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I’ve decided to post the most recent copy of the Masterlist. You can still find the official Masterlist here - bvb-oneshots.tumblr.com/Masterlist But people ask for Masterlist’s periodically, so I think I’m just going to post one of these every couple of weeks. So you can click the link above ^^^ it’s entirely clickable, or just peruse this post with a junk ton of Andy imagines and a couple other imagines on it. ^-^ Anyway, I hit 800 followers recently. Thanks guys, you rock ^-^


Sorted Alphabetically by band member, then publication date of the fic.


(RI) = “Real Imagine”
(1st)/(3rd) = First/Third Person (Fan Fiction)
(M) = Mature Content (Smut/ Gore/ Not appropriate for children)
(T) = Possible Trigger
 ♥ = Fluff
(Short) = Very brief, usually plotless, fic
(NR) Not romantic, usually just a friendship, or accidental meeting
(SA) Story that is part of a series, but can stand alone


You Are the Music I Live By (An Andy FanFic) (3rd)

Anyone Imagines: (No names mentioned, so it can be whomever you want)

Please No… -Anti Suicide- Possible Trigger (T)
It’s Okay -Panic Attack- Possible Trigger (T)
Lean On Me -Anorexia- Possible Trigger (T)
Blind to Your Own Beauty-Self Hatred-Possible Trigger(T)

Andy Imagines

Comforting (1st)
White Robe Grooms (Pt. 1) (SA)
Instagram Started It (Pt. 2)(SA)
Ride On ♥
California Girl ♥
Eye Rolling 
I Wanna Hold Your Hand ♥
A Demon in the Dark (Part 1) (M)
A Demon Returning (Part 2)
A Demon Trapping (Part 3)
A Demon With a Vendetta (Part 4)
Dinosaur Men and Remote Wars ♥
You’re Perfect ♥
Something Beautiful (Part 1) ♥ (SA)
Something Dark (Part 2) ♥(SA)
Costume Copycat (Part 1)
Dating Disasters (Part 2)
I’m Your Whore (M) 
Obsessed (Part 1) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Obsessed (Part 2) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Silly Man ♥ (3rd)
…But You’re My Strange One ♥
It’s Not Christmas Time (Drabble)
Who Said a Girl Can’t Play Guitar (Short)
I Love You Too Much To Stay
Right Answers ♥
Naps Fix Everything (Short)
Twilight Moments ♥ (M)
Baby Bear
A Lonely Asshole of a Rockstar ♥
I Can’t Lose You 
I’ll Never Leave 
Ghost House (T) (Death)
Dominance (M) (T) (Non-con)
Steal It ♥
Warm Sheets (T) (Sad Ending)
Photoshoot ♥
Winter Depression (T) (Depression)
All I Want For Christmas ♥
Here’s to a New Year 
I’m Not Good For You (T) (Almost Abuse)
If We Stand Together We Will Be Unbroken 
Anything For You
My Love ♥
Strangers on a Plane 
Teasing Andy
Andy Reminds You
I Will Protect Her

Ashley Imagines

The War Among Us ♥ (T) (Name calling)
Good Girls Don’t Cheat (T) (Fighting)
Best Friends Forever, Not ♥ (M)
I’ll Worship You ♥ (M-ish) (T)
Better Together (T) (Body Hate)
I’ll Never Leave You ♥ (Pt. 1) (SA) (T) (Pregnancy)
Daddy’s Purdy Girl (Pt. 2) (SA)
Teasing Ashley Doesn’t Go As Planned

CC Imagines

Silly Boy ♥ (Short)
Passing Notes ♥ (RI) 
You Come First (M)
See You Next Year
Things Happen 
Texting CC
You’re Not a Vampire

Jake Imagines

It Was Just Another Day 1 (1st)
The Pacifist (Short)(NR)
Camera Personas (NR)
I Miss You (Short)
I Love You
Texting Jake

Jinxx Imagines

I Knew (1st) (T) (Obsession)
It Has To Be This Way
Teasing Jinxx ♥

Let me know if I need to tag anything else, guys, I don’t want to trigger anyone.


CC is such a good friend of mine. Whether he thinks of me as a good friend or not, he is to me. He’s such a good guy, nice guy, beautiful guy. Inside and definitely out. He makes me smile and laugh and keeps me happy when I’m down - whenever he knows that I am. He makes an absolutely amazing effort to talk to me every single time that I go to one of their concerts, unless he physically can’t because of soundcheck (but on that concert he came out after, but everyone had been moved so I wasn’t where I was at.) 
He’s also given me such an outstanding present in 2013 of one of his drum heads and getting the whole band to sign it. 
I love CC so, so much. He’s like a brother and to me. No matter how much the BVB army will hate me, no matter how much CC fans give me shit, no matter how many times CC fans will tell me to kill myself, I will always go to see him and the rest of the guys. Because they all mean the absolute world to me.

These are all the photos I have with him from the beginning up until recent.

24th March 2012.
14th February 2013.
15th December 2013. (no photo)
17th December 2013.
6th October 2014.

(I do love the rest of BVB, too. I’m just closest to CC and I don’t have photos with any of the others - yet.)

As we grow up we learn that the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.
—  Andy Biersack
Devil In The Mirror (Next Door Edit)
Black Veil Brides
Devil In The Mirror (Next Door Edit)


requested by feminismandphan

~You live next to a heavy, good ass lookin’ rock band who call themselves Black Veil Brides, they take their band seriously so every night when they have band practice, you can hear them through the walls.~

**Headphones Recommended**

this song is not mine, i only made the edit. credit for the song goes to black veil brides and the producers