i love it when they call each other with their family name

what if lance talks to the space mice the same way allura does

maybe he doesn’t understand them the same way she does but that’s ok, they understand him

what if he talks about his day or his thoughts with them when everyone else is too busy to listen

what if he gives them names but only ones they approve of

what if the names are his family members so it both hurts and makes his feel better when he calls them

what if on days lance doesn’t feel like talking to anyone they sense it and just nuzzle into his cheek and neck to give him some comfort

what if when he still feels sad the mice put a little show for him to lift his spirits like cartwheeling on his bed or jumping over each other

what if he gives them a watery laugh and gently scratches their heads and bellies in thanks, only crying a little

what if there are days these little mice are the only ones that make him feel loved?

Someone asked: Would you feel awful if they died without you saying goodbye?

At this point I don’t even know. When I married Wolf they were so mean and snarky to him and about him (and us). I told them that was my husband that I loved and I’m not going to have anyone causing problems in my family & among my kids who are all trying to learn each other and get along. So to play nice, or they wouldn’t see us or the kids anymore. They chose to be mean and bitter instead.

Then they manipulated my ex (who they hated when we were married) into bringing the kids to see them, against my wishes. While there, they got mad that the kids called my youngest “Betsy” (she’s named after my dad’s sister Beverly who he’s always had a major jones for, but I hate “Bev” as a nickname). So in a fit of temper my dad dragged out pics of Aunt Bev while she was dying and showed them to the kids to show them how much the woman whose name they were “dishonoring” suffered. While my ex took a nap.

It took even the teenagers months to stop being afraid of dying. Since then they’ve even sent the kids’ gift cards to my ex’s house instead of our house where the kids live.

Additionally, every holiday all my life they would get in major fights right in front of my kids, which I have enjoyed not having that experience anymore. Thoroughly disgusting behavior as far as I’m concerned.

So I don’t even know how I feel about going to see them.

I know everyone wants to make the Starks dysfunctional as hell but just remember -

- Howard’s last words were begging the Winter Solider to help his wife.

- Maria’s last words were calling her husbands name.

- “He does miss you when you’re not here.”

- “I don’t care. He killed my mom!

- “You don’t deserve that shield. My dad made that!

They were a family of geniuses who didn’t quite know how to communicate with each other, but there was a lot of love in that little family and decades later Tony still carries the guilt over not expressing that love when he could. In IM2 when Tony snarks that Fury knew his dad better than him, this was completely true. Remember, he was only 17 when he lost them, and at that age no-one really knows their parents. And he never got the chance to.

Mommy's Rest
  • Living together as long as they have, naturally couples pick up on each other’s habits.
  • A (belated) present to @cinensis. Happy Birthday<33
  • -Saitama stirs from his sleep, and notices Genos is still fast asleep beside him. Usually he'd be the first one up and preparing breakfast already, but if he's like this than that means...-
  • Saitama: Oi, Genos...? [-He gently calls his name just to make sure.-]
  • Genos: ....Mmn~...[-He shifted a bit when he heard his name but didn't budge.-]
  • -Saitama smiled gently as he brushed his bangs back to kiss his forehead before getting out of bed and putting his pants back on.-
  • Genos: Sensei...?
  • -He was nudging the covers off as he rubbed his eyes.-
  • Saitama: Morning...
  • Genos: Ah, right...I'll get everyone's breakfast ready...
  • -Suddenly feels Saitama push him back down on the bed and pulled the covers over him.-
  • Saitama: No, go back to sleep for a little longer.
  • Genos: But...
  • Saitama: You overworked yourself by taking on that mission yesterday and the kids afterwards, didn't you? I could tell, your eyes are flashing so your about 20% power.
  • Genos: ...////...I'm sorry....
  • Saitama: Don't apologize. You can depend on me every once and a while, okay? [-gives him a tender kiss-]Now just sleep.
  • -He nods as he closed his eyes again and tucked himself into the covers going back into sleep mode. Gou, the first to wake up out of the Minis is just about to crawl on top of Genos.-
  • Gou: Mommy...?
  • -Saitama quickly snatches him up into his arms.-
  • Saitama: Sssh~ Let's let Mommy rest a bit. In the mean time, do you want to help me make everyone's breakfast?
  • Gou: [-smiles-]Yeah!

planet-craves-for-love  asked:

Non invasive questions, do you and B have pet names for each other and the kids?

He and I usually call each other baby, babe, or honey.  I call him dear sometimes too, mostly because it makes him cringe and I like to mess with him, lol.  We tend to call the kids by their names or the shortened versions of their names.  They make fun of us when we try to get too cute, lol.

 KakaSaku Week Day 3: Hot Lazy Summer Days 

“Aah..that summer breeze feels good! Don’t you think so, Hatake?” said Sakura as they took a break from their little walk.

Kakashi smiled as decided to let his borrowed eye breathe a bit from its hitai-ate, “No respect whatsoever, former student Haruno. I ought to be disappointed.”

“Lost since the day that you decided to take your girlfriend out for a impromptu hiking trip in the middle of nowhere with only these onigiri in tow. I ought to break your legs right now, Ha-ta-ke….” Sakura laughed teasingly.

Kakashi chuckled nervously, “That summer breeze DOES feel good, Sakura-chan.”