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Matthew Espinosa Imagine #1 "An Amazing Race"

Matt Espinosa Imagine #1 “An Amazing Race”

-requested by anon-

*Your POV*

July 7th: It was Matt’s, your boyfriend of 8 months, birthday today. He wasn’t in town for his birthday because he was on a Magcon tour. But of course, that wouldn’t stop you from seeing him. It would be his first birthday you’d spend together as a couple and you didn’t want to miss it. The best way to make his birthday memorable was through a surprise. 

“We should have tried doing that whole make a huge gift box and put you inside so you’d be the present kind of thing.” Johnny, Matt’s best friend, suggested. You were bringing along a few of his closest friends to make the surprise a more cherished event. 

“Ehh, that’s too cliche. And it feels so conceited. I mean you’re also as important as I am, don’t forget that.” You said, making your way down the aisle of the airplane.

With that, Johnny smiled and followed you to your seats. You finally found your spots on the second to the last row of the plane. You plopped down on the window seat, with Johnny sitting next to you, and Ireton kids filling in the vacant spots. 

“Matt is going to freak when he finds out what we have planned for him.” Johnny said excitedly.

“I know.” you replied with a big grin.

Throughout the plane ride to Miami, you were just thinking about how the whole thing would turn out. Luckily, you had met the rest of the Magcon boys in New Jersey so it wasn’t too awkward asking for their help with the surprise. You had especially grown close with Aaron, so he was your main source. 

The main idea of the surprise was kind of like an Amazing Race. It would start off with a compilation video of family, friends, and even fans saying “happy birthday!” Afterwards, Matt would have to answer some trivia questions to get through each stage until he’d reach the final destination which is you waiting in his hotel room. 

The entire event was just replaying in your mind. You wanted it to be perfect; it was the least you could do to repay Matt for being a caring and loyal boyfriend. Johnny must have realized you were nervous because he picked up your hand and said, “Everything will be okay. Don’t worry about it. Matt is going to love it.”

Thankfully, you had a turbulent free flight and a safe landing. Aaron arranged for a van to pick you up from the airport. After about 45 minutes of deplaning and collecting your bags, you and your friends head outside in search for the van.

It was the middle of summer so the heat was intense. Fortunately, you spotted the van quickly so you and everyone else didn’t have to wait under the sun. The huge, black van stood out amongst the unusual long line of white cars. 

You lead the way towards the van and met up with the driver, Tom. Tom politely introduced himself and insisted to load our bags into the car, but you all declined the offer and hurriedly stuffed all of your bags in the back of the car. 

Magcon was about to start, which is why you were all in such a rush. However, after taking your seat in the air-conditioned car, everyone began to chill and relax. The car ride on the way to the event was only a 30 minute drive so you weren’t too behind on schedule. In the meantime, you used the time to clear your head and stop worrying.

Your eyes fluttered open when the car went into a sudden stop; it was the jerk of the car that snapped you out of your meditating thoughts. You immediately text Aaron that you’ve all arrived. He instantly texts back saying that he’ll start setting up the video. 

You and your friends speedily check in and make your way to your hotel rooms. You review the plan once again. Each person will have their own station where they will ask Matt a trivia question about themselves to see how much Matt really knows them. Matt can only move on to the next station if he gets the trivia question correct. It will been funny and shocking, and the best part is - it will all be on video. 

“Are we all ready?” Johnny asked.

A chorus of “of course” and “yeah” arose. Everyone made their way to their own station, while I went up the elevator to room 918, Matt’s room.

*Matt’s POV*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPP Y BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MATTHEW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” the whole crowd sang along the happy tune as the guys placed a party hat on my head and popped some party poppers. It was an amazing way to spend my birthday. Meeting everyone had to be one of the best gifts I could have received. The audience was full of smiles, the guys were goofing around, and my family was just backstage watching me live my dream. The only thing missing to make this day even more perfect was my girlfriend and all of my friends back home. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the day; this had to be one of my favorite birthdays.

I must have been really deep in thought because I didn’t realize that I was the only one left on stage. “Hey, where’d all the guys go?” I asked puzzled. Then suddenly the whole room went black, and the only thing keeping the room from total darkness was the light of the projector.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 — HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!”

The projector started to play a birthday video for me. Everyone I could possible love was on the video- my family, my magcon friends, my friends at home, my wonderful girlfriend, my football team, viners, youtubers, fans, teachers, coaches, mentors, neighbors, managers. Everyone that has helped me and supported me over the past year was on this video and I was so overwhelmed by all the amazing people I had in my life.

I thought the video had ended, but a text appeared saying, “Happy 17th birthday, Matthew! In order to receive your first present, you must surf through the crowd!”

I was utterly confused by what was going on, but I obeyed and dived into the crowd. Crowd surfing is such an incomparable feeling because you really do know that there will always be people to catch you when you fall.

When I made it to the other side of the room, I found Carter waving a gift bag at me in the corner. I jogged up to him and gave him a hug. 

“Okay, Matt. This is just an easy round. It’ll get harder later on.”

“Yeah, yeah c’mon ask me!!” I said eagerly.

“What is my middle name?” Carter asked with a smirk.

“Uhhhh errrrr, ummmmm” I replied stuttering. 

“Really, Matt? You don’t know my middle name?” Carter responded laughing.

“Uhhhh, Mcauly, right? Or ummm wait, McCoy! McCoy, definitely McCoy.” I finally answered confidently.

“I’m surprised you got that right! Here,” he said, handing me the gift bag, “Don’t open it til’ you get to the last level.” Carter assured.

“I won’t. Thanks, man.” I brought him in for a hug.

“Okay, you’re next destination is the lobby. Cam and Nash will be waiting there.”

“All right!” I walked towards the hotel lobby, holding the gift bag - still wearing the party hat. I met up with Cam and Nash and they did the same thing, asked me a question and if I’d answer the question correctly, I’d receive a gift bag. I did that for the next three levels- the third being the Omaha boys, the fourth being Hayes, Shawn, Mahogany, and Jacob, and the last one being Taylor, Dillon, and Aaron. Each level was full of laughs; it’s the small moments that add up to the best memories.

“Okay, Matt. You’re almost finished with your scavenger hunt!” Taylor said.

“Thank you guys so much, this is honestly so sweet.” 

“Matt is becoming a softy!” Aaron answered teasingly.

“This isn’t even the best part, proceed to room 808 for your final surprise!” Dillon replied cheekily.

Without a hesitation, I ran to the nearest elevator shaft and went up 8 floors. The trip going up the building was a lonely one, for I was the only one in the elevator, however it gave me time to thank God for such thoughtful friends and fans. The feeling of being cared for by so many people was truly an immense one. 

The elevator doors opened and I ran out towards room 808. When I reached the room at the end of the hallway, I rang the doorbell and patiently waited to be welcomed into the room, curious of who was going to open it.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT!”, screams and cheers were coming from the now opened door, when I looked up I realized it was all of my friends back home, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MATTHEW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” 

A big grin splattered on my face. There were party hats, party poppers, streamers, and even a birthday cake. I blew the “17” waxed candles and accepted the balloons that were given to me. I hugged everyone in the room. Everyone I loved was here, except Y/N.

“Matt!” I heard Johnny call. I turned around and was brought in for a bro embrace.

“Happy birthday, best friend!” he said, scrunching up my hair.

“Thank you for all of this dude, it means a lot.” I replied sincerely. 

“It’s no problem! We miss you, man! But you’re living your dream, so it’s okay. Just know that all of us here support you, right guys?”

Everyone in the room agreed and started slicing up the cake. “Oh by the way,” Johnny added, “918.”

“Huh?” I asked puzzled. 

“918.” he repeated.

“What are you talking about? Uhh, that’s my room number.”



“You have one last gift at room 918.” he said with a smirk.

“Well okay then.” 

I thanked everyone for coming before I headed back to the elevator to see what was waiting for me back in room 918.

*Your POV*

You were seated on the end of Matt’s bed, waiting for him to enter. Any minute now, any minute. You started to pace around the cold, air-conditioned room, worried about how the whole thing was going. Was Matt enjoying the surprise? Did he hate it? Was he expecting it? The overthinking was killing you. 

You finally stopped moving when you heard a key enter the lock, you turned around just when Matt entered the room. You stared at each other for what seemed like ages. Your eyes were locked on each other, until he finally ran up to you, dropped the load of gift bags, and brought you in for a tight hug. He eventually picked you up and spun you around, leaving light kisses on your cheek. 

“Happy birthday, Matthew,” you finally said as he set you down. Instead of replying, he hugged you again, keeping you safe in his toned arms. He pulled away, grabbing your hands. A gigantic smile was slowly forming on his face.

“This whole thing was your idea, wasn’t it?” he asked suspiciously.

“With a little help from everyone back home and Aaron. We missed you and there was no way you were spending your 17th birthday without us.”

“This is such an amazing way to spend my birthday; you being here, organizing all of this just makes it even more perfect. I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Matt. Happy birth-“ 

He interrupted you with a meaningful kiss, still holding your hands. He pulled away and picked you up, bringing you to the white sheeted bed. He slowly dropped you and joined you under the comforter. He brought you in to cuddle, and you stayed there for the rest of the afternoon intertwined in each other’s arms.