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“Braindead Leafy fans”

Look, as a fan of Leafy, I know he is problematic. He fucks up a lot. But when he fucks up, his fans are gonna be the first people to call him out on his bullshit. And YES he does make his transitions a bit too long. Yes, he is offensive. Yes, he says stupid shit. Obviously he isn’t the most attractive person on earth. He does repeat things all the time. He has unnecessary shit in his videos that makes it longer. He does a bunch of other bullshit. I KNOW. I fucking know. However, I still love and support that fucking Leaf boy. Why? Because he makes me laugh. He puts a smile of my face. He makes my day better. And despite everythingI truly believe that he’s actually a nice guy.  Yes he’s far from perfect and I’m perfectly fine with that.

tally mark.// draco malfoy x reader p2

Title: Tally Mark

Part: Numero Dos.

Part One // Part Three

Description: What if you fall in love too easily, and every time you do something happen to them? They do not return the feeling, or they die? What happens when you fall in love and they return the feeling and do return the feeling?

A/N + warnings: high key what the reader is feeling is how I feel about this one guy and it’s weird and crazy. Message me if you want to be tagged btw

Tags; @princeofsassgard

I finished the essay two days after the assignment was assigned. My memory was one with Cedric, he had always been able to make me laugh and he being one of the people I loved was amazing. So, he was a memory. A very happy memory.

I thought about what Draco had said, a memory with me was what he used to banish the Dementor. Me. Not his girlfriend, which came to a surprise. They had been dating for years, and he couldn’t think of one happy memory that overpowered the rest that was with her? 

I shook my head at the thought, I walked with him to the great hall, “How are you and Pansy?” I asked, he shrugged his shoulders, “We’re okay, she’s getting very annoying though.” He replied, my eyebrows scrunched. “What do you mean ‘very annoying?’ You two have been dating for years.” I laughed off a bit, he shook his head, face ice cold, and “She won’t get off my bloody ass about us two working together. She keeps saying that I’m suppose to work with her, and it’s really annoying, especially when I say how we’re doing, she always get’s offended.” He scoffed slightly as I listened to his rant, “She claims that I fell in love with you, which is complete rubbish.” I nodded softly, “She’s just a bit paranoid, Draco. Give her time.”

 And time is what he gave her. It had been two weeks since I had talked to Pansy, she was ignoring me after Draco and I started to hangout all the time. He wasn’t busy? He was with me. Qudditch practice was with me since I was the team’s bloody keeper and captain. Blaise, a friend of ours, had noticed this change as well, he noticed the fact that Draco’s tally mark was black and that I had gotten a new one. His eyes slowly raked over the body language we shared and when Pansy and Draco left to go find a book that Pansy needed, Blaise pulled me aside.

 “You and Draco both have black tally marks.” He whispered harshly, his warm breath fanned over my face and my eyes squinted, “You have horrible breath.” I muttered, he rolled his eyes at me.

 “Explain to me why you are in love with Draco!” he commanded, I laughed at him, “I am not in love with Draco,” I retorted, “Then who returns the feelings for you? I sure as hell know it’s not me, and you’ve been hanging out with Malfoy for a long period of time, so what’s stopping you from falling in love?” he asked, “Maybe the fact that my best friend is so desperately in love with him and the fact that he is dating her. Blaise, you know me, I would never take Pansy’s happiness away. He’s the only good thing she’s got.”

 “And what if I tell you he is only dating her because his father wants them to date?”

 “Then that’s their business Blaise. Maybe you should mind your own.”

 My tone of voice had venom dripping from it; he rolled his eyes and walked away. I looked around, nobody was in the library so I small conversation didn’t matter; it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I looked at my arm and saw the marks; all of them are scared except one. Only one and the one person that isn’t scared is going to die. If they don’t die the mark will turn red because people fall out of love. And there is a good possibility of that.

 I looked as Draco and Pansy walked back, Pansy had her arm interlocked with Draco and she was smiling and laughing, Draco’s cold blue eyes scanned the room as they talked. His eyes met mine and he smiled, I smiled back before looking down to avoid the small blush appearing on my cheeks.

 The next day in Lupins class, he had us perform our spells.

 Hermione’s went better than expected since Draco tried to sabotage hers, Harry’s and Ron’s.

 Pansy was normal; she failed to show us the invisibility ink, but got it one the second try.

 Goyle did a spell to make his hand larger, and Blaise did one to make birds appear.

 When it was mine and Draco’s turn everyone ‘ooh’d and we both blushed, Draco and I turned to Lupin who nodded, he allowed Draco to go first. He did it with ease, using the same memory as before, and as he always did, told Pansy it was a memory of their first kiss.

 Mine, on the other hand, changed. A lot.

 I stood in the front of the room, wand at the ready. I watched as Lupin opened the box. The dementor came after me and I shouted, “Expecto Patronum!”

 Unlike all of the other times, this one worked.

 I thought about one day with Draco. He and I were at Qudditch practice and we were all sitting around, I was trying to figure out a good play, and he had come up and scared me. Later he pulled me aside and apologized, then apologized for not doing it in front everyone else, I had shrugged it off and said it was okay. He then hugged me and that’s when butterflies appeared in my stomach, I couldn’t stop them from appearing, I hugged him back and when he let go he kissed my forehead, walking away from me.

 That was the night I realized I was in love with this boy.

 After the spell was performed the class was silent until Hermione clapped. Then slowly everyone followed. Pansy looked at me with anger fuming in her eyes, I smiled at her and she scoffed, turning to talk to Blaise, he looked at me and shrugged, muttering “She’s a good person she wouldn’t do that to you.”

 I sat beside Draco and sighed, “I need food now,” I said as I felt light headed, he smiled. “We’ll go and eat after class,” he reassured me and I nodded, “Yeah,”

 Lupin let us out a little earlier, and when I got up I felt even more light headed than before, looking around I saw dark spots and the lights were getting brighter, I looked at Draco and walked with him, I felt my eyes start to slowly roll back as I let out a soft gasp, I started to fall, but Draco caught me.


 When I woke up, I wasn’t in the infirmary or in Lupins; I was in Draco’s room. I had only been in here twice, and both times was because I had a nightmare and was crying. Draco was sitting in his desk, reading a book. I had a cold cloth on my head and I had been changed into a big shirt. I had shorts on and my body was pale. I looked at Draco for a moment before clearing my throat. “What happened?” I asked, he looked at me, “You passed out. Lupin thinks it’s because you finally conjured a good memory.” He closed the book and walked to sit beside me on the bed, “Do you want tea, or something to eat?” he asked, I nodded. He smiled and got up. “I’ll be right back.”

 And with that he left. He left me in his room. I hadn’t noticed how soft his bed was until I had nothing to focus on, I saw a picture of him and his mum on his nightstand, and I smiled softly.

 “He’s a momma’s boy,” I laid on my side and looked at the massive stack of book, my heart started racing as I saw a picture of him and I hanging on the wall. It was a beautiful picture. The same one is in a picture frame at home. I looked at it from the distance; I could make out our figures and the red dress I had been wearing. My mum and his both posed in the background and I couldn’t help but laugh when Draco walked in. I looked at him as he sat down a couple pieces of breed and some fruit. He had a small cup of tea with him, “Why don’t you have any pictures of you and Pansy?” I asked, he shrugged.

 “I prefer pictures with my mum,” I nodded, “I noticed,” I sat up and took a bite of the breed, “Thank you for caring, it means a lot.” I smiled and he nodded.

 “You mean a lot to me so I have to take care of you.” He replied, my eyebrows scrunched up a bit. “Oh.” I replied before focusing on the food once again.

Can you do 27 and 21 with Juice when you get time to do so :) thank you for sharing the wonderful writing you do!


“We have to pretend to be married.” “That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.”

Love and adoration


I was laughing at something Tig said, I put my hand over Juice’s arm to keep myself steady after the fit of laughter that I just had thanks to the blue eyed but Juice was far too serious for my liking. I nudged his arm a bit to make him look at me at least for a few seconds, he looked down to me and smiled a little after seeing my worried look. Tig said his goodbyes leaving me only with Juice at the dim bar.

“What’s going on Juice?” I said quietly looking at my friend with worried eyes, he taking a long drag of his cigarette before moving slightly off the table we were sharing.

“I’m going to get us another drink” he said slowly never letting his eyes go off the sight of someone on the back of the bar, I nodded softly and just waited seating there really bored out of my mind, Juice was not being the greatest company at the moment and I had no idea why he was acting so pissy all of sudden.

“We have to pretend to be married”  he said sliding another rum with coke in front of me, I frowned at him immediately and he looked at me with angry eyes that went soft a few seconds later.

“What the hell is wrong with you today, Juan Carlos?” I said looking at him, but his sight was far away from me, looking back at the bar where a tall man with black long hair was drinking a beer, his eyes quickly moving to both of us and staying on me for a while.

“That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.” He said quickly and I nodded with a “so what?” look in my face, I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t looking for a one night stand or making out with a random man at the bar, I wanted to have a good time with my friends. “I don’t want him staring at you, YN” he said desperately

“Did you took something? Why do you care if some random guy is looking at me? I’m not leaving with him, that’s not me” I said taking his shaky hand in between mine, he was pissed and nervous and I felt warm inside at the amount of care he put on me.

“It’s just that…” he said looking at the man once again “Oh fuck it” he said grabbing my face in between his hands and kissing me slowly “You’re mine YN” he said before kissing me multiple times slowly “I don’t like other men looking at you with lust when I look at you with pure love and adoration” he said softly and I grabbed his face in between my hands, smiling at him widely.

“I thought you’d never said those words to me” I said quietly “I’ve loved you since we were both kids, you dummy. You think someone who doesn’t would have stayed after all this time?” I said with a big smile on my face, his coping my features.

“Maybe we should get married someday” he said and I nodded before kissing him softly once again.

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*emerges from the shadows once more* "can you see me swerving" yes. I see it. I see it even when you don't. Always swerving. Always thirsting. Slowly getting closer to double biasing. I'll be waiting, as usual, in the shadows. Welcoming you with open arms. Welcoming you to hell. 'Tis where us Jimin stans live. And one day soon, you shall too. *fades into darkness yet again*

BBS 30 Day Challenge Day 30
*How has the BBS affected your life?
~Honestly, they make me so happy. I love how I look forward to watching a new video from them every single night. They make me so happy, laugh, and smile when I really need it the most. If I never would’ve stood upon Evan’s video I don’t know who I would be watching. I also watch the rest of the guys and I love all of them equally. Or maybe have a favorite you know?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Plus shipping makes me happy as well.
I just want them to be here for a very long time. That’s all I want in this world.

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it still doesn't make sense to me why they dropped alex, honestly he seems the most grounded out of all their "friends" and alex has his own thing, being friends with the guys doesn't change that. what video did they talk about being bullied? also did anyone laugh in this weeks video when ethan said "me and grayson have the same friends, etc" i was like... 'ethan, where???' what friends do you speak of ;-;

I know! Out of all their friends, I think everyone loved Alex! I mean I loved Aaron too! Jack was ok, and so was Ryan! But Alex I just loved! I have no idea why they dropped him? Maybe there was behind the scenes arguments? Maybe they just used him? I don’t know, it’s just guessing as of right now!

Yes I noticed that.. and I was like, ‘really? Who?’ But maybe they do have friends that we don’t know about? They maybe non famous friends too?

Choice - Part 2.

Choice Part 1 - x


1- Choice part 2 pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee I need it!!! It’s so good!

2-Can u do a part 2 of choice??please please please

3-Oh my gosh I NEED part 2 of Choice. It’s sooooooo good!!

4-I can’t wait for the other part of choices, it was so good I can’t wait like I read it over and over again it was that good. I love your writing it’s so emotion and it makes me laugh then cry then laugh some more, keep up your amazingly good work. I can’t wait for more from you. X😘x

5-Can u do a part 2 to choice please??6-When are you gonna do part 2 for Choice? I need it right now!

A/N- Jesus Christ you guys are way too sweet x This is the second part and I hope you like it x

Summary: Dean gets given a choice to pick between you, his motherly figure or Mary his actual mother.

Word Count: 2034

Speechless. A single word that explained how Dean felt, absolutely speechless. After what felt like eternity he was finally in her presence.

The woman who kissed his nightmares away but turned into his worst nightmare was right in front of him. He stared at his mother’s youthful face, drinking in every single detail. Her crows feet wrinkles he’d ultimately possessed, her golden brown hair that fell beneath her shoulders and her crystal blue eyes which shimmered under the glowing sun. 

She was still beautiful.

“Time to get up sleepy head” Dean sat upright on his bed feeling the sheets fall from his covered chest. He sat there, completely still with his jaw tensed and throat tight. He didn’t know how to react, his entire body felt numb.

He didn’t know whether he should jump into her arms or burst into tears due to the overwhelming feeling of happiness, so he simply stared. She noticed his still behaviour and being the caring mother she was, she rushed over to him.

“Dean? Honey, you alright?” She slightly drew the covers back and sat beside him on the mattress and she raised her soft thin arms. He concentrated on every movement she made, every breath she took, hoping this wasn’t just a dream. Her hands met his cheek and the single touch caused him to break. His eyes which were set on her hand snapped to her eyes and his brows furrowed.

“Mom?” He asked, still not believing his mother who he watched died, was sitting beside him. Her face drew a confused expression as she nodded not knowing what he was asking. 

Dean let out a shaky breath and a smile formed on his pink lips. He threw the covers back and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. She let out a surprise gush of air as his arms tightened around her, one under her arms and the other around her shoulders. 

Dean dropped his head into the crook of her neck, he inhaled a heartwarming scent of apples and vanilla. She chuckled and pulled back, kissing his forehead.

“You sure you’re okay sweetie?” She asked as they pulled back. He gazed into her eyes with nothing but love. He nodded and she smiled, gently patting his cheek.

“Alright then get up, i’ll go wake up Sammy” She was about to get up until she heard footsteps making their way through the house.

“DEAN? DEAN? DEAN! I CAN’T FIND” As Sam was about to scream your name he walked into Dean’s room feeling his heart freeze. Even though Mary loved both of them equally, Dean couldn’t help but feel more attached to her than Sam. 

Dean still remembers her kisses at night, he still remembers her asking him to pass the butter when they made pies, he still remembers the look on her face as she was glued to the ceiling. He watched her live and die, thankfully his baby brother didn’t have to. Dean’s thoughts were cut off as he heard his brother’s soft voice.

“Mom?” He whispered and being the loving mother she is she began to worry for her little giant. She got up and walked over to his frozen body.

“What’s up with you boys today? You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost” Sam couldn’t help but chuckle at her as he thought she could be right. She sighed and ran her hand through his long thick hair. Sam shut his eyes at her comforting touch, he couldn’t help his throat tighten since this is the first ever loving encounter they’ve had. He leaned into her hands and she smiled.

“Alright you boys get ready, I made breakfast” Sam nodded against her palm and much to his dismay, she pulled away. Dean stayed frozen on the bed as she walked out the door leaving two emotional brothers behind. Sam made contact with Dean’s eyes and they both couldn’t help but smile like goofballs at each other.

“T-that’s. Dean… that’s our Mom.” Dean nodded as he got out of bed not breaking eye contact with his baby brother.

“That’s actually mom” Sam said not believing anything, he felt the corner of his eyes prick, knowing a few tears will slip. Dean kept nodding as he walked further towards an overwhelmed Sam.

“Dean… we have Mom back” That broke something in Dean as he embraced Sam, feeling as if he was holding him together. Sam hugged him with equal force as he chuckled in relief with a few tears slipping. Dean joined his joyous laughter and patted his back, feeling over the moon. They pulled away and Sam used both his hands to wipe his face while Dean used the back of his right hand. It was quiet and the boys could hear her angelic soft but loud humming echoing throughout the house.

“She’s beautiful” Sam commented and Dean still speechless just smiled at the empty doorway.

“How is this possible though Dean? Where’s Y/N?” Dean’s smile dropped as he realised Sam had no idea about the deal.

“I’ll tell you after breakfast alright? I don’t know where Y/N is though” Dean frowned at his stupidity, he totally forgot to ask where you would be. Sam looked at his brother suspiciously but nodded regardless.

“Boys get your butts out here already” Dean chuckled at her authoritative voice and he walked towards the kitchen.

“Apple pie life, Sammy. The apple pie life” Sam still confused he raised an eyebrow. He felt uncomfortable knowing Dean knew what was happening but he didn’t. Though he trusted his elder brother, like he always did. The boys entered the kitchen and they saw Mary placing three plates on the dining table with a stack of bacon and eggs in the middle.

“bacon? I thought it was oatmeal today?” Sam asked with a curious tone as he sat down next to a clearly hungry Dean.

“We had oatmeal yesterday sweetie, c’mon eat up” Sam shook his head clear mixing up you with his mom. How could anyone blame him, really? You were his only mother figure, ever. He only knew Mary from what he’s heard by his father and brother. Other than that you filled the missing gaps.

Dean filled his plate up with a heap full of bacon, four eggs and three pieces of toast, he grinned like a child on Christmas. Sam didn’t know how Dean could remain so calm, for godsakes their mother who has been dead for 27 years is sitting right in front of them. Mary watched Dean scoff down breakfast like water and she giggled.

“Dean take it easy hun. So Sam, is Jess alright with John? I mean you were gone all night, even though you live down the road was she okay?” Sam choked on his coffee as he raised his eyes to meet his mother’s concerned ones.

“J-jess? John?” She nodded confused as she reached over to gently rub his back. It may have seemed like a miniscule gesture but to Sam it was the world.

“Yes… Jess your wife and your 5 year old son, John?” Dean’s eyes widened as he completely forgot about Zacks deal. Everything was normal now, apple pie life, no more hunting.

“Jess?” He breathed out once again and glanced at Dean with hope glistening in his eyes. He shook his head and ran to the room he was in. Mary creased her brows together at his odd behaviour but shrugged it off. She focused her attention to Dean who was intensly staring at the butter, wondering what else could have changed.

“Oh I almost forgot, Carmen called in the morning. She said she couldn’t reach you so she guessed you stayed over. She wanted to let you know she had the early shift so she won’t be home till 8” Dean drank his coffee, washing down the amazingly cooked breakfast.

“Carmen?” It took Dean a second until he realised this was exactly like the djinn dream except  better. “ Right Carmen!” A smile grew on his lips as he remembered how perfect she was for him. He couldn’t help but cringe knowing the feelings were fake but right now he honestly couldn’t complain. The one woman he’s been chasing after was sitting right in front of him and life felt… perfect.

“What is up with you boys today?” Mary said to herself. Sam walked in, holding his jacket with an excited look on his face.

“I just got off the phone with Jess. With Jess, Dean! I have a son, you’re an uncle” Sam exclaimed whilst he chuckled and Dean pulled him into a bro hug.

“I’m happy for you Sammy” They pulled away and Sam shoved his phone in his pocket.

“Right well I’m meeting her at some cafe where I have no idea where it is but I have to go.” He twirled keys around his hand, he found them on the bedside table along with his phone.

“Go man, and bring back my nephew. I wanna meet this kid” Sam smiled as he slipped on his jacket.

“Are you both on drugs?” Mary asked plainly as she watched the scene in front of her unfold. Sam simply grinned and walked around the table to kiss her on the cheek.

“Even better, love you mom. Bye” As Dean passed Sam he stopped for a second before saying, “That will never get old” He rushed out the door but still heard Mary reply.

“Love you too bug, bring Jess and John over for dinner” He agreed and shut the door behind him. Dean sat back on the table and piled some more bacon on his plate.

“So do you have any plans for the day, hun?” Mary asked as she sipped on her coffee. He nodded and spoke truthfully.

“I do, I wanna spend the entire day with you” A soft aw left her lips and she smiled.

“Alright then, I was going to spend the day just watching the idiot box right there” Dean nodded enthusiastically, he would be happy even if she was going to spend the day doing chores. Dean picked up his plate, Sam and his mothers which caused her to raise a perfectly sculpted brow. He shrugged and walked to the kitchen causing Mary to chuckle. She follows after him bringing in an empty plate of bacon and eggs.

Much to her surprise he loaded the dishwasher while they made small talk. Dean kept asking random questions like “what did they do for his 21st birthday” or “where did Sam graduate” as Mary stared at him like a goof she still replied enthusiastically.

After they finished they made their way into the living room and they settled on the couch. Mary sat on the far right and Dean laid down with his head on her lap. Her left hand reached for the remote and her right hand played with his hair.

“Mom?” Dean asked as he looked up at her, even though he was 31 he had missed 27 years of love and comfort. She hummed as a reply while she flipped through the channels and her eyes stayed glued to the screen.

“Do you know a lady name, Y/N?” her hand froze on his head and her eyes snapped to his. Dean watched the sdness etch on her face as she shook her head. She gently picked Dean’s head up and got up from her seat.

“Uh I’m going to take a nap sweetie. Go home, Dean” Her voice shaky and her eyes welled with tears. Dean panicked as he wracked his brain for an answer.

“Mom, what’s wrong? you know her?” Dean furrowed his brows as Mary winced at the mention of your name. She shook her head and Dean saw a tear fall.

“Please baby, just…. I need to-” She inhaled a large amount of air and Dean didn’t realise he was already on his two feet.

“I’ll call you later hun, I love you” She wiped her eyes and walked out the living room, heading towards her own bedroom. Dean stood there confused, why was mentioning your name so uncomfortable? Dean sighed and gathered his things. He pulled out his keys and walked to the impala. He needed answers and he needed them now.


Credits to Ceci (@markfishbowl on twitter)

This was the funniest panel ever!😂 Everytime I think about it, all I hear is “OOOOO IM A WITCH” and “WHO TOUCHED YOU? INVISIBLE! WHO TOUCHED YOU?” 😂😂😂 i couldn’t stop laughing!
I also loved the sentimental side to it! When Mark started getting emotional I did too! I always do, when I see him tear up…… THIS TOUR CANT COME FAST ENOUGH! I’m getting a job just to save up for it, & I really hope I get to go because those guys mean the world to me. They’ve made me happy when no one else could, & always continue to make me smile! The day I get to meet them, will be the best day of my life.

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what I think of the signs (coming from a cap)

aries: lol DAMN u guys are hot but im so intimidated by you

taurus: ur funny when u want to be but kind of closed-minded

gemini: u guys first came off as a know-it-all but actually you’re the biggest goof ball

cancer: ur so nerdy but in a good way???

leo: ur spirit is so uplifting and sometimes i get annoyed by it but it’s ur best trait


libra: yall make me laugh but sometimes u can be a little too outspoken??

scorpio: u guys have this tough exterior on the outside but once I got to know you I realized u were so lamely funny aka my type of pal

sagittarius: u try so hard when it comes to meeting new people but i love how good of a friend you turn out to be

capricorn: im a capricorn and I always find myself on competition with other caps which I hate so

aquarius: …idk about you guys yet… ur so mysterious??? I kinda like it

pisces: u do what u want and you dgaf. keep doin u!

one time i was walking through downtown with my dad and we passed by this white guy who told my dad to “go back to China, asshole.” thankfully my dad was distracted and didn’t hear him (he has poor hearing) 

and there was another time when my family and i were hiking through a forest and we passed by 3 white boys who were chilling outside. i was walking a little bit behind the rest of my family so i was the only one who heard when one of the white boys looked at me and my sisters and turned to the rest of his friends and said “too asian!” and laughed like it was some hilarious joke

and another time, a few weeks ago, i was walking through campus and when i was about to walk pass an old white guy he looked at me and said “fuck you” under his breath 

and idk i find it really funny how white folk hate us asians and yet we make their clothes, their cars, their phones…. and they love our smooth skin and our skincare routines and our eyes and create new “”“"makeup trends”“” to look like us…but then say “ching chong !!” to their friends or expect every asian women to work at a nail salon or cleaners or expect every asian schoolgirl to get on their knees and please them like ????

and idk sometimes i think about this late at night and it hurts me a lot 

so i guess shoutout to all my asian women who experience these things on a regular basis and don’t seem to get a lot of solidarity or support from the Tumblr community (POC community included.)

((maryann, 18, grey-romo pansexual.))

Only for a sec then.
  • Baekhyun: Can I talk to you for a sec?
  • Jongdae: Yeah, sure.
  • Baekhyun: So.. yeah, there is this guy..
  • Jongdae: *interrupts him* Soooo?
  • Baekhyun: Let me talk, damnit!... The way he smiles makes me smile too and.. his voice makes my heart skips a beat. When I see him, I get butterflies[..]
  • Jongdae: *interrupts him again* You're talking about Chanyeol, aren't ya?
  • Baekhyun: W-what? Why?!*Jongdae runs away laughing like crazy* Hey! Come back, you little shit!! *runs after him*
I always fight with you.

I am the type of person who hates girlfriends that make little issues a big deal. But I never thought that I would be one, too. 

You say that I am the perfect girlfriend that any guy could ask for. And you are too damn blessed to have me on your life. But I don’t believe you. Cause I see myself as your ‘stress-bag’ that you always carry everyday. 

Cause I always fight with you. 

  • I get mad at you when you don’t put emoticons or laughs on your text messages.
  • I overthink when you joke about something that hurts me. 
  • I get mad at you when you fall asleep unknowingly while we are having a conversation through the phone.
  • I get mad at you when you don’t make a lovely goodbye message or even a goodnight message. 
  • I get frustrated when you are 15 mins. late.
  • I blame you for your past that hurts me. 
  • I get mad at you when you mention something that you didn’t know would remind me of your past I try to forget. 

I get mad for almost everything. And you know that. And I know you hate it. However, every time you try to explain yourself out, I would fire you out with my long, full of drama, and nonsense self pity messages. And when all you’re trying to say is that you love me, I would say I don’t believe you and I would break this whole thing up 

That’s how screwed I am. 

And every time fight, I expect you to explode, be mad, and leave me. Because that is what I used to before. But I was wrong…

You keep your temper. You let me say what I say. You give out all those pleasing and precious words a man could say. You understand me. And never did you suggest a breakup. You never did. 

You stayed. 

And I always ask you why you never get tired of loving and understanding an insecure and selfish bitch like me. You’d laugh and say, “Tanong pa ba yan? Mahal kita. Sapat na rason na yun. Masaktan na ako, maging okay ka lang. Wag na ako, ikaw lang mahalaga. Ganoon kita kamahal.”  (Is that even a question? I love you and that is enough reason for me to stay. I’d rather be the one hurting instead of you. That’s how much I love you.)

I am not the perfect relationship partner.

You are. 

You are the blessing I don’t even deserve. But here you are, holding me. 

And for our 6th month of being together, I’d like to make a promise that I will try not to pick a fight with you anymore. I promise. 

I love you. And I know that I can’t equalized my love with yours. But I sure do hope, I can do my best to make you happy. I love you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ♥ So I wanted to do a follow forever when I hit 5k, but I figured it would be more fun to do it on valentine’s day because it’s CUTER OKAY?!

I’ll be brief, but I just can’t say thank you enough! This past year has been really rough for me, and at every twist and turn, you guys are a comforting constant for me. You guys are too sweet, and you always support me when I’m down and I appreciate that more than you all will ever know. :) I love coming on here and being around people who love what I love, and I love how I can be myself here! I wish I could share a paopu with you, ride on a magic carpet with you, make a pinky promise with you, steal people’s hearts with you, Tidus laugh with you, count backwards from 1000 to 7 with you, explore ancient ruins with you, and cry over sea salt ice cream with all of you (too many references from too many different places don’t smack me). Anyways, nerdy references aside, I love you guys! ♥ And here are some blogs that I love deeply from the bottom of my kingdom heart:


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I mean i’m not you commander but you do all follow me, 100 of you!!! OMG I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!

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So, I am kind of stunned. I don’t really do much I don’t write stuff, I don’t make stuff besides reblog lots of SPN stuff and fics. I gush way too much at people when i enjoy their writing. I add way too many comments to pictures i reblog. I probably annoy half of you and freak out the other half. But i guess you are all slightly insane any way. BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW ME!!

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Seriously though guys, I love you all. Not in the romantic smooshy sex way. But in the way, every single one of you, at some point, has made me smile, or cry or run off for a cold shower or laugh so hard i almost peed (i’ve had three kids, those muscles don’t work so well anymore). And I hope in some way i make you feel as happy as you all make me feel. Thank you, from the bottom of my tiny, SPN battered heart. Hugs all round xoxoxox.

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When Atsushi isn’t home.

Bless the internet and its silly memes.

I’m soooooo sorry, but did this in 20 mins and I regret nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And if you wonder why I drew this garbage, haven’t slept in 3 days, you can’t blame me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also this made my day, hope I can make someone laugh too xD

My View of The Signs
  • Aries: You guys are the funniest people ever, you have some nice interests and I'm never bored when I hang out with you. To be honest you're one of my favorite signs. You aren't as tempered as they make you seem like. You are actually very cool.
  • Taurus: You're one of the best friends I've ever had. You can get too stubborn sometimes and you also treat peoplelike shit for NO APPARENT REASON. But still you are really kind in general.
  • Gemini: I either love or hate you to death. Sometimes you can get very VERY annoying but I most of the time laugh when I'm with you.
  • Cancer: You guys complain a lot. It annoys me so much but at the end of the day you guys are the sweethearts with the cute smiles.
  • Leo: You're best person in the world, I love you the most. But you can be self-centered and act selfish. You're still the best though.
  • Virgo: I like Virgos. You guys are cool, and very sarcastic. But you guys are also very kind and badass... how do you do that????
  • Libra: You guys are charming. You are the funniest. But you have to get your shit together. Thanks.
  • Scorpio: I really really reaaaAAAaAlly like you. I see passion in your eyes, you guys are beautiful. You seem evil but you're just a cinnamon roll who wants to be loved. I love you guys. Ok.
  • Sagittarius: You guys are the coolest. You have a great music taste and really fun to be around. I either have a crush on you or you're my best friend. Sgittarius people are just awesome in general.
  • Capricorn: Though I'm a Capricorn, I don't know much about Capricorns. Seriously, we are just really mysterious. Either really careless or the most generous people in the world.
  • Aquarius: I LOVE everything about you guys. You somehow know everything about everone. You're not really well-known but everybody secretly thinks you're the coolest person ever.
  • Pisces: You social butterflies! I adore y'all. People mistake your kindness as weakness but actually you gı thorugh a lot and you're really strong.

rivergum  asked:

like a lot of people who can probably relate, I have some forms of mental illness that leave me feeling Not Great, but your FUCKING BLOg IS LIKE A LITERARY DOsE OF VITAMIN D and EVERY TIME you are online or I see another post I feel so much better. So thanks for being you. Thanks so much. You help, just by doing that.

oh man. listen. LISTEN. you matter to me. all of you matter to me, okay?? whenever things feel really hard, whenever they feel Not Great, please know that you matter to me. i’m not a perfect person, and you are not perfect people, but together we’re all just trying our best.

i believe in all of you. i want you to be happy, but i still believe in and care about you when you’re not. okay? okay? and i’ll do my best to make you laugh even when it’s really, really hard. 

concept: there’s a new player in gotham. maybe they’re a bad guy, maybe they’re a vigilante– whatever they are, they want to get rid of joker once and for all. in true stalker antagonist fashion, they give him a cryptic phone call to tell him about their plans. they tell him, “i’m going to make you suffer, just like you’ve made so many others suffer: i’m going to kill the one thing you love most. and when you’re watching me do it, begging me not too– i’ll laugh.”

“puh-lease,” joker replies, obviously not taking this person seriously. “you think if it was that easy, i wouldn’t have done it already?”

“oh, i’m not talking about batman,” they say. “tell me… when was the last time you saw dr. quinzel?”

they hang up. joker is horrified. he teams up with batman in order to find and rescue harley quinn and the entire rogues gallery gets in on it to help him. where is this story, dc. harley deserves to be recognized like this after all the crap she’s been through because of the joker. WE deserve to see her recognized like this after all the crap we’ve watched her go through because of the joker. chop chop get on it