i love jason bateman

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps



“The one person that’s got it figured out in this family is Cole. You know, he sits on that can and he takes his dump, and he’s super happy.”

Films (re)watched in 2015: This Is Where I Leave You (2014), dir. Shawn Levy

  • Nico: (whispering) Alright, you know what? That’s it. You’ve had your chance.
  • Percy: Wha-what?
  • Nico: (out loud) Jason! Annabeth! Percy smoked pot in Jason's dorm!
  • Jason and Annabeth: What?!
  • Percy: (in a 5 year old’s tone) You are such a tattletale! Jason, Annabeth, you remember that-that time you walked in Jason's room and smelled marijuana?
  • Jason and Annabeth: Yes. (They look at him angrily.)
  • Percy: Well I told you it was Nico who was smoking the pot but it was me. I’m sorry.
  • Annabeth: It was you?
  • Nico: Yeah and Jason, I didn't melt your records. Percy did!
  • Jason: (to Percy) Is that true?
  • Nico: And Jason, y’know that mailman that you got fired? He didn’t steal your packages! Percy did!
  • [Jason and Annabeth stare at Percy. Percy looks at them with an afraid, shocked look.]
  • Percy: Yeah, well, Hurricane Sandy didn’t break the porch swing, Nico did!
  • [They glare at Nico.]
  • [Leo, Piper, and Reyna are sitting at the table, looking at the other like they’re weirdos.]
  • Nico: Percy hasn’t worked in a year!
  • [Jason and Annabeth glare at Percy.]
  • Percy: Nico and Jason are living together!
  • [Leo, Piper, and Reyna gasp]
  • [Nico and Jason both are shocked. Percy gives Nico a “take that!” look.]
  • Nico: Percy married Annabeth in Vegas! And got divorced! Again!!!!
  • [Percy and Annabeth glare at Nico.]
  • Piper: (joining in) I love Jason Bateman!
  • Reyna: (reading the recipe magazine, finally figuring out that...) I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!
  • Leo: (pounding the table) I wanna gooooooo!