i love it when they talk about each other on shows ;u;

i don’t think anyones rly talked about one of my favorite klance things from season 2 yet?? theres that scene everyone loves where lance and keith are controlling their little drone things and start making them bang into each other and fighting over staying in their own zones and whatnot. and then theres the elevator scene with them working together to make it out that everyone also loves. but no one!!! is talking abt the scene after that!!! when the castle is attacked again and they start using the drones again! they’re helping each other and working in sync so well and its a nice little sprinkle of relationship development where they’re becoming more of a team and u can see that they are capable of working together, and when they do they work really well!! that made me so happy! overall even tho there was so little klance this season there were some good spots that showed the “rivalry” becoming more playful and lance admitting that he does admire keith and seeming like he doesnt resent him quite as much anymore. and also teamwork!! helping each other! i just loved that parallel of the first time they used the drones vs the time after working together in the elevator. lovin that sweet sweet bonding 👌🏼

BTS’ Reaction to Their Boyfriend Being Cuddly

the anon who requested this was really sweet, so i hope you enjoy it babes!!


He would ADORE u by seventeen  having a boyfriend who loved to cuddle, especially for those times where he felt sad. Jin calling you at 11pm and onwards, asking you over for snuggles was not something new in the relationship.

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We all know that this boy cherishes the moments he gets to sleep, so he would definetley enjoy cuddling/spooning with you whenever the oppertunity showed itself. He probably wouldn’t like being cuddly during the day unless one of you were sick or the two of you knew you would be alone for the whole day.

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He would love it when you got cuddly with him, always pinching your cheeks are telling you how cute you are. Because of his busy life with his career, he would cherish these moments where you both could just relax in each other’s embrace, talking about random things and whispering sweet nothing’s to each other. 

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

He would only be able to fully relax when he knew everything was done or he had no schedules planned, so he would like to save cuddly moments for these times. If either of you were to be soft and cuddly while Namjoon still had work to do, he knew that none of it would get done. But in the end, he could never deny his precious baby boy some good ol’ snugglin’. 

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This baby koala would take pride in you two being known as the ‘mushy & gross’ couple because of just how cuddly you were with each other. He would be extra snuggly when the other members were about, just to piss them off. “Jesus christ, I’m going to puke. Get a room, you two.” This would only fuel Jimin, he would enter extra extra soft mode after hearing things like that.

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Boi. Once you even hint to him that you may be in the mood for being cuddly, you will not be able to pry him off of you. He’d be stuck to you like a magnet. “What can I say, my man is so warm and fluffy, why would I not wanna snuggle him 24/7?” 

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He would constantly tease you when you got into a cuddly mood. “God, you’re so clingy today.” “You are genuinely worse than Jimin Hyung.” He may say these things, but deep inside and although he’ll never admit it, he adores when you get like this. He would always give in eventually and hold you tight, softly kissing whatever skin he could reach.

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some things i noticed during hamilton
  • king george does the turn off your cellphones announcement right before it starts and he says “enjoy MY show” lmfao
  • i was already tearing up during alexander hamilton rip
  • in the beginning laurens and hercules are v loud and usually drunk there are multiple instances of it in aaron burr, sir, the story of tonight, satisfied, and the story of tonight reprise and they always made the audience laugh
  • in my shot laurens turns to hamilton and says “you and i do or die” more privately and quietly to him alone and then turns back and continues  
  • peggy is actually reluctant in the schuyler sisters and tries to stop angelica before being quite literally dragged across the stage when she sings “and peggy”
  • when everyone exits in the story of tonight hamilton and laurens leave with their arms around each other :’)
  • in farmer refuted the squad is standing off to the side listening to samuel seabury and hercules and lafayette nudge and push hamilton forward while giggling to themselves until he finally challenges seabury
  • during you’ll be back king george jerks his shoulders up and down in time with his da da da das he looked absolutely ridiculous it was so funny
  • in helpless after hamilton gets eliza’s father’s blessing he looks to eliza and does this ridiculous little celebratory dance but then mr schuyler looks back over at him and he makes a show of composing himself
  • also in helpless washington was the one who helped hamilton get ready for the wedding and he fixed up his coat it was such a nice moment :’)
  • yo satisfied literally changed my fucking life ok bc obv renee is SO TALENTED WOW and bc the choreography was so cool man they did actually rewind everything somehow so it was the scene at the beginning of helpless im not entirely sure how they pulled it off tbh
  • in the story of tonight reprise the squad sways/thrusts their hips crudely while they tease hamilton for getting married it’s so fucking funny
  • wait for it is life changing. that is all
  • history has its eyes on you blew me away i love chris so much
  • yorktown is INSANE so many things are happening at once and the lights go crazy and the ensemble dance breakdown is just incredible
  • at the end of what comes next king george held out his hands expectantly then huffed and stomped off stage when no one started clapping immediately honestly all of his appearances were 10/10
  • oh my god dear theodosia was too much for me because it’s just burr and hamilton alone on stage singing tenderly to their newborn children
  • eliza walks in and delivers the news about laurens’ death (it’s not in the soundtrack) and hamilton’s demeanor changes immediately and after about a minute of grim silence he says “i have so much work to do” and exits and during this entire thing laurens stands off to the side surrounded by blue light and quietly and sadly sings the beginning lines of the story of tonight i damn near started bawling y’all
  • in non stop burr and hamilton are at a trial and burr gets v exasperated as hamilton delivers the long winded opening statement and after burr says “that’s all you had to say” hamilton looks like he’s going to stop but then in a typical hamilton fashion he darts back to keep talking when he says “one more thing–”
  • i especially loved nonstop bc the blending of the different character harmonies being sung all at once is phenomenal and outstanding i was completely blown away
  • in what’d i miss jefferson was encouraging the crowd’s applause and cheers and cupped his hand by his ear and leaned forward to hype the crowd up and it made everyone go even crazier it was so great
  • after jefferson finishes his argument in cabinet battle #1 he drops the mic and madison’s hand is waiting underneath to catch it lmaooooo
  • eliza beatboxes during philip’s rap/poem in take a break and philip’s voice breaks really badly so it ended up sounding like “you can write rhymes but you can’t write MINE” and that’s why hamilton says “WHAT”
  • also hamilton declines the invitation to the schuyler vacation and angelica starts after him to talk some sense into him but eliza stops her and shakes her head and they leave arm in arm they don’t even KNOW
  • maria wore a red dress with red lipstick in say no to this and i got chills bc jasmine is so talented and i am very gay that’s all i have to say
  • ok i lied towards the end of say no to this maria to sits on hamilton’s lap and places one of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest i was vvv side eye emoji
  • i also got chills during room where it happens and one last time and literally every song ngl i’m trash
  • jefferson literally sniffs hamilton and makes a disgusted face when he says hamilton “smells like new money” in cabinet battle #2
  • king george comes back in i know him as the others are exiting and he flinches away in disgust if any of them got close to him it’s hysterical and then he jumps around as he excitedly anticipates being able to see adams crash and burn as president
  • KING GEORGE ALSO GOT BURR TO BREAK CHARACTER!!! burr laughed as he sang the beginning of the adams administration because george was making exaggerated gestures from where he set up a stool on the end of the stage to watch adams’ disastrous presidency i feel so #blessed
  • oh my god and then when hamilton calls john adams a “FAT MOTHERF–” in his iconic drag he drops a stack of books off the balcony so the thud censors the rest of it as the red strobe lights flashed it’s so extra i love it
  • in we know jefferson’s “whaaaaat” is pure giddiness and he rushes over to snatch james reynolds’ letter out of burr’s hands to read for himself he’s such an asshole
  • hurricane is AWESOME ok it’s one of my faves the lights were dimmed and hamilton is alone on stage singing and then maria gives hamilton the quill i was like bro…… that’s some poetic shit………
  • lord the reynolds pamphlet was crazy everyone was moving around and making it rain and then king george came down the stairs and smugly pranced across the stage while hamilton is trying to plead with everyone that at least he was honest about the money
  • burn was so fucking sad and it didn’t help that eliza was on her knees for half of it just lay me to rest y’all
  • JESUS and then after philip’s death in stay alive reprise eliza wails mournfully as she sobs over his body it’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard i felt like i was hit by a train
  • sjdfnskfnksfj nothing will ever prepare you for seeing it’s quiet uptown live it’s a beautifully sad number bc hamilton and eliza are standing center stage while people move in slow motion in dim blue light around them but eliza stares straight ahead while hamilton begs for forgiveness until she finally reaches for his arm and rests her head on his shoulder and says “it’s quiet uptown”
  • burr actually runs around grinning as he eavesdrops on all the peoples’ views of him and he even fist pumps a bit in the election of 1800
  • your obedient servant was so funny bc there was only one desk and burr wrote one letter to hamilton and after a dancer delivered it burr and hamilton switched places at the desk and hamilton handed off letter after letter to be delivered to burr and burr just looked so done
  • god the choreography in the world was wide enough was a++++ because burr fires the gun and a dancer shows the motion of the bullet by acting as if she was holding it and moved it closer to hamilton and then everything slows down as hamilton has his moment of reflection and he actually runs away when he notices how close the bullet is getting at one point but then he finally decides to accept his fate and doesn’t move as the bullet comes rushing towards him when time resumes normal speed
  • towards the end of who lives, who dies, who tells your story eliza and alexander face each other and hold hands but then hamilton steps back and eliza turns to the audience and at the veeeeery last moment she holds her hands out and gasps and smiles as if she sees him on the ~other side~ after decades of being apart and she’s ready to go be with him forever and then the lights cut to black and it ends i stood up immediately and clapped with goddamn tears in my eyes
  • TL;DR there are a lot of little quirks in hamilton that make it a wonderful live experience and basically however you imagine the show it’s 100000x better trust me

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Its not only the touchy tae but u can notice that tae shows a lot more emotions when it comes to jk. I saw a stage vid (hyyh epilg) where jk is talking and crying and all the member would stand next to him and listen but it was just tae who turned to him and looked to him.. it seems he rlly wanted to go to him but he couldn’t comfort him in that moment. So he turned back.

moments like these really just get me off guard. like, when they see each other at their lowest points. all the members deeply care and love one another and even jungkook stated he cries whenever he sees his hyungs upset. but the fact that jungkook full on burst into tears when taehyung was talking about his granny and then the fact that taehyung always seems so hesitant to go over and comfort jungkook. like we saw how he literally went ‘fuck it’ when they won artist of the year and just hugged jungkook. hhhhhhhhh


So I’m sure everyone is excited about EXO coming to the U.S. and you’re all hyped up but I just thought it’d be important to post a reminder for everyone to behave themselves. 


  • Throw bras/underwear/lingerie at the stage
  • Scream inappropriate things at the boys
  • Try to grab them when they lean down to high five audience members etc (i’m talking to the people at the pit) 
  • Crowd them at the airport. It’s a long fucking flight, they’re going to be tired and you should respect them and respect their personal space.
  • DON’T
  • don’t throw things at them pls :/// 
  • Don’t push your ships on them!!! Your OTP may be very much real in your head but that is not the case in real life so please don’t go yelling “fUCK ALREADY” or some other shit like that. 
  • have fun and be nice to each other c: don’t push and shove each other and act like five year olds. We want to make a good impression and show them we love and respect them. 

Please feel free to add on, I’m not sure what else to mention. 


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Hey! I love steroline, I have loved steroline for 7 long seasons but this show has 100% completely destroyed them. This couple has been through so much drama and hardships when they were meant to be the best friends turned lovers healthy couple imo. Do you think there's any coming back this time before the finale? Will they finally get to be happy?

first of all i feel u. i was feeling the same way lately and im not gonna offer fake positivity, but i don’t fully agree anymore

so i know steroline was supposed to be free of this ridiculous angst because they were best friends for so long and understood each other the best, there shouldn’t be any scope for this stuff, which is why I HATED s7 bc it was sooo ooc for the 2 ppl who talk bout everything to not talk in this life death situation or even inquire about the other. but no ship is free of angst. we’re super lucky given that of the literal DOZENS of ships on this show, ours is one of the final 3.

its easy to think that steroline is doomed this season but 8x01 and 8x02 were some of my FAVOURITE steroline episodes. just like 7x01 before the shit storm. steroline usually starts off perfect and ends the season back together. s8 has established that only stefan is carolines happiness and only caroline is stefans. it’s established that caroline is stefans hope, that caroline always trusts stefan with anything, that they want to spend eternity together, and there’s no doubt they’re each other’s something even better.

the reason they’re in this situation is because he loved her so much he sold his soul to the devil for her. and it seems like that line “if i don’t make it out, remind her i did everything i did to get back to her” is coming true. the reason he broke up with her is because the devil convinced him he’ll ruin her life. everything he does is rooted in his self hatred and self doubt. we’re at ROCK BOTTOM right now, and it can only go up from here. the fact that he came back to life for her last episode shouldn’t be overlooked either.

i won’t deny how messed up this year has been for sc, or how cruel tvd is to stefan given how his misery is their fave story and they keep trying to sell that hes worse than demon. BUT IN 2 EPISODES THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED AND THATS A FACT. everyone knows the steroline wedding is 8x15 it’s not even a secret. the episode is titled “we’re planning a june wedding” and there’s a video of candice in a wedding dress. of all the ships, the one that was JOKED ABOUT GETTING MARRIED IN THE PILOT IS GETTING MARRIED IN THE FINALE. that’s incredible. have you seen how bitter the de fandom has been all season?

It’s really a matter of how much screentime and dialogue will be given to them in 8x14 and how much they’ll resolve satisfactorily before the wedding. but im 99% sure damon dies and de is ruined. since they’re literally married, steroline is endgame, even if the species problem isn’t resolved. so yeah, i think there’s probably hope (this may be a side effect of my dead soul talking to charley and sarah all the time) but i definitely won’t blame you if you quit tvd right now.

also during this rough fandom time at least we can always trust in jimins undying love + support of taehyung (and vice versa!)

like jimin is always there to help taehyung feel better and you can tell how much he genuinely loves taehyung and wants him to feel happy, safe and loved, jimin cares about taehyung so much its unreal, their friendship and their love for one another is a thing of beauty

they somehow always know when the other is upset or unhappy (esp in front of others where they cant really show it) and theyre always doing little things for each other to help take away the sadness, whether its jimin assuring taehyung 100% the reason hold me tight placed 2nd after i need u was because it was a super good song, or taehyung making sure jimin is eating well esp when he talks badly abt his own body, theyre literally always looking out for each other

jimin and taehyung actually love each other so much and its the reason i live

taylor stop

i love you and even way back when this site was misogynistic and mocking you and hating you for no reason i still had your back

but girl, you made a video about hating/fighting/killing katy perry and now you’re talking about how it’s bad to pit women against each other?

you talk about how women are treated but only invite your model friends [no celebrating every size] on stage and SHAME a black woman for calling out how the music industry treats black women. please learn about intersectionality.

you never show any care for social issues that don’t directly affect you and that’s what i call being a conservative

(ps you sued your fans and guitar teacher wtf do u not have enough money)