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Jay & Evie protecting each other



You and Jay were laying on the couch, facing each other on opposite sides on the couch. Jay had recently came back from touring and you too were having a lazy. Jay was doing last minute stuff on his phone and computer and you were playing with Oscar and P.J on your lap.

While playing with both of them an idea pops into your head.

You look at Jay and see he’s totally enveloped in what’s going on his computer, typing away.

You unlock your phone and open snapchat and bring up the puppy filter. You flip the camera so that it’s facing Jay and zoom in on his face. You pretend that your taking a selfie of yourself so that he doesn’t get suspicious.

“Hey Jay” you call out to him.

“Whats up baby girl?” He asks eyes glued still to the computer.

“Babe look at me ” you said still pretending that your looking at yourself on your phone.

Jay looks up and the cute puppy ears and nose appears on your boyfriends face. You giggle silently at how cute he looks.

“Whats wrong baby?” He asks, licking his lips, wondering why your giggling.

“Say aaaaah” you say to him. Only to get a weird look from your boyfriend.

“What baby” he says and the cute tongue comes causing you to laugh and “awe” at how cute your boyfriend looks. The video stops and you look at it and laugh at how cute he looks.

“Whats so funny?” “What are you watching babe?” Jay said wondering about  your recent demand.

“What? Oh nothing babe” you say. Jay looks at you and gets up from his spot and walks to you. You hide your phone before Jay can see the video you did of him.

“What is that ” he says tackling you. You laugh at your boyfriend and give up on your attempts of not showing him

“Ugh,  fine ” you say showing him the video. Jay looks at it dumbfounded.

“Delete it” he says with a smirk on his face.

“Why it’s so cute ” you say to him pouting.

“I will never hear the end of it if one of the guys sees me with that puppy thing ”


“Whatever it’s called ” “ You can’t post it.”

You pout even more. “Can I at least save the video, just for my eyes to see.” You ask adding puppy eyes to your pout.

He groans  “fine.” “But only for your eyes got me?”

“I got it” you say laughing.


“BAAAAAAAAABBBBBEEE” you hear Jay yell all the way from your spot in the kitchen.
“JAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY” you scream back and look up from your phone to see your boyfriend.

“Oh hey ” you say smiling at him.

“So guess who just called me?” Jay asked.

“President Obama”

“Wha- No Cha Cha did, and guess what he said”

“ He said you have pretty eyes”

“I wish. but no he didn’t, he said I looked cute with that GODDAMN PUPPY FILTER VIDEO YOU TOOK OF ME ON SNAPCHAT.”

You looked at Jay trying to hold back a laugh.

“I thought you said you deleted it?” He said to you.

“I was trying to but when I went to save it my finger accidentally pressed the “add to story” button.“

"Then why didn’t you delete it?”

“I was but you looked so cute I watched it over and over again and I forgot to delete it”

He looked at you dumbfounded. You tried in all your power not to laugh.

“How many people have seen this video?”

You thought for a moment. “Everyone”

He sighed. “Just great”

You wrapped your hands around your boyfriends neck.

“At least you looked hella cute” you said with your hands in his hair.

He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you while squeezing your butt.

“You’re sooooo lucky I love you” he says kissing you again giving your butt another squeeze.

“And I love you, my little puppy” you said kissing his cheek, giggling.

“Aaaaaaaaaand you ruined it” he said shaking his head and walking away, laughing, leaving you there on the kitchen floor laughing hysterically.



I’m your partner. Talk to me.

You don’t wanna know.

Killing doesn’t necessarily means dying

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this is the continuation of When you stop wanting us, but it can be read on its own anyway. angstyyyyy bits

You had always found the allure of a pool of water- a tub- the waves- an open beach— an open sea.

Everyone used to say that you were the water in the relationship and Jaebum was the fire. He was the burning passion and you were the refreshing morning dew, after a long night. It had seemed like a compliment. It had always felt like that. You were the serenity that washes over panic and the cure of stress or an argument. Now— well now it felt like you were the fire. Or was fire not the problem but it was the water? It was the water in the relationship that seemed to extinguish any essence of passion. Was it you?

You leaned back, throwing yourself down onto the sand.

You deserved everything that had happened. That you know of, but that wasn’t your problem. Your problem was not you being sad and regretful. You deserved this. You deserved this dreadful guilt puncturing your heart every single time your eyes closed. You deserved the gut-wrenching pain every time his name was mentioned. But Park Jaebum didn’t.

The dark sky seemed to reflect your mind- lingering way past it need.


“What the fuck is this?” Jay barged inside your living room after you hearing the ruckus at your front door of him taking off his shoes and slamming the front door. You turned your head from the television, the teasing smile from the noises he had made quickly shifted into one, that you were very well familiar with now; guilt. He haven’t even shown you anything, nor did he explained it but deep down you knew. It was almost as if you were waiting for it because for how long would this be your little secret. It was like waiting for death; impending doom.

You frowned, trying to feign innocence because you hoped that wasn’t what he was talking about.

But as he shoved his phone right in front of your face; it was that.

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The Skwad playing superhero charades


I don’t know you. But that is my one bullet to fire at the heart of Skynet. Give the chip back.