me, so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Most jumpers generally live about a year in the wild, though could live longer.
  • I would take my jumpers out to “play” occasionally to exercise their jumping reflexes.

Happy hunting, spiderlings!

Your noble spider knight,
~Sir P. Audax


Okay so you all know how much I love posting weird out-of-context quotes from my WIPS, yeah? And how much I love reading other people’s? I totally want to start a thing, right, and I’m hoping some writer friends n writer strangers might wanna jump on board too, because it could be super fun

I reckon we should have a hashtag like #shitwriterswrite for those silly quotes, just for a bit of fun, like I legitimately had a character say “I will lie down and let the digital spiders consume my digital flesh if it will make you happy” and I just. Gosh it could be so fun. I love seeing writers having a good time and taking pride in their weirdnesses, it’s glorious

But hey, maybe this won’t catch on at all, but if it sounds like your kinda jam, throw some stuff in the #shitwriterswrite hashtag or reblog this post to spread the word or whatever man

There’s nothing in that tag yet but I will shower anything that gets posted in that tag with endless love and hugs \o/