i love jordan so much yes

Broadway makes my life so much more difficult

My little bi-ass heart cannot taKE MUCH MORE OF THESE CUTIES. JUST– every b-way cast is beautiful
-Hamilton? Everyone’s just drop dead gorgeous. Jasmine Cephas Jones? Daveed Diggs? Pippa Soo? Damn (not) straight!
-Dear Evan Hansen? Bless me with their faces. Mike Faist and Laura and everyone can end me.
-Newsies? So many pretty boys (Devyn, they’re not boys. They’re grown up now) (shut up))!! Ben Fankhauser is my main reason for living!!! Not to mention Tommy Bracco and Jeremy Jordan!!
-Bandstand? I just got into it, but Corey Cott makes the world a better place!
-Heathers? Just– yes. Yes please. I love. All of them.

i'm just gonna say it

i don’t think the 100 focuses on relationships anywhere near enough. i’m not just talking about romantic relationships, but the friendships and family bonds. they always like to cover their tracks with the whole “this show is NOT about relationships” bullshit, but when you have a show about the nuclear apocalypse, there HAS to be focus on relationships.
it’s literally less than a week away from the end of the damn world. realistically, when the majority of people know they’re going to die or be separated from someone, every connection you have with your friends and lovers and family is only going to feel more important and cherished. of course these characters are finding a way to survive but i’m frankly not buying the lack of emotional scenes between close characters especially at this stage.
YES it’s a show about surviving but the only reason humanity strives to survive, really, is love. so it’s bullshit to turn around and try and excuse a lack of emotional scenes or closure between characters who are close and been through so much together because ‘it’s a gritty, real show’ about the apocalypse (or whatever they’re saying these days).

ok. rant over just thought i’d share and see if anyone agrees

WoT Women

So over on /r/books Wheel of Time made it to the top post the other day. I was reading through the comments when the inevitable hit.  Some ass hat pulls out the tired statement of all the women being the same.  Which is just bullshit.  I’m sorry, but if you think that every woman character in the Wheel of Time series is the same then the problem is with you.

Ask five fans who their favorite character in the Wheel of Time series is and you’ll get five different answers.  This says something about the writing.  The characters are all distinct individuals, both the men and the women.  Yes, Robert Jordan had some issues with making a lot of the women sniff in distaste/annoyance/whatever and as much as I love Nynaeve she does tug on her braid a lot.  But those are two really superficial things.  I mean hell, Nynaeve is the only one that tugs on her braid so fuck you.  Also Robert Jordan was a boob man, that much is very clear.

Let’s make a (short) list of the main woman characters.  

Nynaeve, Egwene, Min, Elayne, Aviendha, Moiraine, Faile, and Tuon.  (I said short and yes I’m missing so many people that could be considered main characters, but I can’t list them all or we’d do nothing else today.) Someone, please, tell me how any two of these awesome women are “the same”.  

Let’s take the two who are arguably the most similar, Faile and Min.  They both support their love interest more than they drive their own storyline, they both love knives, they both are ready and willing to get down and fight, and I love Min and hate Faile (I’m making an effort to re-evaluate her on this read through).  

Min is straightforward in her approach to life, supports and protects Rand with a gentle teasing manner, and will fucking cut an Aes Sedai trying to cause him harm.  Min has a love of dense as fuck philosophy books, accidentally starts a fashion trend, and can see the future. And she sure as shit can’t embroider worth a damn.

Faile pushes Perrin to take the leadership role that he is actually really fucking good at, accepts his wolfbrotherness without hesitation, and has a jealous streak a mile wide.  Faile is a great spymaster, can run an army camp like no one’s business, and knows how to use gossip to her advantage.  She sure as shit can embroider, not that she’ll ever admit to that fact.

You could do the same comparison with Nynaeve and Egwene and Elayne and Tuon.  Arguably characters with similar set up, but widely different executions.  They share traits, both small village girls thrust into a scary big world or both next in line for their respective kingdoms thrones.  But you have to admit they are widely different characters.  

I’m just tired after all these years of stupid fuckers ignoring all of the amazingly different women characters Wheel of Time has.  


he may not be my real brother but he’s always been there. every memory i have, there’s jasper.

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🌷 = favourite blogs

Ooh this is going to be a long one. Like looonnngggg so it’s going under a cut. Also this is less of a favorites and more of a “all the blogs I love and why I love them”


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ahhhhhhhh i love amy and jake so much, b99 completely owns my ass i need the new season now. also! do you have any song recs? i'm looking for some new stuff :D (i also love your recent pictures of LA, you have an awesome eye and i always get hyped to see your photography)

distract me? yes omg cant wait for s5 although i have like 5 more eps of s4. and yo okay you gotta check out nkotb new ep ‘thankful’ or their newer album '10’ OR their one before that 'the block’ just. all their stuff!!! or at least the song 'stingy’ by jordan knight ft. donnie wahlberg and omg risa you are so sweet thank you omg 💕💕💕 ily thank you that means so much!

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T H E   L O V E   O F   K I N G S   &   Q U E E N S   {  I S   B E Y O N D   T H E    C O M P A S S   O F   U S   L E S S E R   M O R T A L S  } | (cover art by val) ; a mix for jordan’s birthday

“The king lifted a hand to her cheek and kissed her. It was not a kiss between strangers, not even a kiss between a bride and groom. It was a kiss between a man and his wife, and when it was over, the king closed his eyes and rested his forehead in the hollow of the queen’s shoulder, like a man seeking respite, like a man reaching home at the end of the day.”


Tyler Sequin Imagine # 47

The light was bright, too bright to be exact.  You woke up in an empty bed and everything hurt and was aching.  Looking over at the alarm clock you saw it was almost 11.  You never slept that late no matter how late you were up the night before.  And the night before you were out late.  Jamie, Jordie, Tyler and a couple other guys on the team went out.  Originally you were staying to do some work but after listening to Tyler whine about wanting you to go out, you gave in.

You didn’t remember drinking that much, Jamie dared you and Tyler to see who could finish six shots first.  Which, you proudly beat Tyler at fair and square no matter how many times he said he went easy so you’d win.  You drank a couple beers and few other drinks but nothing that would’ve gotten you this drunk off of.  You tried getting out of bed but, it felt like your head weighed 1,000 pounds.  You couldn’t remember if Tyler had anything going on this morning so you decided to call out his name.

“Tyler!” You shouted but it only made your throat hurt worse.  He didn’t respond but a few minutes later you heard the bedroom door open.

“Yeah babe?” Tyler asked leaning in the doorway.  He was shirtless and wearing athletic shorts.  You assumed he must’ve been working out this morning but then again this is something Tyler would wear any day. He claims he gets too hot with a shirt on but you’re positive it’s because he likes showing off his amazing body.

“I think I’m sick.  I told you we shouldn’t have stayed out with Jamie so late last night.” You said in an I-told-you-so sounding voice.

“You’re probably just hungover.  I’ll get you some Tylenol and water and you’ll be good as new in a little bit.” Tyler said and walked away.  You knew you weren’t hungover but you didn’t feel like putting up an argument.  Tyler returned minutes later.

“Here babe.” Tyler said handing you the medicine and water.

“Thanks.  Will you lay down with me?” You asked after taking the Tylenol.

“Y/N you know I’m supposed to go out with Jamie today.”

“So?  You’re literally with Jamie everyday!  Call and cancel, tell him I’m sick.  Please?” You were pouting as you spoke.  You knew Tyler could never say no to a pouting Y/N.

Tyler looked down at you as you cuddled deeper into the bed.
Sighing Tyler said, “I guess I could tell him to take Jordie.”

“Thank you.” You said as Tyler got into bed.  He turned on the TV and put on NHL Network.  For some reason they were showing Dallas winning the Cup in 1999.  “Change it, now!” You demanded, not wanting to see your beloved Sabres lose the way they did.

“Sorry babe, not happening.” Tyler said with a smile.

“Fine then once this is over let me put on Chicago winning the Cup last season!” You said back to Tyler.  You knew the game was still on the DVR, sometimes you’d catch Tyler watching it to see what he could’ve done differently to change the outcome.  Whenever you brought up watching the game, however, Tyler usually gave into whatever you wanted.  You’ve determined he doesn’t like watching the game around you.

“What do you want on then?”

“Let’s watch a movie on Netflix.” You suggested.  Tyler changed the TV over to Netflix and let you choose the movie.  You went with The Breakfast Club, one of your favorites and cuddled up next to Tyler.

Tyler pressed a kiss to the crown of your head before saying, “You better not get me sick.”

“It’s just a hangover, remember?” You said turning around and kissing Tyler’s lips.  You spent the rest of the day cuddled in bed, watching movies on Netflix.  Anything you wanted or needed Tyler would get for you.  

The next morning you woke up the same way you fell asleep, with your head on Tyler’s chest and his arms around your waist.  You rolled yourself around so you were laying face down on Tyler’s chest.  A few minutes later Tyler woke up.

“Mmm baby I think you’re burning up.” Tyler said stretching out as best he could.

“I knew it wasn’t a hangover.” You mumbled.  Tyler gently rolled you off of him and got out of bed.  “Where are you going?”

“Just stay there.  I’ll come get you.” Tyler said as he walked into your bathroom.  You heard water running and came to the conclusion that Tyler drew you a bath.  A few minutes later Tyler came back and picked you up out of bed.  He carried you into the bathroom and set you down on your feet in front of the tub.

Tyler had made you the most perfect bubble bath!

“Awww Ty!  This is amazing!  Thank you so much!” You told him after you kissed his lips.

“Yeah well I just thought that, umm, well, I know you always take baths to relax and I, uh, that this would help.” Tyler said getting flustered and looking at his feet.

“I love you, it’s perfect!” You said as you started undressing.

“Nope, stop you’re not doing anything today.” Tyler said and started undressing you.  Once you were undressed you stepped into the tub.  The water was hot and relaxing.

“Aren’t you coming in?” You asked Tyler.

“Am I allowed?” Tyler asked.

“Yes you’re allowed!  You did all this for me, it’s perfect!”

Tyler got in soon after and pulled you onto his lap.  You rested your head on his shoulder and he kissed your head.

“I love you so much Y/N.” Tyler whispered into your ear as you two spent the rest of the morning relaxing in the bubble bath.


This is a post for all the POC out there who felt underrepresented while reading/watching Harry Potter or were told they were crazy for wanting representation in a setting that was predominantly white. (White people need a reminder that predominantly =/= completely)

Sure, the focus is on the white characters, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people like us in the Wizarding World. 

And yes, we already know about Cho Chang, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Blaise Zabini, Dean Thomas, Lee Jordan, the Patil Twins, the original Lavender Brown and Kingsley Shaklebolt so I will not include them. This is for all the unnamed background characters who don’t get much love, continuing with the Chamber of Secrets


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As much I want the Original broadway cast in the IN THE HEIGHTS MOVIE I have feeling that they won’t be in the movie but this my dream cast for the movie . I probably to much to ask for but a girl can dream right ?

Oscar isaac as Usnavi ( he might be a little to old but I CAN DREAM!!!!!!!)

Gina Rodriguez as Vanessa (once agian she might to be old but  Usnavi and Vanessa age where kinda unclear if i remembering right)

Carlos Roberto PenaVega as Sunny ( yes please he would perfect and i love him so much )

Jordan Fisher as Benny ( The only character in the play who does not speak Spanish and is not Hispanic and I feel in love with Jordan during Grease live so please )

Selena Gomez as Nia ( alot of might disagree with me but i am a huge Selena fan)

Rita Moreno as “ Abuela" Claudia 

Eva Mendes as Daniela

Roselyn Sánchez as Carla 

I dont know who I want as  Camila Rosario and Kevin Rosario 

but can Lin Manuel Miranda play the Piragua Guy

Madly In Love

Madly In Love

Summary: Lucas flirts with Riley by teasing her. Riley figures out that Lucas is flirting and decides not to respond to it.

Word Count: 1,610

For: @itsmegaby2000 “‘I’m mad at you because I love you’ +Lucas makes Riley flustered and he teases her about it.”

Okay, how am I going to do this?” Lucas asked himself.

Lucas was ready. He had been in the ‘friend zone’ and even the ‘brother zone’ for too long and he was ready to fight his way in to the ‘boyfriend zone’. Here he was sitting in his bedroom with his thoughts patiently waiting for an idea for how to flirt with Riley. It may be a surprise to some but Lucas has never flirted with anyone because it was always the girls practically throwing themselves at him. Riley was different though and she deserved to be swept off her feet. Lucas couldn’t approach this like any other guy would because he and Riley were already friends and if she still wanted him in the ‘friend zone’ or the ‘brother zone’ he could lose her altogether.

After five minutes of thinking in silence Lucas decided to turn to something that had all the answers and its name was The Internet.  

He grabbed his thin white laptop and opened up The Internet’s partner in crime Google and typed: how to flirt with a girl who is already your friend?

The first thing the search engine generated was a YouTube video called, The Perfect Plan to Get Out of the Friend Zone.

Lucas quickly grabbed his ear buds, plugged them in, and started the video that could potentially be his savior.

I am your savior guys, the video started; I have perfected a plan to get you out of the friend zone. So, write this one simple step down.

Lucas grabbed a miscellaneous paper and pen to get prepared to get out of the friend zone.

The plan: Tease her a little bit and end it with, “You’re still cute to me”

“Barry the bear and I stayed up past our bedtime last night,” Riley said confidently to her group of friends.

“You still sleep with a stuffed animal?” Lucas questioned with a smirk on his face.

Riley was slightly taken aback by Lucas’s question because it wasn’t like him to tease her about something, “Is that weird?”

Lucas let out a small chuckle to sell his teasing, “No, not all. I mean we’re in high school now, so don’t you think we should let go of things like that? But if you want to hold on to Barry the bear that’s okay because you’ll still be cute to me.”

With that Lucas got up from his seat and gave Riley a wink then walked out of Topanga’s.

“Bay window right now,” Riley commanded without giving Maya a chance to respond and grabbed her arm to lead her to the sacred place.

The girls decided to go the back way to avoid any questions from Riley’s parents.

“What. Was. That?” Riley asked in fragments to her street smart friend as she took her respected steat at the bay window.

“Riles, he was just teasing you like any friend would do. Don’t freak out.” Maya tried reassure her.

“Just teasing? He called me cute and winked at me! Maya that was more than teasing!” Riley explained while shaking her best friend by the shoulders.

Maya thought for a moment, “Hon, since when did you get so street smart?”

Riley let go of Maya’s shoulders, “I don’t know! And I don’t know how to respond to this flirting.”

Maya smirked, “I know how you should respond.”

“Oh no.”

“Don’t worry, it’s the perfect plan,”

Riley gulped, “Okay. What do I do?”

“You don’t do anything,” Maya said simply.

Riley furrowed her brow, “Do nothing?”

“Yes, you’ve been chasing him forever and it’s time for him to chase you,” Maya explained to her confused friend.

Riley thought about Maya’s suggestion and came to the final conclusion that she should trust her best friend.

“Are you okay?” Riley wondered.

“What do you mean?” Maya questioned Riley’s question.

“I know that you like him too,” Riley clarified.

“Riles, you don’t need to worry about that. I’ve done some thinking and Lucas and I just don’t have that spark that you and him have. And I’m okay with that,” Maya confessed.

Riley gave Maya a comforting hug, “If you change your mind let me know.”

Maya didn’t respond and just hugged the brunette back.

“Okay,” Riley broke the hug, “let’s see how not responding to Lucas’s flirting works out.”

It was one simple step he had to do and all of his problems would be solved. Was it working? No. Lucas has been poking fun at Riley all week and he felt that he wasn’t moving any closer out of the friend zone.

He had to keep trying though. He couldn’t give up on a girl like Riley.

Lucas took his assigned seat in his favorite class; History with Mr. Matthews. He saw Riley walk through the classroom door with her arm linked around Maya’s.

“Hey Riley, how’s Barry the bear?” Lucas asked her as she sat down in her seat.

She turned to Lucas, “He’s great. Thanks for asking. You’re a really good friend for asking.”


That word was repeated over and over in his head. His throat became dry and thought hard for a recovery.

He cleared his throat, “Well, if you decide to break up with him then I’m sure I’d be the perfect replacement.”

This was a little far out there, but he hoped that that would save him.

“Nah, you’re not cute enough,” Riley came back.

Lucas smiled, “Yeah, no one could be as cute as you.”

He saw Riley let out a small gasp and light blush creeping onto her cheeks. She whipped her head back facing the board. He won that round.

Riley was standing at her locker taking out the books she needed to bring home with the company of Maya right next to her.

“I think I should stop not responding to Lucas’s flirting,” Riley looked to her best for her opinion.

“No, it’s working,” Maya said.

“You think so?” Riley questioned.

Maya nodded, “He’ll break sooner or later. We just need to give him a push.”

Riley shut her locker, “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Trust me this will work. All you have to do is mention that you think someone other than him is flirting with you and he’ll get so mad that he’ll confess his love to you on the spot.” Maya mapped out.

 Riley crocked her head to the side, “You’re so devious.”

 “I know. That’s why you need me.”

The gang gathered up at Topanga’s for their everyday get together to talk about the usually topic: life.

“So, Riley, how has your week been so far?” Maya ‘casually’ asked her best friend with a discreet wink.

“I think the new boy in our class is flirting with me,” Riley announced.

Anger and jealousy quickly went through Lucas’s veins causing him to break the cookie he was holding into little crumbs.

“Hey, my grandma made that for you. If you didn’t want it then you should’ve given it to me!” Zay exclaimed to the angry western hero.

Lucas ignored Zay and looked at Riley, “You think Jordan is flirting with you?”

Riley tried to nod confidently to sell the lie.

“I think Lucas is flirting with me,” Smackle said with her signature wink trying to get Lucas’s attention.


Smackle stopped what she was doing and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to her beloved Farkle.

Lucas still sat there staring at Riley.

“Is something wrong with that Lucas?” Riley asked.

Lucas stood up from his seat and shook his head then walked out angrily.

Riley turned to Maya for direction and Maya nodded for her to go after him.

Riley practically ran out of the building hoping that Lucas hadn’t gone too far.

“Lucas!” Riley shouted to get Lucas to stop walking.

 He stopped and turned around, “What do you want?”

Riley finished taking her last few steps towards Lucas, “What’s wrong? Why do you seem mad at me?”

Lucas sucked in a breath and made a split second decision to just tell her, “I’m mad at you because I love you!”

Riley stood there slightly shocked at the words he said. He loved her. He didn’t just like her he loved her.

“And I’ve been trying to flirt with for almost two weeks now! I watched this stupid video on how to get out of the friend zone. It said to tease you and mention that you’re cute. That’s why I’ve teasing about Barry the bear and calling cute. I guess I’m not good at teasing or flirting for that matter. If you want to date Jordan then go a—“

While Lucas went on his ramble Riley decided to make a bold move by grabbing his face a planting a firm kiss on his lips.

“I know,” she said against his lips.

“What?” Lucas breathed out and pulled back.

“I know that you’ve been flirting with me,” Riley confessed, “Maya told me not to respond because she thought it’d be cool to see you chase me since I’ve been chasing you. Are you still mad at me?”

Lucas cupped the brunette’s face and looked into her eyes with so much love, “Yes, I’m mad. Madly in love with you.”

Riley’s heart melted and both leaned in to seal the love they both had for each other. A kind of love that wasn’t shared between a friend or a brother, but for someone so much more.

 The End.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Jeremy Jordan, we know, you love Jeremy Jordan so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Jeremy Jordan, we KNOW,you love Jeremy Jordan you fucking love Jeremy Jordan ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE JEREMY JORDAN. WE GET IT.
I was worrying so much about this season sucking but dude, it's fucking great. We've got:

• I don’t care much about the romantic Stydia portion BUT I DO LOVE THAT LYDIA IS SOLVING THIS MYSTERY USING HER BANSHEE POWERS YES



Hello loves, I’m back with another Build-A-Bear update.

Do you see the little “Limited Time Only” circle to the side?

Yes? Okay awesome! I’m not allowed to say how much we are getting or for how long but I will say if you want one call and reserve one or go the week of.

I’m not kidding, I was really surprised about how “limited” he will be ;;;;;

-EDIT- I forgot! His wings will be able to come off so you can dress him up in anything U w U

Have fun guys!!!

Hayes Imagine


“GO HAYES!” Janna, Hayes’ girlfriend yelled as he made a touchdown. “YES”

God she is so annoying. I mean its okay to support your boyfriend, but her voice just annoys me so much. She has the annoying mean girl voice. It makes me want to run into a brick wall.

“Just ignore it Canton.” My best friend Jordan said.

“I wish I could but her voice annoys me. I’m thirsty, im going to go get a water from over there.” I walked off from the sidelines where I was doing what I loved, cheerleading.

“Ugh what do you want?” Janna said as I walked over to where there was water bottles in a bucket of ice for the players and cheerleaders.

“Just please move so I can get a water.” I said rolling my eyes as I pushed her a little to the side.

“Well someone is thirsty. I see you over there staring at Hayes. Remember he’s mine.” She said walking off

“Don’t worry. I won’t, he doesn’t even know I exist.” I raised my voice so she could hear me because she was a good 10 feet from me.

I have a crush on Hayes, a big one. The only problem is that he doesn’t even know I exist. I’m not that popular. I have friends. Just not the right type of friends. The Janna friends as we call them.

“Hey can you please pass me a water?” A boy said from behind me.

“Yeah here. You can have mine.” I say as I turn around going to hand my unopened water bottle to them.

It was Hayes.

“Ha. Thanks a lot.” He said turning to walk back to his football buddies.

“Good game.” I said. I didn’t think he heard me but he did because he turned around.

“You Canton right? The new girl from Arizona. The Track Star and Cheerleader? Your that girl who sings good? If so I’ve heard a lot about you” he said

Damn. He knows me. I don’t know how, but he does.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I say smiling and putting my hands behind my back, as I always did when I was nervous.

“You’re very talanted.” He said

“Thank you.”

“Welcome.” He said walking off to his friends as I walked back to mine.

“What was that?” Jordan said raising an eyebrow.

“He knows me.” I said smiling.

“Yeah. I know. He asked me a couple of days ago who you were so I told him.” She said “your welcome. Anyways so I’m guessing you like him?” She finished

“Yes, a lot. But Jana just told me to quote "remember that he’s hers”. I said putting quotation marks around remember that’s he’s hers. “And plus he doesn’t even like me”

“Oh ok. But that doesn’t explain why all of the football boys are looking over here at you checking you out.” She said as I turned around “no don’t do that. We will walk over to the stands and then you can look at them.” She said turning me around and waling forward the stands.

“Hey Canton and Jordan! Come here real quick!” One of the football boys, Sean, said waving to us to come over there.

“Hey?” I said walking over there with Jordan behind me.

“So Mrs.Track Star I hear your from AZ. The hot state. Well I didn’t hear I just assumed because we’ll you’re hot.”

Damn he got guts.

“In your dreams.” I said walking off “boys here were so forward with everything.” I told Jordan as we walked off.

“Tell me about it”

“Hey Canton, wait” a boy voice said from behind me

“What?” I said turning around.


Part 2 will be up tomorrow sometime!:)

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Mianite, we know, you love Mianite so much, the Stream Team is the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love Mianite, we KNOW, you love Mianite, you fucking love Mianite ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE MIANITE. WE GET IT.