i love jenna marble

Jenna talking about how she dreamed of being a zoo keeper when she was little, then remembers all the pets she and Julian already have and the audience starts to scream names of other animals they should get

Jenna: *trying to understand the screaming* an owl? a towel? ….. oh dan howell! *laughs* Whenever you mention Dan Howell is just *makes cute little noises* You know who loves Dan and Phil more than anybody though *points at Julien* Exposed!

Julien: Oh yeah, are you kidding me? I got to sit on a couch with them, it was amazing!

This made my day

Like honestly though. The love that Jenna and Julien have for each other is incredible and real and beautiful. I have never seen so much love and devotion and happiness. Their videos make me SO HAPPY. They make me believe that there is still love in the world. Congrats on a million subs Julien. You’re one rad Otter.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jenna marbles never fails to make me cry because she's such a great person who you can tell is so accepting and loving of all types of people and she has never cared about anything other than being happy and that's so admirable and beautiful and i would love to grow up and be like her. she gets a lot of shit for the way she looks and acts in her videos but she is never hurting anybody and if she does on accident she's always so quick to apologize and learn from it. her relationship with julien is so real and pure and you can see how happy they make each other. she never thought her youtube career would go anywhere but now she can do literally whatever she wants in life because she's hilarious and is 100% herself all the time and people love her for it. i just really wanna be like jenna marbles because she has never had the world all figured out and she knows she never will and she doesn't just accept that, she embraces it and is so honest with herself and other people. she's not a perfect person obviously but i think she's one of the main role models in my life at this moment in time
Jenna Marbles

Here’s why I love Jenna. She cares so deeply about her animals and does everything she can to take care of them. Today I was really disappointed when I saw that she got a fish bowl and put multiple fish in it. I went to the comments and saw a lot of negativity, so I left a positive comment with recommendations. Just now I noticed that she deleted the video and uploaded a statement on twitter. Because of the comments, she’s getting a large rectangular tank, a filter, and cycling it properly! I couldn’t be more happy that she found the solution and chose to take the video down so that she wouldn’t be showing viewers that a bowl like that was okay. I’m sad that the pet store she went to told her that was the best option and she was so misinformed, but I’m so happy to see her making a really responsible and selfless decision.

Go Jenna!!!