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Caleb hesitated for a moment, confused and uncomfortable with these storming questions

“Um.. yes, I am an artificial Pokemon fusion created in ██████ and ████ labs. I want to keep my head positive so let’s just say that the facility treats us nicely… if we exclude the tests, experiments, data sampling and therapies held there, that is.

And the treatment we receive depends on who is in charge and how strong us test subjects are, sometimes things goes smooth and well for us, but most of the time it ends with bloodshed. That is if the scientist don’t see you as a strong Pokemon.” Caleb chuckled awkwardly

“Also.. because of how the facility treats us differently from our strengths, some test subjects started to actually work with and bargain to gain more power and thrive against us weak specimens (this is what Caleb does, some are actually made to be strong though).”

“I know some test subjects who used their power to escape the facility with brute force, some ended up working for the facility as scientists or spies and wardens, and they all have one thing in common;

They all believe that all weak Pokemons like me should perish and the strong shall live on.

and I think that’s just plain wrong and unfair.”

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