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I’ve decided to post the most recent copy of the Masterlist. You can still find the official Masterlist here - bvb-oneshots.tumblr.com/Masterlist But people ask for Masterlist’s periodically, so I think I’m just going to post one of these every couple of weeks. So you can click the link above ^^^ it’s entirely clickable, or just peruse this post with a junk ton of Andy imagines and a couple other imagines on it. ^-^ Anyway, I hit 800 followers recently. Thanks guys, you rock ^-^


Sorted Alphabetically by band member, then publication date of the fic.


(RI) = “Real Imagine”
(1st)/(3rd) = First/Third Person (Fan Fiction)
(M) = Mature Content (Smut/ Gore/ Not appropriate for children)
(T) = Possible Trigger
 ♥ = Fluff
(Short) = Very brief, usually plotless, fic
(NR) Not romantic, usually just a friendship, or accidental meeting
(SA) Story that is part of a series, but can stand alone


You Are the Music I Live By (An Andy FanFic) (3rd)

Anyone Imagines: (No names mentioned, so it can be whomever you want)

Please No… -Anti Suicide- Possible Trigger (T)
It’s Okay -Panic Attack- Possible Trigger (T)
Lean On Me -Anorexia- Possible Trigger (T)
Blind to Your Own Beauty-Self Hatred-Possible Trigger(T)

Andy Imagines

Comforting (1st)
White Robe Grooms (Pt. 1) (SA)
Instagram Started It (Pt. 2)(SA)
Ride On ♥
California Girl ♥
Eye Rolling 
I Wanna Hold Your Hand ♥
A Demon in the Dark (Part 1) (M)
A Demon Returning (Part 2)
A Demon Trapping (Part 3)
A Demon With a Vendetta (Part 4)
Dinosaur Men and Remote Wars ♥
You’re Perfect ♥
Something Beautiful (Part 1) ♥ (SA)
Something Dark (Part 2) ♥(SA)
Costume Copycat (Part 1)
Dating Disasters (Part 2)
I’m Your Whore (M) 
Obsessed (Part 1) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Obsessed (Part 2) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Silly Man ♥ (3rd)
…But You’re My Strange One ♥
It’s Not Christmas Time (Drabble)
Who Said a Girl Can’t Play Guitar (Short)
I Love You Too Much To Stay
Right Answers ♥
Naps Fix Everything (Short)
Twilight Moments ♥ (M)
Baby Bear
A Lonely Asshole of a Rockstar ♥
I Can’t Lose You 
I’ll Never Leave 
Ghost House (T) (Death)
Dominance (M) (T) (Non-con)
Steal It ♥
Warm Sheets (T) (Sad Ending)
Photoshoot ♥
Winter Depression (T) (Depression)
All I Want For Christmas ♥
Here’s to a New Year 
I’m Not Good For You (T) (Almost Abuse)
If We Stand Together We Will Be Unbroken 
Anything For You
My Love ♥
Strangers on a Plane 
Teasing Andy
Andy Reminds You
I Will Protect Her

Ashley Imagines

The War Among Us ♥ (T) (Name calling)
Good Girls Don’t Cheat (T) (Fighting)
Best Friends Forever, Not ♥ (M)
I’ll Worship You ♥ (M-ish) (T)
Better Together (T) (Body Hate)
I’ll Never Leave You ♥ (Pt. 1) (SA) (T) (Pregnancy)
Daddy’s Purdy Girl (Pt. 2) (SA)
Teasing Ashley Doesn’t Go As Planned

CC Imagines

Silly Boy ♥ (Short)
Passing Notes ♥ (RI) 
You Come First (M)
See You Next Year
Things Happen 
Texting CC
You’re Not a Vampire

Jake Imagines

It Was Just Another Day 1 (1st)
The Pacifist (Short)(NR)
Camera Personas (NR)
I Miss You (Short)
I Love You
Texting Jake

Jinxx Imagines

I Knew (1st) (T) (Obsession)
It Has To Be This Way
Teasing Jinxx ♥

Let me know if I need to tag anything else, guys, I don’t want to trigger anyone.


CC is such a good friend of mine. Whether he thinks of me as a good friend or not, he is to me. He’s such a good guy, nice guy, beautiful guy. Inside and definitely out. He makes me smile and laugh and keeps me happy when I’m down - whenever he knows that I am. He makes an absolutely amazing effort to talk to me every single time that I go to one of their concerts, unless he physically can’t because of soundcheck (but on that concert he came out after, but everyone had been moved so I wasn’t where I was at.) 
He’s also given me such an outstanding present in 2013 of one of his drum heads and getting the whole band to sign it. 
I love CC so, so much. He’s like a brother and to me. No matter how much the BVB army will hate me, no matter how much CC fans give me shit, no matter how many times CC fans will tell me to kill myself, I will always go to see him and the rest of the guys. Because they all mean the absolute world to me.

These are all the photos I have with him from the beginning up until recent.

24th March 2012.
14th February 2013.
15th December 2013. (no photo)
17th December 2013.
6th October 2014.

(I do love the rest of BVB, too. I’m just closest to CC and I don’t have photos with any of the others - yet.)

It’s harder living without you

A Jinxx imagine where he comes off stage after a performance and he gets a call that his wife the reader and his 4 year old son died in a car crash and he just sinks in a depression. He barely leaves the house and god knows the last time he actually slept or ate. The boys come over the day of the funeral and he’s sitting there black suit and all. He has a speech and everything prepared. When it’s his turn to make his speech- he breaks down bc he can’t imagine life without his son and her (PT1)
(PT3) they shouldn’t ask about Y/N and his son bc it took them months to get him out of his house. And maybe her parents blame him. I’m sorry this was long but I thought you’d like it

“That was such an amazing concert”, Ashley’s comment was followed by a round of cheerings from his bandmates, and Jinxx couldn’t help but grin. It really was one of the best shows they ever played, but he couldn’t wait to come home to his loving family. (Y/N) would still be awake and maybe write a new song, since she was singing in a band as well, to escape from her worried thoughts about him getting home safely and Christian who had spend his day at a friend’s house, would probably be already sleeping.

As the men entered the changing room, Jinxx spotted his phone on the table. The small lamp on it blinked rapidly, signaling that he had some missed calls, yet before he had a chance to look at them, his phone rang once again. It was an unknown number, but he picked it up anyway. “Hello?”

The moment he heard the indifferent words of a nurse on the other end of the line, like she was telling him about her last weekend, his smile shattered immediately. His phone slipped from his hand and fell to the ground, but he couldn’t care less. All of his excitement from the show they just played, his energy and that indescribable feeling of being free died as quickly as the flame of a candle.

“Hey Jinxx”, the guitarist winced slightly as Andy patted his shoulder, but the vocalist didn’t seem to notice. “Everything okay, man?”

Jinxx nodded and moved away from him to grab his clothes from the sofa, before he quickly made his way towards the door. “I have to go home quickly, sorry”
Yet before he could close the door he heard Jake shout: “(Y/N) can’t wait for you to get back, he? Tell Christian his favorite uncle misses him!”

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

When I saw Black Veil Brides with Falling In Reverse, I had an anxiety attack during Falling In Reverse’s set, so my sister took me to the back to calm me down. While we were back there, Chris Holley walked past and saw us. He saw me crying so he came over and said “hey, are you okay?” I nodded and my sister said, “she’s okay, just had a small anxiety attack.” Chris smiled a bit at me and said “would hugs help?” I smiled so Chris came up and gave me a really tight, reassuring hug, then said, “Black Veil Brides is coming on in a few minutes, wanna get up front?” I nodded so he told us to follow him and he got us all the way to the barrier right in front of where Jinxx stood for a lot of their set, which made me (being a violinist myself) really fucking happy.  Sadly, I don’t have a pic with Chris and I regret that now more than ever.

That same night, I met you, and you saw the bandaid on my wrist (it’s visible in the pic) and when you hugged me, you told me to stay strong and sorta gently tapped the bandaid and said “you deserve so much more.” I almost fucking cried, Bryan. I love you.

I met Andromeda from Drama Club, and that was cool but he didn’t really say much haha I met Cody Carson and he gave me a huge hug and also saw my wrist and said “can I see your arm?” I nodded slowly and held out my arm, scared of what he’d say about all the cuts and scars. Rather than scolding me, he took his sharpie and drew a little heart at the base of my wrist and said “let this be a reminder for the next time you want to hurt yourself so that you remember that I love you.”

I also met Jinxx (and cried because he’s literally my absolute favorite person on the planet earth) so I’m sitting on the floor with an already sprained ankle and it hurt really bad. Jinxx saw me fall and sorta chuckled but ran over and helped me up. I hopped to regain my balance and he asked if I was ok so I just said I had a previously sprained ankle. Rather than standing there knowing I was in pain, he helped me sit down on the floor then sat down across from me and said “it’ll be easier for you to walk once it’s a bit less chaotic.” I nodded and said “I really loved your violin solo.. I play too.” He smiled and said “how long have you played?”
Me: I just turned 16 three days ago, I started the August before I turned 6. I started begging my parents to let me play when I was three years old.
Jinxx: that’s fucking awesome!

I showed him the picture that I attached of his violin solo and he thought it was really cool. He talked to me for a few minutes before saying “do you think you’re okay to get back?” I nodded and he stood up then held out his hands to help me up. He helped me up then said “are you okay? It looks like you’re in pain.” I shrugged and mumbled “it’s nothing, don’t worry. I’m ok.” He kept looking at me worriedly so I explained, “when you helped me stand up, your hand hit my wrist and it…” I stopped, realizing what I’d said and stared at the ground trying not to cry. He just pulled me into a hug and said “I’m not mad at you. Is it new?” I nodded and he said “can I see, just to make sure I didn’t make it bleed again?” I rolled my sleeve up and it wasn’t bleeding, so he smiled and let me pull my sleeve back over my hand. I whispered “I’m sorry” so he hugged me again and said “I’m not mad, you don’t need to apologize. But please promise me you’ll try to stop? When you get home, go get your blades, including the one hidden as a backup, there’s always one, get every single blade and flush them all. You’re strong, you can do it. I believe in you. Then, next time you feel like hurting yourself, instead, pick up your violin. It’s what I always did and it worked for me. You can do it, I believe in you.” I didn’t even try to hide the fact that I was just full on crying by this point so he smiled and hugged me again then said “if you happen to see me again sometime and you’re doing better, I don’t care where I am or what time it is, come up to me and tell me so I can tell you how proud I am of you.”

I was on a school trip in Germany and Austria (I live in Kansas City) and we were on our last day in Vienna, March 23rd. The same day BVB was due to arrive in Vienna. My friend and my German teacher and I were walking around and I quite literally PHYSICALLY ran into Jake Pitts.
Me: shit I’m so- hollllllllyyyy….
Jake: haha hey! Fan?
Me: -looks down at bvb shirt and wristbands- a little bit… Hi Jinxx!! Remember me?
Jinxx: holy shit! Yeah, but I didn’t expect to meet again halfway across the fucking world!
Jake: um, scream in the middle of a street in Vienna?
Me: Smartass. No, but I bet Jinxx knows.
Jinxx: lemme see!
Me: -proudly holds out both arms, completely clean of any new cuts, and the old scars are fading.- I did it! I went home and threw every single blade away and instead of hurting myself I started playing my violin when I wanted to cut again and it’s helped a lot and I’m now… 5 months clean.
Jinxx: I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it! Come here!
Me: -runs up and hugs him- thank you so much for taking the time to sit there and talk to me and not just convincing me to stop but helping me find an amazing alternative.. You quite honestly saved me.. I love you so much Jinxx thank you
Jinxx: I love you too, and don’t ever forget it. I’m immensely proud of you, too.
Jake: I didn’t even know about this, but I’m proud of you. -hugs me-

When we walked away, my teacher (I kid you not, she willingly swears in front of us) said “okay, goofball, who the fuck was that?” I smiled and said “Jake and Jinxx from Black Veil Brides. Jinxx made a plan with me 5 months ago to help me stop cutting and it worked and he said if I happened to see him again and had stopped to tell him no matter what or where we were. So I did.” Since I’m tired of typing basically there were a few more hugs then she bought me ice cream. It was a good day.


hi! can i get a fluffy cc one where i get migraines easily, and have a horrible migraine and he takes care of me? i also get kinda emotional while having them so i’m just like really upset and a mess and he’s just really kind and caring and is a really good boyfriend to me? possibly a non-smutty bath? my name is sophie if you can work that in. thanks! i love your blog!

“Hey, Jinxx just called and asked if we want to join his movie night”, CC bursted into the room, his phone being held against his ear and immediately spotted you sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket. Your period just started today and sadly, strong migraines decided to pay you a visit as well.

“Andy is coming too and Jake-”, you cut him off with a loud groan and glared at him merciless. “CC! As you can see I’m not feeling well and my head hurts like someone’s kicking against it violently so please, shut up!”

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