i love johnkat so much

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Who’s the punk and who does ballet?

got super carried away omg

Karkat actually hates ballet but its the only indoor athletics that the school offers. Everyone thinks John calls the shots but he’s actually a total pushover. He’s in detention all the time but it’s just because he pulls dumb pranks on teachers.

john would probably, awkwardly suggest in a questioning way, that they were dating

probably in the middle of lunch

sollux would probably choke on a mozzarella stick 

at the mere thought of it 

This is MBYT-verse, a ‘what if Karkat joined the wrestling club’

(John would simultaneously be grossed out about the spandex, and be kind of jealous of Nepeta getting to grope him all over)

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Why JohnKat?

Because! Johnkat is actually a good ship if you think about it. 

First off, John really hated how the trolls kept bothering him. ( aka: karkat ) But soon, grew attached to them eSPECIALLY KARKAT. And he now likes how Karkat trolls him. He finds it funny. And I’m not going to go into detail of what happened at the beginning cause ‘blah blah blah, kismesis crush, then not a homosexual’ blah blah blah.’ I want to talk about this, 

look at his face!! he cares so much about his friend, like, karkat might die soon.

and then there’s also 

he’s always so happy to see karkat. well, talk in this case. but still! 

this ^^^ a major hint. like wowie gosh 

and their conversations are so fun to read sometimes. but hang on, let me just show other conversations they’ve had. 

but anyway let’s talk about this: 

the first time they ever see each other in person (besides that other time) is when THIS happens.  

and he continues to say “NOOO” few a few more pages. then he finally comes back to life.

and he’s not paying ANY attention to jade whatsoever. Just, karkat. because karkat is alive and well, and john is very very happy about that. 

and this my friends, is why i REALLY ship johnkat. and why i love it so much. 

I just thought about MBYT and how after one of these awkward chase downs karkat gonna be so fed up with john that he is gonna kiss him right on his pretty mouth instead of biting him

You are tempting me to incorporate ALL these things into the story (although I definitely DO have an ending, right now I am mostly attempting to puzzle out how to gracefully get there).

I love that smile on John’s face so. so. MUCH.