i love it:)))


Stevie Nicks - Seven Wonders (American Horror Story: Coven)


@jaylarkson: Can I get a mood board with Tyler and his alter ego, Apocalypse (A)? Thanks duder! 😊💛

I have ;;;;;;; MANY ideas for this here Apocalypse (A) dude. Didn’t know he existed until now, but imagine an entity who wears very put together clothing and a gas mask, but underneath he’s all infected, and since he can’t be healthy, NONE of the world can, so he just brings chaos and death/famine/pestilence/war to the world (4 horses of the apocalypse anyone????). This was so fun, thanks for the request!

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CONSIDER .. an au in which keith, who is very blatantly an alien, crash lands his ship in lance's backyard, except it's a modern au and it plays out like a Humorous Sitcom