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My thoughts on 13 Reasons Why Characters (Contains Spoilers)

Hannah Baker: I hate everything that happened to Hannah.Those terrible scenes just grabbed my heart and crumbled it into dust. She went through so much and felt like she had no one to talk to. Majority of her friends just betrayed her except for Clay Jenkins. The only thing about Hannah that I found messed up about her was that she pushed away the one person that actually wanted to be there for her. 

Clay Jensen: I felt bad for him, having to hear about the awful things done to the person he loved and watching him struggle to try and get justice for her. I just wished he was able to overcome the fear he had when talking to Hannah and told her how he really felt. There was that moment where he was a dick to her when she tried to talk about the car accident and he completely shut her down. 

Tony: Ever since the beginning i got this mysterious vibe off Tony and i didn’t really like it but i realized it was all for Hannah and honoring what she wanted, I’m really glad he decided to show Ms. Baker the tapes even though I was dying for him to tell her sooner.

Jeff Atkins: OMG WHY?!? JUSTICE FOR JEFF TOO! He had absolutely nothing to do with the tapes and all he wanted was Clay to be happy and to be with Hannah. He was such a sweet guy who definitely didn’t need to go. 

Jessica Davis: I loved her, then i hated her, and then I felt really bad for her and like Hannah I hope Jessica gets the justice she deserves. I really liked her at the beginning, she was such a cool person and her and Hannah were so so similar. They had that friendship, where you can consider each other sisters. But then I hated how she automatically blamed Hannah instead of Alex for the list that he made and then blamed her for end of their break-up. She didn’t even try to listen to Hannah. And I hated that she didn’t want to see justice for a girl who was once her friend. But then it all started to make sense and it was because she was fed a soup full of lies by her boyfriend. 

Justin Foley: I feel like Justin Foley actually does have a good heart but he just didn’t make the right decisions. I loved how much he cared about Jessica but what he did to her was completely awful. But, it killed me when he called out to his mom after her boyfriend just choked her son and she just walked away. And what really also got to me was when he told Jessica about almost jumping and said he couldn’t because he was thinking about her almost made me forget about what he did but then Jessica told him off, and I remembered the pain he helped cause her. It’s clear that what he did was eating him up inside (as it should) and now he just has to live with that

Bryce aka dickshit: FUCK HIM. HOPE HE CREMATES IN HELL. If you watched the show, i’m pretty sure this is all I need to say about that disgusting animal. 

Courtney Crimsen: Hate her. Hated her. And still hate her. I understand she didn’t want people knowing she was lesbian but that was no reason to throw Hannah under the bus. Coming out is hard, especially when you go to school with a bunch of judgmental, immature idiots but that’s still not a justification for what she did. And then i absolutely hated her when she tried to stand up and protect Bryce like he wasn’t a rapist who raped not only Hannah but Jessica too. I get she was lying to herself about him not be a rapist so she wouldn’t have to consider herself a lesbian but she just needed to finally admit the truth to herself. 

Sheri: I liked her and….. i don’t hate her. She should’ve called the cops but I understand her reasons her hitting and running a stop sign. She was scared. But she should’ve never left an slightly intoxicated Hannah there after she offered her a ride. But i do feel like Sherri has her heart in the right place by hanging around the old man who got in the accident and by finally going to the police. 

Alex Standall: I hated him for making the list and letting Jessica be mad at Hannah for it. But he was the only one who actually had a brain in the ‘lets take Clay down so the world won’t know about all the horrible things we’ve done” group. He was the first one to actually wanted to tell the truth and accept the punishments. He was also a sweet character and I really hope he isn’t dead. 

Zach: I thought he was sweet too. But i didn’t like how he didn’t speak up for Hannah and actually take into consideration that she needed help, but i can’t really blame him for the fact that he was scared and it’s hard to know that there’s something wrong with someone and actually being able to help them. Knowing that there’s something really dark about a person and just freezing up with fear and not knowing what to do. And what people do in situations like this is they take the easy way out and just ignore it and act like it never happened. But i truly think he actually liked Hannah. 

Tyler: Fucking creep. Seriously he should have his camera shattered into a million and one pieces. And i know this is just a theory but i just wanna put this out there and most of you are probably thinking this too but i’m pretty sure Tyler shot Alex. He had all those guns and he took down Alex’s picture. It makes sense. Anyways, i don’t understand why he was trying so hard to try and get into the  ‘lets take Clay down so the world won’t know about all the horrible things we’ve done” group. I think he’s a psychopath and that side of him will unravel in season two of this show.  

Marcus Cole: I thought he was actually a nice guy when he asked Hannah to go out with him and then once he came and hour late and sexually assaulted Hannah that’s when I hated him. He cared wayy to much about his reputation. 

Ryan: self-centered douche bag. The only moment i’ll applaud him is when he shut Courtney down when she tried to deny Bryce was a rapist. I saw his point on having her poem open to the world and about her struggles reaching out and connecting to other people’s problem but it was personal and he should’ve asked for permission. 

Mr. Porter: What’s the point of having a guidance counselor if they’re not going to help guide you out of your problems?? I’m happy he felt bad for not being able to stop what Hannah did to herself. Out of all these people, he was the only one that actually gets paid to help people out of their problems   

Dating Justin Foley would include


• You being the one he goes to when he has been beaten by his mom’s boyfriend.
• “Sorry for bothering you.”
• You kissing him all over his face, just wanting to give him all the love he deserved.
• “You could never bother me! I love you.”
• Being the it - couple at school, and him loving the fact that everybody knows that you’re his.
• Him being extremely protective, but you being just as much as him.
• Giving death glares at the girls that hit on him.
• You coming to all his games, and cheering him on.
• Him being completely honest to you about the tapes, even though he isn’t supposed to tell anyone about them.
• Matching clothes. You think it’s adorable, and he secretly likes it too, even if the boys tease him about it.
• Both being equally whipped.
• Going to parties together, and either one of you, or both, getting wasted.
• You not liking that he smokes weed, and him promising to try quitting.
• Him giving the best hugs, and the hugs lasting for ages.
• “If anything happened to you, I would lose my mind.”
• Justin making it a habit to kiss your temple.
• Your parent(s) loving him, and always letting him stay when he has left his house.
• You caring much more about school than him, and him finding it adorable when you scold at him for skipping class.
• Justin giving you his clothes, and showing you off when you wear them because they look cuter on you than on him.

A STEREK STORY (and delirium)

Do you remember when Scott thought that Derek died (s03e05) and he wasn’t able to heal because he felt guilty for his death?

Well, after Allison helps him to heal, one of the first things he says is: “Stiles, where’s Stiles?” even if there is no reason to believe he is in danger. It’s like Scott’s last promise to Derek was to keep Stiles safe.


I’ve always believed that (until season 4) it was Derek who acknowledged and understood his feelings for Stiles (Stiles was just…well…Stiles. Kinda lost in his Lydia world, wondering about his sexuality). Scott knew it though, like every body else in the pack, simply because Derek made it very clear to them

But he tried so hard to keep him away. For so many reasons:

1) Stiles is a “child”

2) “I killed my first love”

3) “people I love die”

4) Trust issues

5) He knows and respects the feelings Stiles has for Lydia

“Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.”

6) He loves Stiles’ smile. And he knows how dangerous and painful a relationship with a werewolf can be.

But nobody can deny that Derek is totally in love with Stiles, because:

1) He makes him smile:

2) And makes him act like a baby (because he had to grow up so fast that he’s still a child in so many ways, SO BASICALLY WHAT STILES GIVES HIM IS WHAT HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE):

(come on, Derek. No one believes you)

3) This little, defenceless human is a hero, a BAMF and he’s not afraid of him

4) this BAMF is kind and funny and brave and full of love

5) He dreams of him

6) no words needed 

7) Derek kinda freaks out every time Stiles is in danger


And then, finally, it looks like Stiles understands something (and, yes, it looks like our ship is going to become canon)

BUT…Season 3B. Stiles literally loses his mind (STILES WHAT ARE YOU DOING)

While Derek’s still totally and madly in love with him:

And the Nogitsune knows it:

But then season 4 comes, and while Derek finds a distraction (okay, totally fair)…

…Malia decides that Stiles is her mate:

And then Stiles finally gets it:

Because when you’re losing someone… 

…you understand how much that someone is important to you.

And how many lies you told yourself,

how many chances you missed,

how many kisses got lost forever,

and how many “I love you” passed over in silence.

But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

You can call it Fate.

I like to call it Sterek.

13 Reasons Why Preference - Drunk

A/N: What they’d be like when they’re drunk.

Hannah Baker

Hannah would, without a doubt, be a very “proud” drunk. Once she’s had enough to drink, she has no problem showing you off. She will literally shout how much she loves you to the whole party or any one that will listen. 

Clay Jensen

I just feel like Clay would be, kind of, an insecure drunk, like he thinks that every guy in room is flirting with you and will probably get all sad because he thinks he’s going to lose you. Which will probably end up with you driving him home and him rambling in the car about not wanting to lose you.

Justin Foley

He would definitely be an overly touchy drunk. Wherever you were, he’d just pull you into his arms and wouldn’t let you go under any circumstances.

Zach Dempsey

Zach would probably spend the night just denying he was drunk, usually stumbling while he insists.

Alex Standall

Alex would, sort of, turn into like a baby. He’d just be babbling incessantly, making literally no sense.

Jessica Davis

Jess would totally be an emotional drunk, like the slightest thing would cause her to burst into tears, either that or she wouldn’t be able to stop giggling, like she found anything anyone said to be utterly hilarious.

Jeff Atkins

Jeff would absolutely be a reckless drunk, I’m talking like thinking he can fly and jumping off the roof kind of reckless. He’ll think he’s superman and try and fly and do loads of crazy, reckless things before someone convinces him to stop or go home.

Tony Padilla

Tony doesn’t get drunk often but when he does, he is definitely a sad drunk. I mean, he’d probably just be in a corner, like sobbing into his drink until someone took him home.

Montgomery De La Cruz

I feel like Monty would be a very angry drunk. Like he wouldn’t care who it was, he’d just pick a fight with anyone.

Dating Justin Foley be like...

• Him smiling and winking at you while playing basketball • You feeling slightly embarrassed because people are now staring at you but also giddy • Justin being possessive because the guys are jokingly flirting with yoh • Sleep overs at your house • Him only showing you his soft side • Being his number 1 cheerleader • a lot and I mean A LOT of PDA • You always getting turned on whenever he bites his lips while staring at you • teachers getting mad because Justin won’t stop flirting and kissing you • Awesome s-x ;) ———– I LOVE YOU GUYS

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Fav scira moments ?

Omg, I have so many.

I absolutely 100% love their rain kiss (all three of them).

One of the many things I really like about Scira is that they’re very magnetic, it’s like they pull to each other and then instantly connect when they meet and the first rain kiss really shows that:

the second one is really playful and shot really nicely and pretty sexy until it gets interrupted

and the third one is so angsty, like 90s r&b slow jam music video kind of angsty

can we also appreciate how much it looks like Tyler and Arden enjoy kissing each other?


I also really love when he watches her eat pizza because the expression on his face is of complete adoration:

I love the “I remember and I meant it” scene because first of all, Scott isn’t being flippant and is just like no, I do love you, Kira:

but also because you see the kind of effect that Kira has on him, he’s in pain and the minute she touches him, he stills, he’s relieved of that hurt:

The 5x04 forehead kiss because they went through some shit and they just want to decompress and what calms them down, what gets them grounded, what gives them comfort is each other:

Their “acceptance” scene:

because I know that Scallison had their own version of this when he transforms back into being fully human Scott as she kisses him and I love, love that scene as well but the Scira scene has a sort of tenderness and gentleness to it that’s unique to Scira, like their expressions are of wonder, Kira’s wonder is of this complete other side of Scott and she purposefully asks to see his wolf face and Scott’s wonder and awe is of the fact that she isn’t just accepting, she’s deeply moved by what she sees.

Their accidental kiss:

It was funny and it was cute and I liked how it was already habitual for Scott to peck Kira before they had that “are we boyfriend and girlfriend?” conversation and I love the subsequent kiss in the episode in which they both lean into being a couple:

When my guy literally jumped out of a moving vehicle and wolfed out immediately to have Kira’s back

and then when their reunion kiss with Stiles AND Kira’s mom in the front seats:

This sexy-ass makeout/sex scene

Them just sleeping together

Their moonlit dance:

Everything about their date in 4x11

Their angsty hug

His flippant-but-not-flippant I love you

Every time he calmed her fox

Their cuddle

When she gives him her tail, there’s a sense of eternity to that gesture

When he comforted her about her fox

and many more!

*none of these are my gifs*

am i grumpy about this storyline? yes cos it sucks. am i going to have a lot of negative feelings about it from time to time? probably. am i going to at some point buy want to buy a book on how to put a curse on someone like i do every time i think about jeff davis? sure, but that eventually happens at least once in every fandom i’m in tbh. 

but am i giving up on a ship (and show) i’ve dedicated my love to for over a year? fuck nothey’re gonna have to pry robron from my cold, dead fingers before i give up. shitty writing isn’t knocking me off this ride or die train.

You’re Dylan’s new love interest on Teen Wolf

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,084

A/N: Hey! Thank you so much for your request! I really liked your idea so I started writing right away but I was so carried away that it got so long before I could get to the last part of your request. If you want a part 2 please message me! :)

Today was the last day of filming your new movie and because you had been so busy with it for the last three months you had had barely any time to see Dylan, your boyfriend. So you had decided that as soon as your last scene was a wrap you would visit him on the Teen Wolf set.

As soon as you arrived to the set, you immediately saw Dylan so you ran to him.

“Hey Dyl” you said opening your arms.

“Hey beautiful” he said hugging you.

“How is the filming going?”

“Now that you arrived much better.” he smiled and gave you a little kiss.

You were kissing him back when you heard someone screaming your name.

“(Y/N!)” you looked back and saw it was Tyler.

“Hi Tyler!” you said hugging him “How are you doing?”

“I’m great!” he answered “I haven’t seen you in ages”

“I know. I’ve been really busy lately. I haven’t even seen Dylan that much!” you exclaimed pointing at Dylan.

“That’s very true!” agreed Dylan hugging you from the back “But since you’re here now, we have to make up for lost time.”

You giggled “Yes, yes we do”

“Ok guys. Enough with being cute.” said Tyler smiling “ We are all outside Shelley’s trailer having a break. Want to come?”

“Sure!” you said smiling. “I want to see everyone again”

“Yeah. Let’s go!” said Dylan while putting his arm around you and leading the way.

There were a lot of people outside Shelley’s trailer. All the cast, Holland, Shelley, Cody, Dylan Sprayberry, Melissa, etc… and also the director Jeff Davis. You knew all of them really well and you always ended up having a great time together.

“Look who they are!” announced Shelley as you were approaching “The two love birds”

“And me…” added Tyler smiling.

“Yeah… and Tyler” said Shelley making everyone laugh.

“Hey guys” you greeted while starting to hug Shelley.

You proceeded to hug everyone and chit chat a bit with each one of them.

“Ok guys that’s enough hugging and talking” said Dylan pretending that he was annoyed. “Now, can you give me my girlfriend back?”

Everyone laughed and Dylan decided to seat on the only empty chair. When you finished greeting everyone you were looking around to see if there were any more chairs.

“There’s no more chairs in here (Y/N).” said Tyler “If you want to I can go and get one for you”

“That would be….” you started saying but Dylan interrupted you.

“There’s no need Tyler.. She can just sit on my lap” Dylan said with a smirk on his face making everyone laugh.

“Ok then” shrugged Tyler.

You got kind of embarrassed because you were being the center of attention all over again and you didn’t really know what to do.
“Come here babe. I was serious” Dylan said opening his arms.

You went to him and sat on his lap while he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“So (Y/N), I’ve heard you’ve just finished filming a new movie. What’s it’s name?” asked Cody.

“It’s called Thirteen Reasons Why…” you answered

“Oh I know that book! I read it a while back and I thought it was so amazing that, sooner or later, they would adapt it to a movie.” said Melissa.

“Wasn’t it a bestseller?” asked Shelley. “It must have been hard to get the main role. Congratulations (Y/N)!”

“Thanks! But yeah, there were a lot of amazing actresses there” you answered.

“I knew from the start she would get the role. She’s the best actress in the whole world!” said Dylan all excited.

“You’re not a bad actor yourself mr. O’Brien” you told him laughing and kissing him again.

“We all know you are a good couple no need to show us that guys” Tyler said laughing and making everyone laugh.

“A love like this has to be shown to the whole world” said Dylan all dramatic like he was reciting a Shakespeare poem.

“That sounds kind of cheesy” said Holland.

“Yeah… a bit” you agreed.

“Babe!” exclaimed Dylan pretending he was shocked. “Not even you are on my side?”

“I’m always on your side” you answered “You know that”

“Yeah. I know” said Dylan giving you a long kiss.

“Get a room guys!” yelled Dylan Sprayberry making everyone laugh again.

You got a bit embarrassed again so you tried to chance the subject. “What about you guys? How is the final season going?”

“Pretty great actually” said Tyler.

“Yeah. We are having a ton of actors from the first seasons coming back! It’s been so much fun!” exclaimed Shelley.

“Really? That’s so cool!” you said really excited, because you were the number 1 fan of the show.

“I mean… A few hours ago we got a call and we have a bit of a problem” said Jeff Davis, the director “ I didin’t even had time to tell you guys but the new actress that was supposed to be Stiles love interest just can’t make it due to a problem with her schedule”

“That sucks” said Cody.

“Yeah. What are we going to do?” asked Tyler

“I don’t know. We can’t extend the filming days any longer because Dylan has a very tight schedule because he has to go film The Death Cure. So since it will be impossible to get an actress by tomorrow, I guess we have to change the storyline, which is going to be super complicated”

“Damn!” said Dylan kind of sad “I was really excited with Stiles storyline this season!”

“Maybe (Y/N) could do it!” interjected Shelley.

Everyone looked at her surprised, especially you.

“Don’t look at me like that!” she said “I mean, (Y/N) is an amazing actress who just finished working on a movie so her schedule is free. And let’s be honest who would be better to be Stiles girlfriend? She and Dylan are one of the cutest couples I know, you really can’t say they have no chemistry!

Now everyone was nodding and smiling because everyone though that would be a good idea.

“That would be so awesome!” said Dylan so excited he almost jumped out of his seat. “We could work together babe! We would spend so much more time together”

“I think that is a great idea!” said Jeff looking at you “It would be a honor for us to have you in our show. “What do you think (Y/N)?”

“I would love to do it!”

What did you think of this imagine? Do you want a part 2? Please message me with your opinions and requests!

Smoke, Fog, and Haze

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* This is my first imagine so it’s not the best! I will be writing imagines for characters in shows that I love but unfortunately don’t see enough of! Shoot me a request if you have one. This particular imagine will be part of a series of imagines dedicated to Y/N’s love life with the beautiful Jeff Atkins until the unfortunate end.*

-not my gif. credits goes to the creator- 

Also not positive on their ages so I just made it up. OKAY ON WITH THE STORY

Jeff Atkins Series

How they met:

*        Smoke, fog, and haze = write about not being able to see ahead of you

Freshman Year: First weekend of the school year

“I can’t believe you’re actually going to this party,” Clay complained from his position on my bed, his eyes still glued to the tv screen where The Lord of the Rings was playing yet again. I was stood in front of my closet, focused on searching through my clothes when he spoke, making me jump a bit. I groaned and rubbed my eyes as I turned to look at him, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and an annoyed look on his face. “I’m in high school now Clay, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?” I asked with a laugh, “You’ll go to a party too when you’re older.” “Ha ha,” Clay laughed mockingly as he threw a pillow in my direction, nearly hitting my face, “I’m one year younger than you. And yeah I guess you should go to parties but do you have to do it on Lord of the Rings night?” “Would you rather I go next week during Star Trek night?” “Shut your mouth.” I laughed out loud at my best friend. He was a year younger and while I was enjoying the new freedom of High School, Clay was stuck in 8th grade with our friend Tony. I turned back to my closet, deep in thought once again. “What do girls even wear to high school parties?” “According to the movies, not much,” Clay answered, once again sucked into the movie as if the two of us hadn’t been watching it on repeat every day after school.

Eventually I gave up and undressed before I pulled on some jeans and a cropped sweatshirt, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and slipped on some sneakers before turning back to Clay. “Okay how’s this?” I asked nervously, playing with my sleeves. Clay glanced at me quickly, scanned me and returned to watching the tv, “You look nice.” I giggled at the sight of his pout and sat on the edge of my bed next to him, kind of wishing I was back in my pjs and lounging on my bed as well. “I’m really scared Clay. You and Tony are my only friends and you’re not in school with me anymore. I went this whole week thinking that High School was gonna be this magical place where I found myself and made friends with a clique just like me and that together we’d dance and sing our way through the next four years” I began, making Clay snort, “But the only person who’s talked to me all week was Justin Foley when he knocked me over during P.E..  Like, I’m going to a party alone. That’s kind of embarrassing right?” I admitted with a strained smile, butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going somewhere on my own. Clay sighed as he paused the movie and sat up next to me, our legs dangling off the edge of my bed. “It’s not embarrassing to go to a party by yourself. I mean, the whole point is to make friends right? Look, as bummed as I am that you’re missing movie night, I do want you to go to this party. You’re my best friend, you’re a great person, and any one would be lucky to have you even say two words to them. Just go and have a good time and tell me all about it when you get back, okay? Tony should be here by then.” “You invited Tony to a sleepover at MY house?” “I think we’ve been friends long enough to consider it OUR house. Now get out there and make some friends.” I laughed and placed an annoyingly sloppy kiss on Clay’s forehead before reminding him of the pizza money my mom had left us and grabbing my cell phone. I then made my way to my bedroom door. “OH, and be careful out there. ‘ It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to’ “ Clay quoted making me laugh and roll my eyes. “You’re a huge dork for quoting that Jensen!” I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way to the stairs. “You’re a bigger dork for knowing what I was quoting!” he yelled back as I laughed and made my way out the door and down the street.

I stood in front of the large house just a couple blocks away from my own. The music inside was loud and I could hear the laughs and shouts of the teens just behind the front door. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door, being greeted instantly by the smell of alcohol and sweat. I glanced around the room full of dancing teens and made my way to the back where I opened up the back door and walked into the back yard that was just as busy but a bit more bearable due to the fresh air. In this area the teens were just as drunk but beer pong and swimming was involved. When I didn’t notice any familiar faces I seriously considered walking back out the front door and to my house but when I turned back to the house a hand reached out and grabbed my elbow. “Y/N! Leaving so soon? You just walked through the door!” I turned back around, my heart jumping knowing that someone had actually noticed my presence, and came face to face with Justin Foley. “Oh, hey Justin. Yeah I didn’t see anyone I knew,” I answered, pushing some fly away hairs behind my ear. I may have been nervous, but I had gone all through the awkward stages of middle school as confident as possible, and that wasn’t about to change.

“Well now you’ve seen me! So stick around,” Justin replied with a grin, running his hand from my elbow down to my wrist where he tugged slightly and led me over to a group of people I recognized from middle school. “You remember Zach, Bryce and Kat right?” he asked as the three turned and waved to me. “Oh thank god a familiar face” Kat practically yelled as she desperately hugged me, “I barely saw a single person I knew this week. I thought I was alone here!” A huge weight floated off of my shoulders when I realized that the lost feeling I was experiencing was happening to each of us. “Okay good, it wasn’t just me,” I replied and we both giggled as the three boys rolled their eyes. The five of us caught up and shared a few stories about the summer before Bryce suggested we step into his pool house. Bryce had just missed the cut for kindergarten, making him a few months older than us, him already being 15 while we were just 14.  However those few months made all the  difference as he carried himself proudly as if he had years on us. He led us into the pool house and he and Zach busied themselves over by the bar while Kat, Justin an I got comfortable on the couch; the music outside was so loud that it felt as though the speaker was directly next to me. Soon enough Bryce and Zach were joining us once again, lighting up joints and taking deep puffs, exhaling thick white smoke. I bit my lip and watched, not sure how to respond as I’d never seen someone smoke weed before. Zach and I made eye contact and he grinned as he lazily held out his hand to me, the joint tucked between his pointer and middle finger, “Want a hit Y/N?” he asked and I weighed my options. I could deny the drug and watch my new group of friends as they had fun without me, I could leave the party and head on home to Clay and Tony and spend another night watching sci fi movies, or I could take a hit and see how it goes. Finally I reached out and shakily took the joint, holding it to my lips but stopping as I noticed everyone watching with lazy smiles. Then I took a deep hit from the joint, holding the smoke and releasing it with a choking cough making the others cheer and pat my back. I laughed and tried again and soon we were in a circle, passing the joints around and laughing as we shared stupid stories.

I stood up from the couch with Zach’s help and laughed loudly at absolutely nothing. After an hour cooped up in the pool house, Bryce figured he should make sure his house was still in one piece. When I was standing straight, I stumbled to the front door and pushed it open, watching as the smoke that had once occupied the pool house, poured out the door blocking my view of the back yard. “Whoa dude, it’s so foggy out here,” Zach pointed out making Kat laugh as she slapped his chest and yelled, “It’s smoke not fog you dumbass!” Zach laughed and lightly pushed her away as I waved my hand in front of my face, pushing the smoke away from my eyes and watching as it floated up to the stars. And as I looked foreword once again I watched how the haze lifted and my eyes locked with a pair of unfamiliar sleepy blue ones. The boy ahead of me was playing beer pong and seemed to be focused on our little staring contest as he didn’t notice how the boy in front of him successfully tossed his ball into his final cup.

The boy quickly turned back to the game when he heard the cheering and smiled before tossing back the cup of beer that was in front of him. “He’s cute,” Kat giggled in my ear as she threw an arm over my shoulder and pushed her head close to mine, pushing her weight onto me as well. I assumed it was the weed that was causing me to giggle along with her as I wrapped my arm around her waist, because I had never laughed so much at absolutely nothing before. “Yeah he is,” I agreed as the boy looked at me one more time with a small smile. “You should kiss him.” Kat stated seriously as she dragged me away from the pool house and toward the actual house. My eyes widened, well as much as they could, and I stopped abruptly before she continued dragging me like a toddler being dragged through the supermarket by their angry mother. “I cannot kiss him. He’s too cute and I don’t even know him.” I differed. Kat gave me a dangerous smile as we stopped in the packed living room. I knew instantly that she had a bad idea. “SUCK AND BLOW!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and quickly people were entering or leaving the living room, a large circle forming, the cute boy sitting next to Kat on the couch. Well he was sitting next to her, until she conveniently stood to stretch and sat on the other side of me, pushing me closer to him.

A playing card was produced by Bryce and soon the small piece of blended plastic and paper was in motion. I couldn’t help but drum my fingers nervously on my thigh as I watched the card make its rounds around the very large circle. “You nervous?” the boy next to me asked. And I was thankful for the drugs in my system because I oh so easily turned to look at him with a lazy grin and what I assumed were hazy red eyes. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned my face and he laughed. “What gave it away?” I asked. “The restless fingers,” he answered, reaching out and pressing his hand against mine to stop its nervous movements. I looked down at his hand over mine, and thought that when he noticed it he’d pull it away; but he didn’t, and I didn’t want him to. “I’m Y/N,” I introduced myself loudly over the still pumping music. “Jeff!” he yelled back with a smile, “I think you’re in my art of film class! You’re the girl who fought with the teacher about how the Matrix movie is a cinematic masterpiece, right? He said you were wrong and you called him a mouth breather.” A heavy blush spread across my face and chest and I quickly turned away from the boy who introduced himself as Jeff. “Wait no, I didn’t mean that like in a bad way. It was actually super adorable how defensive you got,” Jeff added as he nudged my arm with his, “quit ignoring me!” I giggled a bit as I turned back toward him, meeting his dark blue eyes. “I’m embarrassed.” I spoke quietly, secretly loving how he leaned in close to hear me. “Embarrassed that you’re passionate about something?” “Embarrassed that I looked like a huge dork in front of a really cute boy.” I corrected, watching as Jeff leaned back slightly while biting the corner of his lip, his teeth grazing it as he slowly released it as he smiled. Before he could respond to me a hand was tugging at my chin and my head was being turned to Kat as she leaned in and pressed her card covered lips to mine. And I suddenly remembered that we were in a group of teens playing a game. I pursed my lips and sucked, the card sticking to my lips before I turned back to Jeff. I tilted my head up and pushed myself up to be closer to his face and Jeff pressed the palm of his hand against the back of my head before leaning down toward me. His eyes looked from my eyes to the card and back before he pulled my head close to his and pressed his lips against the card. I placed my hand on his shoulder and didn’t bother to blow the card away, and I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to suck. So when his face pulled a centimeter away from mine, the card fluttered to my lap before he leaned back in and his lips connected to mine.

The group of teens cheered loudly at the sight of a kiss (despite not being positive on whether the kiss meant a win or a loss) due to the fast paced game, which the pace of Jeff’s kiss completely opposed. His was gentle as he pressed a few sweet kisses to my lips, before my stupid smile made him smile as well and we couldn’t kiss anymore. Jeff looked up at the ceiling to hide his slight blush and I looked down at my lap in an attempt to do the same. I then pressed down on the home screen of my phone and saw the bold numbers reading 2am. “Holy shit,” I exclaimed. It had already been 3 hours, but it felt like it had only been 3 minutes. I stood up slowly and Jeff stood up with me. “Got a curfew?” he asked me and I felt Kat lightly smacking my leg in excitement that I was holding a steady conversation with him. “Yeah … well no, not a curfew. Just an antsy best friend who I really want to be watching Lord of the Rings with and that totally didn’t help my efforts to convince you that I’m not a dork.” I rambled. Jeff laughed and pushed his hands into his pockets nervously before bumping his shoulder against mine, “I can walk you home? If you’re cool with that I mean. No pressure or anything. It’s just really late and I think you’re a little too high to be walking around alone.” “Yeah I’d like that.”

Before Jeff could lead me to the front door I turned back to Kat and hugged her tightly, and glanced over her shoulder to see Zach and Justin giving me thumbs up. “I’ll see you at school on Monday right?” I asked hesitantly, praying that I wouldn’t go back to wandering the halls alone. “Obviously!” Kat yelled as she lightly shoved me with a laugh. I smiled at her and waved at the boys before making my way to the door, Jeff following as he said goodbye to his own friends. Together we made our way down the street and I welcomed the cool air, a complete contrast to Bryce’s stuffy house. We walked the two blocks home in a comfortable silence before Jeff helped me up my front stairs, chuckling as the door swung open revealing Tony and Clay. Their stern father looks were well practiced and they’re arms were crossed as they took in the sight of Jeff. “You guys are still here!” I yelled as I threw myself at them, trying to squeeze them both into a group hug. “She’s really high.” Jeff announced making Tony groan and pull me off lightly. “I’ll go make some food before the munchies hit,” he announced before disappearing into the house, Clay following him, but leaving the door open for me. I turned back to Jeff, who somehow looked even cuter under the unflattering porch light. “I’ll see you on Monday right?” he asked sweetly holding his hand out to me. “Of course. I’ll save you a seat in Film class,” I replied, taking his hand and squealing when he pulled me into a hug. He then pulled away and jogged down the stairs and down my front yard before disappearing down the street and I couldn’t help but let out another squeal as I turned and ran into my house and into the kitchen. “I take it you made some friends?” Clay asked with a smile as Tony put some left over pizza into the toaster oven. “I made friends and I kissed a cute boy and I’m really happy … and this is so good,” I announced as I pulled a handful of stale popcorn from the bowl on the counter and shoved it into my mouth. “Ew you kissed that guy?” “Yes Clay, and it was glorious.” “He was cute. Nicely done.” Tony replied ignoring Clay’s playful disgust. “Maybe I can actually survive my one year of high school without you guys after all.” “We never doubted you.”

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For the love of--

We are months away from our last half season of Teen Wolf and despite the utter train wreck (heh–train wreck–gettit?) that was season 6a, I’m hoping to gods someone wrestles the script away from Jeff Davis long enough to redeem the finale. 

Now, I’ve seen the sketchy footage of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin throwing a ball around on set and I read something about how Benjamin Wadsworth tweeted about his TW scene with Hoech (since taken down, cause I can’t find it now), so my hopes are pretty high that Derek will show his face before the end.

Originally posted by agsztrashbouquet

I can’t tell you how that makes me feel because I’m not sure yet what that is except I miss seeing Derek something fierce. I have to have faith that Tyler H wouldn’t go back to TW without either a) a fulfilling script or b) a rewarding pocketbook—or even c) his crazy TW fam and their secret werewolf after party. So hope is uncurling from my shattered bitter chest.

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you may notice I’m a smidge worried for Stiles and how they ended 6b. If Derek is on the horizon I’m okay. I can breath. The ‘real’ alpha is coming. (What?! I quoted Stiles, lol). 

As for the end-game scenario, well, I have my favorite. Sterek is eternal and whether that means thru the Sterek fans, or onscreen, I’m already golden. 

What they did to Stydia was honestly a shame. I love the dynamic Stiles and Lydia share and what MTV hurried them through in 6a just to say they did it was painful. If they were going to go for it, I wish it had been done in a story line far more skilled than a bunch of recycled huhah. 

Like I said though, even if there is no Sterek ending, I’ll always be grateful that the actors themselves had enough chemistry that even a glance at a signature

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showed more (wistful/longing/hope/bittersweet/couldhavebeen) than one facemash reunion. 

Oh and yay other actors coming back! LOL

they say ‘stydia is fanservice’

y’all believe it’s true but let’s clear something up ladies and gentlemen

That’s what teen wolf gave us
from the start Stiles was in love(he still is) with Lydia

Lydia, I’ve had a crush on you since the third grade’ - Stiles Stilinski 1x11

I’m in lоve with a nut job’ - Stiles Stilinski

and then other charactes mentioned it for several times as well

’He likes you a lot, doesnt he?’ - Aiden

’He’s had a crush on her since, like, third grade, so’- Allison

’He still likes her, doesnt he?’- Kira

’And Lydia would never run and hide’ - ‘Because of Stiles?”- Derek and Aiden

And those two theyre pretty good together’- Scott

‘It need to be someone who can pull you back, someone who has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles’ - Deaton

The stydia development is breathtaking. We went from Lydia ignoring Stiles to Lydia refusing to leave Stiles one. Lydia grew up and realised her feelings for Stiles. She won’t ignor him anymore, she won’t forget him.

What’s more, we have a lot of confirmations that stydia has been developing for years from Dylan, Holland and Jeff Davis as well, Let’s see. darlings.

‘He’s comfortable having Lydia in his heart’ -
Dylan O'Brien 

‘He’s taken with Lydia, he loves Lydia’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

‘He will always love Lydia. I mean she’s, she’s like his love’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

The moment with Lydia and him is very sweet and everyone is gonna love that moment. I loved it so much when I read it and shooting it too’ -  Dylan  O'Brien about Stydia kiss.

Even if he does move on, he will always love her. Not matter what. He will always take care for her in that way’ - Dylan  O'Brien

‘It will happen, one day’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

I think Stiles and Lydia are soulmates’ - Holland Roden

Lydia went from not knowing Stiles to them having a close relationship’ - Holland Roden

‘It’s like looking through a time lapse of any relationship between two people, where it can drastically change, based on their years in high school. She went from not knowing who he is to having this connection,some of it unspoken, but also there’s this energy between them. I’ve always said they’re two side of the same coin. One comes off maybe slightly more elegant in her speech and the other one is slightly more spastic but equally intelligent. So I think they make a great team. In what capacity, I don’t know. I cannot say’ - Holland Roden.

They have something special. We decided that this is the place to show that they’ve gone from a simple crush to friends to something deeper’ - Jeff Davis,September 7, 2016

I love Stiles and Lydia’s relationship particularly for the fact that we’re trying to tell a story of boyhood crush turning into possibly adult love. Stiles must see Lydia as more than just a beautiful girl before he could actually love her. And Lydia has to see Stiles as more than just a dumb kid chasing after her. It’s interesting to try to craft growing, maturing relationships’ -  Jeff Davis,July 28, 2013

‘We’re building the romances we’ve been concentrating on in Season 5 and throughout the seasons’ -  Jeff Davis

This episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years’ -  Jeff Davis about 5x16

‘But also, they’re great together. Stiles and Lydia are Maddie and David, they’re the Mulder and Scully of our show - they’re always just good together. So it’ll be fun’ -  Jeff Davis

‘I always imagined the very last scene very specifically. It would be Scott, Allison, Stiles and Lydia. The original four, and it would show them many years later, they would think back to the battes they fought, the friends they lost, and the journey they won. And Stiles and Lydia would watch their children as the play with Scott and Allison’s children in a peaceful place, where everyone can just take on big breathe’ -  Jeff Davis on Allison’s death.

That’s all we have, but yeah, keep saying Stydia is fanservice, you are absolutely right

Also I joke a lot about how Jeff Davis sucks, because, duh, but I will always blame this fandom for how the show turned out just as much as him for pandering to it.

Because Seasons 1 through 3A were about Scott McCall. He had the narrative focus, it was about his struggles, his triumphs, he was a real teenage boy with a full spectrum of emotions, some good, some bad. He learned, he failed, he grew, he compromised in some places and he drew a line in others and said he wouldn’t cross it. He loved and was loved in return, he stood up for his friends and they stood up for him. It wasn’t a perfect first three seasons but they were HIS first three seasons, so I will never say that the show didn’t know how to write Scott or prioritize him. It did. It just chose to stop.

3B started the progression away from Scott as the main character and I one hundred percent believe this was a direct result of Davis trying to pander to the most vocal facets of fandom, baiting Sterek and Stydia without committing to either, downplaying Scott while trying to shift focus to other characters as fandom screamed about how much it hated Scott and he sucked and all these other characters would be so much better.

There is an art to storytelling. I say art because there’s not a lot of rules to it, there’s very little a good writer can’t get away with it. But the one rule of storytelling I do believe in, that’s not actually a rule because its so implicitly understood it hardly seems believable it needs to be spoken….is that your story has to be about your main character. It’s just how it is. If its not, you’re just getting in your own way because a story is literally just ‘character has a goal, things get in the way of achieving that goal, character must achieve goal anyway.’

That’s it. That’s what stories are. Every story. Ever. Since the beginning of time. So when the goals your story is advancing are not the goals of your main character, when the obstacles are not in his way, when it is not him who overcomes them……you’re actually trying to tell two different stories without acknowledging that’s what you’re doing, and that just fundamentally does not work. 

The true irony of the trainwreck Teen Wolf became is that the one thing almost every corner of fandom agrees on is that the first couple of seasons were its best. Pro Scott fans agree. Anti Scott fans agree.

Problem is, anti Scott fandom will never ever acknowledge the role they played in the show’s decline due to their own vehement insistence it shift things away from Scott, the actual main character. Because that would mean acknowledging it was a better story when it didn’t suffer from confusion over whose story it was. That would mean acknowledging that it was a better show when it was definitively Scott’s story.

And they will never ever do that.

Wait sometimes I get so emo thinking about how much I love teen wolf and how crazy it is that this show got me through a near death experience and I can’t believe it’s ending but it’s so amazing that people can write these stories and then actors like Tyler Posey can bring them to life……like how do I deserve any of this. Literally everyone thinks I’m too emotional but if being too emotional means immersing myself in tv shows and crying over characters, then I’m so glad I’m a sensitive emo bitch bc I love that I have a heart that recognizes the value of storytelling. Also teen wolf is so fun like?? It doesn’t get the credit it deserves simply for not being melodramatic like any CW show ever, or not relying on tragedy porn like greys anatomy. 😩😩😩

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Jeff Davis, producer of MTV'S hit supernatural television drama series Teen Wolf, had so many chances to easily develop a better relationship with loved characters Allison and Stiles . Throughout the show, Davis has written them to be merely just acquaintances, or just friends because of their pack leader/best friend/first love Scott McCall. Unfortunately, Davis did nothing with their relationship. Nothing. I cant believe this. I . ok Even when Allison's mom died. I mean Stiles lost his mom too he could have helped Allison through it. right. ok. ok I mean if I was a producer of a supernatural television drama series and had two characters who have both lost their mothers I would have them bond and help each other out. I mean. oh my god. it . that was such a good opportunity. that was . such a good opportunity. how did Jeff not do anything with that . its been 3 years . 3 years . and i still dont understand how he didnt just take that opportunity . But nevertheless Allison and Stiles still cared for each other obviously. Literally Allison died trying to help Stiles . Indirectly but still !!! . but god why couldnt jeff have done something with their relationship . why. I mean obviously not anything romantic but something. but anyways Allison Argent is dead so stallison is dead and i am living in hell :)
Teen Wolf 6A Finale

I’m so happy, I’m crying, I’ve been blessed, my soul has ascended. THANK YOU JEFF DAVIS YOU AMAZING MAN.
-Of course he shows up in the freaking jeep, you scared the shit out of me
-Sheriff is so brave it hurts, look at the love this man has for his son
-Liam you so smol and I’m so proud of you
-“I’ve missed you so much, oh god Liam I missed you too”
-Scott and Stiles are such dads, liam is so lucky
-Peter Hale’s character development, look at this man who would do anything to save himself is now staying back to save his daughter
-Lydia you sassy little shit
-Malia love your father, he’s trying
Stiles: were we this bad
Scott: worse
-Liam bb you genius
-I actually love the dynamic between Liam and Theo
-Look at Mason, he’s so happy to see Liam and Hayden together
-Lydia stepping in front of Malia
-Malia pulling Lydia out of the way
-Scott dodging them bullets like I dodge my responsibilities
-Look at Lydia being a badass banshee, saving Stiles
-Lydia: I never said it back
-Stiles: You don’t have to
-You know what Nazi you can go fuck yourself
-Hell yeah Argent you suave little shit
-Melissa is so infatuated
-Lydia is so in control of her powers, I’m in love
-Can I say this again, Lydia is a badass
-“You’re not my mother”
-“Fire again”
-Look at Sheriff Stilinski and how he protectively holds Lydia as the school shakes
-Theo “he has a pack”
Malia: “He’s not in it, but I am"
Peter: “I’m not, but no one likes a nazi"
-These fight sequences are so cool
-AW Corey
-Mason you so cute
-Lydia looking lovingly at Stiles and Stiles smiling, “Everything’s changed”
-oh my god Stiles passing on the bat to Mason
-You actual dad
-“I need you”
-“I need you too” Scott McCall with actual tears in his eyes.
-Stiles is gonna study for the FBI
-Thanks papa McCall
-Scotty gon be a vet yay
-Lydia is gonna drive Stiles to college this is so cute
-6A ended the way 1x01 started, Stiles and Scott in the Jeep, but this time, they don’t need to look for the dead body
-Someone kill me this was too pure

prentissreidmorgan  asked:

I love how Scott fans can blame antis and Sterek fans for everything wrong with the show and never put the blame on the person it really should be on and that's Jeff Davis. I blame Jeff for everything that went wrong. Yet for Scott fans it's the sterek shippers fault their fave is poorly viewed by fandom not Jeff shitty writing for Scott. Scott is still seen as a white character because both of his parents on the show are white and that's on Jeff bad casting choices not us.

ad casting choices and uninclusive writing.  They can’t blame the fans for thiking Scott was white when he was clearly written as white, and when they did try to shoehorn in some ethnicity they didn’t even get that right.  How was Scott not related to Araya and them?  Such a missed opportunity.  But Jeff Davis is a genius and we’re all the dummies that couldn’t keep up.  IN fact, they don’t question him until it comes time to discuss Stydia?  Mmkay. 

anonymous asked:

"We would love to hear throwaway lines about how Isaac’s doing, or… y’know, where Danny went." Exactly! Fans LOVE and want to hear what happened to Jackson/Isaac/Cora/Derek/etc, we want there to be some follow up on what happened to them. And Jeff sometimes talks about stuff like that in interviews, but those things are never mentioned IN the show where it SHOULD be mentioned. So if you didn't read the exact interview where Jeff said something about x character, you're left confused and angry.

Yeah, interviews absolutely do not = canon to me. If you want something to be canon, put it in the canon, you know? Anything outside of that is just “creator headcanon” IMO, because 90% of the fandom won’t see it and won’t have any idea that it’s supposed to be that way. It’s like… how Derek’s ID shown in season one is supposedly a false ID. That was never shown or even suggested in canon. It’s kind of nonsensical that it would be, considering Derek was of age at that point, and any ID he made trying to hide his identity from hunters or whoever wouldn’t have had his actual name on it, but anyway. JD claimed in an interview that it was a fake ID. But that’s not canon. You can decide for yourself whether you believe that (and personally I’m partial to the “Derek is a Christmas baby” idea) but as far as canon has shown us, Derek’s birthday is November 7th, 1988.

Of course, “canon” is hard in Teen Wolf because the show often contradicts itself or throws out nonsense dates for the hell of it, but that’s off topic. Yeah, interviews are not canon, and regardless fans love shout-outs. Fans love call-backs and departed character mentions. I feel like 6B will have more of that, just because of the amount of old characters rumored to be returning but *shrug* we’ll see how that goes.