A Few of My Favorite Things

I think that everyone has a list like this, but in celebration of reaching a 150 followers, here’s mine: Just some random thoughts, and little things about The Magnificent Seven that I adore…I mean, aside from like, everything. 

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-Billy’s hair. Seriously, it needs its own blog. 

-Vasquez’s smile. Particularly in the scene where he decides to join Sam. He’s already smiling, but then he stops for a second and then starts smiling even brighter. For me, there was basically no going back after that point. 

-I love that there is footage of Martin Sensmeier scratching behind his ears with a prop arrow. 

-The scene where Faraday is walking up behind the stable master and he says, “Silly horse?” The stable master doesn’t even have to turn around to see who it is, and he just hangs his head.

-”Dicky, shut yer goddamn mouth!” If that line delivery didn’t make Dicky and Earl believable as siblings, I don’t know what would. 

-On the subject of ill-fated siblings: One of the Pigeon Bros. says something like, “Horne may have killed 300 Crow, but he never met the Pigeon Brothers.” It is my headcanon that that “joke” had already fallen flat for him, and then he insisted on repeating it again in front of a larger group…but nobody found it particularly funny that time, either. 

-There is a moment where McCann really thinks Bogue is going to kill him. And the look on his face fills me with joy.

-The entire scene where Goodnight is trying to teach the men of Rose Creek how to shoot. It just packed so much humor and emotion into it. If I’m playing The Magnificent Seven just for background noise, that’s probably the scene I’ll stop what I’m doing to actually watch. 

-On an aside, I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a movie wanting so badly to smoke a cigarette and go to a shooting range. For the record, I don’t smoke. 

-In one of the trenches, right before the big fight, there’s a burly dude playing a harmonica. He’s clearly scared out of his mind. The equally burly guy beside him puts a hand over the instrument, a.) to keep him quiet, and b.) to comfort him.

-The way Faraday teeters as he gets out of the saddle when he, Goody, Billy and Teddy join Sam and Co.

-And the scene where Red Harvest is introduced?! Everyone just kind of loses their collective shit about potentially meeting a band of Comanche warriors. (Actually, the scene really kind of hints at how badass they were!) I love the way Sam holds his hand when he walks over to Red Harvest for the first time. “Just chill, guys.” 

-Sam telling Powder Dan, “They’re better off without you.” That line always hits me. You don’t know what, or why right then, but Sam clearly has convictions beyond just doing his job. 

“Bang! You’re dead, old man.”
“Someone had to do it, I guess.”

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In which the former Commander and his spicy cowboy argue about who’s the good and who’s the bad, because none of them is the ugly. 👀

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