i love jaylor so much

I love Taylor so much and this song in any way can be applied to my life but I just fell sleep last night, after listening to it, with the biggest smile because she is happy, she found someone that deserves her, someone who wouldn’t let her push him away, someone who made her happy last year, and I’m so thankful for Joe because when Taylor was on her break there was always a quite wish in the back of my mind for her to be fine, and now knowing she was beyond fine makes me so emotional and I’m so happy.

I can’t believe they all hung out on a boat and Taylor posted a picture with her and Joe in it though….like y’all have been following me long enough to know how much I’ve wanted Joe and Taylor to be friends because I think they’re the same person and they’re both my favorite people in this entire world. If you would’ve told me a month ago this was all going to happen, I would have just shook my head and called bullshit. I can’t believe it actually DID happen and I got to finally see my favorite people interact again