i love jim gordon

Nothing you say can convince me that this is the same person...

I mean, look at this:

This is a baby.

This is a psycho.

This is daddy. 

They not the same person. Nope.

Perfectly Plump

Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX


I sit on the couch with Jerome lazily laying my legs over his lap while the other boys look through the chest of weapons. “(Y/n)! Look what I have!” Barbra says excited as she enters the room with a bag. She sit it on the table and sits next to me. “Okay so I was shopping around and I saw this and oh my lord! It’s amazing! I thought of you! I had to get it! You can wear it for the GCPD massacre!” She pulls out a black skirt, pale black thigh high stockings, and black boots with a heel.

I gasp and examine each item loving it. “Oh Barbara! Thank you!” “You’re going to look so hot!” She squeals excitedly and skips off. “More like a size 10 sausage stuffed into a size 5 casing.” Greenwood insults from behind. The hand on my leg tenses.

I look up to see Jerome slowly turning to Greenwood with dark eyes. “What did you say Greenwood?” Greenwood smirks and leans over the couch. “I said your girlfriend is a fat ass.” I look down at the clothing and diss it away.

I stand and make my way to my room. To think I was actually having a good day. Silly me. I bury myself in the covers and cry. Why can’t I look like other girls? Skinny and pretty.

Yelling is all I hear from downstairs, then a bang, then heavy footsteps. The door opens and a steaming Jerome storms in. He paces the room and then rips the covers off me looking over my body. “Stand up.” I do as told and he pulls me over to mirror.

He looks at me and smiles. “What do you see doll?” “A ugly fat girl who can’t do-” “WRONG! Wanna know what I see? I see a beautiful woman who makes me happy. Who can do anything. Who has it going on in all the right places.” I laugh and look away only for Jerome to move my chin to the mirror. “Thick, beautiful, and strong. Just how I love em.” He winks and kisses my head.

Probably another unpopular opinion here but I’m not sure I really understand why Lee is so angry with Jim right now. 

First off, it was not his fault he was sent to Blackgate. He did not leave her. He simply told her to move on because he didn’t see any possible scenario in which he was getting out of Blackgate alive. She left Gotham and went down to Florida. She moved on to Mario to start over, and then she came back to Gotham, accusing Jim of not being there when she needed him. He literally could not be there. And then when he could, he did go down to Florida to be with her but, again, she’d moved on…and he left her to it, deciding she was probably better off.

I understand why she’d be mad that he killed Mario. Why she was mad that Jim claimed to love her only when he was losing her. However, she can’t possibly believe Jim is the type of person to kill someone simply out of jealousy. She can’t possibly believe Jim would murder his own uncle in cold blood. Does she not know Jim at all?

Jim is not a disease. He is not poison. Like Harvey said, Lee is hurt. But Jim does not deserve to be so cruelly “hated.” 

I’m not going to sit here and cry “Wah wah, my favorite character is being hated on by his mean ex-gf for no reason.” I love Lee as a character and I can see that she has a wild amount of potential. She has her reasons and her feelings are valid. I just don’t fully understand the origin of her “hatred.”

Complete|| jim gordon

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Guys I know I told you I wasn’t going to write any more requests until June, but Gotham came back on tonight and my Jim Gordon feels went SKYROCKETING. And there’s next to no fic on here for him, so here you go!

After a particularly rough day having to deal with Jervis Tetch, Jim comes home to the only person who makes him feel complete, who makes him feel as if he is still a man. 

Warnings: Tetch is a douche, mentions of attempted suicide, hypnosis, just general angst with added fluff


  “You’re so tired of life, aren’t you? Even with y/n to come home to every night, you still don’t feel like you’re a good enough man for the woman you love. Quite sad.. when you have it all and feel more empty then you ever have in your life.” 

It had been a hellish day, to say the least. Jim Gordon aimlessly swayed outside the door to the apartment he shared with you, his devoted wife of a year and a half. His hand trembled as he struggled to fit the key into the lock, screwing his eyes tightly shut to try and block out the lulling voice of Jervis Tetch and everything he’d said earlier that afternoon. 

  “Now you can rest, Jim.”

He ambled inside the apartment as quietly as he could, silently hoping that you’d already be asleep and he could completely skirt around a conversation. Much to his displeasure, you were sitting cross legged on the bed wearing his favorite sky blue button up, your hair unkempt and your fingers wrapped around a cup of coffee. 

 “Y/n sweetheart, it’s half past one in the morning. What on Earth are you doing up so late?” Jim chided. You’d been on the phone with Harvey from ten to twelve, listening to his thorough explanation of the man the GCPD deemed The Mad Hatter and all of the things he’d been whispering to Jim since he’d made himself known. Case in point, using his mistakes in hopes to make him claim his own life. 

  “Hoping my husband hasn’t killed himself yet.” 

Your blunt answer was so abrupt it completely drew Jim back towards you, his attention now piqued. “Great. I assume Harvey told you everything?” Jim growled, his chest deflating in defeat as you sat your cup on the bedside table and moved to close the gap between you. “He’s dangerous and I don’t ever want you going near him. Do you hear me?” 

  “Loud and clear Officer.” You teased, resting your hand against his cheek. Your heart sank as warmth radiated from the skin you’d come to memorize in the time you’d been together, Jim instinctively leaning into your touch and drawing you closer. “He wants you to think you have nothing left to live for, honey.” 

  “But besides you - what is there? My job?” He snorted indignantly and splayed his hands across the small of your back beneath your shirt, resting his forehead against your shoulder as you played with the hair at the nape of his neck. You slowly exhaled as you registered the warmth on your shoulder and the silent sobs causing your husbands body to tremble violently against yours. “Y/n.. you’re the only good thing left in this fire and brim stone city. Every morning when I walk out that door, I am literally walking into hell itself. It terrifies me to think that I make one wrong move and it leaves you alone. There’s nothing left for you here in Gotham. Fish took that from you.” 

  “But through Fish taking my family from me, I got Bruce and Alfred. And let me tell you, I love those two.” You said firmly, peeling yourself away from Jim and cupping his face in your hands. Such delicate, warm hands.. Hands that mapped his body like art and held him as if he was the most precious jewel to dig out of this city. That was what you’d done - dug him out of the shell of himself and brought him back to life. 

And oh.. you loved that man. The man with the stupidly gorgeous smile, the crystal irises that regarded you with such majesty that it made your heart melt; the man who cracked the most stupid jokes at 2 AM and made you his priority over a job he loved so much. 

Jim Gordon was yours. And you were his. 

You completed each other. 

A warm, content smile spread across your weary features as you extended your arms - only for Jim to laugh quietly under his breath and link his fingers with yours. “Y/n.” You turned around in the darkness and let out a gasp as Jim pulled you back in his direction, his fingers tightly threading through your hair as he captured your lips in his own. 

The ferocity in his kiss stunned you so quickly that you felt your knees weaken and had to wrap your arms around his neck to keep yourself from falling. He was the first one to pull away, his breathing heavy as you tilted your head to the side and motioned back towards the bed. “C’mere honey.” You whispered softly against his bicep. Jim reluctantly released you and followed you back to the bed to lay down on his side, the mattress dipping beneath his weight as the tension slowly seeped from his body. “Your fears don’t make you any less of a man. You are still and will always be the best man I have ever known, Jim. I adore you.” 

He inhaled sharply as a wave of tears pricked his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He confessed. You rolled over onto his waist and straddled him, your knees locking at his hips as you bent over to wipe his tears with the pads of your thumbs. “It’s ridiculous because we’ve been married for a year and a half… but it feels like it’s been so long since I’ve really known that there was someone out there who loved me for me.” 

  “Honey, I need you to do something for me.” You whispered. Your voice carried on the silence as you slowly began to leave open mouthed kisses on his jawline. “I need you to breathe, Jim. Feel the love behind my words and my touch.. and just breathe.” 

So for the next ten minutes you found yourself whispering words of affirmation to a man who had never needed them more than in that moment; high on the gentle touches on his cheeks, his chest, his arms and the words whispered in his ear. 

There was never a moment where I’d felt more love,

than in the way your lips whispered,

and your fingers danced across my skin,

like the gasoline to ignite the fire.

Just as you were moving to place a final kiss on his lips, Jim completely caught you off guard and flipped the position so you were on the bottom pinned to the bed by his weight. “And now it’s time for me to show you,” He murmured lowly in your ear, his hand sliding down the side of your body to your bare leg and hooking it over his hip. “Just how much you complete me.” 

But may the gods rejoice

Because this lonely heart has found a home

To complete the hole that was left in it.