i love it when they reluctantly work together

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Ethyl hadn’t slept so well in ages–not even since she’d worked in Boston. Things were different when she was with someone she actually cared about.

And when she’d only recently realized the intensity of this ‘care,’ and that maybe a better word, in this case, was ‘love.’

As much as she’d wished the night could have lasted, it was time to wake up and return to reality. She and Diego had a race to complete–together.

They two had reluctantly gotten out of bed, gotten dressed, and otherwise ready to return to the race. After having a quick meal at the inn, they’d gone to the stables for their horses.

Ethyl approached Model Citizen slowly, rubbing his nose affectionately. The horse seemed impatient and all too eager to hit the road again–to which Ethyl shook her head.

“I know,” she said to the horse. “The sooner we get out of here, the better.”

She grasped her horse’s reins and glanced over her shoulder at Diego, who was getting Silver Bullet ready. 

She cleared her throat.

“So–I’m ready when you are.”