i love jenna so much!


Be more chill but in the Friday the thirteenth game universe.

• oh god help him.
• No composure. None.
• He trips a lot.
• Jason finds him first.
• He forgets to secure the cabin because Michael’s begging him for help over the walkie and he’s freaking out.
• Michael just wanted gas for the car.
• Jer gets away because he has firecrackers and Michael turned the radio on in the lodge to distract Jason.
• Jeremy and Michael Fix the two seater and probably almost run someone over with it.

• the “nerd”
• can fix shit like no ones business
• which is literally the most valuable skill
• can sneak the heck around,
• but his stamina is non existent
• if he fucks up he’s very dead
• you bet he knows all the lore
• refuses to leave Jeremy behind or alone
• probably dies sacrificing himself for Jeremy
• or he escapes with Jeremy
• there is no in between

• the edgelord councilor
• has great composure and strength
• but shitty luck and stealth.
• He can take seeing a body, but you ask him not to trip in the woods???
• No way.
• is the one guy who tries to 1v1 Jason with a bat
• it doesn’t go well
• he forgets that bats break
• jake has to save him with nothing but a wrench

• he just runs
• Forever.
• Strength speed and stamina are ideal
• but like his boyfriend he has the worst luck.
• He can be doing nothing and Jason will decide to drop by for a friendly visit
• tries to fix the boat
• he can’t fix things it’s tragic.

• she’s great with intelligence and stealth
• probably goes right for for mom’s sweater
• all of her rehearsing and hard work leads to this life or death situation
• she’s got the mom voice down already look at her go.
• definitely saves Jeremy with mom’s sweater
• because Jeremy is grabbed very often
• Christine is an angel Jason gives her a pity leave in the beginning because she offers to talk about his problems with him.

• stealth, composure, and intelligence
• hoards med spray
• calls Dustin Kropp who is Tommy Jarvis
• She goes right for the phone
• you cannot convince me otherwise.
• She will fix that thing even if it kills her.
• ((It might))

• hides in a wardrobe in a barricaded house the majority of the time
• because she has all stealth
• and could probably outrun Jason if she vaulted out the window.
• probably

• in the wardrobe across from Brooke
• has the shotgun ready to shoot any bitch coming for her gal
• she insults Jason as a diversion
• he grabs her
• she knifes him
• grabs her again
• jokes on him she has all the pocket knives
• She looted every house
• She is ready.

Look it’s 1:00am and I’m tired this probably makes no sense but… eh

bmc characters as things my friends have said:

Jeremy: flies don’t understand social norms so we kill them

Michael: no hetero bro

Rich: I may be shorter than you but you’re still beneath me

Jake: I think we should get platonically married

Christine: I’m this close to loving you and showering you with attention

Chloe: Friday: time to turn on hoe mode

Brooke: Men always have limited choices for their 2-dimensional characters

Jenna: I don’t like your socks and now I don’t like your attitude

Okay But Be More Chill Kindergartners

-imagine these nerds as 5 year olds aight
-Michael’s that one kid in class who eats glue
-Jenna always tattles on him for it and gets him in trouble
-Jeremy has the Coolest collection of Pokemon cards but no friends to discuss Pokemon with
-gets bullied by the other kids for being a nerd who just sits by himself and plays on his gameboy during recess
-Michael sees this one day and runs up to him after the bullies leave bc he’s too scared to go meet him but then yells in his face “you have pokemon cards??? and a gameboy???? you’re so cool lets hang out!!!” because he’s so nervous and they show each other their card collections
-Rich is ironically the tallest kid in class
-Chloe goes around bragging about how Jake is her boyfriend and Rich gets mad
-Rich then says to her “that’s not fair!! if you have a boyfriend then I want one too!!” and tries his hardest to get Jake to be his boyfriend too
-Brooke goes around collecting little flowers on the field and gives them to Chloe as presents (Chloe even kept one as they grew up and hides it in her favorite book)
-Rich steals all the red crayons because it’s his favorite color and he doesn’t want anyone else using them
-Jeremy and Michael have mud fights
-whenever they play in the rain for too long and get sick their parents let them hang out at Michael’s house and play old video games while they get better
-Christine builds pillow forts at every sleepover
-Jake and Michael help protect the pillow fortress while Brooke, Chloe, and Jenna try to take it over


Tyler and Jenna + Food

Happy Anniversary to these adorable dorks ❤❤

I hope you both eat lots of yummy food today 3.28.17

Like honestly though. The love that Jenna and Julien have for each other is incredible and real and beautiful. I have never seen so much love and devotion and happiness. Their videos make me SO HAPPY. They make me believe that there is still love in the world. Congrats on a million subs Julien. You’re one rad Otter.