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A Little Update

Hey guys! It’s been a bit for me. Right now I’m focusing on me and making sure I’m good so that’s why my fics have been a little sparse recently. I will tell you it’s going to be another day, maybe two until I’m back and running. So until then, here’s what I’ve got going on (This is also to answer those asks about my WIPS) 

  1. The new Dean series! I’m super duper excited about this one, you have no idea! I have 12 parts planned so far, but it’s definitely going to be more than that. I will tell you that it’s an AU. Mechanic! Dean. Lot’s of familiar characters. It revolves around the summer time. There will be a post revealing all soon!
  2. A Sam x Reader series…A Titanic AU. Remember my Proposal AU… That will give you some sort of hint on how I will be writing this one. I’m realllllllly excited for this one. 
  3. I have maybe 6 Dean one shots planned. A Jealous!Dean is definitely one of them. ;)
  4. Potentially a short Demon!Dean Series?
  5. More Preferences! Pssst: You can totally request one here
  6. More Drabbles!
  7. More Perfect

But for now, me and my very exhausted body are going to watch some old SPN episodes. Take care y’all. AKF!

Ps: If any of the above interests you and you’re thinking, “Oh my god! Jen please tag me” 

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“My favorite one is a guy that I nicknamed Fernando. He has long shoulder-length hair and a moustache and sometimes a little goatee and usually works as a sort of janitor figure or whatever, whatever’s needed. He’s been my favorite I think, just because of the elaborate backstory I’ve given him as a flamenco-dancing assassin.” - Matthew Rhys

“Our favorite, the one that all the ladies like, is Fernando. |Laughter] And Fernando is spanish. We decided he’s a flamenco teacher and he’s incredibly sexy.” - Keri Russell


AU where instead of being subdued by Aquamarine, Topaz destabilized her shitty little ass and took Steven and Lars back to earth where she lived happily ever after with Lapis and Peridot at the barn I mean why not add another gem to the space aunt party and then no one is ever sad or in danger ever again then end

Heart Of A Girl

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 4,660

Summary: Jason’s girlfriend has a rough night with her self-esteem, and he helps her feel better.

Warnings: Negative self-esteem, negative self-talk

Written For: Self Insert Week 2017

Note: This is complete and total self-indulgent fluff. And sorry again for the length. I think I’m incapable of writing a short one-shot.

Tagging: @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added to my taglist? Send me an ask!)

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I love seeing the interactions of Jen and Kingston with Blake. Jen, telling him off just like a SIL, Kingston casually lying in bed with them. There's just so much ease and comfort with them that it speaks volumes about their relationship. I feel that Blake and Gwen are just easy people. And maybe it's more the fans who over analyse and stress more about the relationship than they do.

I LOVE Jen’s relationship with him, to be honest, and laughed way too hard at their interaction. Also, what I haven’t even seen mentioned ONCE, his casual talk of wondering about the Easter card, lol. It’s just so damned NORMAL, and that’s my fave thing in the world…

I’ve been hanging out for snaps of Apollo in bed with them, but I can’t say I was disappointed at getting King instead. I mean, even just Blake’s arm just casually leaning on King when Betty was taking up all the room was just. Le sigh. 😊

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Yes, that's it, thank you MKTS! Although I've just remembered that she actually doesn't have sex with him but ALMOST does. But still, highly recommend. He's the SEX in it, and it's still an MSR ending. 😙

3rd party sex with an MSR ending?! What’s not to love?!
Hey @mangokiwitropicalswirl : ya made our night!

“What do you think, Jay?” you asked, stepping out of the dressing room wearing a skin tight, black cocktail dress. It hugged your hips perfectly. It accentuated your voluptuous breasts, revealing the perfect amount of cleavage.

You looked at Jensen, and his mouth was hanging open slightly as his eyes roamed your body from head to toe.

“I love…” he started but you swiftly cut him off, walking towards him, your hips swaying dangerously.

“I swear to god, Jen, if you say you love this one too,” you warned, lifting the skirt just enough so that you could place a knee on both sides of his legs, straddling his lap.

His large hands landed on your thighs, edging the snug fabric up higher so that the pads of his fingers could dig into the meat of your thighs. “I was going to say I love you, smartass,” Jensen growled, nipping at your neck, trailing kisses down along your collarbone. He slid the shoulder of the dress down and peppered your freckled skin with kisses. “I don’t give a fuck what you wear sweetheart as long as I’m the one taking it off of you at the end of the night,” he said, his mouth trailing back up your neck and stopping midway as he sucked a dark mark there.

You were thankful you had requested a private dressing room as his lips found yours, latching on desperately for a deep, passionate kiss. Your hips rolled against his as his hands ran slowly up your back and deftly unzipped your dress, pushing it off your shoulders.

Your lips found his hungrily as your bare breasts heaved before him. Finally, you pulled away and smiled. “You’ve got yourself a deal, Ackles. How about I help you out of these right now?” You asked, your fingers slowly unbuttoning his jeans to free his aching cock.

Well, I’ve been on alright terms with my mom lately. God knows why because she wasn’t speaking to me when I left but she’s called and emailed a few times and got my phone set up for international for when I go to Montreal next Fall so I guess I owe her. And to make sure dad passed on the card. Wish me luck.

And on a lighter note thank you for all the Mother’s day wishes myself! OwO. I alwasy wanna be the mom friend but get worried it’s too much and also understand not everyone wants a mom friend so I back off sometimes, but it’s nice to know people recognize I care :D

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so this is going to be bitchy be w.e at this point. i am so happy with the emma and hook's love story, yes they could have been given way more moments but ill happily take it. WE CAN MOVE ON KNOWING SWAN QUEEN IS OFFICiALLY OVER TOO. so take that! i love jen and emma will always be my fave but at least we don't have to hear they're its end game crap. game is officially over

swabusequeen NEVER existed so it doesn’t matter what they say.